Picky Piggy Bank

Updated: December 28, 2023

Back in college, I remember my roommate having this habit of collecting 5-peso coins. He would empty his piggy bank every month and show me his savings. I was always surprised to see how much he was able to accumulate in such a short period of time.

I asked him one time what he does with the money, and he simply said that he uses it to buy himself something nice every month while keeping the rest in his savings account.

Thinking about those times made me realize how effective his strategy was to stash away some extra cash every month. I now call it the Picky Piggy Bank strategy.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose a denomination that you often come across but small enough that you can afford not to spend it. I recommend the 5-peso or the 10-peso coin, but if you’re feeling bold, try the 20-peso coin.
  2. The cardinal rule is that you are not allowed to spend the chosen denomination, so every time you receive it, you are supposed to keep it.
  3. When you get home at the end of the day, stash the chosen denomination into your piggy bank.

That’s it! So what do you do with the money?

It’s really up to you, but I suggest putting it in your savings account and using it for future investments. You will really be surprised at how easy and effective this technique is in saving you money.

Moreover, it is a practical application of the principle of abundance.

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  1. Wow.. This one really works out for me. I usually save 20.00 a day in my piggy bank and I get the amount every 2 months and save it to my mutual fund. I am very happy that saving this much became my habit aside from slashing 20% of my net salary as my additional investment in my mutual fund. I hope there some more tips on how to grow our savings aside from piggy bank strategy.

  2. My friend used 10 and he asked all his friends to exchange it with his money para lang me makuha shang 10. Sabi ko sa kanya baka magkaroon ng kakulangan pero kebs lang daw.

    He saved like 10,000 dahil sa kaadikan nya sa 10 pesos.

  3. geeez! some people really don’t get it.. if you save P20 a day thats 600 for 30days. Why bother with a “piggy” bank then? Just take P300 to the bank every pay day. its the same thing.. whats different is not the “amount” saved but the “type” of money saved.. for example a person only banks shinny new coins and only spends the old ones. so everytime that person gets a shinny coin no matter the amount, it goes into piggy. so by the time you open piggy you won’t know how much it is until you count it. gets?!?

  4. this is really effective as proven by my ex-gf (now my wife). sa isang taon na pag iipon ng 5 and 10 peso coins, thousands din ang naiipon niya talaga yearly. 🙂

  5. hi sir fitz! i am so inspired with this blog! and im not telling this just because pinapabango kita. from the bottom of my heart, super duper thank you!

    im a 28 yr old yuppie. works in alabang. minsan rumaraket ako as a math/english tutor and patugtog tugtog sa banda.

    last january 2013, my brother was hospitalized that really really really drained our finances. and that includes my personal savings.

    then i was browsing several car group forums that lead me here. this was around march 2013 now. during that time, nangungutang pa ako sa mga best friends ko just to get by. and during that time i just started a new job.

    i told myself imma do the stuff i read here. and so i started with the picky piggy bank. im proud to say because of this, lumipas ang april & may 2013, aba akalain ko i got 10k pesos sa savings account ko.

    i have intentions to continue saving on my personal atm savings account. and guess what? i opened this in bdo. and where am i leading? well may tanong lang po sana naman ako. should i go for a time deposit account? or should i go directly for the uitfs ng bdo?

    i hope i would get an answer from you. thank you sir fitz and more power! and i hope you dont mind i repost the links of the different pages of your blog & share it on my fb account. again thank you sir fitz! 🙂

  6. Hi Butch, I’m glad that my blog has helped you.

    My advise, save up for an emergency account first – that’s basically 6 months worth of your monthly expenses. Put 3 months worth in a simple savings account, then the other 3 months in a 30-day time deposit. After that, the next money you save can be safely placed in investments such as the BDO UITF.

  7. thank you for your reply! will surely follow your advice!

    *looks for pen & paper to do more calculations*

  8. hi sir Fritz…. an avid fan of your blogs…
    it’s really a big help.
    this picky piggy bank strategy really works, at least for my son. i wish i could also do the same…anyway, my coins goes to his piggy bank (which is made of bamboo) and every time we’re out of money we’re lucky that he has his piggy, I called it “bimby”.

  9. What my hubby does. But with the change in bills and coins we’re having this year (2016) we needed to use up his piggy bank savings to make sure we have no old money which won’t have any value in a few months.

  10. We SUPER appreciate these simple to execute strategies and share them all with out young troops. I am happy to report that even our youngest is rapidly filling his plastic snack barrel converted to a “vault” and will soon need a ride to our bank to make a deposit.

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