Philippine Stocks That You Should Buy For Long-Term Investment

Updated: January 19, 2023

The stock market is one of the best places to invest your money for the long-term.

When I say long-term, that means you should be willing to let your money “sleep” and grow for at least 5 years or more – the longer, the better.

Also, if you cannot commit to study and time the stock market, then the best investing strategy is to do cost averaging, and these Philippine stocks should be your top buys, as recommended by my stock broker COL Financial.

But before any else!

You have to understand that investing in the stock market are only for those who are already well-informed about how it works, and more importantly – those who already have proper financial protection.


Best Philippine Stocks for Long-Term Investment

Ayala Corp. (AC)
A holding company for diversified interests in banking (BPI), real estate (ALI), and utilities/water distribution (MWC).

Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI)
Largest and most experienced real estate developer

Aboitiz Power Corp. (AP)
Leading player in the Philippine power industry – power generation and distribution in Visayas and Mindanao.

Banco De Oro (BDO)
One of the largest full-service universal banks with a corporate, retail, investment banking and insurance broking.

Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI)
One of the largest Philippine universal banks with more than 800 branches in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Italy, and the US.


DMCI Holdings, Inc. (DMC)
Holding company with businesses engaged in general construction (DMCI), equity investments in infrastructure projects (PDI), heavy fabrication, industrial construction and engineering services (AG&P) and exploration, mining, development and sales of coal resources (SCC).

First Metro Phil. Equity ETF (FMETF)
A security issued by First Metro that is structured to track the performance of the PSEi. This Exchange Traded Fund is a security that allows small investors to enjoy the benefits of diversification at an affordable price.

GT Capital Holdings (GTCAP)
The holding company for the Ty Family’s investments in the banking, real estate, automotive, power and insurance industries through Metrobank, Federal Land, Toyota Motor Philippines, Global Business Power and AXA.

Int’l Container Terminal Services (ICT)
Engaged in the management, operation and development of container terminals in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas.


Jollibee Foods Corp. (JFC)
Develops, operates and franchises quick-service restaurants in the Philippines and overseas under the brand name Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon Bakeshop, Inc. and many others.

Metropolitan Bank & Trust (MBT)
One of the largest Philippine banks providing deposit products, loans and trade finance, domestic and foreign fund transfers, treasury, foreign exchange, trading and remittances and trust services.

Metro Pacific Investments (MPI)
Holding company for investments in real estate and infrastructure projects such as water utilities, toll operations, healthcare, power, port, and others.

Manila Water Company (MWC)
Holds exclusive rights for water delivery, sewerage and sanitation services under a 25-year concession agreement to 6Million residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Robinsons Land Corp. (RLC)
The property arm of JG Summit, largely focused on earning rental income from malls, offices, and hotels making it a highly defensive property company. It is currently the 2nd largest mall operator in the country.


SM Investments Corp. (SM)
The holding company of the SM Group of Companies engaged shopping mall development, retail, financial services, real estate development and tourism and hotels and conventions.

SM Prime Holdings (SMPH)
Engaged in developing and operating modern shopping centers with over 40 SM Supermalls in the Philippines and three SM supermalls in China.

Philippine Long Distance Tel. Co. (TEL)
Leading telecommunications provider in the Philippines with three principal business groups – fixed line, wireless, and information and communication technology.

Universal Robina Corp. (URC)
Leading branded convenience food and beverage company in the Philippines, and a major player in the Southeast Asian region and greater China.

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  1. Thanks Ftiz. I have most of the stocks listed since I join COL 4 years ago 🙂 and Im happy with the results!

  2. Some of the above stocks are trading at a very high price. BPI and Jollibee are very expensive now. There must be some supporting data to validate that these are indeed good stock to buy.

  3. I’m reading lots of information regarding stocks because I want to be knowledgeable enough to start investing. My concern is can you give more detail or any analytical basis of company mentioned above. Thanks

  4. @DongW140
    The list is from the stock analysts in COL Financial, so I don’t know the reason why they didn’t include MER.

    Personally, I think it’s because MER has not been aggressive with their growth and just being complacent with their monopoly in Metro Manila, unlike other companies in the list which has been public about their various plans for growth and expansion.

    These stocks are for long-term investments, specifically for those who would like to do passive cost averaging.

