Philippine Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Updated: November 27, 2008

Learning about the U.S. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act from playing the Bad Credit Hotel online game made me wonder if such laws also exist in the Philippines.

I know some people who have been harassed by credit card debt collectors and suffered a significant amount of humiliation from their family members and colleagues because of rude calls and letters from these agents.

These horror stories actually made some friends of mine paranoid about getting credit cards. This is sad because credit cards are great tools for financial leverage if you know how to use them wisely.

Anyway, my online search led me to the Philippine Senate website. Apparently, on July 4, 2007, during the 14th Philippine Congress, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago introduced Senate Bill Number 1277 entitled “An Act Providing For Fair Debt Collection Practices and Requiring Debt Collectors To Observe Such Practices”.

In her explanatory note, she says:

There is abundant evidence of the widespread use of abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection practices by many creditors and debt collectors. Abusive debt collection practices have contributed to a number of unwarranted personal bankcruptcies, to marital instability, to loss of jobs, and to invasions of individual privacy. Existing laws are inadequate to protect borrowers. In fact, the borrowers’ only recourse is Article 287 of the Penal Code.

The purpose of this bill is to eliminate abusive debt collection practices by creditors and debt collectors for the following reasons: First, means, other than misrepresentation or other abusive debt collection practices are available for the effective collection of debts; second, to ensure that those creditors and debt collectors who refrain from using abusive debt collection practices are not competitively disadvantaged; and third, to provide an adequate legal remedy to consumers against abusive debt collection practices.

In case you’re wondering what Article 287 of the Philippine Revised Penal Code is, I also researched that and it states:

Art. 287. Light coercions. Any person who, by means of violence, shall seize anything belonging to his debtor for the purpose of applying the same to the payment of the debt, shall suffer the penalty of arresto mayor in its minimum period and a fine equivalent to the value of the thing, but in no case less than 75 pesos. Any other coercions or unjust vexations shall be punished by arresto menor or a fine ranging from 5 pesos to 200 pesos, or both.

debt collector

In any case, if you’re interested in reading this Senate Bill, it is available for download as a PDF file on this page. I tried to fully understand what it says and from my point of view, here are some of the important things cited inside the bill:

  • All debt collectors must fully identify himself or herself and state the institution he or she represents.
  • Debt collectors cannot call during times when it is known to be inconvenient, which is initially assumed to be before 8 in the morning and after 9 in the evening,
  • They cannot contact the consumer at work if the collector knows that the employer doesn’t approve of such calls.
  • Debt collectors may not harass, verbally abuse or use profane language when communicating with the consumer
  • They are also prohibitted from using false representation or identity, such as that of a lawyer or a police authority, to coerce the consumer into paying his or her debt
  • Debt collectors may not solicit payment for fees other than which is legally owed by the consumer.
  • They should also honor a written request from the consumer to stop further contact from them.

I think this law is a very important one. Unfortunately, this bill is still pending in the Legislative Committee on Banks, Financial Institutions and Currencies.

Please note that I have no legal background. If you think that I misinterpreted any part of the bill in this post or if you have any update or additional thoughts regarding this matter, then please share them by leaving a comment below. Thanks.

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  1. i was wandering if you might have a knowledge about bouncing checks(B22).. i have this friend who got loans which she issued multiple PDC’s for like 3 banks, because she needs it for hospitalization of her mother, whose suffering from cancer. well she used to pay it on time, but as her mom conditions worsen, she failed now to pay it (like 4months pass due). and she was too afraid that she might be sent behind bars for these PDC’s. I wanted to help my friend, she is so paranoid now, dame na kase tumatawag sa kanya, kakasuhan daw siya sa higher court, for intentionally not paying and issuing bounced checks. hope you could help me with this. thanks

  2. Do debt collection agencies need to have a license to operate in the Philippines??

  3. Hi jared. Debt Collection Agencies operate as a business, thus, they need a license to operate in the country.

  4. Fitz Salamat Malaking Tulong itong webpage mo.My mom just passed away after two months battling with lung cancer.The expenses at the hospital and the funeral left us in debt.Now I’m being hounded by for my credit card bill.I would have wanted to explain my side, but the lady collector was so rude,I didnt bother.When I asked her not to call until she was in a better mood,she rang again and yelled “magnanakaw!”(thief!).Minsan hindi na sila maka tao.Anyway as far as I know,nobody goes to jail for being behind on your credit card bills and bouncing checks.

  5. oh really? what will happen to those who have overdue acount of credit cards if they won’t pay their overdue acount?

  6. Hi Nivz, as far as I know, if you don’t pay your overdue account, the worst thing that could happen is that you’ll destroy your credit history and will find it hard to leverage financially.

  7. hi, i just like to ask something. i have unpaid bills (creditcard) and of course i never wanted for this to happen just that i had too much obligations at home that i dont have enough cash for my own expenses. now, the collector (hired or working for the bank) of course kept calling me in the office. but the person was very rude. he would leave badwords and threats in my voicemailbox. it’s very rude and embarrasses me in the office. is there anything i can do to protect my self? i know i had to pay my bills but i dont think i deserve that kind of treatment and the threat that he will have me kicked out of the office really bothers me. i hope comeone can give me an advise. thanks!

  8. Just pay you bills or call the creditor and make arrangements to pay your bills. Sell all of your valuables to pay your bills.

    And from now on, don’t use credit cards. Pay cash. Obviously you are not responsible enough to have credit.

    Lastly, don’t leave the country to escape your debt. You are just compounding the issue for your relatives in the Phils.

  9. A month back, someone tried to harrass me sa ofc and they identified themselves as police. Our office personnel was smart enough to call the headquarters they represent at nalaman na wala daw names na ganun na ngeexist dun. Afterwards they did not call anymore. I was just surprised the other day kase some “policemen” daw ang ngpunta sa house namin looking for me and gave a fiscal’s name and number coarsely written on a piece of paper.Yun lng. I dont even know if their visit is legal and I dont know if they are indeed police or mga ngpapanggap lng para manakot. They didnt even leave any legal document for me to know what the visit is all about. I really dont like it coz its scary and humiliating. Is that legal? What else can I do to stop them from coming to my home?

  10. Hello. Naging very helpful po ang topic na ito, lalo na sa mga CC users na kagaya ko. I wonder kase kung ano ang mangyayari sa akin if sakaling diko na kayang bayaran ang mga CC bills ko. Alam kong mangungulit sila para maningil. Pero hanggang kelan? darating pa ba sa point na pati employer ko ay kokontakin nila? Nakakahiya nga at nakakatakot kung ganun. At sa mga banks, ano po ang nangyayari kung sakaling ‘dina talaga sila nababayaran? Wala po ba silang budget para sa mga ganyang cases? idedeclare nilang loss?

  11. Don’t let these turds intimidate you – they’re just using every tactic in the book to make you pay up.

    Some things you should know:

    1. No one goes to jail because of bad debt. Period. Unless of course there are cheques involved, then that makes things a bit complicated. The point here is that they can’t force you to pay up if you really have no means of doing so.

    2. Credit card issuers have what they call collection “buckets” – buckets represent the number of months a cardmember is delinquent. When your delinquency reaches the last bucket, the bank writes off or “charges off” your debt as an operational loss and they “sell” your account to a 3rd party collections agency. How does that work?

    For example, your original balance is 100,000.00. We all know that credit card issuers make a profit from the interest, penalties and other fees that they slap onto the cardmember. When they charge-off an account, they sell your original 100,000.00-peso debt to a collections agency. So the bank is able to get back the amount they loaned you – it’s just that they didn’t profit from it, which is why it’s considered a loss.

    So how does the collections agency make a profit?

    They will continue collecting the total amount you owe the bank – which includes all the interest and penalties accrued from being unpaid over time. So your Php 100,000.00 debt plus interest and penalties, would make your total balance amount to, say, Php 150,000.00. If they are able to successfully collect from you, then they just earned themselves Php 50,000.00.

    The rude bastards who harrass you are, more often than not, the employees of the collection agency and not the bank.

    3. Threats of having the police or baranggay tanods arrest you is just plain B.S. – if ever someone does show up, it’s just one of those retard collectors playing pretend (you gotta give them props though for making an effort for being in character and memorizing their lines – seriously, these guys could get jobs as extras na goons for some low-budget action film here).

    3. A law firm or Atty. Blah Blah calls you and threatens to take you to court because of your unpaid debt. Right. Again, it’s just the same collectors, only this time, they’re playing a different character.

    Besides, don’t you notice that most of these idiots have really bad grammar? I mean, seriously, if you really are a lawyer, shouldn’t you at least be able to speak decent English?

    On the flipside, though, you should also realize that these guys get paid by the number of debtors they successfully collect from – so think: rudeness = takot sa gutom.

    But still, that does not justify their inbred behavior.

    So the next time someone harrasses you, and says things like what that jackass Ontime said above, don’t cower into your little corner. Talk to them calmly and politely. If they’re still rude and abrasive, feel free to yell back, cuss at them or simply hang up.

    Just because you owe money that you’re unable to pay doesn’t mean you are devoid of your rights as a consumer.

  12. Thank you so much Senator Santiago for protecting the rights of consumers and debtors. In our case (officemates) credit cards simply arrive in the office with a note saying “treat this as cash”…of course, who can resist such a ploy given our minimal monthly income?

    These credit card collection agencies are profiting at the expense of financially hard-up Filipinos! We hope their immoral practices will soon end.

    Thank you.

  13. to ex-collector, you are an angel from above!!!words are not enough to express the feelings i have right now..because someone just called me up 30 minutes ago regarding my unpaid credit card bills. just like anybody else, i do not have intentions of becoming a criminal because of this…but honestly, i am really afraid…to my kababayan sen.defensor santiago, cheers to you!!! sana nga this bill will be finally be approved…to protect Filipinos who’s earnings not even sufficient due to economic reasons…yun bang tipo ng masipag naman mag trabaho pero di maganda ang kompanya at dahil dito nag tyatyaga na lang kaysa mapabilang sa high percentage of unemployed dito sa pinas…

    one more question…will this in any way has an effect if ever my family and i will process papers to migrate to canada in the next 2-3 years? i have my passport now already…

  14. to all the people na nag share ng info, thnx a lot…but i just want to know if what will happen if may involve na bouncing checks??? i have a loan in a bank payable for 3 yrs, i had no probs in paying for the first year but something happened to my dad because he had cancer and because of that i wasn’t able to pay it anymore..I have 3 CC’s as well, good payer kc ako noon so banks will just send me a CC sa office w/o any application…hindi na ako nakabayad sa lahat ng mga utang ko sa mga banks coz of high interest rates/penalties and other charges… and there was one time a law firm contacted my aunt saying that they will put my case on a higher court if i won’t pay…and the worst thing is, I lost my job…I’m planning to get a passport para mag work abroad, is there any chance that I won’t get a passport for bad credit history????and if i’ll go to jail because of bouncing checks???

  15. @heather101, this is just what I know and may not be correct but I believe that having a bad credit history doesn’t greatly affect your chances of getting a passport so you’re fine on that aspect. However, issuing bouncing checks can be turned into a criminal offense and yes, you can go to jail.

  16. dis january nangailangan aq ng malaking halaga kc may babayaran aq n utang…lumapit aq sa kaibigan q..meron silang kinkuhanan n nagpapautang ng 5 6..inissuehan aq ng cheke n P30,000 dated last jan 24..ang usapan namin ay makikiride lang cla sa uutangin q..kaso sa dahilang kinailangan q lahat ng pera d q cla nabigyan..dun n cmula ang pang haharass nila to d point n tinatawagan n nla aq sa ofis at kinakausap ang mga boss q…dinala p aq sa presinto last friday para magpablotter..pinuwersa nya aq n magbigay ng promisori note..para matapos nalang ang usapan pumayag aq sa una nilang gusto n ibigay q ang 15000 last sat…kaso..ung inaasahan q n pera ay d dumating kaya 4000 lang ang naibigay q…tnxt q cla kahapon n magkita kami sa pinagblotteran sa akin para makagawa aq ng promisori note uli…pinipilit q n mabayaran kaso talagang nahihirapan aq n makahagilap ng pera sa ngaun…ang sv nila ay pumunta n cla sa presinto dahil hindi q tinupad ang pangako q na maibigay ang 15,000 nung sabado…natatakot aq n iskandaluhin uli nila aq dito sa opisina…willing aq magbayad kaso hindi q kaya ang gusto nila n agad agad ay ibigay q ang pera…panu po ang gagawin q…tnx…

  17. Thanks so much Fitz and ex-collector for sharing your ideas. you helped us a lot.
    Just wanna ask btw, if i wanna payoff credit card debts but account was already sold to some b.s. 3rd party agency, is it still better to go directly to the bank i owed instead of the agency? im just not comfortable dealing with those crocs. thanks again.

  18. @bubbles
    I’d recommend that you go directly to the bank, if you can contact their credit collection office, the better.

    Then ask them to give you the exact amount of debt you owe and pay the bank the amount directly.

    The bank can take care of the collection agency commission.

  19. Hi, Mr. Fritz.

    I have a credit card debt. I recently lost my job with two months back pay to collect pa. The collecting agency wanted me to pay the discounted amount of 16,000 (original debt 24k). I was only able to raise 2000. I thought I would be receiving my back pay and said that I’ll try to meet the 02/26 deadline for the 16K at the same time asked for an extension. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to collect. What should I do? Will I be facing legal action next?


  20. Sana me relevant tanong ko. Kung hindi paumanhin sa inyu. Yung DSL ko me unpaid na 7,000. tapos binigay sa collection Agent hinarass ako na magbayad ng 11000 tapos sabi ko la pa ko pambayad. Sabi dadalhin na raw nila sa korte ang issue at dadagdag sa babayaran ko ang attorneys fee. Isa ba to sa style nila na pangharass. Pwede pa ba ko dumiretso pa sa ISP company mgabayad ng talagang balance na 7,000. Me nakasuhan na ba sa delay na pagbayad ng service? Ako lng ba nakakaranas nito? =(. Thanks to you Mr Fritz and Senator Santiago.

  21. hi, i need an advise.. i have a loan in three banks at 75k each halos sabay-sabay ko sila nakuha the last time i need money.. nakapagbayad naman ako ng 3mos na amortization sa kanila kaso na-stop na pagbabayad ko 2mos ago, nagse-send na sila ng notice sa akin kaso wala ako pambayad.. ide-demanda daw nila ko sabi sa letter.. makukulong kaya ako if idemanda nila? if not, ano kaya mga pwede mangyari.. pls help me.. medyo paranoid na ko.. salamat..

  22. hi mr. fritz / anyone who can help me,

    i need your comment on my post above..

    thank you…

  23. hi fritz! I have a personal loan abroad. UAE in particular. I defaulted on that loan and I am now here in our country. Is there a way that UAE bank can sue me here? Thanks!

  24. sssj2010

    thank you for all the info you shared to all credit card holders who suffered and experience rudeness from collectors of some collection agencies like what had happen to me last october 2009 when a cpllector from a certain collection ageny called me he was very rude and saying bad words which I think he was not eating for some days because of his eagerness to collect from me.during our convrsation I told him that I don’t have that some of money he is collecting me from my EASWEST credit card when in fact my obligation is only 20,000 and I had already paid more than 15,000 thousand for my installment. I told him that I don,t have that much because I am financing the medicine of my sick mother and I am suffering financial problem and I am not denying my credit card obligation and sad to say he did not understand me instead he keeps on threatening me. After our conversation, I left the office because I have to attend a meeting in Makati. According to my office mates, five minutes after I left the office another person from the same collection agency called again and my office mate told him that i am not in the office because I will attend a meeting
    sad to say again that idiot guy say bad words na bakit daw tinatago ako ksi daw kakausap niya lang daw sa akin tapos wala na agad ako baka daw ipa dampot ako at nag insist na ibigay iyong address ng hotel where I attended the meeting para daw iserve iyong warrant of arrest. Biruin nyo kung gaanu siya kabubo na akala niya wala pinagaralan iyong ka officemate ko na hindi siya kayang sagutin. The following day pag dating ko agad sa office kalat ang balita ng tinatakbuhan ko daw utang ko at ipapa aresto daw ako ang ginawa ko tinawagan ko iyon coolection agency to confront them what the bad words they are saying against me at sinabi ko na nakausap ko naman sila kaya lang umalis talaga ako . Alam niyo ba mga parehas ko card holder pagkatapos namin mag usap na pinapabayad ako ng 25k after 10 mins. kasi kung hindi daw ay magfile na sila ng kaso at mag bail na ako ng 5k at ipapakulong daw ako. May tumawag uli sa akin on the third time at police daw siya at alam niyo ba may ginawa pa sila estelo na gumawa sila ng serena na police para pantakot nila na hindi naman siya pulis at tianakot talaga nila ako at nagkunwari may tumawag na siya daw si attorney eh sa pagkabigla ko naman ay nakiusap ako sa atty. daw iyon at sinabi ko na wala talaga ako pera maibabayad sa araw na iyon kasi may sakit mother alam niyo ba ang isinagot sa akin ng atty / daw na iyon hayaan ko na lang daw na mamatay ang mother ko wala daw siya pakiaalam. to make the story short I reported it directly to EASWEST Bank and I request them to pull out my account on that collection agency. The bank replied me and granted my request. Now I am paying monthly to the bank. Sana mabigyan ng attention ng mga opisyal sa gobyerno ang masasamang ugali nitong mga collectors na ito at sana magkaroon din ng bill para idemanda ang mga ganito nag sasalita ng masasama sa kapwa nila at nanakot pa.

  25. Thank you Mr. Fitz for this very informative site.

    Question: Is there a law that protects credit card holders personal information?

    recently, my wife received a call from a credit card collection department. I was shocked to know that they called my wife and not me wherein I’m the principal card holder of the account. They asked for my personal information like bday, billing address, mother’s maiden name, etc. which my wife was able to verify. the collection rep reminded my wife about my upcoming due date, due amount and outstanding balance. What’s worst is that they called her on office phone number. i only provided them 1 phone number on my account.

    what i wanted to know is that: do banks have the right to disclose such information to my wife?

  26. Thanks a lot for all the information shared in this site, I really appreciate it…

    I am a CC holder before and that time I was pregnant, was hospitalized when I was in my 7th month, unfortunately, my husband lost his job and ako lang ang may work that time. Of course, I will have a baby and kailangan ko unahin ang paggastos sa pagbubuntis ko and hindi ko na nabayaran ang CC ko. I was verbally harrased to think that my debt that time was only Php 12,000.00, imagine? with that amount kung ano ano na ang sinasabi nila sa akin. I always ended up crying after talking to them (Collectors) and paulit-ulit nila ginawa until I lost interest in paying my debt.

    My concern right now is, if ever po ba na I apply for another credit card or salary loan from a bank, big chances po ba na they will dissapprove my application?

    Thank you po in advance sa lahat po ng magrereply…

  27. I am being hounded by a Daniel Salvan from Anonuevo Credit and Collections Inc. he coerced me to write a letter saying I will pay half my due on a certain date. After reading a lot of sites after he insulted me and caused me a nervous breakdown, and found out that writing will be more dtrimental to myself. However, seeing how bad these collectors are treating other debtors, is there any legal relief that a once good payer like myself can seek? I only became delinquent because my partner lost his job and like many of the stories here, I am the only one responsible for my family.

  28. found this template from another site. if u have lawyer friends or if you are willing to pay for a lawyer for a few bucks to sign this letter for you, then this could help a lot.

    Lawyers address:
    Address of collection agency:
    Re: Acct: 012345678

    To Whom It May Concern:

    This letter is being sent to you in response to a demand letter sent to me on 02 August 2005 that your claim is disputed and validation is requested. This is NOT a request for “verification” or proof of my mailing address, but a request for VALIDATION.

    I respectfully request that your offices provide me with competent evidence that * (your name) have any legal obligation to pay you. Please provide me with the following:

    ? What the money you say (your name) owe is for;
    ? Explain and show me how you calculated what you say (your name) owe;
    ? Provide me with copies of any papers that show (your name) agreed to pay what you say I owe;
    ? Provide a verification or copy of any judgment on (your name)
    ? Proof that you are authorized to collect by your __________________.
    * Proof that your client referred my account to you for collection.
    ? Proof of billings submitted to you by _______.
    ? Show me that you are licensed to collect.
    ? Provide me with your SEC license numbers and Registered Agent.

    If your offices are able to provide the proper documentation as requested in the following Declaration, I will require at least 45 days to investigate this information and during such time all collection activity must cease and desist.

    If your offices fail to respond to this validation request within 7 days from the date of your receipt, all references to this account must be deleted and collection notices completely stop.

    I would also like to request, in writing, that no telephone contact be made by your offices to my client’s home or to his/her place of employment. If your offices attempt telephone communication with (your name), including but not limited to computer generated calls and calls or correspondence sent to or with any third parties, it will be considered harassment and I will have no choice but to file suit and report such harassment to the National Bureau of Investigation or other Law Enforcement Body.

    All future communications with me MUST be done in writing and sent to me (name of lawyer)It would be advisable that you assure that your records are in order before I am forced to take legal action.


    Name of Lawyer

  29. i have sentiments regarding these collecting agency,enzi in particular.i told them to send me the statement of account to my email pero until now, wala pa sila naipapadala.please help me with this,ung utang ko sa cc, sa dubai pa un.

  30. hello po…
    magandang araw po..
    isa po akong estudyante fourth yr highschool na po ngayong magpapasukan.naging dealer po ako ng kapitbahay namin na kumukuha ng products sa avon,natasha,at fuller life.ngayon po..
    alam ko hong may utang ako sa kanya at nangako nman ako na magbabayad kahit paunti unti dahil aminado nman ho ako na may nagastos ako sa mga pinaningil ko bilang pangtustos sa nakaraang third year ko.
    ngayon po nagulat ako ng magpadala ang avon ng sulat sakin at kapag hindi ko raw po nabayaran ay i sesettle na lang daw po namin un sa korte.sinisingil po nila ako ng halagang 4,521 na sa pagkaka alam ko ay total ng lahat ng utang ko sa kanya,at hindi un avon lang kaya ho gusto ko hong itanong kung pwede kong bayaran lang ang avon ayon sa mga produkto nila na nakuha ko?i babawas ko ho ung ibang total na hindi nman avon product ok lang po ba un? saka ho naniningil pa rin po ako hanggang ngayon dahil marami pa pong may utang sa akin nahihirapan na po ako.natatakot din po ako na baka makulong ako.ano po ba ung pwde kong gawin para hindi un mangyari?kasi po magbabayad nman po ako kaya lang di ko po kayang biglain dahil buwanan po ang sahod ko bilang katulong at kakasimula ko lang po..ayoko na pong umabot sa korte ang lahat..tulungan nyo po sana ako kahit lang po sa payo magka ideya lang po ako kung anu pong pwde kong gawin malaking bagay napo. sana po tulungan nyo ako..pwde po bang i email nyo na lang po ang sagot nyo?
    ngayon pa lang po nagpapasalamat na ko…
    [email protected]

  31. Hi Fitz…Please Clarify this: Is it true that if you have unsettled credit crad dues/debts, you cannot get an NBI Clearance? Because they say that if you have any existing cases regardless if it is Criminal/Civil in nature like credit card due your identity will be a HIT in NBI that prohibits this agency issuing your NBI Clearance? Please clarify….

