Selling Strategies: Battling Sales Resistance From Customers

Updated: September 22, 2014

Most of the time, people buy on emotions.

That’s something you should know if you want to be a great salesman.

And for today, we will take that concept further by talking about a few selling techniques that can help make customers buy – specially those who can’t decide or get second thoughts after you give your sales pitch.

But first, let me explain what sales resistance means:

Simply, it is the reluctance of the customer to buy during the selling process. The reason for the sales resistance varies – it may be the price of the item, the quality of the product or even its perceived value.

So whether you’re a salesperson, a telemarketer, an owner of a retail business or simply someone who sells for a living; I hope you’ll find something valuable from these tips.

How To Battle Sales Resistance

1. Visual credibility
If you’re selling a health product, then make sure you look healthy and fit. If you own a clothing store, then make sure the uniform of your sales staff are fashionable and stylish.

2. Approach with care
Don’t seem aggressive and eager. Take time to first build a connection with your prospect. A friendly smile, a simple greeting and an offer to help can make the customer warm up to your presence.

3. Know your stuff
Once the customer recognizes your presence, show good product knowledge by giving them the features, specifications, uses or benefits of the item they’re looking at or holding.

4. Sell the sizzle
The first three tips will help you establish trust with the customer. Once you know you have it, you may now begin your sales pitch. Remember to always give an emotional rationalization for the purchase. Learn how here.

5. Discover the hesitation
After you give your pitch, this is the moment when sales resistance occurs. Don’t let the customer think alone, try to ask them what they’re thinking so you’ll discover the reason why they’re having second thoughts. If you show honest concern, they’ll open up and tell you why they’re reluctant to buy.

6. Respect their thoughts
Whatever reason they give, the last thing you should do is to tell them they’re wrong. If they say it’s too expensive, don’t say that the price is already discounted. If they say they don’t need the product, don’t object and try to convince them why they actually need it.

7. Overcome the objection
If they say it’s too expensive and you can’t lower the price anymore, then perhaps compare your product to similar items in the market which is more expensive. You can also try to break down the cost or tell how your product can help them save time or money.

“Our gym membership costs only less than P100 a day.”
“These pants don’t need ironing, that will save you money on your electric bills.”

If they say that they don’t really need the product, then highlight its benefits and establish an emotional rationalization for the purchase.

“No other juicer in the market have all these features. Aside from the fact that it’s compact and easy to operate, it also allows you to finally make your own healthy all-natural juices at home. You can now stop buying all those canned juices which contain preservatives and artificial ingredients that are not good for your body.”

Overcoming the objection simply means giving new perspectives and introducing new factors which they should consider before making their final decision.

Finally, like all skills, remember that selling requires practice. Constantly learn, develop and hone your sales techniques so you will always be equipped in handling sales resistance from your customers.

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