Reader Mail #11: Blogging, Business Startups and Mutual Funds

Updated: December 8, 2009

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted some of the reader mail I received so I thought I’d do that today.

So here’s a few select letters I’ve received through my email and my thoughts on them. Thanks to all those who sent their inquiries and I hope I was able to help.

As always, please note that these advice are based on my own beliefs, knowledge and experience, they may or may not be the best option for you.

And that’s why I would like to encourage my readers to also share their thoughts and let’s have a discussion. 🙂

Lastly, these letters have been made anonymous to protect the privacy of the senders and may have been edited for purposes of clarity and brevity.

With that, let’s start with our first letter.

Hi Fitz. As a financial topic fanatic, I am very impressed with your website. Thank you for writing such informative topics. Moreover, I also want to start a blog like yours and earn income from advertisers. I already have a particular subject matter in mind. Can you teach me how to start?

Hi. The easiest way to start a website is to sign up at Blogger, select a theme/layout that you like and simply start writing.

After you’ve written around 20-30 posts, you may choose to buy a domain and transfer to a webhosting company. This will allow you to freely customize the look of your website and give out the impression that you’re serious and professional to advertisers and your readers, however this is not a requirement to earn.

Now you’ve come to the hardest part – marketing and getting regular visitors. You need to promote your website both offline and online. You have to go to other blogs, promote it in online forums and your social networks (i.e. Facebook, etc.) Moreover, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also important to learn but that usually comes later on.

Advertisers usually come automatically when you’re able to build a good website. In any case, there’s always Google Adsense to help you make money online at the start.

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Hi Fitz, I just wanted to ask some questions regarding starting a small business. I’m a young foreigner, 21, and looking into the beginning steps of starting a small business. I’m hoping to start a training center.

Is this possible? And what would the requirements be for me, as a foreigner?

This is a longer term vision, but I’m doing the research now. Do you have any advice regarding this? Thank you so much in advance, and I really appreciate it.

Hi. I suggest you seek out the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to help you with the legalities of starting a business in the Philippines for foreigners. I’m sorry but I’m not really well informed about this. I understand that it is possible but there are some papers you need to accomplish.

Go to the DTI website: – and check out their address, regional offices and contact details there.

Guys, if you know more information on this, do share them below. Thanks!


Hi Fitz. I am a government employee and it’s been years since I started figuring out what business should I go into. But I want to thank you for your tips. Now I know I should really learn the ins and out first.

I have finally decided what I want – something in the line of arts and crafts. And I plan to attend a Negoskwela seminar for that. But I have a lot of questions regarding the business. Maybe you can help me where or from whom to ask these questions. Thank you.

Hi. I’m glad that I’ve inspired you to pursue your entrepreneurial spirit. I’m sure it will be a fruitful venture for you.

With regards to your question, I can only say that the best people to ask about those are the ones who are already into that kind of business.

When you attend the Negoswela seminar, it may be helpful to also ask for their resource persons who do arts and crafts. They could provide useful insight about your requirements.

Also, if you see similar products in malls, bazaars and trade shows / expos, you may ask the shop owners about their products, specifically the materials they use. Just be friendly and hopefully, they’ll share their “trade secrets”.

Lastly, if you’re willing to travel, you might want to visit Paete. They have a lot of papier mache stores and production warehouses there where you could hopefully do some research.

Hi Fitz. I’m now thinking of investing in mutual funds with insurance. I’m a breadwinner of the family and I want to protect my family.

Do you think it’s a right decision to make especially that we’re in economic crisis? Do you think that this insurance companies would be paying what is due to their clients? I’m also afraid that my beneficiaries would not be able to claim what is due to them in times of need?

Thank you and God bless.

Investing in mutual funds with insurance is a sound choice. But more than that, if you’re really concerned about those unforeseen expenses, you should also have an emergency fund.

Insurance claims can take a long time to process, and when there’s an emergency, you don’t want to be burdened with worry about where to get the money while waiting for the “bureaucracy” to finish. That’s why an emergency fund is important.

Anyway, just curious, are you all covered by medical insurance? If not, then I would recommend that you get that instead of the mutual funds with insurance – which I believe is more important. You can ask your company HR to refer you to your HMO and inquire about voluntary payments / memberships for non-working members of your family.

One of the things that greatly affect our finances are medical emergencies, and having a medical insurance makes it easier and more convenient to get the medical help you need.

And that concludes our Reader Mail for today. Do share your thoughts below as a comment if you have more insights on the topic.

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  1. For the young foreigner, DTI is only for natural and naturalized citizens. For you to have company, most advisable is to create a corporation coz that’s the only way for you to start business with less capital. That’s based on my experience coz my husband is also a foreigner. Hope this tip help. Goodluck!!

  2. hi! fitz.i’m a retired employee,naobserbahan ko na marami ng iba ibang bisnis dito sa manila,iniisip ko na mas maganda sa province mag bisnis,what can you recommend one for me? isa sa mga iniisip ko eh buy and a wholesale dito sa manila then ireretail ko sa province.can you add some advice…thank you

  3. @Ayin
    Thanks for that tip.

    It also depends which province you’re planning to set up your business. Make a study in the area to know what the province needs.

    For example, in San Juan Batangas – if given the chance, I’d put up a convenience store that will cater to the need of the local tourists who frequent the beach resorts in Laiya. Why? Because that’s what most of my friends say to me when they go there – “puro sari-sari store, walang convenience store kung san makakabili ng mga kailangan sa beach”. Do you get my point?

    @Sam (FS)
    I think my Google Adsense story partly tells the “milestones” on this site. 😀

    Currently, my target is to maintain the $100+ a day earnings (which I achieved last Feb 2009) and boost it up $300+ a day by next year.

    Do note that those earnings are from ALL my websites (which is around 19 already 😛 ) and is a combination of different income streams (Adsense, affiliates, direct advertisers, etc.)

    My suggestion, monetize already, but focus on one income stream at a time. Then just stick to what works. Your site has a higher Alexa rank than mine, so I know you have higher traffic than me. Which means you’d really do well on Adsense in my opinion. 🙂

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