    Indeed BPI and JFC are very expensive now – but that’s from a stock trader’s perspective. For a long-term investor who are buying and holding the stocks for many years, it’s the earnings and growth potential of the company that matters the most.

    For example, JFC is expanding in more Asian countries in the next few years. This can usher higher income for the company. So in the long-term, the price can go up beyond what it is now.

    Of course, if you have the skills to analyze, and the time to monitor prices regularly so you can buy on the dips, then you should do that for better profit.

    These companies are for investing, not trading. When you read information about the stock market, always discern if they’re talking about stock trading or stock investing.

    From the stock analysts of COL Financial, whom these information came from, these stocks were chosen based on the G.E.M.S.S. criteria.

    G – Growing Industry
    E – Earnings Visibility and Predictability
    M – Management Credibility
    S – Superior Products and Services
    S – Strong Balance Sheet

  5. I’m on COL and I still follow their “Buy Below” price on their Investment Guide when adding stocks to my portfolio. Kapag mas mahal yung current price, I just skip buying it. Hindi naman nawawalan ng stocks with price below their “Buy Below” suggestions.

  6. Thanks for this guide Fitz! I’ve never invested in stocks before but definitely am interested. Do you have to buy stocks regularly or could you just invest once and wait for 5 years or so?

  7. Why is SCC not part of your list??? Their capital gains are great plus their dividend payments are above average??

  8. @Karl
    You can invest once and wait for 5 years. If you’re doing this, make sure that you buy when the market is low.

    That is a question to ask the analysts at COL Financial who made this list. If you believe that SCC is fundamentally strong in the long-term, then you can also buy that stock.

    Personally, I think it’s because DMC is already in the list. So any good news for SCC will most likely reflect on the price of DMC anyway.

  9. good things for me because Aboitiz Power, DMCI, Manila Water Co, Semirara Mining Co is already a BIG part of my investments but i wonder why San Miguel Corp, is not mentioned in the list also Jollibee and Metrobank will be added on my investment list.

  10. I’m totally clueless about how this works. I don’t even know how to buy stocks…but I am interested in buying one. How do I start? Please help!

  11. Attend ka po ng seminar sa col financial.. nag attend ako two weeks ago and nagstart na din ako mag invest..nakita ko na na may growth sa binili kong share sa jfc, ceb, first gen, bdo..

  12. Just recently invested selected equities fund with insular for a minimum of 10k for 10 most liquid companies such as ayala land, sm, pldt, bdo, bpi, universal robina for 1.00 per unit…

  13. Hi Fitz, I’d like to raise the same question as Noel Ocampo, why SMC is not included in the list? Any thoughts on this?

  14. This is the EIP list of COL Financial. Good selection for those starting out and for long term investing. The same list I use back then when I started investing. By suggesting a list of stocks to begin with, it might somehow reduce analysis paralysis and procrastination, especially for beginners who have no idea on what good first stock to buy.

  15. HI FITZ!

    Do you follow the buy below price of this stocks which is provided by COL?
    Or you just buy them whatever the price is?

    Thanks and more power!

    Chris Dumlao

  16. Hi, Fitz!

    I just want to ask, is it possible to form a company which buys shares of other companies without the need of forming a partnership/corporation? Thanks!


  17. @Chris
    I just buy whatever the price is – pure cost averaging strategy.

    Buying at buy below price is part of the strategic averaging method, which the members of Truly Rich Club does.

    Either strategy is good actually, a friend does SAM and his port gains are just a little bit better than mine – higher than 2-3% only.

    Yes, that’s possible.

  18. sir fitz anu ba maganda online trading account COL, BPI, Metro sec etc… ?thanks

  19. Juan Alvin Here,

    -Im also an investor of COL, I’m now 2 years as a member and im very happy. I would like to share my regrets and immaturity since the first day that I started working. I hope that I can turn back time that I’ve wasted and spent my money in nothing. I hope that I should have plan and save my money meaningfully. Totoo nga, nasa huli ang pag sisisi.:(
    That’s why I’m working hard to achieve my dream, to become financially free and emotionally contented. I would like to give my family a peaceful and a good home. (Even we own this house- kaya lang, kapag my bagyo- sa brgy.hall ang bagsak nmin,we’re near on the creek)
    Mr. Fitz and all my co-investors, please help me in guiding more in regards to investing. Your tips will be a big help in achieving my dreams. Also, its fun to become friends and interact to the people that I have the same interest,right? Hehe
    Feel free to send emails to me- [email protected]

    Thank you very much for this blog, I hope to attend to your upcoming seminar sir Fitz, and may God bless us all”,)

  20. hi, i wanted to start investing and for starters, i need guidance from those who are already been experiencing these. i am very much willing and to learn but i want to start in a step by step basis. i have researched all that i need to know about investing, is their any way you can help me with the process.

