See You at the Financial Fitness Forum on Saturday

Updated: March 25, 2015

The Financial Fitness Forum is a one-day personal finance event organized by RFP® Philippines and this year, it’s happening this Saturday, March 28, at the SMX Convention Center in SM Aura Premier, Taguig City.

There will be a total of sixteen Registered Financial Planners who will be speaking and sharing their insights on personal finance, investing, asset management and wealth building.

I am included in this year’s line-up and I’ll be talking about how you can invest your money to achieve your financial goals.

So if you’re interested to learn how you can save up to buy a house, ensure your child’s education, get capital to start a business, and even retire comfortably, then I will be there to help you.

Event Details

Date: March 28, Saturday
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Venue: SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Premier, Taguig City

Visit to learn more about the event and register, or guarantee your seat now and buy your tickets online through Eventbrite here



Thank you to all those who joined. As a bonus, I’m announcing not five, but SIX winners who will each receive two free tickets to the Financial Fitness Forum 2015.

I used RANDOM.ORG to pick the winners and numbered the comments accordingly.


Below are the results:

  • 6: Jose Jay Ramirez
  • 15: maribel beltran
  • 36: Maila Mupas
  • 9: Ronelberto “Ron” Castaneda
  • 44: Jamielyn Floralde
  • 34: DOC NIMFA

Please check your email and find the electronic tickets that have been sent there. If you have not received the eticket on or before March 26, kindly send me an email. Thank you.

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  1. I want to be part of Financial Fitness Forum to be able to get more knowledge on financial independence.

  2. I want to attend this year’s Financial Fitness Forum because I think I need this as the next step on my financial freedom journey.

  3. I’m a stay at home Mom but i want to learn how to improve our family’s finances and better prepare for my retirement!!

  4. I want to attend the Financial Fitness Forum with so much excitement as it will not only increase my learning curve but will definitely leave a mark on me as the experts will be a source of motivation and inspiration that my goals are doable!

  5. I want to invest but I do not know where to start. I hope this event can push me to take the first step.

  6. I want to attend this personal finance event. I want to broaden my knowledge on financial management since I’m just starting with my career life. I really want to listen to these financial planners because I’m really looking up with them. Hope I’ll be able to to attend this event.

  7. As a young person (just turnes 24) who’s just starting to learn about personal finance, I know that time is my best asset which I can’t afford to waste. That’s why I always want to grab any chance I get to learn new insights. I see seminars like this as one of the keys to transforming how people think about money and providing new concepts to help us on our financial journey. Although reading is a good way of learning, I must say that listening makes it even easier to retain the message. For some people like me, attending a seminar of one financial expert is already exciting so it will be an overwhelming experience to attend a conference where 16 financial advisors join hands to give words of wisdom and help transform people’s lives!

  8. I want to learn different techniques and gain more financial wisdom, I want to attend in this event.

  9. Financial education would be a great gift for me and my partner as we plan to get married and start our own family by 2016. This knowledge would be a great tool as we journey towards financial freedom.

  10. Definitely a must attend event. I would be so most grateful if I can win the tickets and attend this gathering and learn more about Financial fitness.

  11. I want to attend the Financial Fitness Forum to gain more knowledge on handling our current finances; how will I and my husband have a good retirement plan and educational plan for our son.

  12. Me and my husband would want to attend and learn from the best financial gurus in the Philippines. Now that we are slowly building our own family, its is very essential for us to learn the proper financial education.

  13. I want to attend the Financial Fitness Forum to learn more on how to start a business and retire comfortably!

  14. I want to attend the Financial Fitness Forum to learn and understand the importance of asset management and wealth building.

  15. This event will be very helpful for people like me who needs more understanding on financial management.

  16. I want to learn the value of investing and being financially fit for the present and the future.

  17. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I would like to learn from the best teachers. Up to this point, I still do know how to improve my financial status. This event will be a good opportunity to build my own business and to improve my financial knowledge.

  18. i want to attend the financial fitness forum because i am just starting learning financial education, i know that these event will give me a huge amount of knowledge that will help me to succeed in my financial journey.

  19. I want to attend the Financial Fitness Forum because I want to know how to invest my money to create passive income. I am single still but when I get married and have children I know I will thank myself for thinking ahead.

  20. Although I already get a lot of information from your blog, I would love to attend as it aims to “answer everything you need to achieve your financial goals.”