  32. To Joseph on May 24th, 2010
    Though I am not Fritz but I think I can answer your question. Please proceed getting an NBI. You will congratulate yourself. You can even go abroad for better job opportunities, to settle your CC debts. No NBI Clearance and Hold Order if you have criminal cases. I assume your case did go to that extent. Banks will not file criminal cases against debtor due to cost, time and effort.

  33. Buong puso akong nagpapasalamat sa mga nag contribute ng ideas nila lao higit kay Fritz. Nasa Saudi po ako ngayun at ang family ko ay nasa Pilipinas. Taon-taon po akong umuwi at tuwing uuwi po ako ay iba’t ibang demand letters ang nadadatnan ko. May mura at hinagpis pang pasalubong ang asawa ko sa akin dahil sa mga pananakot ng mga Kolektor. Ngayun ko lang ito nalaman, dahil sa website na ito. At ngayun ko lang din lubos na nalaman na may karapatan pala tayong di magbayad. Salamat, salamat kay Sen. Miriam Santiago. Pagkatapos kong basahin ang mga nakasaad dito, tinawagan ko agad ang asawa ko sa Pilipinas at pinadala ang mahalagang bagay dito sa kanya.
    Taon 2005 ay nag-abroad ako dito sa Saudi. Isa akong enlisted Phil. Army. Nag AWOL ako. Bukod sa aking mga utang sa Banko at ibang lending institution ay may utang din akong personal. Taon-taon naman akong nakakakuha ang NBI at ibat-ibang papeles para maka work dito sa Saudi. May awa ang diyos ay nakakaahon kami sa hirap. Yung mga utang ko na Cash sa mga kapitbahay ay nabayaran na. Yung nasa lending at Savings Loan lang ang wala. Ito ngayun ang gusto kung ihingi ng payo sa inyo,, sa lahat:
    a. Limang taon na ang lumipas. Gusto ko sanang bayaran ang mga loans ko. Pero sabi ng mga dati kung tropa ay bayad na daw yun dahil insured sa PDIC. Paano kung hindi? Sayang naman mga investments ko. Paano ko kaya i-verify yun.
    b. Pagdating ng panahon at singilan na.. maari ko bang bayaran yung Principal amount lang o actual na nahiram ko noon na walang interest?
    c. Sabi ng mga kasamahan ko dito ay di ko dapat ibalewala ang mga demand letters. Ang problema ay ang asawa ko ang nakakatanggap nun, hindi ako. Ilang beses ba dapat magpadalang demand letters ang mga banko??.

    Marahil ay alam nyo na ang mga banko ng military personnel. Yun po ang mga banko na tinutukoy ko.

    Sana po ay may magbigay ng ideas para mawala ang kaba ko at ng asawa ko. Sana po Fritz…. Di ko po tatakbuhan ang mga utang ko. Gusto ko pong magbayad sa tamang halaga at sa tamang banko na pinagkautangan ko. Di po talaga maganda ang ginawa kong umutang at nangibang bansa.

  34. Hello po. Salamat at meron palang ganitong page. Matagal ko ng problema ang utang ko sa Fuji Xerox Phils. Nalugi ksi ako sa business, isinosoli ko na sa kanila un 2 machines na installment under sa name ko. Kahit daw isoli ko ang machines ay kelangan ko pa din daw i-settle ang full amount dahil nasa contract daw un. Kahit anung gawin ko ay hndi ko na kakayanin ang halagang sinisingil nila sa akin. Me mga issued checks ako sa kanila na bounced. Hindi ko na alam ang gagawin ko. Nasa collection agency na ang account ko. Me solusyon pa po kaya ang problema ko? Nsa 1.7M pa po ang sinisingil nila sa akin at hindi ko na din nagagamit ang 2 copier machines dahil stop na nila ang services. Ayaw na din nila i-restructure ang account ko dahil nka-dalawang restructure na ako pero hindi pa din talaga kayanin ng kita ko ang monthly na hulog. Ito ang pinagmulan ng sakit kong stress at hyperventilation. Sa tuwing maiisip ko ang problema kong ito ay inaatake ako ng sakit ko. Hindi ko na alam kung saan pa hihingi ng advice. Mabuti na lang at napunta ako sa page na ito. Sana po ay me makatulong sa akin. Matagal ko ng nire-research kung me rights ba ang mga debtors. Gusto ko po sanang malaman ang mga rights ko.

  35. To all those with really serious debt problems,

    I would like to say that the best thing you can do is to consult a financial planner and/or a lawyer.

    They are equipped with the proper knowledge of the law which can help you answer all your legal concerns and likewise help you come up with the best solution to your situation.

    Thanks and God bless.

  36. I’m 28 years old and I have a total debt of about 450K to 500K (debt comprises all credit card in good standing and in collection agencies, and personal loans from 3 other lending institutions/bankcs). I have a life insurance that is about 500K. If ever I should die, will my beneficiary or the people in my “last will” be obliged to pay all my debts?

    If ever I should go to prison (which I’d really prefer) for none-payments of credit card debts, how long does it usualy take to be in prison or should i say what is the maximum months or years that I would be in prison if I should plea guilty to possible charges from credit/collection agencies?

    I would really appreciate answers to my questions since this would really clear what’s bugging my mind.

    Thank you.

  37. Maraming Salamat sa lahat:

    sa lahat ng share sa blog na ito,
    marami rin ako utang. of course lahat sa atin ayaw natin nito if kayang bayaran, bayaran diba if legit naman ung utang.

    yun nga lang gaya ko. wala rin ako talaga pambayad sabay sabay para tumigil na lahat.
    fear is lack of knowledge tlga totoo un sobra. gaya ko natakot din ako noong una. nagbayad ako ng malaki inuna ko pa sa personal needs ko.

    meaning how stupid i paid the big initial payment ng loan ko nauna sa basic needs ko. na sila nagsabi ng minimum amount na babayaran ko and date. nagkataon may natabi ako kunti kasi ayaw ko tlga ng gulo, ung nga lang inuna ko pa sa FOOD, CLOTHING, HOUSE, BILLS (Tubig, kuryente, telepono & internet, others)

    gusto ko na matapos lahat ito kasi ang hirap sa loob sobra. syempre kau rin na nasa ganto sitwasyon. after years of effort na makatapos ng college then hirap sa work para sa pangarap ko umabot pa ako sa ganto stage pa.saklap diba. na sobrang daming utang na feeling mo ang liit ng mundo mo.

    walang may gusto nito. pero i think 1 thing is for sure malampasan man ito ngaun may chance parin bumalik sa dati. uutang at uutang ka parin, if di magbabago ng financial habits. like you i don’t want to live pay check to pay check life. sad to say one day millionaire life. siguro iba satin dito na sobrang laki rin ng kita kung tutuusin pero umabot pa dito sa stage na ito.

    nakita ko itong program ni DAVE RAMSEY – financial peace university.

    masasabi ko. I know am in good direction. am aspirng to be debt free life pinoy.

    i know it can help you as its been a big help to me right now. marami parin ako utang pero di na ako takot.
    i know my directions already. sa totoo nyan di ako marunong maghawak ng pera nanghihinayang nga ako sa mga pumasok na pera dati.

    ito ung high level na natutunan ko sa DAVE RAMSEY Financial Peace University.

    Baby Step 1: Emergency Fund:
    partial lang. sila sa US turo nila 1,000USD so mga P47,000 sa atin
    basic steps lng un ah. so ano man mangyari may huhugutin di kana mangungutang

    Baby Step 2: Bayaran lahat ng utang (ituturo nya pano makipagusap sa mga colelctor, kasi kung makikita nyo unahin mo muna ung basics mahirap humarap sa problema pag wala kang kuryente sa bahay, di ka nakakabayad sa bahay, di sapat pagkain mo, delayed ka sa bills mo)

    Baby Step 3: Fully funded emergency fund: 3 to 6 months ng sapat sa pamilya nyo na expenses
    if you are earning about 15k x 6 months so ang dapat mo na fully funded emergency fund is 90k; mawalan kaman ng trabaho ng 6 months buhay ka parin lalaban ka parin ng buhay na di nangungutang.

    then Baby step 4,5,6:
    More on pagpapayaman na yan at SAVINGS SAVINGS SAVINGS…
    pano ang investment, pano insurance, pano retirement plan.
    simple lng sa tingin ko karamihan sa kababayanan natin malayo sa pagisip ng future after retirement.

    isang tanong lang tinanong ko sa sarili ko. gusto ko ba ng walang pera pagtanda ko at hihingi nlng ako ng limos sa anak or kapamilya or kaibigan ko sa grasya na bigay nila kasi hindi ako marunong maghawak ng pera noong malakas pako?! sakit noh.

    then lastly ituturo nya ang value ng sharing.

    Balitaan ko kayo pag DEBTFREE na ako.

    Share nyo rin po sa iba ha.

    Mabuhay tau kapwa pinoy.
    God Bless.

    note to commentor: your entry has been edited

  38. Hi guys, i have a concern about my nbi clearance. I just got a decent job offer in KSA and I already passed the medical exams and all. I went to the NBI office to get my clearance. However, my name was on the “hit” list. Sabi, baka may kapangalan lang daw.

    I am really very worried kasi nung mga 8 years ago, I issued some checks that bounced. I really regret having not settled my obligations but with the right finances, I am very willing to settle them. Wala lang talaga ngayon.

    My questions are these: (1) is it probable that NBI will have a record of my case eventhough I did not receive any subpoeans yet kasi nag bayad naman ako ng konti dun sa in-issue-han ko ng checke, although medyo matagal na rin.. and (2) what is the fastest way to settle my case? May kilala ba kayong lawyer who can help me?

    Sayang kasi opportunity. Pag matagalan pa ang NBI clearance ko, malamang maghanap na ng iba ang employer…

    help please.

  39. hi! my husband has an unpaid loan in a lending company 3 years ago. we paid it daily kasi arawan yung collection. mangyari nagkaroon kami ng problema financially when both of us nawalan ng trabaho at natigil sa pagtinda. 20k lang yung principal loan namin at nabayaran namin halos kalahati ng utang.
    the time na wala na kaming mapagkunan na pera natigil yung pagbayad namin kasi inuna namin yung basic needs namin lao we have 5 kids.
    hanggang sa umabot sa 35k yung utang namin dahil sa daily interest.
    we ask them na kunin na lang yung collateral namin pero di sila pumayag. bayaran na lang daw namin ng buo yung 25k.
    hirap kami makahanap ng ganung pera kasi wala naman kaming mapag kautangan at wala na kaming trabaho at negosyo. nakabayad naman kami minsan pero sabi sa interest daw yun mapupunta.
    last year nakausap ko yung isa sa employee nila at sabi may 34k daw kami na utang pa. babayaran daw namin yun sa loob ng apat na buwan plus mag interest na naman.
    mahirap mag hanap ng pera syempre lalo na may binubuhay ka…
    this year bumalik na naman yung collector at sabi umabot na 116k yung utang namin. pero kung magbibigay kami ng bultong 70k tapos an lahat ng bayarin namin.
    masyado na pong malaki ang hinihingi nila. hirap nga kami sa 25k na bultong pabayaran ng manager 70k pa kaya.
    pwede po ba kaming humingi ng penalty condonation sa lending company na yun?
    fair po ba yung 116k na pababayaran nila o di kaya yung 70k na bultong kukunin nila sa amin.
    san po ba ako pwd humingi ng tulong?
    dapat ko bang bayaran yung amount na yun o pwd na yung principal amount na lang ang dapat kong bayaran…
    please help.

  40. magandang hapon po sa lahat. Gusto ko po sana malaman kung ano po mangyayari. Kasi pu un tatay ku pu e maraming credit card n0on pu nkakabyad naman xa e e2 poNG nkaraan umutang pu xa ng umuTANG kc pandagdag pu sa skul ko. NkakaBYAD NAMAN PU XA N0ON KAYA lng pu e nagkataon ngksby sby ang gastos pu namen. Ayun ndi n pu xa nkakbyad on tym kc d rn naman pu sapat ung kinikita ng tatay ko. Nag resign n nga pu tatay ku sa opisina dahl tawag ng tawag ung banko nang0ng0lekta ng byad nakulitan n c papa at nhya n sa mga kasamahan nia kaya umalis xa s w0rk. Ngaun naman pu e pinadadalhan pu kame ng mga sulat at sabi pu may ififile daw pu cla ng criminal case at sa k0rte n daw pu mapupunta ang usapan un pu sb s sulat. May loan din pu c papa at gn0n dn pu ang gngwa nagpapadala dn pu ng sulat. NaAawa pu ako sa tatay ko dahl ndi n pu tlaga xa capaBLE mgbyad dhl wala naman pu cla w0rk n mama ngaun kundi maliit n store lng. Pls pu. nid ku pu advice niu totoo pu b n makukul0ng tatay ko. May republic act daw pu kc ek ek un sb s sulat. Pksg0t pu tnx pu.

  41. He who has less in life should have more in law
    – President Ramon Magsaysay

    Often times, we allowed ourselves to be shouted upon, pagagalitan,threatened,pinapahiya,trampled upon, and
    eventually lose our self-respect and dignity, not for us
    alone, but also our parents,wife,husband,officemates
    and even our innocent children.
    We plead,we argue,explain,even paying our last peso
    – all because we are afraid that they will sue us.

    Maling akala pala!

    Dare the bluff.Let us meet them in court instead.
    It’s actually the best option we can have.

    1. To finally put a stop to these humiliations and harassments
    by these abusive collectors who act as if they own us.
    Ano pang legal ek-ek ang masasabi nila after the dare?

    2. It means any negotiation is formal,legal and appropriate.
    Remember the last time we paid, out of fear, then learn later
    on that our utang pala simply did not move at all?

    3. Our debt will be rationalized – The court,for several times,has
    ruled against those “excessive,unconscionable and exorbitant,
    hence,contrary to public morals” charges including 25% attorney’s
    fees,42%p.a. interest, 60%p.a. penalty, absurd over-the-limit fees, etc…

    4. Repayment would be more practical – pay what we can afford, not
    what is forced upon us.

    5. Less expensive,as most cases would fall under Small Claims Courts

    6. Lastly, lawyers are not allowed!

    The following issues hopefully will be resolved:
    1. Is it true that you have an utang? Yes
    2. Is it fair? No
    3. Do you have money/properties to pay? No

    case dismiss.

    for more info pls visit:

  42. Today my officemate received a phone call from a certain Police Inspector Gilbert Vasquez and was asking to be connected to our Head. I have unpaid credit card bills and an unpaid personal loan. we were evicted from our previous house, my son and i got sick adn been hospitalized. he said he is from QCPD Stn 3 working hand in hand with Manila Police Dist for a manhunt(i indeed felt like a criminal). they would want to secure permission from our head to serve the warrant of arrest for me to our office. when i phoned QCPD they don’t even know that inspector. they have a different number 8973172. I would like to know the validity of this arrest they were saying but i’m scared to be harassed because i’ ve been a lot of times already.

    My boss spoke to me and told me she was able to talk to the guy. she even phoned the number they left to double check.

    What should I do now. i don’t have any property nor money to pay them. i’m afraid to loss my job as my husband is unemployed at the moment and we have 2 kids to feed and to send to school.

    Can someone please help me?

    Thanks in advance.

  43. Hi. I just have a quick question, i did work in a chinese company before and during my stay at that company my employer decided to subscribe to one of the mobile provider under the company’s name, unfortunately my boss wanted to have my phone bill transferred to my house and thats what i did and my co-worker did too… the line got disconnected and i left my job cause my boss is not paying me that well na and i wasnt able to pay the bill and that was dated 2006 and now i got a letter from a collection agency asking me to pay the amount that was stated there and they are also sent the bill of my co-worker in our house. please advise me what to do. im willing to settle the one under my account but not full amount cause i dont have work as of now. i dont wanna get jailed for these issues… please help… need advise.. thanks in advance… i would really appreciate it alot… God bless!

  44. hi, i would like to ask on where to complain abusive debt collectors? my brother has been having trouble paying off his credit card debt. this collector has created a fake profile in facebook using my brother’s name and picture with his son as his profile picture. he has added my brother’s friends and HS classmates and has been sending them messages to “borrow money to pay for the debts”. he has been posting very rude comments on his wall regarding our whole family as thieves. aside from the constant telephone calls, he kept on contacting other people related to us who are not aware of my brother’s problem.

    my aunt, who has raised us are having health problems (hypertension) because the collectors calls her house almost everyday. all of my brothers and myself are not staying with her anymore. inspite of my aunt’s explanation that my brother doesn’t live there anymore, they kept calling her day in and day out and has been harassing her. the collection agent even tod my aunt that they will get some things from her house if my brother would still not pay his debt.

    i am getting frustrated and very angry because we do not know who our enemy is. i would want to file a case against this collector who has created a fake profile using my borther’s name and writes very rude and foul words about our family. i am getting worried about my family’s safety including those of my kids because this collector has used our family pictures to post in his fake profile. my other friends were asking me about this and don’t know how to expalin. i know that it is my brother’s fault bacause he has a responsibility as a debtor. even i, as his sister doesn’t know about this problem until the debt collector has started harrassing us.
    i want to file a complaint against that collector.

    please help us.just tell me what to do. i want to put a stop to this. thank you so much. god bless.

  45. I am happy to say that i have settled my debt. i had every intention to pay the bank the money I owed them and had no plans of running away from it. It’s just that those collectors are pretty abrasive, insolent and inconsiderate. I agreed to have an 8-month amortization scheme and am now close to being debt-free. I reported that Anonuevo Credit and Collection service to the bank and they assisted me. In fact, I specifically requested that they not make any calls to me directly. Moreover, I heard on a radio station, they play a stupid game of seeing who angers a client the best and quickest. It’s like they are using out misery for their amusement. But advise is, settle your debts. Just get into an arrangement that will comfortable and realistic.

  46. for ms. worried:

    I am sure the collector introduced himself. Get his name and call the bank or loan institution. They have facilities and personnel who handle these creeps. Unfortunately there is not direct legal remedy however, him creating an account is quite close to identity theft. You can ask a lawyer about that. Meanwhile, relax. These collectors are actually after our money, not our lives.

  47. For Good Payer turned delinquent. We have the same situation. I have no intention to ran away from my debt. I was able not to my CC for several months because i resigned from my job. Now that I have a new one, i want to pay my debt but it increased hugely. i requested the credit collectors to reduce my debt to its original amount (given by the bank itself) and to settle it in installment basis. In my other credit card (eastwest), it agreed on monthly amortization. However, this HSBC credit collector never agreed despite my several request with them.

    I hope you can give me advise on what approach shall I do in asking the bank to pull out my account in the credit collector and instead settle my account directly with them.

    Thank you so much po.

  48. for zen:

    you may call or email the HSBC customer service. depending on your situation, they may refer you to their recovery group. this group handles delinquent accounts and presumably those who do not wish to interact with any of these abusive collectors. normally the recovery agent will give you a computation of what you need to settle. i believe whatever the amount is can be negotiable. i tried to negotiate but later i realized it was better to have a shorter amortization period. it also meant settling my debt earlier. also, it would be good to ask for something in writing. like an email advise. this is very useful later on. some of these agencies give you contradicting information that can confuse you and you might end up paying more than what you actually had to.

  49. scenario: last year, the client (bankard) of the collection agency instructed them not to proceed with the filing of the complaint against the cardholder and consider the claim closed and terminated. bankard informed cardholder of this action through a letter.

    this year, cardholder receives a letter from the same collection agency stating that the collection agency “visited” him and personally assessed that the properties of cardholder is sufficient to pay for the obligation.

    representative of cardholder communicated with “legal officer” of collection agency that the cardholder received a letter from their client last year stating that the claim is already closed and terminated and that they have been instructed not to proceed with filing of complaint. legal officer was discourteous, saying things like “pwede naman dayain ang sulat” and “huwag mo akong utusan” when cardholder’s representative suggested to check with their client first.

    representative of cardholder called up bankard and asked what happened. bankard said to disregard the letter of collection agency and that they will contact them to clean up the problem. it seems that either bankard or the collection agency or both of these businesses are at fault.

    1. what can cardholder/representative do about the legal officer’s lack of professionalism? can they use art. 287 of penal code? can they also hold bankard liable for what happened?
    2. is the “visitation” of the collection agency an invasion of privacy, in a way?

    thank you po!

  50. hi..
    I read every single post at medyo nabuhayan ako ng loob..
    I hve an unpaid CC sa AIG last 2001 pa.. nawalan ako ng work that time at nanganak pa ako sa 2nd baby ko.. my mga tumatawag non sa akin pero wala naman ako magawa kc di ko talaga kaya magbayad.. my husband is an ordinary govt employee who only receives 12k, i wanted to work pero wala mag alaga sa mga babies ko, dati byenan ko alaga pero mas malaki pa gastos sa hospital kesa sa sahod ko na so i decided to resign again.. ngaun may bago na ako ulit work kc medyo malalaki na mga anak ko, after almost 10 years tumawag sa akin ang isang rowena gonzaga at sabi nya ay connected daw sya sa prime alliance recovery management sa may boni avenue at unang tawag nya ay kung anu ano na ang pinagssabi nya na hindi ko maintindihan kc first time ko lang sya makausap… then sinabi na nag merged na daw ang aig at east west bank… is it possible that after 10years im being haunted by my unpaid debt sa CC? im wondering.. i was even surprised how they get to know where i work now samantalang 7months pa lang ako sa work at tumawag na sila sa main ofc namin (nasa branch ako sa province) at they threatende me tht theyll file 2 cases, pupuntahan ang HR namin ang they are obliging me to issue pdc sa feb 23.. i was able to get their address and told them ill be going to their ofc on thursday 2/17 to settle the amount. 12k lang naman ung utang ko na don khit di ko alam kung saan ako kukuha dahil my sinasabi sila na amnesty amnesty at pag di ko daw binyaran aside from charges na iba ay 34k na daw babayaran ko. tama ba ung ginawa ko? or ano ba ung dapat gawin? kc nalilito na ako dhil ayaw ko guluhin nila ako sa hd ofc namin.

    Hope to get reply soon before makautang ulit ako ng panibago pambayad lang sa collection agency na yan..thanks a lot


  51. hello again…

    Isa pa po… just in case mabayaran ko ito, will i be freed from the database being a delinguent borrower sa mga banks? at will i be able to apply for a loan one day just in case i needed one?

  52. hi fritz,
    thanks for all the informations you feed in this site.Kaya lang na mis interpret yata ng iba. Makabubuti din siguro na mai discuss mo sa site na ito ang Art.9 Sec.14 ng R.A.8484.
    Sa mga Card Holders na naka experience ng unfair collection practice from Collection Agencies, dapat siguro ipinagbigay alam nyo ito sa bank kung saan kayo may credit card.On that case aalisin ng bank ang mga accounts sa Collection Agency na yon na hindi alam kung ano ang ginagawa nila.May mga collection agency din naman kasing responsable at alam nila ang kanilang ginagawa,pero meron din talagang mga iresponsable at di nila alam kung ano dapat nilang gawin.
    Kay ex collector, sayang naman ng mga panahong inilagi mo sa isang collection agency,hindi ka man lang nila naturuan ng tamang collection process.Mali din ang pagpapaliwanag mo tungkol sa write off ng mga accounts.
    Kay Ms Worried dapat po ipagbigay alam ninyo sa Card issuer ninyo kung anong bank man ito para mapanagot ang collector na may gawa nito.
    Kay Ms Doll.Tama lang naman ang sinasabi ng taga Prime Alliance.Pero kung hindi mo kaya ang pinababayad nya sayo dapat sabihin mo ito sa kanya at makipagkasunduan ka sa halagang kaya mong ibayad. Makakatulong sayo ng higit kung makikipag ugnayan ka sa Eastwest Bank na sya na ngayon ang may ari AIG.May solution naman po sa bawat suliranin.
    Kay Ms Donna, please coordinate to the bank kung saan ka may loan at credit card.Makiusap ka sa sitwasyon mo at mauunawaan ka nila.
    Kay Mr BatMan u are very right harapin natin sa korte kung ano ang complaint ng pinagkakautangan natin.On that case no one will call u up nor receive any demand letter.
    Kay CoolGal nais ko lng ipaalam sayo na ang lahat ng mobile company or mga tele communications company ay nakapaloob sa ACCESS DEVICES LAW or RA8484 maari kang makipag ugnayan sa mobile company kung saan ka may unpaid bill.