  21. I have a question regarding my strategy… do you think it is great If I buy ALI,BDO,SMPH,JFC,URC alternately every 3 months or is it advisable that I lessen the stocks I will buy? Because I’m planning to save 2k every month. Thank you in advance.

  22. @Christian
    You’re buying too many stocks with little money. Choose two and buy them alternately. That is, 2k of Stock A in Month 1, then 2k of Stock B in Month 2, then 2k of Stock A again in Month 3, and so on.

  23. Hi, I’d like to ask your opinion if which is more ok Aboitiz Power Corp or EDC? Any suggestion? Thank you.

  24. Hi,am new to stocks but interested since i don’t have knowledge yet,will it be fine if am going to place at sunlife wherein it has insurance same time they can manage my stocks?

  25. It’s all about technical analysis….not only to buy low and sell high…sometimes you need to be careful to invest in the market especially if someone hedged the stocks as recommended.

  26. Good evening guys..
    I just read the article a while ago and i really want to venture in the investing money in the stoc kmarket. However, i am still a beginner in this thing. How can i start without losing ur money?

  27. Hi Fitz, how can i invest with BPO or Jollibee Foods Corp. (JFC), Where do I go to start an investment?

  28. JFC din ako sa long term. Kahit mahal ngayon tou notice it just keeps rising since 90’s. Kasi hindi naman kumukunti consumer ng jollibee tapos ina.acquire nila yung nakikita nilang competitors so they just keep expanding.

  29. I finally have capital to start investing. 300000 to start. Will it be wise to buy 3 different stocks on different sectors lets say 100000 on each, or buy it on 1 stock and hold it for a while. Then sell when the stock goes up and then start again?
    Any recommendation of 3 stocks I should buy.

  30. I have 6 of those mentioned in my portfolio. I am happy with it, although I monitor that the prices of those commodities are going up and down, anyway, I agree with you Sir Fitz that we are here for the long term. My mindset is that of an investor and not a trader.

  31. Thanks for this list Fitz. How does long-term investing on a platform like COL compare to a mutual fund with BPI, for example? And what do you think about investment funds like Vanguard and Wealthfront? Right now it’s only open to US citizens. Is there an equivalent in the RP?

  32. @Benito
    I’m glad to know that your portfolio is doing well. Keep up the good work.

    @J Gamboa
    If you use COL, you only have a platform — where you invest is your decision — you decide which companies you want to buy and when to sell them.

    If you choose a mutual fund — you only decide which fund manager you prefer to handle your money — and they’re the one who decides where to invest your money, i.e. for equity mutual funds, which companies to buy and when to sell.

    Both have pros and cons, and none is better. If you have a substantial amount, I suggest you spread your risk and put money in both the stocks and in mutual funds.

    The website gives the list of mutual funds in the Philippines.

  33. Hi fitz. I cant seem to apply PCA coz of boardlot. I ended up buying same qty of stocks per month instead. Would you suggest buying at the oddlot just to follow PCA? Thanks in advance

  34. Hi Nick. It’s okay to buy same quantity of stocks. Don’t buy odd lots. One solution you can do is to buy less frequently and just add the amount. For example, if you buy P5k monthly, then maybe just buy P10k worth of the stock every two months, or P15k every 3 months. But you can also just continue what you’re doing.

  35. Hi Sir Fitz, i appreciate your kindness helping us to learn more investing bout stock market.. asking if would you consider buying stocks at high price but aggressively gaining growth example PLDT with a steady number of shares like 100 for long years or buying stocks at low price with an average steady slow growth buying every other month 100 shares and do cost averaging instead? Thank you!

  36. @Ang, if I could buy only one, I’d go for the low price with average steady slow growth. But I’d probably buy both if my money allows it.

