Quick Tips When Starting a Business (Episode 23)

Updated: December 8, 2021

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Summary of Episode 23:

Question from Sir Alvin. (1:06)

Entrepreneurship is a leap of faith. (1:51)

Starting a business feels like jumping off a cliff… It’s scary because a lot of things could go wrong. (4:18)

The purpose of creating a business plan is it becomes your blueprint or guide in starting your business. More importantly, a written plan forces you to consider every aspect of the business. And see how it will run. (6:29)

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Question from Ms. Lovely. (8:29)

A list of questions that your business plan should answer. (10:17)

Mentioned concept: Creating a Business Model Canvas

Write your business plan first, conduct market research, do a feasibility study – because this way, you’ll be able to manage and minimize your risks. (12:00)

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