  53. How do you stop Collection Agencies from calling you at work and what rights do you have regarding this? I’m not allowed to take private calls at work and I’m afraid to lose my job because of them calling me. I told them already but they keep on calling, sometimes multiple times in one day. They are harassing me talaga.

    Is there no consumer protection regarding this? If I lose my job because of them, can I sue them? What legal rights do I have?

  54. Hi Jim,
    As long as your account has an over due payment there will be a caller to remind you. You can not evade from their calls specially if you declared to your application form the telephone number of your company. To stop these you can contact the Bank where you have an over due account and inform them when will you settle it.If possible request for an arrangement that suits your capacity to pay on staggered.
    There is a protection from harassment, just inform your Bank regarding it. But if it is not really harassment the Bank will not validate your complain.Habang may utang tayo na hindi nababayaran may tatawag at tatawag sa atin.

  55. Is the proposed bill already in effect? I have an issue with a lending company. The acct was dilinquent for about two yrs but I contacted them for restructuring. I already paid the fee and kulang nlng ang pdc. The problem is the mgrs of the collections agency s verbally abusing and harassinf me. To make matters worst, 2 of their mgrs are sending me messages with sexual innuendos. This is despite the fact that they are handling my husband’s loan who s currently in singapore. Where can I file a complaint? What govt agency can I run to for help? Thanks so much for the answer

  56. hey guys…wag muna tayo mag assume that this solves our problem..remember the above info is just a bill..this means hindi pa sya batas..i have my own lawyer.. and already consulted this issue about the fair debt collection, kasi kung batas na yan marami ng napasara na law office at collection agency dahil isa sa sinasabi ng bill ay hindi considered na debt collector ang lawyer wherein most of the agencies are represented by the lawyer, even representation is not allowed..The senate bill is the first step on making a law.. this means this was just proposed by Sen. Santiago after this there will be first reading, comitee consideration, second reading, 3rd reading, transmittal of the approved bill to senate, senate action on approved bill of the house, conference committee, transmittal of the bill to the president, president action to the bill, action on approved bill, action on vetoed bill..its a very long process and di lang si sen santiago ang nag propose ng bill kundi maraming sendaor, kya maraming tambak na trabaho, unless they wanted to prioritize such bill then it might be faster. kaya bago po tayo gumawa ng aksyon alamin natin kasi baka mapahiya tayo. what i can suggest is look for an agency who can request for amnesty for your credit, i have bad credit as well but I have consulted a law office and have them arrange my payment w/ the bank.. yung credit ko na 10k naging 19k bec of interest for 2 yrs, then the office requested amnesty and just I just paid 5k…depende yan sa diskarte ng law office, kaya marami akong narefer na may utang sa lawyer ko…

  57. FYI there has been lapses on this bill coz it was orig filed on the 13th congress and had its first reading w/c happened 2004, after that nothing was then proposed again on the 14th congress and nothing happened so far.. all current Republic Act are from the 13th congress and the above senate bill is not included, this means it is not a law yet.. to think that it is now the 15th congress.. sigh..

    Info for BP 22 – it is a criminal offense and 100% possible na you can be sued and may lead to imprisonment this depends on how your going to act on the problem..Checks that was issued and bounced is a Prima Face – prime evidence, unlike debts that just involves cash, credit you can only be sued for Sum of Money, which is just a civil case, with BP 22 it is a criminal case and wether it is a bank, corporate, business or individual creditor you are owing still it is considered a criminal offense..I suggest if you have been sued already, and are still on mediation, make an arrangement to pay for the debt, if case is already in court never be absent or else there will be a warrant of arrest to be issued

  58. Hi MEME, pwede nyo po ba ako irefer sa lawyer nyo?sana matulungan nya ako sa aking utang sa hsbc.I intend to pay naman and to clear my name in the blacklist.Im from San Pedro Laguna.Hoping to hear it from my email.thanks in advance.

  59. Hi Meme.. ako din baka naman you can help us… dito kse ako abroad.. made a loan 2 years ago sa isang lending company.. nung una i was paying naman on time… tapos nag ka issue kme dito sa work… nakarating pa kami sa labor office dito para ma solve salary issues…pero now pa lang halos naayos… my issue is may letter na sya for a hearing paano kaya ito…usually ba magkano fee sa lawyer… pa help naman … wala akok idea about this matter and to make things worse my guarantor ako sa pinas na alam ko ma ha hassle din sa napasok kong problema…pa help naman po…

  60. hi there, isa po akong ofw na nagpapakahirap kumita ng pera isa pong kaibigan ang lumapit sa akin at nagmakaawang umutang ng mahigit 300,000.00 nag issue po xa ng checks sa akin ok nmn nung una pero ngaun po mahigit dalawang taon ng di nagbabayad at di na din nagpapakita ang masakit po yung sinanla nyang titulo n panghawakan ko ay di kanya at hindi rin malocate kung sino man xa. pano k po ba makukuha ang pera ko at kung pde ko ba syang idemanda ng estafa kung sakaling siya ay di na magbayad tlga?please po tulungan nyo ako…at sa tingin ko po unfair yang bill n yan dahil yan dhil di ka na nga babayaran wala ka ang karapatang ipaglaban ang iyong pinaghirapan kaya po minsan hindi kanais nais tumulong pa sa kapwa dahil lolokohin ka lng din sana po me isa sa inyo mag advice kung anung gagawin q.

  61. hi jheng,
    bakit hindi mo man lang ba inusisa ang pagkatao ng umutang sayo? dapat kinunan mo man lang ng mga identification documents at pictures dahil di mo naman ata kamag anak. bakit mo tinanggap ang titulo kung di naman pala sa kanya nakapangalan? ikaw na rin ang nagsabi nagpapakahirap ka sa pagiging ofw pero di mo iningatan ang pinaghirapan mo.mahihirapan kang idemanda rito sa Pinas ang nangutang sayo dahil labas sa jurisdiction ng batas natin ang pinangyarihan ng violation o ng utangan. pero pwede kang magcomplain jan sa bansang pinagtatrabahuhan nyo dahil sila ang nakakasakop sa kinaroroonan nu.

  62. Jan po sa pilipinas yung utangan, me agreements n notarozed po jan but now dko n xa malocate kung asan na. Lam ko po bwfore yungvwork nya at san xa nktira ngaun hinde na po dhl ngresign n sa dati. Panu po ba ireport sa nbi? Pra dna makakuha ng clearance anu pong first kong gagawin?kung dpo xa mgbyad khit man lng mgbayad xa sa batas

  63. ah ok, cge i can refer a lawyer for you dahil sa law office ako connected. you can email me at my email address *** so that i can give you the complete name of our lawyer.

    Note: email address removed as requested by comment author

  64. i already paid my delinquent credit card bill thru restructuring. the bank has already issued me a clearance 3 years ago stating that my obligations has been paid in full. but inspite of this, i think my name was still posted in the negative list of the credit bureau since i tried to apply again once for a CC (for curiosity) and i did not get a reply. my question is: how and where do i send my request to clear my name in the negative bureau’s list? should i address it to the same bank who issued me the card?

    i hope Mr. Fitz or someone could help me…i really wanted to rebuild my credit profile.

    thank you!

  65. @aiml as far as I know, it will take two years from the date of your payment before your name removed from the list of block listed.

  66. I had a bad credit in the past however, I was given such a request for reversal and certification on august 24,2009 forwarded to Bankard Recovery Dept.purposely to request a certification of payment where and how could I submit such in order to remove my name from thet of block listed.

  67. Hi po sa lahat!

    Baka pwede nyo po akong matulungan. I’m really drowning from credit card debt right now and it already affected me (psychologically). Para na akong nagpapanic parati everytime magring ang phone or kaya may mag’tao’ po sa labas nang bahay. May nagpunta na kasi dito and I wasn’t around kaya binilin na lang sa kin nang bro ko. From then on, balisa na ako.

    I’m aware naman na obligation ko bayaran ang due ko and I’m not turning my back sa obligation na yon. The only problem is I can’t pay the amount they want me to pay (lumulubo nang lumulubo ang due). I can only pay ang amount na kaya ko (like P500-P1000 a month). Kahit konti basta lang makabayad di bale nang buong buhay ko babayaran basta makabayad lang. If pipilitin sa gusto nilang amount, walang makain family ko.

    Please po, ako’y nagmagandang loob kung sino po ang makakatulong sa situation ko. Hindi ko na alam ano gagawin ko right now. Feel ko konti na lang at maloloka na ako.

    Thanks po in advance and sana po’y may makaka-advise.


  68. Hi Ms Lady-L just dial the Hotline number of your Bank and request for restructuring of your account.They have an option that may suit your capability to settle.

  69. Lady, we have the same problem. I can only pay the amount that I can yet the collector is asking me more that what i can. its not an issue actually on how long will it take us to pay them, kahit 10 years pa yan but if yun lang kaya natin a month, diba? the collectors thought we want to finish our obligation instantly. well, partly yes, but if its not possible then we go for long term na.

    they sent a letter stating that police will come to arrest me.

  70. Hi! Miss Edna i just want to ask kung magkano ang attorney’s fee pagnagconsult ka ng legal advice? thanks

  71. Hi po M Gemini
    There is no charge yet for a legal advise on our lam firm.acceptance fee or atty’s fee i only ask if you have a case to be handled by them.kung magkano un , it’s u and the lawyer ang maguusap.

  72. Good day po! i need advised. Im scared and worried. I have 3 cc way back 2005 which are remain unpaid. in some circumstance i am not be able to pay my obligations until now. CC companies loss their contact to me until last thursday. I was really amazed how they get the number of the current employer, by that day tumatawag na sila sakin everyday, dahil natatakot ako sinasabi na lang po ng ka officemate ko na wala ako sa office. minsan ako po mismo ang nakakasagot pero di ko po inamin na ako ung hinahanap nila.

    Ano po ang dapat kong gawin? takot po ako mangyari sain ung nagyari sa kaopisina ko na pati ung Assistant Vise Presidnet namin eh tinawagan nila. and worse mawala ako ng work. I have plan to pay may debt ung Prinsipal po but not not bcoz of my financial situation.

    Please help me what to do tumataas na namn po BP ko


  73. rhoje
    Worry it not.Call the Bank at makipag ayo ka sa halagang kaya mong ibayad.Mas makabubuti para sau ang may contact or ugnayan sa Bank kasi kung wala pde kang kasuhan violation ng ra8484 pero kung nakakausap ka nila at wala ka lang pambayad di ka nila pwedeng demanda.

  74. ed nabus: Yes, I already contacted the bank. At lalo pa nadagdagan worries ko. Sinermonan ako nang account manager nang HSBC. And that paying the due is not the way how much I can pay daw. I must settle the amount they want, else ipalelegal na nila ako. They won’t accept the offer na kaya ko lang. Nangungutang daw po ako, dapat lang na bayaran sa halaga ang due.

  75. To kezziahh: Always get the complete name of whom you talk anyone from Banks or even collection agencies. Gaano na ba katagal ang Loan/Credit Card mo?If you felt injustice to their rejection of your plea which you thought tama ka lang naman pleae pm me to my email address na nasa taas ng page na to para maibigay ko sayo
    ang contact number and email kung saan pde mong idulog o isangguni ang complaint mo sa kanila.Dapat tiyak mo din na makakabayad ka sa halagang ipapangako mo sa kanila na kaya mo nga talaga.Thanks and God bless.

  76. pano po ung nakalipas na taon na di nila ako nacocontact makakasuhan ba nila ako dun? im afraid so much that’s my heart break down. and by this time i dont have the capacity to pay.

  77. ed nabus: thanks much! yes, I have the complete name of the account manager. wala pa atang 180 days ang credit card ko. nasa collection dept pa nang bank, not yet forwarded to a collection agency. kaya I called them to negotiate, but the account manager was very matigas. i’ll email you po. thanks again!

  78. hi Ed. I don’t know if my concern is also related to this because its more of the loan I had with Chinatrust last 2006 which I paid last 2007 or 2008. Mabilis ko nabayaran because I used mybonuses/ Unfortunaly I lost the receipt before I left the company. 2008 when they first call reg my account. I told them its paid already and weeks after, I received a call to tell me na ok na daw. 2010 November or December, Anchor Collection Services started calling and texting me reg my loan. I called them and explained what happened. I asked SOA from Chinatrust no payment reflect, I called Union Bank kasi dun po ako nag pay, wala na po sila records kasi ang tagao na sobra. I gave them my Chinatrust account number pero wala lumabas so possible daw na malaking account number nalagay ko.
    TO make it short, I accepted the obligation of paying again kahit wala ako work. I only earn from tutoring 3 students. and requested na mag settle ako ng 1,500 instead of the 2,800 that they require. mabait chinatrust and somehow tanggap na. pero the collections mapilit and demanded 2,800 and now they sent a letter that a police will come on August 10 kasi daw i refuse to pay. sabi ko theres a difference between refuse and arrange. they never reply on my emails. nag pay pa din ako below the required to how them my intention.

    pls help. thanks!

  79. Hi LGIT, sayang naman kung hindi mo na nahanap pa ang resibo ng payment mo before.i advise to all na dapat iatago lahat ng payment slip everytime na pakatapos magbayad dapat humingi ng certification of full payment.minsan kasi ang mga bank to bank transaction sumasabit din kasi puro machine lang ang katransact natin.kaya dapat itago natin mga printed receipts.
    punta tayo sa new arrangement ng account mo.Meron po ba kayong written arrangement na pinirmahan para makapag deposit ka ng amount na kaya mo?Kung wala po please pm me so that I can give you the email address and contact number of Chinatrust Collection Manager para makipag kasundo ka.Gaano na po b katagal ang loan nyo? For sure magbibigay sayo ng discounted amount ang Bank if you will directly pay to them.
    About Police,,,wala pong papel dito ang Police kahit na PO1 to Brigadier Generals. Dahil wala naman pong kasong tinakbuhan.Kung may isinampang kaso at di mo hinarap pagpadala ng summon magpapalabas ng warrant ang Judge doon pa lang magkakaroon ng Papel ang Police.

  80. hello po, i have similar problem below po, pls send advive to my email. Lyryb on August 18th, 2010 at 10:07 pm
    Hi guys, i have a concern about my nbi clearance. I just got a decent job offer in KSA and I already passed the medical exams and all. I went to the NBI office to get my clearance. However, my name was on the “hit” list. Sabi, baka may kapangalan lang daw.
    I am really very worried kasi nung mga 8 years ago, I issued some checks that bounced. I really regret having not settled my obligations but with the right finances, I am very willing to settle them. Wala lang talaga ngayon.
    My questions are these: (1) is it probable that NBI will have a record of my case eventhough I did not receive any subpoeans yet kasi nag bayad naman ako ng konti dun sa in-issue-han ko ng checke, although medyo matagal na rin.. and (2) what is the fastest way to settle my case? May kilala ba kayong lawyer who can help me?
    Sayang kasi opportunity. Pag matagalan pa ang NBI clearance ko, malamang maghanap na ng iba ang employer…
    help please.

  81. the loan was year 2006. nawala sya because of my previous employer’s maintenance. nilipat mga gamit ko from old building to the new building and i lost a lot of my documents. i already took the responsibility of paying since i know talo ako. no receipt, no proof.
    i kept on asking them for papers of agreement, they also sent it via email. I requested na mag pay labg ako to what i can afford since i am unemployed but they are demanding me 2,800+. the collections sent a letter that i will further actions will be done pag hindi ako nakipag cooperate. i keep on sending them emails pati Chinatrust na contact person ko but they dont reply. puro phone call lang. and i feel that sila mismo ang ayaw mag provide kasi i know i will not be jailed (i hope i am correct kahit may bounced check) but still i am not running away from it. they keep on telling na matagal na sila nag file ng complain with NBI— ok labg sila? nakapag renew pa ako ng NBI last 2009.

  82. @ cnok better if u come to nbi for verification of ur “hit”listing.malalaman mo nman doon kung ano ang problema.o kaya pumunta ka sa record section ng city/municipality mo kung may naka sampang kaso.may mga pagkakataon kasi na naka archive ang case kaya may hit list sa nbi.
    @lgit call chinatrust directly kasi minsan ang email di naaasikaso lahat agad kaya minsan walang reply.marami kasi talaga ang inaasikaso nila dahil di lang konte ang loan borrowers nila.

  83. Hi!ask lang if i can request sa security guard ng subdivision namin na no entry para sa mga messengers at collectors ng mga collection agencies. Do I have the right to request that? just for the safety and protection lang po ng anak ko since naiiwan cya sa house kpag nasa office na kami ng husband ko? thanks.

  84. hi aj,
    ang mga collectors at mga messengers ng mga collection agencies ay malaking tulong mo sa paghaharap ng iyong unpaid loans.sila ang nagdadala sayo ng mga dapat mong malaman tungkol sa status ng loan balance mo.pero kung ayaw mo talagang ma disturb ang mga anak mo while you were out of the house, its your personal option.depende yan sa management ng subdivision nyo.pero karapatan mo na protektahan sa posibleng panganib ang pamilya mo.para sa akin kapag identified nman na talagang bank or collection agency messenger or field collector ang pupunta sau di naman siguro ang dala nila nila sa bahay nyo.ang maaaring hilingin mo siguro sa guard ng subd nyo is to verify well ang pupunta sa bahay nyo,at talaga namang obligasyon nila yan.
    o kaya naman pwede mong i request sa bank na wag na pumunta sau, ano man ang papers na kailangan mong matanggap galing sa kanila just send it thru email.
    make your phone lines available to them for communication.

  85. gud eve po… asko ko lang po if posible na ung principal amount lang bayaran ko at kung magkano po lang ang maibayad ko monthly. sabi kasi nung tumwag sakin di daw tumatanggap ng 500 ang citibank na payment every pay day.

    Thanks po

  86. Simple lang yan gaya ng kaibigan ko get a lawyer then makipag-ayos ka sa bangko na kaya mong bayaran..lahat ng interest sa utang nya sa CC nawala bali principal nalang ang ni restructure sa sobrang pera na maitabi nya sa mga monthly gastosin sa bahay,upa,kuryente,edukasyon ng anak at pagkain.. IMportante kasi sa tao mabuhay bago magbayad ng utang.

  87. hi i’m a cc holder at three months ng due yung billing ko as of today dahil sa financial problem na di ko inaasahan, gusto ko na siyang i-settle pero incapable pa ako, okey lang bang i-settle ko nalang ito this December, okey lang kaya sa bank yun? kung kailan nakakaraos na? may mga tumatawag d2 sa office at cellphone pero ini-ignore ko sila dahil baka manakot lang sila. ayoko sanang magaya sa kapatid ni ms worried na ginawan ang kuya niya ng facebook, at may pulis-pulisan pang pupunta. i wonder kung taga-saan ba si ms. worried, nasa Makati ako, magagawa din kaya nila sa kin yun? halos lahat ng ofc mate ko merong unpaid cc account na taon na ang ibinilang at sinasabi nilang takot pumunta ang collector dahil bawal yun.

    tama si kate,it’s a ploy, isang araw last january 2010 nagulat nalang ako ng dumating sa office yung credit card samantalang di naman ako nag-aplay. and ayun na!


  88. tru phone call nga pala ang style nila, employment verification, 3 months palang ako sa work ko ng tumawag sila, and my officemates just gave them the info they were asking.i wonder pano nila nakuha pangalan ko. wala talaga akong balak kumuha ng credit card, pero nung ilang buwan ng nasa drawer ko siya, naakit na akong gamitin siya. yung kasama kong pinadalhan din pinipilit siyang gamitin na ang credit card niya sa eastwest.

  89. hello to all, i have been looking for answers on the net regarding harassment of loan collectors and stumbled upon this site, while most of the probs here are regarding credit cards, ours is about our car loan with a certain bank, we have been religiously paying our monthly amortization for the last 3yrs, but unfortunately my daughter got laid off with her job overseas, so we have delays in settling our monthly obligation of our car, bt, we try very hard to settle it just the same, so our delay would be 2mos the most, i try to talk to an employee of the said bank,if they could bear with us just for a few months, our car loan will be over in a year and a half,bt sadly, they can offer nothing but harassment as to when we will be able to pay our monthly amort, they keep calling like 2-3x a week, even on just a month’s delayed,the persons calling are even saying things which has no respect for a once good paying client, i hang up the phone coz i experience nervousness and rapid heart rate every time the phone rings bcoz its our first time to experience a downfall in the family and not used to that situation,now they got a man come to our house and deliver personally a statement, which is so embarrassing in our community,i would like to know if theres a legal way to get back at them, we intend to keep the car and to pay our dues, its just a matter of time, but i am just so angry at them for treating us this way.. thanku and more power to your blog.. and may all of us here get financial freedom ..

  90. its still our option if we will accept the preapproved card. prior to its activation for use they require some documents to really make the card ready for use. its their way of marketing.

  91. I contracted personal loans with two banks and was required to issue postdated checks to cover the monthly amortizations required. I lost my job, which was the basis for my loans being approved by the banks, and the business I ventured into floundered and closed so that I became delinquent in payment with my checks bouncing left and right. Can I be sued under BP22 considering I issued those checks in good faith, my checking account was active and I had a job at the time I was approved for the loans?

  92. If the collection agency cannot pursue the case in the court but just resort to threats, is it possible if they go direct to the barangay and complain? It is much humiliating if they see the local officials who personally knew me. please advise. thanks

  93. @ joseph : any check which unfunded during its due date always consider bounced. kaya pde kang sampahan ng kaso for violation of bp22.pero pwede mo nman pakiusapan ang bank na bigyan ka ng time para maka raise ng fund to fund your check. mga 3 days ang binibigay niyan para di mag bounce at di ka masampahan ng kaso.pero kung hinayaan mo lang ito at di mo ginawan ng paraan papasok pa rin ito at kapag nagkaganon makakasuhan k nga ng violation of bp22
    @ sheldane: tyhey can ask the help of the lokal official to assist them for contacting you and possible arrangement. remember that agencies were also paid for counselling legally loan borrowers. If you will continue to ignore them mapipilitan silang isampa ang case sa SMALL CLAIMS COURT o sa MTC.

  94. Hi, need ko some advice…nakatanggap ako summon fr MTC na may civil case na ako filed by counsel of CC company…eh prior sa filing ng case na-contact ko pa yong law firm requesting for mu balance and any payment option i can avail kc nung tumawag ako sa CC company ibinigay sa akin contact no nung law firm..anong posibleng mangyari sa akin?…at ano pa mga additional na ipapabayad sa akin aside dun sa principal?

  95. Hi po ask ko po if mgkakaroon po b ako ng crimminal record s hong kong kung my naiwan akobg loan s banko doon pero ngaaply ako s ibang bansa ngaun at klngan kp kumuha ng police clearance ko doon.6 mos ndin n d ako nkbyad due to financial crisis….hppe mtulungan nyo po ako s bgay n to..