  37. Hi! I’m still in college and I am planning to invest for a long time now actually but I still don’t have enough information on where and how to invest. Do you recommend to open an account on COL Financial? And can I still invest even if I don’t have a stable source of income given that I’m a student? Thank you for your advice! Hope you can help me

  38. @Jit
    Yes, but only invest an amount you can afford. And by long-term it should be at least 5 years. The longer, the better.

  39. Im very interested to invest but I don’t know how to start. Been working overseas for 6 years and been spending a lot of unnecessary things. I just read your blog and inspire by it. The only thing is how could I attend seminar on stocks investing?as I only have 21 days vacation in Philippines. Is there any fee in attending seminars? what can you recommend?as I can read some comments COL Financial are most discussed. Please advise. Thank you.

  40. @Bert and @M
    The stock market index has actually been going down since the last week of January. But in any case, you should understand that there is no ideal time to invest in the stock market because nobody can predict the top and the bottom.

    Each time the index hits a record high, people ask me if it’s still ideal to go into the stock market… but give it a few weeks or months, the index hits another record high — and those who decided to wait, suddenly feel they missed out.

    On the other hand, when the index does go down, people who decided to wait feels lucky they didn’t go in. But then they continue to ask, when should they invest?

    They ask until something else distracts them and they forget about the stock market… not until the index goes up and hits a new record high — which prompts them to ask, yet again, is it still a good idea to go into the stock market or should they wait because it’s very high.

    It’s a cycle. Don’t get stuck in this vicious analysis paralysis.

    That’s why I recommend doing cost averaging and investing for the long-term. Because that’s the best strategy I’ve found that gives good gains in the stock market in a passive way. No need to worry much about timing the market with this strategy.

    When you plan to do cost averaging, and you have a long-term investment horizon, the best time to go into the stock market is anytime.

  41. Lots of interesting question and answers that we can all learn,Im also one of many people who is interested in investing in stock for the long term.I havent started yet but actively learning how.I have read one of marvin germo’s book stress free investing,for the long term i have learned and understand how long term investing in stocks works.I can say that i’m ready.after a few months of thingking where do I begin as the song goes.word of advice to those like me who are planning to strart learn as much as we can before we jump into to the pan.

  42. I remembered to have consulted the list posted here when I joined COL in 2016. Got me invested in Double Dragon which until now is continually at tremendous losses. A bit of the most traumatic experience I’ve been in the world of investing.

  43. For long term investing sir Fitz, a little bit confused.

    Read that earnings from dividends is one way of compounding, holding dividend stocks for a very very long period of time. Buy and hold tight in the long run and wait for dividends as passive income. With a large base, even if the price goes down, you will still receive the dividends that can later be used for personal expenses, like additional monthly income.

    While others have target prices and buy below prices or intinsic values. Buy low using cost averaging the selling upon reaching the target price, locking up profits, reinvest the gain and buy other stocks.

    Which one is effective strategy for faster and bigger compounding for the long term? Is it dividend or growth/value investing?

  44. @JM
    From my experience, in the PH stock market, I achieve my financial goals faster with growth / value investing.

  45. Hi Fitz, just read this now. would be able to update the stocks post Covid. also, please include PERA since i invested in PERA right after i read your nice article on it. Maybe goo time to reentry. thanks for all the good easy to understand articles.

  46. hi fitz! thanks for the valuable info. i am interested in investing in stocks. is it really adviseable for me to have a stock broker to start up?

  47. jollibee, bdo and robinson i plan to invest in 3 company.this company is good for 5 years longterm sir

  48. i plan to to buy a stock in 3 company.jollibee BDO and robinson is good for the long term for 3 years sir?

  49. Hello po. I started investing in stocks at COL this month. But I think I could only buy stocks using just 1k of my salary every month. And I am sure I could invest regularly with just that amount. So I bought last time stocks but by oddlots since I can’t afford to buy on main board lot. Sa tingin nyo po ba di enough or effective yung 1k lang and choosing oddlots po? What are the cons po ba by choosing odd lots instead of main? Thanks in advance po

  50. Hi! Any update on the Philippine Stocks That You Should Buy For Long-Term Investment po considering the pandemic? What could be out here and what could be added? Thanks po.

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