    Thank you so much for this blog, Fitz. This has really helped me a lot.

  21. Good Day!
    I am a graduating accountancy student and will march this April. I believe attending Financial Fitness Forum will give me knowledge and learning that could be my guide and inspiration in creating a name in business industry in the future.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  22. There are 3 reasons why I want to be on this seminar:

    1. To acquire and gain knowledge that can help me make better financial decisions in my life.
    2. I want to learn from the experts. Those speakers are most of the well respected financial advocate in and outside the Philippines.
    3. I want to be here to meet like minded people who are passionate in taking charge of their personal finances seeking financial freedom.

  23. I am 55 yo and would like to learn and somehow invest. Very interested to join this rare occasion.

  24. Wow that’s a lot of financial experts who will be sharing their knowledge and insights about financial matters. I am excited to attend this one. Attendees will definitely learn a lot.

  25. I’d like to share with others what I will learn from this forum. I’m new to investing, in fact, i placed my very first stock investment just this morning. I have encouraged 2 of my colleagues to take the same steps, and after this forum, I want to encourage more people to improve their financial literacy.

  26. This seminar would help me a lot in learning strategies that would help me grow my assets through wise investing.

  27. To enhance my knowledge to be able to promote my advocacy of financial literacy among my fellow OFW in Afghanistan. Good thing the forum schedule while I’m on vacation. Kodus to event promoters!

  28. Hi! I want to attend with my live-in girlfriend so that we could get on the same page when it comes to our finances.

  29. I am a teacher and I WILL INVITE ALL MY GRADUATING STUDENTS to attend this event. It is about time they learn how to be financially literate!

  30. If this is the way to make me rich, please grant me one ticket. I am a big fan of Salve, Edric and of course Fitz. If you will let me attend, it will be a good lead to fulfill my advocacy of changing people’s lives by teaching a lot of minimum wage earners how to save and invest.

  31. I’ve always wanted to talk to (or at least listen to) a financial planner who could help me properly map out and plan my financial strategies. This Financial Fitness Forum would not only give me the chance to listen and learn from one RFP — but 16 of them!

  32. I need to attend this forum to gain financial literacy so that I would be able to give my future wife and sexy girlfriend the kind of life that she deserves.

    Cheers! =)

  33. I want to join this event to start my journey towards financial independence and pursue the things I’m passionate about.

  34. I want to attend the Financial Fitness Forum because of the sixteen Registered Financial Planners who will be speaking and sharing their insights on personal finance!

  35. I want to attend this seminar to share the knowledge and experience I will gain to my loved ones.

  36. I want to join Financial Fitness Forum because this year, I am preparing my plans to be financially stable and I want to ask and learn from able and credible financial mentor that will lead me to financial peace.

    I am already 25 and an IT employee and compensation is quite good but I must say I wasted so much money the last 5 years because I do not have a concrete and goal-oriented plans when it comes to my finances. I lack knowledge therefore I’ve had so many bad investments. Now, I realized if I just invested my money the right way the first time I got salary, maybe I’m already on my way to financial freedom.

    I dont want to waste time and money anymore. I don’t want to regret in the future. I just need help from the right people so they can guide me to the right results.

    Hope this is the answer to my prayers. Thank you! :)

  37. i want be awash in all this financial freedom-fighters! oh yeah! (seriously, i just want to be around people who have made it, and to see the folks i follow online, in person!

  38. Hi! I would like to attend the seminar. The said seminar will enlightened me more on my journey to financial freedom.

  39. It is good to know that there are fora to help and lead Filipinos to more financial enlightenment/freedom. I like my money working for me. Hurray for a richer Philippines! :))

  40. I want to attend the Financial Fitness Forum for the reason that it will enable us to learn the steps on how to attain our financial goals in life. I believed that financial literacy is the initial step to equip our mind about the essentials of saving and investing our hard earned money. On the other hand, the speakers will talk about their investment secrets as well as their failures that we may used in order to enhanced our capabilities in both investing and financial management. Lastly, it will open us on several business and investment opportunities through the secrets revealed by the financial mentors which could help us develop our financial stability.

  41. I want to attend to further improve my craft as a financial advisor so i can also help others to be financially literate. :)

  42. The topics are more than interesting and with such a powerhouse speakers who wouldn’t want to see this?!

  43. Thank you very much Sir Fitz! I am so happy!
    I really prayed hard so I can win tickets…God is so good! :)

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