  96. My criminal record o b akp s ibang bansa kung my naiwan akpng utang s bangko for almost a yr?.kz klngan kp magobtain ng police clearance s h.k fpr aplying job to onother country..hnde ko nbyran lgat kz lumipat akp s ibang bansa at due to financial crisis wlang trabahp for how many months..posible kyang my record ako doon pls help..

  97. @ bah: pls puntahan nyo po ang branch ng court na nagpadala ng summon para di mauwi sa criminal case ang civil case mo. state your side and tell the truth.

    @ saveena: di ko lang alam kung criminal case sa hk ang abandonment of loans and ccard. sa UAE and other country kc criminal case yan.ngaun kung criminal case din yan sa hk for sure naifile n yan sa korte doon. since hindi ka national ng hk may possibility na maipa blocklist ka sa airport nila. you can not in and out to their airports. Better mong gawin , kung may kakilala ka na naroon sa hk ipa ayos mo n lng ang loan mo doon bago k pumunta para makakuha ng ano mang clearance

  98. In case po ba na may utang ako at naging incapacitated ako physically or I passed-away, Ang mga fist degree relatives, say magulang or anak ko po ba ang magmamana ng aking mga utang sa credit card company?

  99. Hi!

    Matagal na po akong may outstanding credit card balance with HSBC back in 2005 binayaran ko po yung balance pero kapos po ng 500 pesos. Di ko na po nabayaran yung 500 na kulang so the following year nakatanggap po ako ng letter na sinisingil ako ng 25k ng collections agency at nakareceive din po ako ng email na settlement from a lawyer. Pinafax po nya yun sa ki n with my signature pero di ko po naifax. nagbayad po ako ng 2,500 ng 2 magkasunod na payday. Sa sobrang tagal na po nito wala na po sa kin yung resibo ng bayad ko before ng kulang ng 500. Possible po ba na yun na lang yung bayaran ko or less than the amount of 5k. minalas po kasi ako at di na nakakapagtrabaho dahil halos imbalido na po ang mga kamay ko dahil sa sakit ko. Wala po ako nareceive na anumang sulat nun nakaraang 2 taon at inakala kong baka tapos na ang isyung ito dahil halos bayad na po naman ako sa utang ko. Today nakatanggap po ulit ako ng sulat na sinasabi na iforward sa CMJ collections ang account ko. Wala po akong trabaho at posibleng di na ulit makapagtrabaho.

  100. hi virgil samonte: hindi naman naipapamana ang utang. at wala ding batas na naguutos na dapat bayaran yan ng mga relatives mo kapag wala ka na sa mundo. sa halip, kung sakaling may mga property ka , bago ito ipamahagi sa mga anak o tagapag mana mo dapat maibawas muna ang lahat ng mga pagkakautang mo.
    @lili may posibilidad na may balance ka pa talaga dahil ikaw n ang nagsabi n may 500 pang unsettled ang naiwan mo. ngayon kapag tinawagan ka ng cmj makipag usap ka at ipaliwanag mo ang side mo.alam kong bibigyan ka ng mas mababang halaga to close it.dahil puro n lng yan interest and penalties dahil sa sobrang tagal. kapag pinagbayad ka ng 500 or 1000 e-grab mo na para ma clear ka. don’t forget to ask for certification of full payment after ur payment.

  101. Here’s an interesting scenario I encountered today. I got a txt message from our Barangay Captain stating that I had a complaint filed against me at our local barangay. So I called the number and I wanted to check if it was a collection agency or not, almost got into a heated argument with the person who answered the phone as he wouldn’t give me any information, anyways I was passed on to the Barangay Captain, I asked for the nature of the complaint filed against me “According to him it was breach of contract and he kept on telling me to contact the complainants lawyer and gave me the number”. Ok so it still sounded like it was a collection agency pretending to be the barangay captain so I asked around and found out who our barangay captain was, surprisingly enough it was the correct person lol so I think I called up the barangay hall and argued with the staff there and spoke with the barangay captain in a not so very polite tone lol anyways I’ll drop by the barangay hall and apologize to the people there. Anyways here are my questions:

    I should reference another site where I got this:

    6. Police came to your home on behalf of the credit card debt collector? Get their name, precint and their car’s plate number. If possible, get them recorded in a video. This is not their job and you can file a complaint against this police. Same story with barangay captains.

    Read more:

    Ok so they didn’t knock at my door but they sent the letter over to the barangay hall which in turn prompted the barangay officials to contact me via sms, are they allowed to do that? Are the barangay officials supposed to contact people regarding that or what are they supposed to do – allowed to do or not to do?

    Regarding SB 3333 proposed by Sen Miriam Defensor Santiago

    Section 1. A) Communicating with the employer, reltiv or friends about the debtor, unless a court order has given the collector the permission to do so;

    SECTION 2. Penalty. – Upon conviction of a viola..m of this Act, a fine of One
    Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php 100,000.00) per occurrence shall be imposed. A subsequent
    violation shall be penalized with a fine of Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (PW 500,000.00) and
    revocation of the business or professional license of the collector.

    Reference Site:!.pdf

    Well I’m not sure if this has already been passed as a law or if it is enforced now.

    Anyways its a bit of a gray area which I think they are utilizing to the fullest they’re not my relatives or friends but the barangay officials live in the community. So would they be liable for anything for sending the letter to the barangay hall as a complaint?

    So those are my two questions I hope someone could clarify if this is allowed or not. Because if not the collection agency will be the one hearing from My Lawyer and it’s payback time for all those people harassed by these collection agencies :D and we can strip away their license and shut them down.

  102. Hi Ed,

    thanks for the advice, do you think this is true? or just one of those ek ek ng mga collection co? what if i can’t comply within 10 days?

  103. hi ylana,
    Sometimes Collection agencies seek the assistance of brgy officials to locate those hiding debtors. Only the brgy officials can confirm
    if the resident of a particular address is still the handed in addressee. Many experience from card companies, when case filed due to leaving the declared address without notifying the card issuer, but upon preliminary investigation the debtor claims that they are still at given address. Isa sa pangunahing pakay ng pagdaan ng Collection agencies sa brgy upang ma confirm kung talaga ngang wala na sa address
    ang debtor.
    However, no brgy chairman will accept any complain against anyone if it is a complain from a company or corporation. Hindi na po ito sakop ng kanilang responsibilidad. Its only MTC or RTC or SMALL CLAIMS COURT can entertain the complaints.

  104. hi bah,
    hindi maaaring basta na lang gumawa ng ganyang document ang collection agency, kung talaga ngang summon yan please visit
    the court branch na nagpadala para malinawan ka.

  105. Gud day po!!! meron po ako unpaid eastwest credit card, dati po updated nman ako sa pagbabayad nun kaso po medyo nagkaron ako ng financial problem tapos nawalan pa ako ng trabaho, kaya po di ko n nabayaran un since march,2011. ung adress ko n nakalagay dun e sa dati ko pa po tirahan pero ang tinitirhan ko po ngayon e sa kabilang street lang din po. according po dun s isa ko kaibigan n nakatira dun sa dati ko tinirhan e may pumunta dw po kanina n 2 pulis kasama ang barangay official at hinahanap daw po ako. di po yong kaibigan ko ang mismo nakausap nung mga pulis pero narinig dw po nya sinabi nung dati ko land lady kung saan ako street nakatira ngayon at school kung saan nag aaral ang anak ko. ngayon halos di ako makatulog sa takot at kaba kasi baka anytime e damputin ako ng mga pulis or puntahan ang anak ko s school..posible po b yun? payuhan nyo po sana ako!! gusto ko po i-settle un kaso po e di ko pa talaga kaya!!

  106. Hi Ed,

    thanks again…somebody from the law firm who filed the compalint called me at nag-offer cla ny payment arrangement, you think pag may kasunduan na kami eh ma-cancel na yong summon ko at kahit di na ako pumunta sa MTC?

  107. meron po akong malaking problemi need your advice po.. hnd po kasi t alam ng family kokya naistress n po ako sa pagkimkim nito… may pagkakautang po kasi ako sa frnd ko na 12 thousand napagkasunduan po nmn na bayaran ko xa ng 4 thousnad monthly kaso ang nagyari po nawala ng workyung papa ko kaya hnd narin po nya ko nabbgyan ng allowance ko kaya dko mbgay saknya yung 4 thousand n yun perolast month po nakabgay n ko saknya ng 2 thousand pero walang walapo tlga ako ngyon hirap po kami ngyon sa pamumuhay naminlalon at wala p kong trabaho tapos may anak p ko.. hinaharass n po kasi nyako sa paniningil tnatakot nyako na ipapakulong daw po nya ko at may gagawin dawpo xang hnd ko gugustuhin pag hnd ko daw po xa bnyaran hnd ko nmn po planong takasan xa ang akin lang sana bngyan nya ko ng consideration kahit papanu.. cguro po kaya ganun xa magsalita kasi asawa po xa ng ice mayor saprobinsya namin kaya ganun nlng nyako takutin… anu po kaya ang mga legal right ko regarding dto… gusto koman pong lumapit salawyer kayalang wala nmn po akong pera..hope matulungan nyo po ako tnx!

  108. I contracted personal/unsecured loan with a banks in the Kingdom of Bahrain and was required to sign 3 checks bofore they will release my loan. I lost my job, I was terminated on my job, which was the basis for my loans being approved by the banks, and I come back here in the Philippines. I became delinquent in payment. Can I be sued here under BP22 considering the loan is done in other country. I have no checking account back there.

  109. hi miles garcia:
    pls try contacting eastwest bank

    ms alli : hindi po nman ganoon kabigat ang problema mo.
    mkk buti po kung ipagtapat mo s lahat ng mahal mo sa buhay like ur parents.baka matulungan k nila sa problems mo.pero di nman nakukulong
    ang may utang lang.ang inaalala ko lang medyo influential ang pinagkakautangan mo kaya dapat ipagtapat mo yan sa mga kamag anak mo
    at kung maaari mag pa police blotter ka kung pinagbabantaan ka n ng masama.

  110. ms alli again: may i ask nag issue k ba ng PDC or any agreement in writing bilang patunay na may utang ka nga sa kanila?

  111. nagabroad po ako nun, tapos nakapagloan po ako sa isang bank, unsecured loan po ito, pero bago po nila release ang loan ko, pinapirma po ako ng check, pero wla naman po akong checking account at may credit card din po ako dito….the problem is na terminate po ako sa work ko and so i need to go back po dito sa pilipinas….hindi ko po nabayaran ang loan ko and also my credit card….. magkakaron po ba ako ng kaso dito sa pinas about this loan and credit card?

  112. jaime: di ko po maunawa kung saan ang loan mo ? at kunh saan ang credit card mo. sa pinas b o sa abroad? pls go a little specific kc d ko malaman kung saan and i don’t want to speculate

  113. sa middle east po ang loan ko, dun din po ang credit card ko, more specifically sa CitiBank po…….

  114. Middle East countries consider loan and card abandonment as criminal cases.
    Pero wala silang jurisdiction dito sa Pinas para mag serve sau ng summon.Kung nag file na sila ng kaso laban sau at di ka nila makita sa address na binigay mo sa kanila noong naroon ka pa sa abroad for sure meron ka ng kaso sa kanila.Hindi maiseserve dito sa Pinas ang warrant mo doon pero maaari silang mag endorse sa mga collection agency rito para singilin ka.May jurisdiction din sila sa mga air port kaya maaari silang magpadala ng warrant mo sa mga Port kung saan may rota ang ang airlines nila.

  115. Hi po..gusto ko po snang itanung kung my jurisdiction po b ang hong kong sa pilipinas?..ks my naiwan po akong loan doon hnde ko nbyaran nung ng ngapply ako s canda dahil n nwalan ako ng trabaho ng ilang bwan at due to financial crisis
    .almost a yr na hnde nku nkpaghulog pero deretso prin ang sulat s pilipinas..klngan kung kumuha ng police clearance s hong kong for canada immigration..posible kyang my recors n ako at anu ang mga posibleng mgyri pag hnde ko mbyatan un kz mlaki n ang ipinatung n hnde po ako nkikipagcommunicate dhil wla n ako s hong kong..

  116. Hi Saveena: You have almost the same situation with jaime. HK consider loan abandonment as criminal case.Pero wala din silang jurisdiction sa Pinas kaya kung di ka lalabas ng Pinas walang manghuhuli sau pero kung lalabas ka ulit ng bansa maaaring naka H.D. ka sa mga Airport ng dalawang bansa.

  117. So posible po kyang my criminal record n ako s hong kong?.. Nand2 npo ako s canada ngaun..pero klngan kung kumuha ng police clearance s hong kong for canada immigration..anu po ang pinakamainam n pwede kung gwin just in case my record n ako?.

  118. Most probably yes. Maaaring meron ka na criminal records doon. Ang maaari mong gawin you can let somebody to do favor on you to settle your loan there, for sure may pang settle ka na kc nanjan ka na sa Canada.Then after mo ma settle you can have your clearance na.

  119. hi! ganyan din problema ko sa cc.aminado naman ako spender ako nung nagkaroon ako ng cc yun nga nag-exceed sa limit at hindi ko na nabayaran bale last payment ko is this may 2011 at ngayon ang kukulit nila kesyo may mga kinontak silang policeat ngayon ngthreat sila na final warning na at magfile na sila ng civil case against me na yun nga baka yung mga belongings ko ang kuhain nila kabayaran sa paggamit ng cc ko. inasikaso ko kasi yung placement ng asawa ko kaya hindi ko sila nabayaran monthly ayaw naman nila ng after 1-2mos ko muna sila bayaran kapag nakaalis na asawa ko pa-abroad ayaw nila nagbibigay sila ng due date. naka-ilang law firm na ang cc ko pang 3rd na yatang law office ang nangungulit sa akin. grabe sila. hindi naman ako nagtatago alam naman nila yung bahay ko pinupuntahan pa nga ako sa bahay. help! pls advise thanks

  120. @gracie: la naman po problema sa case mo, as long as nanjan ka sa address na ginamit mo sa application you did not leave your declared address.Yes tama ka nagpapalipat lipat talaga yan ng Law Firm.Ang problema lang jan lalaki ng lalaki ang Balance mo dahil sa tagal ng walang payment.

  121. @ednabus question po, pano kung may utang kapa sa mga banks a couple of them, via mastercard/visa accounts, then you want to apply for another bank credit card mastercard or visa, makikita ba nila na delinquent payer ka? assuming different bank?

  122. thanks po……follow-up ko lang po, kun wala sila jurisdiction dito sa pinas para iserve yung warrant, pwde po ba nila akong kasuhan dito sa pilipinas? thru their local bank dito? (citi bank po yung bank ko dun)

  123. Thanks sa maraming info na nabasa ko, medyo nakakatulong po talaga ang site na ito para sa aming mga credit card users na nagkaproblema at nalubog na…

    Gusto ko lang po sana malaman kung ano po ang mangyayari if lumipat muna ako ng house para lang maiwasan po ang mga nananakot na collectors at para maiwasan rin po ang pagkapahiya…actually that is my first plan pero i’m not sure if this will help, confused syempre kung ano ang mangyayari, pero i’m planning to pay my debts sa banks mismo directly kapag nakaipon na ko and i will request the bank na babaan ung debt ko.

    Pls give me advice naman, or kung ano manyari kung lumipat muna ako ng tirahan. Thank you sa inyo.

  124. Hi Ladily: Wala ka pong nilalabag na batas kapag wala ka pang maipambabayad sa credit card mo kung talagang wala ka pang hanapbuhay sa ngayon.Iyon nga lang marami talaga ang pupunta sayo para singilin,which is tama lang naman sila sa trabaho nila.Pero sadyang nakakahiya sa mga nakamasid na ibang tao lalo na doon sa mga nakamasid lang at nakasubaybay sa paligid natin at di naman talaga alam tunay na dahilan ng mga dalahin natin.Kung sana hindi ganoon kalaki ang interest at penalty ng cards sana nakakabayad tayo lahat.Kung sana hindi napuputol ang trabaho ng lahat ng nag eempleyo sana walang delinquent borrowers.
    Sa tanong mo,tungkol sa paglipat mo ng pansamantalang tirahan,ganito ang sinasabi ng batas:
    R.A 8484
    (j) obtaining money or anything of value through the use of an access device, with intent to defraud or with intent to gain and fleeing thereafter;
    Kung ganoon ang gagawin mo o ginawa mo na maaari kang ihabla ng paglabag sa R.A.8484 at ang penalty ng paglabag sa batas na ito ay:
    Sec. 10. Penalties. – Any person committing any of the acts constituting access device fraud enumerated in the immediately preceding section shall be punished with:
    (a) a fine of Ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00) or twice the value obtained by the offense, whichever is greater and imprisonment for not less than six (6) years and not more than ten (10) years, in the case of an offense under Sec. 9 (b)-(e), and (g)-(p) which does not occur after a conviction for another offense under Sec. 9;
    (b) a fine of Ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00) or twice the value obtained by the offense, and imprisonment for not less than ten (10) years and for not more than twelve (12) years, in the case of an offense under Sec. 9 (a), and (f) of the foregoing section, which does not occur after a conviction for another offense under Sec. 9; and
    (c) a fine of Ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00) or twice the value obtained by the offense, or imprisonment for not less than twelve (12) years and not more than twenty (20) years, or both, in the case of any offense under Sec. 9, which occurs after a conviction for another offense under said subsection, or an attempt to commit the same.
    Now I suggest, keep communicated sa bank or even to the collection agencies para walang problema.Please do not hide to them.Or wag ka mo silang iwasang harapin only explain na wala ka pa talagang pagkukunan ng pambayad.Mauunawa ka nman nila.Ok lang kung direct to bank ka magsettle kapag may pambayad ka na.

  125. hindi naman sya nakipag arrange sa bank or wala naman syang pinipirmahan na documents paanong sya kakasuhan ng bank dahil sa pag lipat lang ng bahay?

  126. @raquel: not because you do not have a signed arrangement as long as you already USED the card, the arrangement or agreement between card issuer and cardholder TAKES EFFECT the very moment u use the card. hindi ka naman kinakasuhan ng bank dahil sa paglipat lng ng bahay.pde kang lumipat ng kahit na ilang ulit basta iinform mo ang bank ng latest address mo kung saan ka pdeng iyan ay kung may unsettled debt ka loan or ccard.

  127. tama ba na ilagay nila sa demand letter na “Civil and Criminal Suits against you before the TRIAL COURT OF MAKATI” tska 40k lang utang namin naging 71k na dahil sa charges and penalties paano kung 1k lang ibayad ko kada buwan pwede parin ba nila ako kasuhan?

  128. Hi raquel, kapag may violation nga po sa sinasabi ng batas sa r.a.8484 maaari kang makasuhan kapag ang outstanding balance mo ay higit sa 10,000 pesos.
    Kung 40k ang utang mo at binayaran mo ito sa talagang due date na dapat mong bayaran un lang talaga ang babayaran mo.Tulad ng sinabi mo pumasok na ang mga charges at penalties kaya umabot na ng 71k.Meroon din naman binibigay ang batas na privilege para mapaliit ang mga charges at penalties but not the interest.

  129. regarding po ulit sa loan ko…. kun wala akong kaso dito sa pinas, o sabihin na nating hindi nila ako makakasuhan dito, anu anu po ang pwde nilang gawin regarding my unsettled loan sa middle east specifically Kingdom of Bahrain dito sa pinas

  130. hi james, maaaring ipasa ng Bank sa mga collection agency rito sa Pinas ang loan mo sa Bahrain FOR COLLECTION purposes. pero hindi ung kaso.At ung kaso hanggang Airport or any Port lng ng Bahrain kung saan sakop ng jurisdiction nila. Hindi ka rin nila maipapa block list sa mga banks dito. Ang pinaka mainam mong gawin kapag may naningil na agency rito makipag ugnayan ka para malinis mo pangalan mo sa Middle East.Makakatulong sila sau para mapatahimik din ang buhay mo o ang konsensya mo

  131. sa ngayun po kc wla me permanenteng trabaho….kaya hindi ako makakabayad….anu po kaya ang maganda kong gawin

    isa pa po pala, ano po ang ibig sabihin ng “non judicial jurisdiction”

  132. Kung kaya naman nating gawan ng paraan kahit wala tayong permanent job dapat gawan na natin ng paraan.Di ko rin kasi alam kung gaano kalaki ang loan mo doon. Kung di naman ito kalakihan baka matulungan ka na rin ng mga relatives mo para ka makapangibang bansa ulit. Kung ditto kasi sa atin medyo mahirap ang work lalo na sa panahon natin now.Kaya kung ako sayo aayusin ko ang loan unsettled loan nay an then try again to look for another opportunity sa ibang bansa.
    About your 2nd question, ito na nga ang pinag uusapan natin. Philippine is a non judicial jurisdiction of Bahrain’s judicial system. Therefore they cannot serve here their Police Notice or Summons.

  133. hi po! ask ko lang po pag po ba nadelay ka lang ng one month bayad sa amortization ng car loan sa bank, may karapatan na po bang pumunta ang employee ng bank para pumunta sa bahay nyo at kunin ang kotse niloan mo kanila? yun po ang sinasabi nila sa akin sa telepono, eh one month lang po ako delay sa paghuhulg pati nakikipagcoordinate naman agad ako sa kanila na madedelay ang bayad ko..4 years ang kontrata ko sa kanila. may batas po ba para sa car loan na hindi agad pwede ipull out ang car sa client?tnx

  134. paano din po maaalis ang name sa record ng cmap?ano po pati ang procedure para mapaalis ang bad record?pag po kac nagaaply ako ng loan sa bank lagi po nila dinedecline ang loan ko, ciguro po gawa ng cmap record ko. 2004 pa po yung bp22 case ko natapos hanggang ngayon, hindi pa rin naaalis.tnx

  135. uutang pu sana ako kailangan ko pan tuition fee ko working student po ako graduatinag po ako kyaa po nagsasacrifie ako ng gaanito
    pagsisikapan ko naman pong bayaran sna apo matulungana nyo ko
    eto po cell no. ko 09475380576

  136. I have concerns po about paying my unsettled utang sa Chinatrust, nakikipag communicate kami sa Anchor Collections, to set or suggest a date for the payment “initial payment” to settle. ayaw nila pumayag sa date and the initial payment daw, is para hindi mapunta sa litigation yung case. is it legal for them to refuse such suggested date, kung pinapakita naman namin yung intentions namin na makapagbayad. and since hindi kami personally makaka-appear sa ofc nila to verify, gusto sana namin magpadala nlng ng tao na may SPA naman to handle the issue for us. and sabi nila may subpoena daw na iseserve sa amin by a Sherriff Guasa and SPO3 Noble for violation of R.A. 8484. can they really do that, or is it just a pananakot?

  137. @ ednabus…thank u sa advise mo regarding sa plan ko sanang lumipat ng house, actually i am already looking na pero i suddenly changed my mind, kung totoong di naman ako makukulong dahil sa hindi pagbayad ng card billings ko why should i change mg address.

    Actually i am communicating sa banks kaya lang gusto talaga nila pay in full, ipinipilit nila yun kahit request ka ng other ways na hindi mahirapan tayong cardholders, kahit good payer tayo for the previous years hindi rin nila tinitingnan yun kaya nakakainis itong mga banks.

    Thank you very much, next time na me pumunta or tumawag sa akin from collection agencies, kausapin ko na lang sila in a nice way na wala pa talaga ako pambayad, and then kung talagang manakot sila, magalit at kung anu-ano pang harassments and threatens ang gamitin, Pwede ba akong magalit at tell them na sige file it in court na para makapag explain at madefend ko rin ung side ko? Tama po ba?

  138. Another question po pala, hindi po ba nila kami makasuhan from ignoring their demand letter and phone calls?

  139. good day po ,,,nasa labas po ako ng bansa at nagplano pumunta sa ibang country pinakuha ko ang pinsan ko ng NBI ko dyan sa pinas,,laki gulat ko po kc,, hit,,, ako at inantay ko after 1week ang resulta may kaso daw ako bounching check civil case daw, nafile ang kaso last 2004 dec,2004 march nkaalis ako,,2008 kumuha ako ng NBI ok pa,,at diko po alam kung sino at anong bangko ang ng complain,,,na remember ko po 2004 din yun ng apply ako sa isang agency papunta london ng nahingi ng blank check tapos pinalagay ang amount na 35k,,at pinirmahan ko din pra daw mkaalis kmi kaagad,,then after 2-3weeks pagbalik namin sa agency closed na ng poae at ng NBI kc dami ng riklamo at naluko nla,,,may posibility ba na yun ang dahilan ng kaso na yun,,tulongan nyo pa ako di po ako makatulog ng maayos at takot po ako umuwi kc sabi nla sa airport plang daw ay dampotin na ako,,maaawa po kayo tulongan nyo ako,,may pamilya po ako,san po ako dapat lumapit,,.please po antayin ko po ang reply nyo,,pls,,,thanks a lot GOD BLESS U,,,

  140. hi fitz,there is one thing that bothers me right now, i am here in canada and i owe like CAD3000 in my credit card and im going back to the phils in a month, for good, and i don’t have enough time to work to pay off my debt. and going back home won’t still let me pay my CC debt. possible ba na ma-reach ako ng collector? if you can give me some advice that would be a great help.. THANK U so much!

  141. voie— same tayo. Anchors din may hawak sa akin. under Chinatrust. I kept on negotiating with them for the supplementary amount lang, ayaw nila.

  142. hi po..kelangan ko po ng tulong nyo. last year oct. 2010 po nagloan po kami sa ASIALINK FINANCE 60k po approved nila den 54k lang po nakuha nmin. last february 2011 frm december 2010 till february 2011 nakabayad po kami kaso bigla pong naterminate ang asawa ko at kelangan nming umuwi mag asawa d2 sa pinas. ang problema po nmin name ng nanay ko ang nakalagay sa loan at kakasuhan daw kami ng asialink dahil di na kami nakabayad..wala po kami pareho trabaho ng asawa ko sa ngayon..di rin nman kami makabalik agad sa abroad dahil po nagkasakit cya ng leprosy at under medication pa. ako nman po ay kapapanganak pa lang po. worry lang po ako baka makulong ang nanay ko since hindi nman po cya ang gumamit sa pera. willing nman po kming magbayad sa utang na yon basta lang ba makaalis kami ulit. nag issue po kami ng PDC sa kanila at dinamay po nila ang co-maker po..wala po tlga akong mahingan ng tulong.

  143. @mila: within 60 days past due dapat follow up[s lang ang gawin nila at
    at alamin kung bakit kayo nadedelay.maayos na paguusap lang muna dapat.
    hindi naman agad agad nila maipupullout ang cat mo kung walang court order
    or hindi mo voluntarily surrender.
    about cmap , ang bank ang magdedecide kung kelan un malilinis.para
    maapprobahan ka sa mga bank loans na inaapplyan mo always
    submit ur certification of full payment sa mga dati mong napagutangan
    sa application mo for new loan.
    @ann santos: we are trying to contact ur cp pero di kami makapasok.pls open it para
    makontak ka ng marketing officer sa bank na nilapitan ko.
    dapat wala kang unsettled bank loans.
    @voie reyes: nadiscuss na po ang mga SHERIFF issue at SPO na yan sa mga previous comments
    wag nyo po patulan. makakabuti po kung sa chinatrust kayo
    derektang makipagusap.
    @Lady Mid: hindi naman kaso ang ignoring phone calls pero lalabas uncontactable kayo via
    phone kaya pupuntahan ka nyan sa house mo.Just talk to them in a nice way
    wag mo nman silang hamunin na idemanda ka dahil may option silang
    dalhin ito sa SMALL CLAIMS COURT kung ikaw talaga ang maghahamon
    o magsasabi na dalhin nga.
    @chon: makakabuti kung alamin nyo muna kung ano ang cause ng HIT LISTING mo sa NBI.
    Ibibigay naman nila ang case number at at ang court branch kung saan kau may pending case.
    Di nman po kau dadamputin agad agad sa airport kaya wag kayo matakot kung
    iyon lang ang problemang inaakala nyong cause ng hit listing nyo.
    pero kung may isinampang criminal case sa inyo at di ninyo hinarap
    maaaring may warrant nga kau.
    @LGIT: please call directly to chinatrust. sabihin mong alisin ang account mo sa Anchor Collection
    pagbibigyan ka ng Chinatrust.
    @raquel: ang problema nyo po is financial kailangan nyo po talagang gumawa ng way
    para maka settle.pag nakabayad ka na wala ka ng problema.un na lang ang
    gawan mo ng paraan para makagalaw kayo ng maayos.

  144. Hello po! hope you can help me.. more than a year ko na ndi nababayaran ang CC at matagal naring walang kontak sa knila. After a year nakreceive ako ng demand letter dito s bagog job ko. They ask me to pay them 114,000 Php. Hindi po ganun kalaki ang utang ko. Nag email po ako s knila requesting for the latest statement of account, wala silang ma-provide. they did not reply to my email, instead i received a call at gusto nya i-discuss over the phone kung paano sila nag arrive sa ganung amount. Nag request ako isend nlng sa email ko so that I can carefully review pero bigla sila nag offer ng amnesty. From 114,000 Php ung principal nlng daw ang bayaran ko which is 36,000 Php but they want me to pay it immediately pero I have no capacity to pay it now. I offered na baka pwede installment nlng.. again ndi sila nagreply sa email ko at isang txt message ang nareceive ko at ang sabi subject for audit look daw ng legal supervisor nila.

    Kund ndi po sila pumayag sa offer ko na installment at wala po akong pambayad ngayon ng 36,000 php pwede pa rin po ba nila ako kasuhan ng violation of RA 8484 kasi one year ako walang contact sa bank? Maraming salamat po.

  145. hi mam/sir.. relay q lang po ung prob namin sa hsbc.. early this year po hindi na kmi nakapagbyad sa cc nmin sa nhosptal ung daughter namin.. once lang kami na delay pero after 4 payments hindi pa rin nbwasan ung bill kaya we opted not to pay it khit tntwgan namin ung hsbc na bkit ganun e wla naman maisagot.. ryt now tumtawag sa haus ung collection agency sabi una lawyer daw xa magfile daw xa ng case, then another one nagpanggap sa barangay daw xa. lagi kong cnasabi wla na dun ung husband q at naguupa lang un sa bhay na un.. nata2kot ako bilang asawa kc baka maya my pmuntang tga hsbc or ung collection agency.. tama ba ang gngawa kong pagsabi na wla na dun ung asawa q? kung sakalaing magpalit aq ng landline number ano po bang pros/cons nito regarding sa situation namin.. please help…TY

  146. hi lady c: sa 1 year na wala kang contact sa bank at di ka nila nakakausap, maaaring nasa law firm n nga ang account mo. verify from law firm if your account is already filed in court and archived or still for collection? kc medyo matagal n po ung 1 year na wala kang nakakausap man lng sa bank or agency. grab the given discounted amount to settle para di n lumaki pa. pwede yan install ment may konteng dagdag lang yan sa 36k

  147. What about bouncing cheques issued abroad. I was in the Middle East and thru CC I’ve issued a security cheques. Will this be used against me here in the Philippines?

    Collectors are from Bilkish daw.

  148. @ed nabus…

    Middle East countries consider loan and card abandonment as criminal cases.
    Pero wala silang jurisdiction dito sa Pinas para mag serve sau ng summon.Kung nag file na sila ng kaso laban sau at di ka nila makita sa address na binigay mo sa kanila noong naroon ka pa sa abroad for sure meron ka ng kaso sa kanila.Hindi maiseserve dito sa Pinas ang warrant mo doon pero maaari silang mag endorse sa mga collection agency rito para singilin ka.May jurisdiction din sila sa mga air port kaya maaari silang magpadala ng warrant mo sa mga Port kung saan may rota ang ang airlines nila.

    Does this mean they have a jurisdiction sa MNL-INTL Airport?

  149. Hi all if you are having problems with debt, we are more than willing to help you in making an arrangement with your bank or to any person you owed money..We are a collecting and investigation company backed up by lawyers and we have assisted a lot of card holders who have been in debt for years and was not able or not willing to settle because of huge amount of interest..if you would like to know more about this pls feel free to contact us at this numbers 4782557, 5536291 or email us at [email protected]

  150. Good day, I have a credit of 30k in HSBC. I paid only half 15K dated last Oct.20. Then after a week, a prime alliance called me and told me that i have to pay the remaining by november 15 or else the payment i made which is 15K will be forfeited. is it possible?

    I called the HSBC hotline and the voice record stated that my current balance is 20k and I can pay the minimum amount of Php 800 on or before nov 24.

  151. Hi po i need some advise po my overdue po akong utang s prime credit s h.k last may pa po ngoverdue pero nbyaran ko po kalahati plang d ko n nkyang mgbyad nung nwalan ako ng work ngaun my work nku at im planning to pay it everymonth by installment pero my demand letter ang isang atty daw from pasig n ngsasabing i need to pay my balance within 5 days full amount pra daw hnde isampa s civil case o criminal case..pwede po b nila ako ksugan s pilipinas o s ibang bansa? At pwede po b ako mgdemand s knila n bbyran ko by installment posible po kya un..pero kung naifile n po nila s court ano po ang pwede kung gwin pwede prin po bang mclear ang record ko once n mbyaran ko ang full amount po..pls help me

  152. @ bubbles if your debt is assigned to a 3rd party agency whic is an investment house then that is where you need to post your payment..obviously the bank where you owe the money before has sold your credit to them bec its non performing, if you will go to the bank, they will not have any record of it because all documents were passed on to the investing call the 3rd party agency ask them for the assignment of debt to show that your obligation has been passed on to them

  153. hi ,,may utang po ako dito sa hongkong,,diko na po nabayaran dahil lagi po akong termenate at sa agency napypunta sahod ko,,ngayon po pupunta napo ako ng turkey,may tendency po ba na mahold ako sa airport dahil sa utang ko,,pls help me,,

  154. ask ko lang po ang isang scenario, nakapag co-maker po ako sa isang kasamahan,nag salary loan sya, deducted naman po sa sweldo nya kaya ok lng, unfortunately NAMATAY po sya ng biglaan, as a co maker ako po ang pinagbabayad ng bangko na kung saan napakatagl na panahon na po yung loan, mga 2002-2004 pa po tapos naka tanggap ako ng notice at final na po daw yun eh once pa lang ako nakatangap, tinawagan ko ang bank at ang sabi liable po daw ako at dapat i settle tulad ng iba i court po daw ako, napakasakit sa akin na mag bayad ng utang di naman ako ang nakinabang,sinabi ko rin na namatay na ang principal borrower, ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin , puntahan ko ba ang family ng kasamahan at spasa ko sa kanila? di ko alam gagawin/ punta po ba ako sa abogado ng aming munisipyo at humungi dito ng tulong? parang kasing ako ang biktima, me policy b n pag namatay ang umutang kailangan ang co maker ang magbayad? salamat po sana ma advice nyo ako

  155. @teng: no, just ignore them, baka paid n rin yan ng credit insurance, ang pinaka mainam mong gawin provide them a death cert of the principal borrower basta di k nman co-borrower at di mo un asawa. co-maker ka lang naman. by the way anong bank ba yan email mo sa email add ko thanks

  156. hi kuya ed,,pls pakisagot naman ng tanong ko,,ng aalala na po tlga ako,,mahohold po ba ako sa airport ng hongkong dahil sa utang ko sa banko na isang taon ko ng di nababayaran dahil nga lagi akong natetermenate sa 2 kong amo at sa agency napupunta ang sahod ko,,lapit na po flight ko papuntang turkey,,pls po help me po,

  157. hi akonanga: did your bank file a case against you, kung hindi pa at wala pang pumupunta sa address mo jan sa hongkong to served any police notice pwede k pang bumyahe. pero kung may case filed na at di ka umattend ng hearing maaaring may hdo k na sa airport.

  158. Good day, I have a credit of 30k in HSBC. I paid only half 15K dated last Oct.20. Then after a week, a prime alliance called me and told me that i have to pay the remaining by november 15 or else the payment i made which is 15K will be forfeited. is it possible?

    I called the HSBC hotline and the voice record stated that my current balance is 20k and I can pay the minimum amount of Php 800 on or before nov 24.

    need advise po….

    Prime alliance is forcing me to pay the 16k para ma clear ako s bank, but i can only afford the minimum payment every month…..

  159. hi kimz: Request for HSBC to pullout your account from such agency due to unfair collection practice , if HSBC agreed to your 800 payment why they can’t. Pay the amount HSBC said and inform HSBC of your payment to know your remaining balance. Di po totoong mapo forfeit ang payment mo.

  160. Hi ed!

    I just called the bank but they said that nai-endorse n raw nila ang account ko sa Prime alliance. Reason why I was still able to check my account thru phone last week was that hindi updated ang system nila. I asked the HSBC collections department if mapo-forfeit ba yung last payment ko if hindi ko mabayaran ng buo ang remaining na 16k, they said na depende daw sa Prime alliance.

    Doesn’t this mean na bahala na ako sa buhay ko sa pang ha harass ng Prime alliance?

    isipin nyo….gusto ng Prime alliance na mag bayad ako ng 16k within 30 days from the time na binayaran ko ang 15k or else ma po-forfeit daw yun 15k….

  161. kim, insist to them your rights as their client.ikaw pa rin ang masusunod kung gusto mong ibalik s bank ang collection ng account mo.

  162. Sir Ed,
    Salamat ng marami sa patuloy na pagsagot sa mga tanong ng mga tao dito. I really appreciate all the effort. Marami akong natututunan sa iyo dito. God bless and thank you once again. :D

  163. Sir Fits, To God be the glory. Akin po ang pasasalamat ng marami sainyo. Karangalan ko din po ang maiambag ang payak kong kakayahang tumulong katulad po ng hangarin ninyo. Hangad ko po na mas marami pang tao ang magpapasalamat sa Diyos ng dahil sa inyo. More power po sa inyo at samahan tayo ni God.

  164. sir Ed,

    Possible ba yun na maibabalik sa HSBC ang account ko?considering na binigay na ng HSBC ang account ko sa prime alliance?

  165. kimz, ang iyong account ay hindi ibinibigay ng HSBC sa Prime Alliance , it was only endorsed for collection purposes. Marahil may katagalan na ang nakaraan bago ka nakapag bayad ng 15k na sinasabi mo kaya nagawang ipakolekta ng HSBC sa Prime ang account mo. 2 months or 3 months kc na hindi ka makapagbayad ng kahit na ng minimum amount due sa iyon card dadalhin na ng Bank ang isang account sa Collection Agency para matulungan sila sa collection. A certain percentage is being paid by the Bank to an agency if collection effort success. Please let me know how many days past due na ba ang account mo nang magsimulang komontak sayo ang Prime? Maaari ka rin humingi sa HSBC ng restructurring ng account mo para makatipid ka.kasi habang tumatagal ang balance mo malaki ang charges na papasok monthly kung hindi mo ipapa restructure.

  166. thank you for the acknowledgment Ed!

    mga 3 months bago ako nkapagbayad sa kanila ng 15k.bale 2 day before ako nagbayd kumontak sa akin ang prime alliance.nagkamali pa nga sila coz nag send sila ng text message but addressed to someone else. I think yung message na yun is meant for another creditor tapos copy paste nla yung message but forgot to change the fullname of that person. Hindi ba pagdivulge ng information yun nung other creditor? anyway back to topic, tapos after 20 days ng pagbayad ko ng 15k kinontact nila ako and dun na nanghaharass na sila na dapat daw bayaran ko ang remaining 16k on or before 30 days after ko nag bayad ng 15k or else mapoforfeit daw talaga according to bank, but when I talked to HSBC collections…sabi nila na nsa prime alliance daw ang decision. I don’t know if they are just playing safe para mapilit akong magbayad ng remaining balance ng full…

  167. kuya ed , ano po ba ang pagkaka iba ng co-maker at co borrower? at base po sa letter na natanggap ko ay “as her co-maker for EPDI salary loan” salamat po sa inyong sagot. send ko po sa email nyo yung bank.

  168. Gud pm po sir, tulad din po ako ng iba na may utang sa creditcard at may personal loan sa citybank baharain at dati rin po ako nag work sa bahrain.higit n apo 2 yrs diko nabayaran ang loan at c card ko wla din po nagpupunta sa bahay.3 months later 2009 nakatangap ako ng email sA CITYBANK BAHRAIN regarding my unsettles c card. after that wala na po. na terminate po ako sa company ko kaya bigla ako napauwi.ngayong 2011 nakabalik po ako dito sa bahrain in other company.wla naman po akung naging problema sa airport. ang gusto ko pa malaman kung paano ako mag kikipagusap sa bank regarding my c.card and personal loan.gusto ko mabayaran ito.talaga lang po masama ang nangyari sa akin kaya ako napauwi last 2009 august.wla akung nakuha sa company ko after serving them for 10 yrs.kung pwedi po sana sa email ko kayo mag reply.bale 3 months na po ako dito at hindi pa ako nakikipagusap sa bank kasi may salary deduction pa ako dito until Feb 2012.gusto sana after this saka ako makipagusap sa bangko.pls give me advise regarding this matter.

  169. sir, i just want to ask if you have unsettled c.card and personal loan and you are willing to pay them back after more than 2yrs,do the bank give amnesty payment?

  170. may nautangan po ako na tao lang tama po ba na asawa ko ireklamo nya sa trabaho eh kami 2 magkausap?

  171. I do have a cc form HSBC and sabi nila ay magkakaroon daw ng legal visit to the company na connected ako… Nagresign ako sa dati kong work nung June of this year and Sinabihan ko naman ang HSBC na nawalan ako ng work.. Tapos ngayon sabi nila wala daw akong intent magbayad eh bago lang ako sa company na pinapasukan ko.. wala pa nga akong 1 month.. ano ang dapat kong gawin? Magbabayad naman talaga ako kapag nakuha ko na yung salary ko… help naman po pls..

  172. hi susan of course sa bank pa rin ng credit card mo with the same card number. fill out payment slip tulad pa rin noong ginagawa mo ng mga nakaraan ang pagbabayad nya. pero dapat mong sabihan or inform ang law firm na may hawak sa credit card mo for collection.
    jumer ang dapat mong gawin , is to directly tell the bank or the bank collector n tumatawag sau na ganyan nga ang sitwasyon mo. they will understand u for sure.

  173. hi ding ding yes , meron po amnesty palagi lalo na kung one time payment ang gagawin mo or payoff the whole amount. aalisin jan ang mga late payment charges and penalties.

  174. hi liza, mali kung ang irereklamo nya ay ang asawa mo. wala nmang utang ang asawa mo sa kanya di po ba?

  175. good day once again mr. ednabus…..pag po ba ang credit card ay issue ng isang bank sa ibang bansa at hindi ito nabayaran, sakop po ba ito ng Republic Act No. 8484?

  176. Hello po!

    I have question po. i was working in singapore and i owe some loans to the banks and money lending institutions. I just went back here in the phils for an emergency leave pero nung pabalik na ko i found out na ipina-cancel ng employer ko ang pass ko without my knowledge. Ask ko lang po ano po bang pwedeng gawin now that i dont have the means to pay them back kasi nga tinanggal ako sa work. Will they put a case against me? Awaiting for your reply.

    Ms. Aries

  177. Hi all,

    Thank you for the info on this site, i myself also has a unpaid CC debt, particularly Citibank, wala din ako capability to pay 4 yrs ago i stopped working and my husband is only a teacher then and we have to 2 kids to provide for, we opted to call the bank and applied for re-structuring program agreement based on the amount we can afford particularly P 1,500.mos, i am paying it through Chinabank or BDO, now last year na namin to pay -at last 1 year na lang, medyo natagalan nga kami pero ok na- from 50K original- naging 75k ang total ng lahat ng nabayaran namin, ok na din kasi magaan naman, but now may tumatawag na naman na collection agent ng Bankard naman ung sa husband ko ito more than 10 yrs na no communication with us basta bigla nalnng nabuhay, is its because kaya nakita nila na nagbabayad kami sa other CC namin ? my database ba ang mgs collection agencies na ganun,kala ko naman matatapos na problem namin sa credit card, ayaw bayaran ng husband ko ung collection firm kasi bat now lang daw sila nkipag communicate?


  178. hi dyeni,
    wala pong data base ng ganun ang mga collection agency kahit na ang bank. all banking transactions are highly confidential. maaaring 10 years na wala silang means to contact you or you might have changed your address. you’ve traced after thorough investigations of a law firm and now lang nila natunton ang whereabouts mo. from the very start of your delinquency they are contacting you or your husband. as long as hindi nako-close ang balance nyo may kokontak at kokontak sa inyo.

  179. matanong ko lang po. nagloan kasi yun nanay ko sa Sterling Bank. at pinag issue siya ng mga PostDated Checks. kaso ngayon medyo gipit lang yun nanay ko.

    tapos ngayon hinaharass siya nun Atty. Pekas daw at pinagsasabihan ng hindi magagandang salita. at kakasuhan daw ng BP22.

    natatakot na nanay ko e.

    ano po ba magandang gawin? ayaw na niya kausap yun sa collection agency kasi bastos magsalita. na kesyo pag hindi nagbayad eh makakarma at mamatay daw ang buong pamilya namin. pag hindi nagbayad yun nanay ko at magkita sila eh iuumpog yun nanay ko sa pader.

    may paraan ba para matigil na yun mga ganitong harassment?

    hingi sana po kami ng tulong.

    salamat po

  180. hi stoopid assh,
    ano ba ang pdc ng nanay mo same bank?sterling din ba? magkano monthly amortization ?

  181. HI there ed!

    Though I have read the sentiments of our kababayans here who have CC issues, I’m still planning to apply for one. Any Advice for a first time CC applicant?

  182. hi, is it true that if your cc debt was 5 to years unpaid it will be written off ? i already requested for a payment arrangement scheme from the bank but they require lots of things like co maker which should have a net salary of Php 100k plus.They rejected my request. Now I don’t have the means to pay the debt and the collection agency is after me and my principal cardholder (im supplementary card member)What shall I do? I already did my part but the recovery team of the bank is no just cooperative. Please advise.Tnx

  183. I’m indebt of my cc. I already proposed for a payment arrangement scheme with the bank but they disapproved it. I have no intent of running away of my obligation but as of today I don’t have the means to pay the total amount due of Php 315k. My account I think is already endorsed to a collection agency. They started texting and calling my number and the number of the principal card holder (i’m supplementary and the one used the card).They are so rude and they are threating us of ESTAFA and our pictures will be published in the leading newspaper, cc the NBI, Police and Brgy officials. I know that all of those are just not true. I really wanted to repay but not the 300k plus because the bank keeps on putting interest on our account. I was a good cc holder for the past 4 years only this last 3 months i had a financial problem. I also had a friend who had the same dilemna with me she had Php 60k+ cc debt and the cc agency asked her to pay only 20k. Perhaps I would wait for the next christmas season because cc agency gives lots of discount . /tnx

  184. just recently may nrecieve akong letter from sterling bank stating na kakasuhan nila ako ng criminal case due to bounce of pdc’s & yun nga hindi pa ako nakakapagpayment sa kanila monthly siguro may 1 year na due to financial issues,so ngaun lng sila nagparamdam. ang alam ko (lang ha) there’s no criminal case filed sa mga ganitong debts be it sa loan or sa cc’s diba dapat civil case bp22 siya? and the letter was from a collection agency so meaning after ilang months nito mananakot na sila sa amin na kesyo ganito or ganyan…etc just to pay your monthly dues at syempre may kita sila doon nangongomission din yang mga 3rd pty collection agencies kaya todo kulit at pg-threat ang ginagaw nila sa atin.

  185. hi, just new here, need help lng din about bounce check (BP22)
    ngloan akong chinatrust 2009 and payable for 2 yrs, last 2 months nlang dko nbyaran due 2 financial crisis. wla nman ako nreciv n call or letter s knila since june 2011.. then nung monday nkareciv akong letter, FINAL Warning n daw from VE Palis Law Office. they’re the legal arm of ERJ Collection daw.
    as per instruction from chinatrust, mgfile n daw cla ng complaint against me, criminal case for violation of BP22 or anti bouncing law.8000 lng po remaining balance ko but now they’re asking me to settle 19000 in 2days…

    attach s letter ung draft copy ng complaint sa MTC, makati branch.
    makukulong n po b ako nun? nu po dpat gawin? sobrang takot at paranoid k n po, but i dont know where 2 getthe money 2 pay since im a single mom..

    please advise.. TIA

  186. magandang araw po, hingi lang po ako sana ng advise, may CC po ako Metrobank 6months ko na po sya d nabayaran last week po may tumawag sakin na agency para maningil ang problema po ang laki na ng sinisingil nila ayaw pa pumayag sa halagang kaya ko ibayad tapos tumawag po ako sa bank para sa kanila ako direct na makipag usap kaya lang po ayaw ako assist ng bank kc nasa agency na daw gusto ko po talaga ma settle na to kaya lang ayoko po talaga sa agency kc wala po sila konsiderasyon anu po ba dapat ko gawin

  187. Hi @jean sad to hear that we have other competitors who are inconsiderate, we have handled a lot of accounts like yours, apparently this are agencies who are only aiming to get higher incentives from the bank they are affiliated. it’s true that banks would often ignore your request because your speaking to one of their employees who sometimes would not do an extra mile to hear your concern and just refer you to the agency. We offer assistance on credit settlement, like getting an amnesty and offer arrangement of your payment based on your capability to pay. We suggest that you call one of our paralegal officer at 9840475 or email us at [email protected] we know you’re in debt so we ask reasonable and humane charges for our service fee. our aim is to help solve credit here in the phils. pls do like our page too follow us on twitter @heptagon_ccbis

    The President

  188. hi lersy, that’s a bit harassing i should say, but you don’t need to be much alarmed apparently that is just a draft meaning its a sample complaint affidavit in case they’ve decided to file a bp22 case, but here’s the problem, bp 22 is a crim case which is punishable by 30 days imprisonment but not longer than 1 year or a penalty not higher than 200k. just so you will know bounced check is a prima facie evidence against deceit or fraudulent act. I suggest you make a settlement within 5 days upon receipt of the letter from the agency. bec if hey have a sec. cert from chinatrust they can already make necessary actions against you. Still an arrangement would do good to prevent you from getting into court. if in case you’ll be declined from the arrangement we can help you. We suggest that you call one of our paralegal officer at 9840475 or email us at [email protected] we know you’re in debt so we ask reasonable and humane charges for our service fee. our aim is to help solve credit here in the phils. pls do like our page too follow us on twitter @heptagon_ccbis

    The President

  189. @gracie sorry to tell you but you have a wrong notion about bp 22. its not a civil case its a criminal case punishable by imprisonment or fine, some would say walang kulong yan they would even quote Admin circular 1200 from SC which many people misinterpreted as abolishing the penalties of bp 22. 1st of all if there will be a case filed against you, chances are settlement, meaning you can pay them but you cannot demand kung ano lang ang kaya mong bayaran unless the judge is considerate about it. keep in mind that this is not estafa, sum of money which is a civil case. if the Judge feels that you’re guilty or you are frequent offender decision can be made for imprisonment, but since there is Admin circular 1200 from SC and judge feel that you are a first offender or that you are in good faith in the check you wrote penalties can only be the fine which in not more than 200k. so i suggest settle your obligation para hindi ka magulat one time na makarecv ka ng demand letter and later on a subpoena

  190. hi @worriedgirl i can’t understand, are you the principla holder of the cc or the supplemenary holder? kasi if you’re no the principla then it is not your obligation to pay the cc

  191. hi, heptagon_ccbis, I am the supplementary card holder and I was the one who only used the card. My principal card holder did not use any single transaction of the card.

  192. hi Fitz,
    thanks for posting a helpful topic on your help us alot.anyway i have one question that you could surely help me.i have a friend that is being blacklisted by the bank and of course it really hard for her to file a loan in any bank because of there any legal action that you can give to remove her name from being blacklisted?

    thanks and more power…

  193. hi, i received a text message that says my credit standing is officially block listed in CCAP and BAP and All banks refer for backgound checking in terms of loans and work application to justify their concern.. i’m not worried about loans coz I don’t plan to.. it’s just that, will this really affect my work application to a certain company? I’m planning to apply for a job this year and I’m afraid I couldn’t get one because of being block listed. I’m a credit card holder of EWB and i havent paid it yet for 7 months now. I need an advice that’s why I ended up here in your site. more thanks

  194. @worriedgirl who is the bank issuer of the cc? regarding your responsibility to pay the card, we should 1st know the terms & conditions covering the liability to pay. We can also help you make a request from the bank to give you an amnesty just call one of our paralegal officer at 9840474.. pls do like our page too follow us on twitter @heptagon_ccbis and fell free to email us at [email protected]

  195. hi EWB, that is very unusual to receive a txt message from a cedit mapping agency, i should say it must have been the agency collecting you who messaged you on that. problem is we cannot get and verify if your blocklisted, unless you tried to apply for a loanand was declined bec of being blocklisted.. but if you wanna settle and your name is already in CMAP, CCAP or CBAP then the best thing to do is settle you dues and we can request for a quitclaim which will serve to renounce all claims and liabilities that have settled. If your name is blocklisted, even if you settle your name will not be removed from the list after a prescription period of 5 or 10 yrs, sometimes it depends on the credit mapping agency and the updates of the bank. so the best thing is ti get the quitclaim once your settled so you can always bring that with you and for you to prove that you do not have a bad credit.. we can assit you on this call oneof our paralegal officer at 9840475

  196. Hi,salary loan from a bank naman where i work sa school before they issued 1 check 20k every payday deducted na agad yun for 1 year payment. Ang problema forced resign ako sa school, ayoko mag resign dahil may utang nga ako sa bangko pero pinilit akong paalisin ng HR at pagawin ng resignation letter. In short po,tinanggap nila ang resignation ko at wala akong nakuhang separation pay kundi last salary ko for that month at 1 deduction pa lang ang nabawas nila sa utang ko.After 2 years naka recieve ako ng first demand letter. Ngayon po ay over 15 years na ang marami na din akong demand letters na natatanggap na ibat ibang letterhead, address ng agenciy collectors signed by ibat ibang atty’s. Pinuntahan ko ang accounting office ng school kung saan ako nag trabaho para malaman kung may utang ako sa bangko, kasi naisip ko na hindi nila ako dapat clear to resign kung may utang ako under ng school dahil sila ang nag introduce ng bank loan na yun at dun pa sa HR ko niresib ang cheque na 20k. Confirm naman na wala daw ako utang. Ano ba ang dapat kong gawin..after ng work ko sa school ay wala na akong regular job until now :( please someone advise me please..maramimng salamat po

  197. hi, ask ko lang po, kasi pina tira ko ng free ang gf ng brother ko sa bahay ko sa pinas, ninakawan na ako ng mga gamit, ginamit pa ang credit card ko ng wlang permission nagulat nalang ako na may bill ako feb 2010 ang date eh 2008 palang wla na ako sa pinas at passport ko ang evidence ko na di pa ako umuuwi sa pinas until now 2012 na.PANO KO PO I DEDEMANDA ANG GF NG BRO KO ? thanks in advance

  198. by the way , principal card holder po ako at yung brother ko ang supplementary..NO WAY THAT MY BROTHER CAN USE MY CREDIT CARD BECAUSE THE NAME ON MY CREDICARD BLATANTLY reads a GIRL´s name aside from the fact that I HAVE EVIDENCES from her text ,email messages and facebook messages that she is sorry and promise to pay BUT NEVER DIN and eventually said ¨UNGGOY MAN NA UNGGOY DIN KITA MAMATAY KA SA GALIT !¨

  199. Hi pinay in europe: pwede nu po sya kasuhan ng criminal case for violation of r.a.8484.(unauthorized used of access devise)bakit nu po kasi iniiwanan ang card nu?dapat dala nu po yan kahit saan kayo punta.

  200. hi mocha: sa simula ng message mo aware ka na may bayarin ka pa sa bank kaya ayaw mo mag resign?pero sa bandang huli nagtatanong ka kung may babayaran ka pa ba o utang sa bank?dapat nilinaw mo sa school kung ano ba talaga status ng pag paalis nila sau.isa pang mali bakit ka nag sign ng resignation gayong against ito sa will mo,tuloy di ka nakakuha ng separation pay kasi nag resign ka.
    anong bank po ba yan Asia United Bank ba?
    Maybe it’s a salary loan thru corporate bank loan ng school nu ang binigay na loan sau ng H.R nu. Liable ka pa rin sa pagbabayad noon dahil ung receiving copy ng mag issue sau ng loan ang H.R nu forwarded un sa bank.Kumbaga naging agent lang ang H.R nu

  201. hi just want to ask lng poh. someone texted me 09063586623- he sais he was mr. flores from remedial department. he texted meregarding my EW balan ce that they would do a property field visit in our house for debt abandonment. Is this something legal??? PLS. HELP ME NAMAN POH… aM SO SCARED… and nakkhiya sa family ko.

  202. hello, I left 2 personal loans from a lending company back home in the philippines, 1 loan my bal. was 20t and the other is 100t plus along with this are PDC’s, i have been renewing my loans with this lending companies many times but this is the only time i am not able to pay them up. I just migrated here in the US and i practically left my practice, my whole life in the phil. I can no longer fund my bank account bec i have yet still to find work here and my checking account closed bec of lack of funds. My brother back home is getting mad at me bec everyday, there are so many people calling looking for me and they always getting a demand letter for me. and one time there’s this someone who went to our house threatening my brother that they will attach our properties (house and Car which is not under my name) can they really do that? can taht problem back home affect me here in the US?

  203. Hi! I have an active credit card with Eastwest Bank, it has an outstanding balance of 58,000, i asked if pwede na nilang i close yung account, ang total amount that I should pay is 79, 709.45, that includes pre termination fee should I wish to close my account. I was asking them to freeze my account for sometime para di na dumagdag yung interest since di ko na rin naman gagamitin yung credit card pero they said they can’t do that and they advised me that I could apply for account restructuring program. As far as I understand, it will help me pay my debt with ease. During my first application, I was told it was declined for reasons that they can’t explain. Since gusto ko na talagang maitigil yung pag accummulate ng interest, despite the many requirements they asked from me, I re applied for another request. Somebody from their collections department called me and discussed to me the terms of payment, for 36 mos my monthly payment due would be 3,409, yung 79,709.45 na utang would be 122,752.55, with an interest of 43,043.10. Plus, my name will be included in the list and that it will take time before I could clear my name kahit na mabayaran ko yung total credit due. I was surprised because I thought this restructuring program will “help” me but as I look at it, this will be a more burden on my part.

    I need advice po, what to do regarding this matter. Thank you.

  204. hi kay,
    ur unsettled balance accumulate penalties due to late payment.everyday it will add to ur outstanding balance.kaya medyo malaki ang babayaran mo sa restructuring kasi maliban sa mga nakaraang number of days past due mo magdaragdag pa ito hanggang sa matapos mo.iyan kasi ang nakalagay sa r.a.8484 pagdating sa credit card charges.ang interest hindi yan kelan man nawawala o nawi-waive maliban sa penalty.penalty can reduce depende sa mapaguusapan nyo ng bank.kaya kung gusto mong maliit lang ang bayaran mo pls settle the entire balance asap.
    yes,ang magpa restructure ng credit card kahit na paying ka monthly still consider delinquent by the banks,ung iba nga day one pa lang after 60 days past due block listed ka na agad. wala tayong magagawa doon kasi discretion yan ng banks.


  205. Hello! I just received my certificate of full payment from the the bank thru the collection agency. so what to do next? do I have to call Metrobank to inform them that I already received the certificate? Can I apply a new credit card again? Mabubura ba yung bad debt record ko from the bank? Hope you guys can shed light to my questions. Thank you.

  206. Hi
    It is not the certification of full payment from Collection Agency is the required by the Credit Bureau to clear you blacklisting. It’s the Certification from Bank where you owe a loan.
    Always attached such certification when you process for any loans.

  207. naku may taga collection agency na dito.

    pare pareho lang naman mga yan e. nambabastos, nangungutya at akala mo kung sino magsalita

  208. nagpunta me abroad,ds jan ng renew me nbi hit list daw ung name q dis feb i have a letter from d court with a case bp 22 i have 95k obligation year 2008.i have an arraignment this march regarding the case. gusto ko mki usap kc ns abroad me that time im willing n ibigay or down ng 50K para mkakuha ng nbi clearance lang possible p po ba ang pakikipag usap kc wala p aq pang full payment. would it be possible makarequest from court a certification n ipapakita sa nbi para mk renew n me kc nid q sa pag aply ulit abroad

  209. Hi Kit
    Habang hindi pa natatapos ang case filed against you and no settlement arrangement, NBI can not removed you from hit listing. However if you can make an arrangement to whom you owe a loan or whom is your complainant maaari mo silang pakiusapan na magbabayad ka ng paunang 50k iurong na lang ang demanda sayo.Kung iuurong ang demanda at magkasundo na kayo bago pa ang arraignment mas mapapadali ang pag alis ng name mo sa hit list ng NBI. Pero habang ongoing ang kaso nyo kahit magbayad ka ng 50k at nililitis pa ang kaso at hindi pa ito natatapos di maaalis ang hit list.Sino ba ang complainant mo? Bank ba or Individual person lang?

  210. may credit card po me sa ibang bansa, diko na po nabayaran……palagay nyo po ba nasa hit list din ng NBI ang name ko?

  211. Good day, I have a loan problem.
    Ngloan ako sa chinatrust 2008 and payable for 3 yrs, ginamit ko po pang negosyo pero sad to say nalugi ako kaya hndi ko nabayaran ang monthly dues ko for 1 and a half year, after that may tumatawag na sa akin na pulis last dec 2011 and then recently I received a final warning from VE Palis Law Office, the legal arm of ERJ Collection-
    as per instruction from chinatrust, mgfile n daw cla ng criminal case for violation of BP22 or anti bouncing law.
    attached s letter ung draft ng complaint sa MTC, makati branch. Nag initial payment po ako sa takot tinanggap nila pero gusto nila na bayaran ko na ng bultuhan ang utang ko. Sa ngayun po ay may hanapbuhay na ulit ako at gusto ko i.settle and debt ko but I dont want to settle it sa agency, pwede po ba ako pumunta sa chinatrust para sa kanila ulit makipagnegotiate about my debt kasi feeling ko lalamunin ako ng buhay ng collection agency. Pls advice. Thanks and God Bless!!

  212. Hi. pls. give me advise on what to do. Sa mga nababasa seems the better option nating mga delinquent cardholders is to make it reach to a collection agency rather than dealing with the bank kasi, kahit mag pay tayo thru installment, malaki pa rin yung interest that will accumulate after years of paying. Mas mabuti pa sa collection agency, we can ask for an amnesty. At least, the amt computed can be paid at a huge discount. Card companies only give a discount of 6k+ for an outstanding of 50K.(in my case). They even require na bayaran kaagad. I want to settle it sana in full but for a lower outstanding amt. but I need to know the exact figures first before finding means to settle it. They gave me a computation for the disounted balance kaya lang they are asking for a deadline of 3 days only. I want to settle in full but the time they alloted is not possible, I don’t want to pay in installent but it seems I don’t have a choice due to time constraints para lang hindi ma endorse sa collection agency. Got advises anyone? Thanks.

  213. Hi,
    Iyon po ang pinaka the best ninyong dapat gawin ang harapin ang Chinatrust.Kasi doon po ang atraso nyo.Pero di naman po kayo gagalawin ng mga collection agency physically, lahat naman tayo may protection ng batas. you may call Chinatrust at 9889287 loc 8807. Magpatulong ka na lang kung paano mo maisasaayos ang account mo.


  215. isa pa po, may utang ako sa eastwest bank, nung isang araw din lang ay may 2 lalaking naghahanap sakin d2 sa ofc namin, xmpre kakuntsaba ko na ang guard,cnabing wala ako, ano po kaya ang gagawin ko sa susunod na pagpunta nila rito? confused po ako eh. dapat ko ba clang harapin? ano ang maigi kong sasabihin sa kanila? wala rin naman po akong pera na ipambabayad sa lumobo na utang ko doon, kung tutuusin 10k lang ata ang nagamit ko dun, 20k po ang credit limit nun.
    salamat po.

  216. Hi Ms Concern,
    Mas maganda kung wag mo silang pagtataguan,Sabihin mo na wala ka pang pambayad at kung pwede humingi ka ng payment term na makakayanan mo.Habang tumatagal kasi yan lumalaki talaga interest and penalty nyan at naaayon din po yan sa batas ng pagnenegosyo ng mga Banks.Kasi kung magpapautang sila ng walang kaukulang interest o penalty sa mga late payments baka walang magtatayo ng Banks.Sa mapagmurang collectors makabubuting ipaabot mo sa pamunuan ng HSBC ang ginagawang pagmumura ng agency.Mas makagaganda kung makuha mo ang telephone number at ang address ng agency para mapuntahan ng autoridad.Yes lahat ng labag sa batas maaari mong isuplong sa mga alagad ng batas.Meron din tayong CHR kung alam mong natatapakan na ang karapatang pantao mo.

  217. Hi Fitz, I am also a CC holder in a big bank since 2007 paying it every time I received my billing. My problem, I stopped paying it last year November 2011 because I noticed my dues keep on high inspite of my monthly minimum payment for more than a couple of years, my credit limit is 90K, but my swipe with my card did not reach for 40K. I did my averaging computation for all the payments I have had made with that bank since 2009, it already reaches to more or less 170K(malaking pera na natapon ko sa kanila for a minimal amount na nagamit ko sa card). I asked the bank to give me full details of their computation because my dues now reached to 97K(shocking amount), I asked them how much from that figure is my personal cost(yung na swipe ko talaga) kasi ung balance ko puro interest na lang, sabi ko pa sa officer sabihin mo sa akin ngaun bago ako magbayad ulet,walang binigay ang officer; the officer told me it is not allowed (ang nasabi lang nya), but I knew it is my right, but prior to this, I already asked them to pay it in staggered mode to avoid problem and hassle sa akin, they asked me what are my reasons I told them that it’s because of too much interest, hindi ko naman ginamit ang amount na yan na outstanding balance pero monthly nagbabyad pa ako na hindi na bumababa ang amount. I kept on paying but di bumababa ang amount instead tumataas pa due to interest, at sinabi ko na di ko na ginagamit ang card ng matagal na,, lahat ng dues ko sa inyo puro interest na lang. Then after a couple of days they called me to inform that they DISAPPROVED my request(staggered payment) because of my reason “hight interest”, yet I still have my regular job daw…So what will I do?!, my heart is breaking to pay that amount na di ko naman ginamit(it so unjust). With their decision, I have no plans right now to pay that huge amount even half sa amount, sa laki na ng pera nabayad ko sa kanila. At first kasi ako na ung willing na magyabad sa interest na yan but hindi nila ako inapproved because of my reason at naging honest lang ako s kanila eh totoo naman super interest sila. Wouldn’t be enough for them na sobra-sobra na ang nabayad ko kanila. Thinking na ang amount na ipapabayad nila sa akin ang puro interest lang, I still have priority in life, I think enough and too much na ang nabayad ko sa bank nila. To my dismay & exasperation with them, I am planning to ask the assistance of consumer association group of BSP. Please adivse, Thanks so much for your time reading my complain. Have a good day.

  218. hello everyone..i also have the same problem with almost of you here, but my question is can you help me pentagon to settle my account in half the amount? i dont have the means to generate money, but i promise to pay if they will grant me an amnesty of 50percent discount..i understand that it is my debt that i have to pay and i dont have any plan to run from it all i want is to grant my request..also, two months ago i got a deman letter from the agency regarding my internet connection from globe..i had a problem with them and i really didnt mind them sending me bills where in fact i was disconnected 3months after my they sent me a letter to pay roughly about 10thousand though the agency give me 2month to pay the said amount..i did pay the same month, but i still have a balance of 2500..does it mean i am cleared with my account to them? i didnt not receive any notice since thinking that it was their discounted amount for i need not to bother the remaining balance? tnk u so much if u could answer me asap!

  219. Nun nasa middle east po ako, merun po akong cc po ako sa citibank middle east, hindi ko na po ito nabayaran dahil umuwi na po ako at hindi na bumalik. ang tanong ko po, may rekord po kya ako sa nbi nahil po dito? baka po kc nasa hitlist na po name ko, worried lang po ako kc balak ko po sanang kumuha ng nbi clearance.

  220. hello good afternoon, meron po akong question, nag pa connect po ako sa internet connection nang smart ung 999 a month so naka lock daw po sya nang 2 years.
    so nagamit ko lang po ung smart connection na un for only 2 weeks kasi hindi po talaga sya nag wowork, lage syang walang internet connection, tapos na dodoble pa po ung gastos ko dahil kailangan kung mag load kasi kailangan ko ung internet connection, tapos wala pa.. so hindi ko na sya ginamit lagi akong tumatawag sa smart sabe meron daw inasikaso something technical blah blah, at pag nag update pa sila late na, so un hindi ko sya ginamit nag stop ako, never been happy sa connection ko because it really annoying and its not working well tapos nag kakagastos pa ako. tapos every now and then nag papadala nang bills ung smart so tapos ngaun sabe nila bayaran ko daw ung ganung halaga sa kanila tapos, pag hindi daw ipasa daw po un nila sa atty meron ba nakakasuhan sa ganyan? its not my problem anyway kasi hindi ako naging masaya sa connection, makakakuha po kaya ako nang nbi clearance??? please need some help here. thank you

  221. Hi,

    my friend has this dilemma, he owes his Bankard credit card around 120k+, then the bank forwarded it already to the collection agency, at first my friend ignored the letters and calls from the agency until he finally got a summon already from the court and needs to reply within 10days, he replied and got a settlement amount of 88k inclusive of all the penalties and legal fees of the laywer. According to the lawyer, the bank agreed for a discount that’s why the settlement amount was reduced to 88k only but this info was mentioned verbally only. The said amount needs to be paid in equal payments within 4 months and payment will be made directly to the bank. My friend wanted to make sure that this settlement amount is duly acknowledged by the bank and he needs to know what steps he needs to do to guarantee this. Hope you can help my friend on this. Thanks.

  222. Hi guys. I just need some information and HELP. 2006 my bestfriend urged me loan from BDO because she needed it and she was unemployed so hindi sya pwedeng mag-loan. Nagloan ako ng 35k on her behalf and she promised to pay it herself. We went separate ways and in short, hindi na nabayaran ang loan. Now, I just got hired by another company and have to open a payrol account at BDO. Would that loan record affect my payrol account? If so, should I tell my HR about it? I really need you advise.

  223. hi po. tanong ko lng po kung ano ang gagawin ko. may utang po kc ako sa fuller life o tupperwear na hindi nabayaran gawa po na may mga customer dn ako na d ngbayad. ang problema po willing naman po ako mgbayad ngayon kaya lng po nagulat po ako kc doble na po yung babayaran ko dahil dw po sa interest tapos nakakatanggap po ako ng tx sa manager na ipapabarangay dw po nya ako pg d ko binayaran lahat pati ang interest na pinatong nya.

  224. hI midsayap,
    Di po natin maaaring manduhan ang alin mang financial institution or banks or telecoms company and the likes to grant us an amnesty we want.Like your request of 50%.Maybe 50% of amnesty incurred but not of your total outstanding balance.At ang interest never yan na nawe-waive it’s only the penalty.

  225. @jaime cge get ur nbi clearance dahil di ka naman nagkaroon ng kaso dito sa Pinas.Kung ung cc mo sa ibang bansa ang inaalala mo wala un sa NBI.

  226. @casey, kung mai file ang kaso sau dahil ikaw ang talagang may unsettled loan sa bank maaaring kunin yan(payroll mo) ng bank sau.

  227. @fullerdealer :ang pagiging dealer mo ng fuller ay binigyan ka ng access device code or account number.Just like of availing credit card or bank loan.Kaya sakop din ng ACCESS DEVICES LAW ang violation mo kung di mo ito babayaran.Kung di ka man binayaran ng mga pinautang mo labas na ang fuller doon.Naka saad din sa contract na pinirmahan mo ang mga interest and penalties na ipapataw sau oras na madelay ka ng remit.
    therefore pde ka nilang kasuhan kahit na maliit o malaki ang pagkakautang mo sa kanila.

  228. Ed Nabus is talking B.S. he seems to be coming from a collections agency. The access device law he is talking about is also B.S it does not apply to CC debts or whatever

  229. the use of R.A.8484 is one of those dirty tricks used by debt collectors as Ed Nabus. DO NOT BE DECEIVED. If you have used a CC not under your name that is the only time that you can be filed a case against this RA. guys, ED NABUS as gone too far here. He’s made this site his own website. Everything he said are all BS.

  230. There is actually an administrative regulation on this – I can’t remember whether it was from DTI or BSP, but there is a regulation regarding this.

  231. @seeking justice:
    You can not find what you are seeking kung magpapatali ka lang sa natatangi mong kaalaman. Upang madagdagan pa ang kamalayan mo na yan, makabubuting basahin mo ang kabuuan ng R.A.8484 at dapat maunawa mo ng tama.In fairness to you tama na nakapaloob nga yan sa batas na nabanggit ang “unauthorized use of cc”.Para sa karagdagan ng iyong muwang hindi lang po yan ang nilalamam ng batas na yan sa kabuuan.

  232. @seeking for justice: “the use of R.A.8484 is one of those dirty tricks used by debt collectors as Ed Nabus.” Napakabigat naman ng paratang mo.Hindi ko sasabihin sa site na ito ang mga naisulat ko na kung dirty tricks lang yan.Nakakasama ba para sayo ang mga naisulat ko? Kung si Mr Fitz nga nagpapasalamat sa mga nakalagay dito ikaw pa na ni hindi mo mahanap ang sarili mo.Better yet seek yourself first before you seek justice.

  233. Good morning Ed,

    I find your answers informative and helpful and i would like to thank you for yours posts. I am also a delinquent cc holder, it started right after Ondoy. I have my own business and my husband just resigned from work and put his money into his own business. Unfortunately just after two months of operation, both our business got flooded. In short, my husband lost everything and my shop was able to resume its normal operation only by January of 2010. But then, we were no longer able to pay our 4 credit cards (two for my husband and 2 for me). It was still hard because what we can generate from my business is only for our immediate neccessities (utility bills, foods and schooling of my two kids). And there were times business were not good and i need to get a loan from 5-6.
    We are also and until now victims of harassment from collecting agencies. And i also BDO already filed a case against me in May 2010, unfortunately the time that they sent to me the first subpoena, i did not receive it but my father got it. He was not able to give it to me, because my mother was sicked then and in less than a week my mother died. SO the subpoena was totally forgotten. Only after so many months that i learned from it, when i got another subpoena stating that my case was for decision already. I contacted the “legal” that sent me that mail, telling my case. They said its already for decision and i can no longer do anything. Then the result came and telling me i have to pay so much, plus interest for every month i delay the payment and for all legal pays, etc.. I can’t do anything because we don’t have spare money.
    I tried applying for a job and twice, even if i already passed the last interview, i was not called for work. I guess because of my bad standing. How can we start all over again, if we can’t even add another source of income. As much as I want to put up another business, we can’t get loan.
    My sister whom i have supported when I was still financially stable even agreed to have our ancestral house be a collateral (the house is already in our name, my sister and I), so i can a loan for business and partially pay some of my credit card loan. Is it possible for me to get a loan from the bank since i will be using a collateral.

  234. hi sir ed,
    thanks dahil na find ko ang site na to. i’m really bothered dahil sa mga di nabayaran na cc. last week i got a call from admerex at ung lalaki na agent ay talagang bastos and yesterday lang nakareceive ako ng sulat from that agency sa bahay na halos atakihin sa puso ang mga magulang ko na matatanda na dhil sa pambabastos nila. i really wanted to settle my account kaso sa ginawa nila ngyon may dad is already sent to hospital because of highblood and was asked to take maintenance dhil sa inabot na kaba sa collector na un. can i file legal case against them dhil sa nangyari sa parents ko?

  235. Good Afternoon Ed,

    Several years ago, I’ve had two credit cards, Citibank and AIG, which I was not able to pay since I was in a financial crisis at that time. Both accounts had been closed by their respective banks in 2004, which were eventually sold to collection agencies, since I’ve been receiving a lot of phone calls and collection letters from various agents. I resigned from my job and moved to a different address, thus I stopped receiving those calls and letters. Since 2004, I have not heard anything about the cards, although I’ve felt the impact it has left on my credit capacity- I was not able to get any approved loan applications. Right now, the total balance for both cards is around P113k.

    I would like to know if I could still negotiate with the collection agencies so that I could clear my name from these obligations to hopefully improve my credit standing. It’s been almost 8 years and I don’t have any idea which collection agency should I talk to regarding the accounts. Hope you could help me on this. Thanks!

  236. Hi Fitz or Ed,

    I would like to ask for your opinion on my situation. Meron po akong credit account with PSbank w/c they called PSbank Flexi. I was able to pay my bills ontime from the start, until naging delnquent na rin due to financial problems. I was able to get this card way back year 2007. And my balance already balooned to Php 400k as per latest inquiry sa branch nila. Hindi pa daw ksama ung fees and interest from the collecting agency. Also my husband and I received a private message from the collecting agency in our Facebook accounts respectively,stating this:
    This is to inform you Regarding CIVIL/CRIMINAL CASE COMPLAINT ( ESTAFA) filed at MAKATI CITY MTC. We are still awaiting for the Court Order to be served by COURT SHERIFF. This will be coordinated to NBI, PNP, DFA, BUREAU OF
    IMMIGRATION and to your respective Brgy.Officials, your profile and picture will be published at leading newspapers. (NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC SECTION).

    Isn’t this a clear evidence of harassment? The message was intended to me pero naka-receive din ang husband ko. Also, according sa neighbor namin meron daw pumunta na pulis sa house and meron daw isi-serve na warrant of arrest.Pero nung pina-check ko sa police station wala namang nakitang record dun.

    I also emailed PSbank Collections and asking them to reconstruct my debt and kung pwede alisin na rin yung fees and interest but they answered na na-endorse na daw ang account ko sa collecting agency.

    After 2 days,nag email sakin ang collecting agency with this content:
    This refers to your emailed last March 26, 2012 to Psbank Collection which has been denied from the bank. The reason are account is subject for court litigation, delinquent account, you failed to comply the terms and conditions with you loan. Lastly, you are obliged to pay the interest and penalty because under bank policy, in case of delinquency client obliged to pay all the liquidated damages, which includes penalty charges and interest.

    However, bank and my office are reminding you for the last time to pay your obligation on or before April 4, 2012 to avoid further embarrassment on your part. We will help and accommodate you should you show any interest for negotiation and will hold in abeyance the issuance of a legal proceedings in complaint.

    Please help and give me advice on what course of action should I take.


  237. @Maria Paz,
    Una nagpapasalamat din ako sau for appreciating our info as well as with Sir Fritz.Di ko rin kasi matiis ang mga taong kailangan ng information na pwedeng makatulong sa kanilang dalahin.
    Medyo may kalaliman na po ang inyong suliranin sa credit card.Nasampahan na po kau ng kaso at napabayaan ang summon. Normally hindi na po ito hinaharap ng mga tauhan ng Bank or kahit na ng Collection agency,dahil naibigay na sa korte ang pangangasiwa sa pagkolekta sau.Ang tango nu pong magagawa dito ay ang humanap na ng lawyer upang maiparating sa korte ang kasagutan sa asunto sau.Alam kong financially unstable ka sa ngayon sanhi ng pagkalugi ng business at di pagkakuha ng employment. Pero maaari po kayong humiling sa PAO ng isang abogado upang di kau gumugol ng malaking halaga.About sa pwede mong gawin sa bahay mo you can send me a message to my email para masabi ko sau what to do.
    @MissERY:wala po kayong gaanong detalye kung ano ang ginawa ng collectors at natakot ng husto ang parents mo.Ang totoo nyan maaari mong sampahan ng kaso kung may paggamit ng lakas o pwersa para pasukin ang bahay nyo.Or ano mang foul words na binitawan sa inyong mga kamaganak.Ano po ang spisipikong pambabastos ang ginawa nila? Kahit po pauna nyo munang ilapit sa Brgy nyo ang pangyayari at kung may probable cause para magsampa kau ng case bibigyan kayo ng chairman ng certificate to file action.Maaari rin kayong mag complain sa Bank kung saan kayo may CC.
    @Ric Dimacali, When loans and credit cards endorse to an agency for collection its not sold to them.It only hire the service of the agency to collect your balance pero may binibigay lng na p[anahon ang mga Bank sa Agency para ito makolekta.Habang nasa agency pa ang inyong accounts iyon ang time natin for amicable settlement.Kapag sa takdang panahon ay hindi ito napagbayad ng isang Collection Agency kukunin ito ulit ng Bank upang ibigay naman sa Law Firm upang simulan ang imbestigasyon kung dapat na ba itong sampahan ng kaso.Sa sitwasyon mo dahil lumipat ka ng tirahan upang maiwasan ang mga nagongolekta sayo medyo may violation na po tayo jan sa R.A8484. Ipagpapalagay ng Bank na tinakasan mo sila after availment of their service.(sections provided above)They might have filed case against you pero di mo na ito alam kasi di na rin ito maipapaabot sau dahil lumipat ka na nga ng tirahan.Have you tried getting an NBI clearance? Kasi kung nasampahan ka na ng kaso maaaring naka archived lang ito dahil unknown kung saan ise serve ang summon sau.Maaari ka ring pumunta sa records section ng korteng nakakasakop sa address mo noong nag avail ka ng credit card.At ang pinaka mabisa mong gawin ay itanong mo sa Bank Customer service kung ano ang status ng card mo.Maaaring wala na ito sa Collection Agency.For some details which I can not tackle here pls send me a message to my email address provided above.
    @Ms.T If you can identify the sender at iyon ay tiyak mo kung saan nanggaling meron na pong foul jan. I mean if it is really came fron PS Bank or the agency handling your account.But una nyo pong alamin kung talagang may case filed na sa Makati MTC.Kung wala namang case filed against you harassment na nga po yan na maituturing.May karapatan din po kayong humiling ng restructuring sa account nyo at humiling ng amnesty.Kung di cla pumayag ikaw na ang mag complain sa kanila.Please email me sa email add ko at ibibigay ko sainyo ang tamang ahensya ng gobyerno kung saan kayo pwedeng lumapit at mag file ng complaints against them.
    Thanks and God bless
    Thanks a lot Sir Fritz

  238. Sorry Sir Fitz , I again misspelled your name lagi kong nalalagyan ng r kasi my kapangalan kau sa friend ko fritz villafuerte name nya. sorry po ulit

  239. Hi Sir Ed,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes po,I can identify the sender tlaga pong galing sa collecting agency (will no longer mention here)kasi meron pong logo ng law office nila. I just need to verify kung talaga ngang meron ng case filed against me.Di ko lang po alam ang process nun. Thanks a lot po for your help Sir Ed!Can I have your email address po?


  240. Hi Ed, okay lang, common mistake talaga yun at hindi naman big deal sa akin. Thank you din ng marami sa patience mo dito at sa pagsagot ng mga tanong nila.

    As much as I want to answer their questions, I believe you have more authority on them. Keep up the good work and remind me to buy you coffee if ever we meet. :D

  241. Hi Sir Fitz, thanks again, and to your very nice and broad blogs.I meet a lot of friends na nalilinawan sa mga problems nila.
    Yes po hope to see u soon.I’m currently here at Baguio and soon to be back baka po after holy week na.
    More power and More blessings po sainyo. :)
    @Ms.T punta lang po kau sa Makati City Hall dahil nariyan din po ang kanilang Court Bldg.Please proceed to Records section ask you kung may case filed against you hihingiin lang nila name mo.If there is sasabihin nila kung anong Branch ng Court ang may hawak.Pero nakakatiyak ako na wala pang case sainyo dahil contactable naman kau at nakikipag usap sa Bank.Tulad ng pag request nyo ng loan Restructuring,para makatiyak kayo puntahan nyo na lang po.
    Thanks and God bless.
    Ed Nabus

  242. Thanks for the info Sir Ed! I will send you an e-mail po on what government agency I can file my complaint if ever.

    Again thank you and God bless!


  243. Hello Sir Ed or Sir Fitz..
    Need po ng advice , meron po ako cc debts sa isang bank,as far i know ang tagal na po wala sulat na dumadating sakin.. Tapos kahapon lang po raw ay may dumating na barangay policesa adress na dati ko tinitirhan.. Kaya po di ako nauuwi na dun dahil naghiwalay na kami ng ka live in ko..pero po minsan pumapasyal pa rin ako kahit wala na dun naka live in ko nasa abroad na.. Sa tingin niyo po ba may kaso pwede isampa sakin ang collector agent? Bumalik na po ako sa magulang bahay ulit… Need advice di po ako makatulog.. :(

  244. @Bullet: Di mo sinabi kung gaano na ito ka-tagal at di mo rin sinabi ano ang pakay ng Brgy Police. Did they seek for you? On what reason? Not because that you have an unsettled loan you will already jump into conclusion that you already committed a crime. Do you still receive demand letters?Mas makakabuti po kung tawagan mo ang customer service hotline ng Bank kung saan ka may CC para malaman mo ang staus.

  245. hello po. i’ve three CC accounts. last payment ko was april 2011 dahil nawalan na ko ng work after non. after a month of unpaid balance nangulit na sila sa pagtawag d2 sa bahay. Kaya ang sinabi nmin is wala na ako at nasa abroad na. Pero kanina lang po ay may tumawag d2 sa bhay from a collecting agency na pupunta daw sila sa Monday for baranggay check. Ano po bang ggawin ko? wala nman po akong pambayad at ayoko nman po silang harapin dahil natatakot po ako? Need ur answer po. Thanks po!

  246. good day sir ed at sir fritz

    may bdo cc ako as of 2010.ngkaroon po ng financial crisis kaya mg-1yr na akong hindi nakakapagbayad hanggang ngayon.lahat ng demand letters,call/text threats,brgy at sheriff calls daw at bp 22 ay halos nareciv ko na at hindi ko po ito pinapansin dahil wala pa po akong maibabayad pa sa ngayon.natigil ang pangungulit nila mga 6mos ago hanggang yesterday may narecive akong documents (hindi letter) ng mga nagastos ko sa cc ko at ang nakalagay nai-forward na raw nila sa court ang case ko at may scheduled hearing nako na dapat umattend ako w/in 10days kung hindi kasong estafa ang haharapin ko raw.makukulong po ba ako kapag hindi ko ito pinansin? ano po ang gagawin ko? please advise po thanks

  247. Hi april girl mas makakabuti kung harapin mo sila at ipakiusap ang kalagayan mo financially at mauunawaan ka nila.Mas mabuti ang nagtatapat sa katutuhanan kesa iiwasan mo ang katotohanan, protektado naman tayo ng batas lahat pero ang mga credit card companies ay ganun din.If we can not pay it in full pwede namang installment.To avoid any lawsuit which is more inconvenient to all of us dapat makipagusap ka sa kanila.Sabihin mo na talagang wala ka pa pera pambayad.
    @Gracie kapag may court filing na ang case and u ignore the summon of course mag iissue yan ng warrant.Habang summon pa lang ang dumating sau pls do not ignore.Visit the court branch kung saan nakasampa ang case and explain why were u not able to settle ur cards.Bibigyan ka naman ng options na fair sau at fair din sa Banks.

  248. sir ed at sir fritz,
    im so happy nakita ko ang site na ito hoping na maliwanagan po ang isip ko ano ang tama at dapat gawin,kinasuhan kami ng bp22 sa lending company 18 checks worth 80t plus interest ito ay aabot ng 135t last 2008 pa ito,this time nakapagbayad na po ako 112t kaso tumawag ang lending na 100t plus pa raw utang,expected ko na po this year may matanggap na naman letter from mtc pasig,tama ba ginawa ko na instead na mag appear kami sa court tumawag na lng ako na magbayad 20t plus dahil sa cebu kami at nagtrabaho ako mahirap maka leave ,co maker lng po ako yong borrower nasa hongkong wala na balita,gusto ko pong manghingi ng amnesty na tama na po yong nabayad ko dahil nagloan pa naman ako para makabigay sa kanila.pwede ba kayong makausap sa phone?saan ang office nyo sa maynila?sana po matulungan nyo po ako sobrang hirap na po dawalang lending pa naman yon.hoping to hear your responce.God bless…

  249. Hi Fitz share ko lang to:
    I once had a personal flexi loan from a bank back 7 years ago. As I remembered it I still have more less 10K outstanding without interest and other charges. Just last week I received a letter from our ‘Barangay’ (the barangay captain personally gave it to me and the letter is already open because it was addressed to the barangay) from a law firm saying that my unpaid due is 195K. This is horrible. How is this possible? I can’t get a loan more than 30K back then because my net pay ranges only from 5K to 6K per month? The letter also said that I will get more letters like this and to avoid embarrassment I need to settle all the 195K. I am planning to run for Barangay captain next election and my name is dragging to this kind of harrashment. any advice is much appreciated.

  250. Hello! Nag-loan po ako sa isang lending company…is it possible po ba na sa 2Ot na principal amount eh mag file sila ng case? Meron po kmi usapan sa brgy na babayaran sila ng 1t monthly at sa principal ibawas pero hindi sila nag collect tpos may pumunta sabi nya na bale walain daw usapan dun at mag file daw sila… ang concern ko lang po pwede po ba na lhat ng payments namin is sa principal ibawas? Ano po ba ang pwede namin gawin? Ksi kung re-structure na naman patong na naman sila ng malaki…I heard po na sa small claims eh 1 per lng ang pinapatong ng judge

  251. Hi Mr. Ed, Hi Ms. T : i have the same problem with PSBANK i think we cannot deny that they hire this agency to humiliate us.

    Last year i receive a call during working hours about my PSBAnk account.

    Thursday May 26th 2011 a certain Catherine from Philippine Daily Tribune under the office Mrs. Nina Cancho – Alvarez siting that i will be published in the newspaper for being a delinquent debtor and siting also my employer company.

    I reported this to PSBANK thru their credit and collection via email but no answer and a year of silence from them.

    Just this afternoon another agency called again but this time in a nice way. How can i get back on PSBANK & its collector who curse me over the phone. Do we have a fighting chance?

    I frankly told this new agency that i want PSBANK to pay also to the humility that i receive from their debt collectors.

    I could have paid them 3 years ago. but because of this people that they hire i lost interest and pay more attention to my other debts.

    Please help what should i do. which agency can i ask for help.

  252. hi she, nagtataka lang ako bakit ikaw ang nagbabayad gayong co-maker ka lang naman at di nman ikaw ang nag issue ng mga pdc.pls email me at *** so that I can give u my numbers to call.
    Mr T.almost the same problem nga kayo ni ms t. I have already told here of what to do thru private email, pls do email me at the provided email add.
    Ms Janett:mas mababa talaga ang itatalagang interest sa SCC pero may interest pa rin po yan depende sa mapagkakasunduan nu or sa dati nyong kasunduan.Kung accepted mo na ang malaking interest na pinatong malamang un n ang susundin nyo pero pde kang makiusap na bawasan ang penalties para lumiit bayarin mo.
    Maelao:walang karapatan ang agency o ang bank mismo na ibigay ang lahat ng detalye ng loans mo sa kahit na sinong tao o kahit na sa Brgy chairman nyo.Malaking paglabag ito sa confidentiality ng account mo.Maaaring matanggalan ng license ang Agency na nagpadala nito sa Brgy nyo. Iyon ay kung magko-complaint kayo.PM me so that I can tell you where to file complain.
    Hi Sir Fitz, I has just came back from travel around Luzon. from Baguio City, Tuguegarao , Santiago City, Ilagan, Solano Nueva Vizcaya and Tarlac. :) God bless all and this site.

    Note: email address removed as requested by comment author

  253. sir ed/sir fitz,

    ask ko lang, ilang buwan ba na delinquency bago mapunta sa collections ang credit card? in my case, citibank. tapos pag napunta ba sa collections di mo na pwede gamitin pa kahit bayad mo na, icuclose na ba nila yung account ko? i went overseas for training last feb, so di ako nakapagbayad ng february at march. mid april may natanggap ako sulat from citibank asking me to pay atleast the minimum amount due before a certain date, ayun, i paid naman, nagbayad ako ng statement ko for april,and a little bit over the amount due. pero kasi may tumatawag sakin na number ng citibank, (alam ko citibank siya kasi i tried calling the number back, yun ang narinig ko, citibank nga.) so right now di ko alam kung okay pa ba standing ng account ko or what. ayoko naman gamitin to check it. and ayoko rin tumawag sa citibank to check.

  254. Jillian:They will send you notification kung cancelled na card mo. Kung ang pinadala sau is to update your account maaaring hindi pa cancelled ang card mo.Lalo na at nagbayad ka nman sa amount na ni required nila. Most Credit Card company or Banks endorsed the accounts to Collection Agency after 90 days past due.By that period cancelled na ang card mo at di mo na ito maaaring gamitin and its already considered delinquent.

  255. hi po! gusto ko pong humingi ng advice.. may unsettled bill po ako sa globe postpaid ko.. di ko na po kayang bayaran.. malaki ang nakuha kong plan monthly kaya libre po ang unit.. 4units po 2 units ng iphone4 and 2pcs nokia n8.. ung isang phone 2months ko nabayaran the rest di na nabayaran.. nagclose na rin po kc ang business ko.. and its small business lang.. ngayon po may legal notice letters na ako.. diko na po kayang magbayad ang kaya ko lang pong bayaran is 1000 monthly.. nagiistart na po akong bayaran ung isang unit.. pero ung ibang unit di ko pa nauumpisahan.. naba bother po ako kc ang laki ng bill each unit.. worth 60k? pero pinutol na rin nla ang line 1month pa lang di nna ako nagbayad.. sana po may makapagadvice sa akin dahil nakakabother po talga.. tnx!

  256. gusto ko pong humingi ng advice.. plan subscriber ako ng globe di ko na nabayaran.. 4k monthly ang monthly.. dibale may 4units na libre po 2pcs iphone4 and 2 units nokia n8.. di ko na po natuloy bayaran kc nagclose na ang business ko at small business lang naman yon.. dibale umabot na ang bill ko more or less 50k each unit.. ngaun po may mga legal notice letter ako.. ang ginawa ko sa isang unit. sinettle ko lng ng 1000 to 1500 lang monthly na hulog ko.. ung iba po di ko pa naumpisahan bayaran.. gusto ko nman po isettle ung ibang unit pero di ko lang po magagagawa na sabay sabay magbayad.. nababother lang po ako sa due date na masasampahan na daw ako ng case.. pa advice naman po… salamat

  257. helo po,

    ask q lng po qng my nakukulong n s utang s credit card 30 k po ang utang q pero nging 37k dhil s charges ng prime alliance, nakikipag reconcile aq s knila ng payment kya lng nagbigay cla ng 2 option, option 1: bayadan q ung whole amount n 30k (agad-agad) then option 2: 3 months 2 pay ung 37k which is 12k monthly, so ang bigat po nun pra sa part q, kz nga hndi q n nga mabaydan eh tpos gnun p ibbgay sking options, willing nmn aq magbayad kya lng prang cla n din ung bagbbgay ng way pra hndi q n tlga mabayadan. pa- advice nmn po aq qng anu magandang gawin. slamat po ng marami

  258. I have a problem po. I went to Hongkong last 1998 and made a loan there for hkd10,000 unfortunately on the same year I went back home in the Philippines w/o paying my loan. And now May 2012, after 14 years a collection agency went to our house ( but I was not around) left a letter stating that I need to pay my loan already amounting to HKD 38,000. I called them and they said if I can pay one time payment of P200,000. What I can afford is only paying like 2k every month. Please help me do I need to pay the interest or what shall I do?

  259. May I know what happen to to bill being pushed by Sen. Santiago?

    Just recently, I received a call, a man named Lagman is looking for one of my staff. I thought that shine (not her real name) is at her post, so I called her not knowing that she went to the comfort room, we were doing inventory at that time so i didnt noticed she went out. So i told to the man on the other line that shine whent out he just shouted at me and saying thing that a decent person should not be saying over the phone. even though he accused me of many things, i remained professional in answering. But I was shaking, at that moment.

    after a month, someone called again, i was able to recognize the voice, i told him that we will not entertain his call for the simple reason that it is personal, he could either call shine on her celpone of after office hours, again he shouted, (para syang bakla kung magsalita) he called several times harassing me and saying unimaginable things, he even told me that he will go to the office, and i told him ill be waiting for him.

    When I asked my staff if he knows the man, she said that he is from RCBC bankard asking for payment of her credit card.

    first I dont use credit card nor i have debt to anyone, if that Lagman from RCBC whats to harras someone i hope he will not harrass someone who would be a future client.

    The collecting agents are giving these banks bad reputation.

    Hay naku, he ruind my day!

  260. hi Sir Ed & Fitz,

    I received a call yesterday regarding my unpaid credit card bills. her name is Aimee Era from Prime alliance. at first nananakot sya she wanted me to pay 40k i know that they have commission if i paid them na. what i did i ask for a discount. she said his manager wants to talk 2 me so she pass the phone to a guy forgot the name and he told me na sya ung manager .. i said i’ll check my finances 1st and then this morning i received a call from aimie she told me na kakausapin ako nung supervisor nya nshock ako ung kausap kong guy yesterday na manager nya dw e sya din kausap ko. so i told them i thought ur da manager how come supervisor ka nlng.. so aun nanakot cla na pu2ntahan dw nla ko d2 sa work ko and they told me na mgfile cla ng case against me. worried ako kc i’m currently working sa bank. i’m willing to pay nmn da problem is NAPAKABASTOS nla kausap.. incase ba na they visited me dto sa branch pde bko mgfile ng case against them.. kc ipa2alam dw nla sa mga tao d2 bowt sa accout ko.. pls help.. tnx

  261. Hi Mam Girlush,
    Kung merong violation sa way ng pangungolekta nila alam nyo naman po ata ang ahensyang dapat nyong lapitan lalo na taga bank pala kayo.Pero meron din diriktiba about bank employees with delinquent accounts..Ok lang po if they come to your bank.Talk to them professionally for they give you an amnesty and/or term payment.If they will insist you to pay in full right away pero wala ka namang instant na cash explain to them that u r still raising such amount.Wala namang kaso un unless lumipat ka ng tirahan or job place without notifying the bank where u owe a card.
    Kapag naman magpakita sya ng kabastusan sa pagpunta nya tulad ng asal nila sa phone let the guard sent them out of your office.Then file a complaint at the right gov’t agency that protect us all pagdating sa unfair collection practice.Sir Fitz has discuss it already above.Wala namang pdeng i file sau kung talagang wala k pa pambayad now.Let them wait na magkaroon k pambayad alam ko naman kamo ang utang ko.Ang tiyakin mo lang all of your declared addresses when u apply for the card are still thesame and all of your submitted documents are legal or true , para wala silang masilip n butas sayo.
    Salamat po and God bless you all.

  262. gud pm po naka receivedpo ako ng txt ( mr. xxxxxx ur defeaning silence & non response indicates ur unjustified ntent not to settle ur HSBC acct. we regret to inform u dat we will conduct an ocular inspection/visitation either ur offc. or residence for an assessment of ur real properties 4 the purpose of determining d practicality and viability of filing the necessary complaint against u b4 d trial court of taguig city relative to ur unpaid credit obligation to ur client 4 us to recover wat u have owe to our client in da event dat anxtra judicial settlement is not made until today we shall resort to filing of da appropriate case in court. be advise. dis is ms. emmie of molaer law offc. 02 7090450 …. banker kinausap ko po sila binigyan ako ng amnesty kaso gusto po nila 1 time payment lang po ,,ano po ba ang mga pwede ko pang gawin .. maraming salamat po

  263. hi!

    my office mate texted me earlier and informed me that somebody called looking for me and she is from 24K Law firm and just say she’s ANN of 24k law firm and that she’s looking for me and I should give her a return call but my office mate told her that I am no longer connected with the company i am working for. still she insisted that I should call her law firm. tanong ko lang meron bang 24k Law firm? i mean have u heard about it po? kase pag kakaalam ko ang law firm should’ve had family names of the associate hindi lang “24K” 1 more thing ,should I give them a return call?! please HELP!!! thank you

  264. Yes po moira merong 24k Law Firm na misplace ko lang address nila. Better na inotify mo ang Bank na you are no longer connected with the company where you work before para malinis ang record mo sa kanila at walang magiging prima facie evidence for them to file legal action.

  265. Sir, regarding po what I shared last June 19th, 2012 at 11:33 am, this James Lagman called again,(July 10, 2012) since i am the one who is answering the phone, and the person he is looking for is not around, pinag mumura ako. sir, nakakapangigil dahil wala naman po akong utang at ako ang mamumura. san po ba pwedeng ireklamo ang ganitong collecting agent. salamat po

  266. Hi There,

    I am paying my credit card debts, after which can I still get another credit card from another bank? Or how do I get cleared on BAP list?

    Thank you!

  267. Sir Ed / Sir Fritz,

    Goodpm po.

    Thank you for this informative article and exchange of suggestions. Hopefully you can shed light on my case.

    I have been defaulting payment to a lending company Small Hills. I took out a loan to finance my masteral degree. Unfortunately, I lost my job, suffered and is still battling thyroid cancer. Currently, I am unemployed.
    The lending compant demanded that I restructure my loan. Harrassed me in my home in front of my son, demanding payment for the defaulted loan.

    I sent them a letter requesting that I pay the principal amount and not the amount they billed( with interest )on November 2012, since I am expecting money on that month for payment.
    I also asked them, to stop sending their representative in my home, since it disturbs the sanctuary of my home, other than mt medical condition.

    But just today, their representative visited my home, asks that I pay the outstanding loan, otherwise i will be forwarded to their legal and be mailed a demand letter.

    Bakit naman ganun ganun nalang po? I asked humblythat they reconsidernmy request for payment of the principal amount, papadalhan daw ako ng demand letter.

    May I please ask your opinion on this matter. Can I possibly email your yahoo account po?

    Thank you po.

  268. Hi Mam Isabelle,
    Medyo complicated po ang problem nyo.Malaman may PDC isssue kayo kc lending ang pinagkautangan nyo tama po ba?pls email me n lang po so that I can instruct na pde nating gawin.
    God bless

  269. Hi Purpletag,
    Unless wala pa kayong certification of full payment di po kau ma aapprove sa lahat ng Bank loans kahit na anong klase ng loan.Ma aapprobahan lang po kayo if sa application nyo ay may attachment ng Cert of full payment.Hindi man po directly sabihin sainyo ng other Banks ang reason bakit kau decline ang pinakadahilan po nyan is may unsettled loan pa po kayo sa iabang bank.Iba-iba ang tagal kung kelan ang clearance nyo sa BAP or CCAP depende po kung anong bank kayo may unpaid loan,Ang pinaka mabilis na yata na Bank magtanggal ng block listing is BDO two years lang after ur final settlement wala k n s blocklisting.
    God bless po

  270. Sir Ed,

    Goodpm. Emailed already details of the case to your yahoo account. I hope you will have the time to read-on and shed light on my case.

    Its humiliating to be visited at home by a berrating collector. and I don’t want my son to remember any of these” collector scene”.

    Further, I don’t want to leave any utang if and when I don’t get well.

    Thank you very much po.

  271. people, this is most complicated situation for credit card problems:

    i started accumulating a mountain of debt in my credit cards because i lost my job and has been out of action for half a year. in short, the debt ballooned, and soon, my accounts where given to a credit collections agency.

    this is the complicated part: i thought i can avoid harassment by switching/changing address. Im from a province and said i transferred residence in another province.

    the question is, will the charges against me (because of my debt) be more complicated, and they sue me for, lets say, “distorting the bank/collector of my real address/information”?? will i be sued for misleading them? and finally, be in jail, not because of my debt, but because of misleading them?

  272. sir, hanggang kelan po ba pwede maningil ng credit card na me pdc. my pamangkin went abroad in 2008 july. she is now base in Germany, only a housewife. she left unpaid credit cards then with pdc.can she still be run after and or be sued? just asking….thanks

  273. hi..i am browsing the net and found this..actually may tumawag sa kin na collection agent and he did not introduce his self properly..pinipilit nya ko magbayad ng 40K para daw ilessen nya ung cc balance ko to 100k..kasi daw sabi ng bank nasa 167K na daw total including the legal charges etc..sabi ko i can’t pay kasi nga i do not have the money to pay..kung wala daw ko ibabayad magooccular visiy daw sila sa house..wala na ko dun mami ko na lang nakatira dun at magisa lang siya ang worry ko is baka harrassin nila at baka kung anong mangyari..ano maganda gawin pag tumawag ulit? alam ba ng banko ang ginagawa nila? i mean are they aware dun sa occular visits? actually i had a conversation sa bank months ago and they want me to pay ung overdue amount which is around 19k na daw sabi ko i can only pay around 5k at the end of july para maavail ko ung payment arrangement ng bank (HSBC) pero they did not let me pay it instead they forwaded my account to the legal department and now to collection ano maganda ko gawin? i will have the money at the end of the month and i want to pay them and settle it for arrangement so i will have a monthly dues..should i contact the bank instead of the collection agent? can i tell to the CA na i already reported them to the bank and stop bothering me? i now have a sleepless nights and waking up every morning with nervous and fear..please help me..

  274. another thing..the collection agent found my new work without giving my details to the bank..sabi ko alam ko ang obligasyon ko kaya nga tumatawag ako sa banko eh….sabi pa nya pwede nila ko puntahan sa work at pwede daw ako mawalan na trabaho..pinakinabangan ko naman daw ung CC at bakit hindi daw ako sabi pa nya it is my obligaton to tell the bank changes on my personal details and he also said at the end of his text, “now tell me nasan ang harrassment jan?”’s been 4 months na kasi nung last ako nagbayad..and walang tigil ung CA sa pag call at pag isang araw more than 10 missed call palagi..what should i do? should i ignore them? thanks..please help. :)

  275. Sir Ed,


    Sir, The lending company sent me a demand letter from a law firm Hermosssisima&Hermosssisima asking me to pay for my defaulted loan in 5 days.From the original amount 23,000.00 to 50,000.00(including attorney’s Fees).

    Sir, ano po ba pwede ko gawin? I had been sending them letters explaining to them my predicament. and that I can pay the said loan only on November 30,2012.

    What will happen after 5 days if I cannot pay? and I dont have that kind of money now.

    Thank you po.

  276. Good day po,

    I am facing a very humiliating and embarassing situation regarding sa utang ko awhile back pa. Due to some financial problems im having now,i wasn’t able to coordinate with the bank (Chinatrust) to settle the personal loan that i had. i also have some unpaid credit card bills. I was a good payer but since i had some financial struggles that led me not able to pay some debts. however,i have no intentions of not settling them it’s just that i have no means of doing so,for now. Just today my sister from the province called me and informed me that someone called the barangay and informed the barangay chairman that i have a pending case that’s already been raised to the fiscal’s office and had been forwarded to taguig trial court. This is the most humiliating thing ever happened to me and my family. Is there not a law that protect consumers like me from coercion and extortions? Is it a legit practice for banks/collection agencies to perform such inhumane act? My sister told me that i was filed a bp 22 case by the Taguig Trial Court and i have no idea what it is. Please help me. I don’t want my self and my family to suffer from such humiliation. Please tell me all the necessary steps i’d need to take to resolve it thru my email. Your response is highly appreciated.

  277. Hi Pat,
    If you have issued a PDC and not funded maaaring makasuhan ka ng BP 22. Kung wala naman wag mong ipag alala dahil di ka pwedeng kasuhan no’n. If there is a case filed against you makakatanggap ka ng summon hindi itatawag sayo ng Brgy.or kahit na sino.Maaari nyo pong pakiusapan ang Bank/Collecting Agents regarding ur Loans/Credit Cards.Makikiusap ka sa kanila na wala ka pang pambayad sa ngayon. Give them date kung kelan talaga ang plan mo mabayad.You can also request for the penalty waiver para magaanan ka sa naantala mong bayarin.

  278. Hi there

    i have found this post very interesting and would like some feedback on my situation.

    now i know this is mostly talk about credit cards and such but in some sense my issue is still with unwanted visits.

    due to sickness and some other problems i had been cut off from Globe and been unable to settle the bills but after i think 14 months at a guess Globe had passed my account to a debit collection agency in Cebu.

    the situation so far is they sent out their first letter with a demand to contact them or settle the account within 5 days but we decided to speak to Globe about the issue since its them we owe money to but yesterday they had come to visit me but i was asleep and i had found out they had been snooping around to assess if i am able to pay or not but the letter that was left also stated the snooping as well but in reality they have come a day early and not even given the full 5 days

    anyway i have been to globe with a letter i printed out with promise to pay in installments that Globe have agreed and signed my copy of the letter plus given me a signed letter stating that they have accepted and such.

    my concern is the collection agency if what they say on their letter meaning they will visit again what is my legal right of course i will be polite and tell them to back off and return any letter at the same time as showing the signed letters i have

    thing is i have sent them an email and from what i been reading the chances of them even responding to the email is very slim (bad news for them i kept a copy)and also from what i been reading is they are in it to make money so will comunication such as my email to them in fact matter.

    i guess what i really need to know is the following

    1 what do i do if i shown them proof of contact with the named company but they still keep on bothering me

    2 what legal steps can i take to get them off my back

    3 what are they legally allowed to do

    4 are they legally allowed to snoop around to see what assets i may have and do they need to provide some form of court order before entering

    5 if ever it come to the point they come in to collect items to the value of the debit what are they allowed to take and what they are NOT allowed to take for example are they allowed to take personal computers i am aware that in other countries computers are normally off the menu since they can hold personal data but as the saying go different strokes for different folks

    as much information as possible would be most greatful so should i get any crap from them i can go armed with information.

    but other than that your post is somewhat helpful but i am sure if they come here with abuse or threatening attitudes i am sure they will think twice.

  279. Hi,
    Better if you could verify first from Globe Telecoms if your visitors are their representative or authorized collecting arm.

    If you already have an arrangement of payment with Globe directly, its their responsibility to inform the collecting agency about your agreement.

    Be aware that collection agencies can not enforce any action without the directive from the represented company.

    No one can also take any of your personal belonging/properties unless it is a court order.

  280. Hello,

    Thanks for the helpful post you made. Anyhow, I have this problem over my Bankard Credit Card. Bankard is my very first credit card and this year, I’m on it’s 10th year. My problem with them appeared this year. Starting January 2012, I had a very late Statement of Account from them, a past due account which could give me penalty over my payment. Not until April, I didn’t received any Statement of Account with them anymore. It happened that past 2 months, I haven’t paid them, since I don’t know how much to pay. They phoned me on the office and since January, I’m complaining to them this problem, over and over and over again but no action is taking place since I still haven’t received any Statement of Account from them. I opened an account in Bankard so I have an idea how much I’m going to pay but it will only updated during my cut off which is every 10th day of the month. Since before, I’m telling them to cut my card, but they refuse and told me to pay in full. I can’t pay them in full amount but I’m doing everything to settle this. I even applied to HSBC for Balance Transfer but it was denied (unluckily and for the first time) because of deliquency issue. My card happened to be blocked because I didn’t paid for 60 days and to settle this to open my card again, I should pay in full.

    I’m really over the edge. I wanted to settle this and I can’t pay them in full but I’m willing to pay in smaller amount monthly but I never granted this opportunity. This month, they add their usual 3.5% interest then my annual fee. I’m not happy anymore paying over this matter, to think that two weeks ago, a calamity struck our country (Philippines) and I’m also in a way victim of this calamity but still those heartless people added more burden to me seeing my payment (over their net which I applied in June just to have an idea about my SOA). Please help me where to send this complain and settle this unfair situation. What are my rights and can I have to pay smaller than my due? Where to send my complain since I think their agent is not cooperative upon this matter because I always complain to them monthly when they call me in the office.

    Thanks again and your site is a big help.

  281. Note: The account I opened over the Bankard is online where I will be able to see my SOA. (Please revise it for me to avoid confusion) So this isn’t mean I open a bank account to them.


  282. i have contract with one of telephone company here in philippines, and after 5 months of service the internet and telephone line is not working ok, im very frustrated, i have a small kid 8 years old who used to search in internet. i went to their office asking my line to be totally cut off and said i have to pay 3K for disconnection. i already received my bill for this month. my question if i will ignore these bills, i know it will accumulate, what will happen? shall i go to jail? i need an ASAP advise. please help. thank you.

  283. hi philip,
    di naman ganum kadali ang magpakulong ng tao, at lalong di ganun
    kabilis ang ating proseso.naitanong mo na b sa service provider
    ng iyong internet/telephone ? bakit di na maayos ang service nito after 5 months? kung noong una maayos naman ano naging problema?
    magpapatuloy ang ang billing mo monthly hanggang sa matapos ung kontrata nyo kung ilang buwan o taon ang lock in period.ung iba naman ineendorse sa third party for collection purposes.They might file a complaint on small claims court if below 100k ang balance mo.sakop din ng r.a.8484 ang mga telecommunications company accounts.pde cla magsamapa ng case pero di naman karakaraka ikukulong na ang defendant. may proseso yan at higit sa lahat bailable ang case nyan. i advise makipag ugnayan ka s kanila n ayusin kung ano ang sanhi ng connections ng service nila baka maayos lang at magamit mo at mapakinabangan,then pakatapos ng lock in period ipadisconnect mo na at wala ng charge ang disconnection noon. make sure that ur disconnection request must be received by their authorized personnel and secure ur copy signed by them

  284. Good evening,

    I had 4 credit cards before HSBC, AIG, Citibank and Bankard. I got sickly and had to resigned so I decided to ask for amnesty to settle my cc. I was able to pay HSBC, AIG and Citibank in full last 2006 since they gave me amnesty. It was only Bankard that was left since I was explaining to them my situation but refused to give me amnesty or deferred scheme. Since 2007 haven’t rcv a call nor a letter from them until this week. I’m already staying in Cavite but practically still have my old address since my parents still lives there. My mom rcv a call from a law firm and discussed with her that they are now offering amnesty in which I just need to settle an amount of 31k. When I my credit limit before was just 15k. I can not settle the amount of 31k. Then the following day a motorized agent came and had my mom rcv a letter from law office that I need to settle the 31k otherwise they will file a civil case against me and my husband. When in fact I had this card when I’m still single. I have no means of paying ’cause I can’t go to work I have a severe migraine that also affects my vertigo. Everytime my migraine attacks I collapse. I’m really worried right now. What should I do.

  285. ms worried,
    submit ur medical abstract thru the law firm who contacted u.
    request for staggered payment and amnesty for u to settle ur bal.
    hindi po kc tau excuse sa pagkakautang kapag wala na tayong hanap buhay or may sakit.

  286. Sir Ed,

    What case can we file to a Bank for Collection harassment by their assigned collection agency?

    I currently negotiating with a new Collection agency. But still i want to sue this bank.

    Please advise…

  287. Hi Mr T,
    Were u related to Ms T,
    I have already sent her a message thru email,
    Kung iba ung sayo file po muna kayo ng complaint sa BSP, then BSP will qualify the case if the Agency violation is enough harassment .May mga cases po kc na pinadalhan lng ng demand letter harassment n dawgayong dinaman talaga nagbabayad ng pagkakautang. Mas maganda po if u validate ur complaints at BSP , ang pinaka mabigat po na parusa s harassment ng agency or bank is to cancel their license.

  288. You have the right to refuse entry to anybody, especially collectors.

    Ask them for proofs that they are legitimate:

    1.Collection Agency authority as required by BSP Cir. 702
    2.His authority from the supposed collection agency;
    3.Board Resolution of the bank authorizing such appointment
    4.Employee ID
    5.Statement of Account duly signed by authorized bank signatory
    6.etc.and etc.

    Normally WALA silang maipakita.
    Conclusion? they are just there to harass you and milk money

    The Revised Penal Code states :
    ..By means of any of the following false pretenses or fraudulent acts executed prior to or simultaneously with the commission of the fraud:
    (a) By using fictitious name, or falsely pretending to possess power, influence, qualifications or imaginary transactions, or by means of other similar deceits.
    (b)By inducing another, by means of deceit, to sign any document.
    Art. 318. Other deceits.
    any person who shall defraud or damage another by any other deceit not mentioned

    — taken from DISKARTE-banker site

  289. What RA 8484 is talking about :

    Section 3. Definition of Terms.

    (b) Counterfeit Access Device
    (c) Unauthorized Access Device
    (d) Access Device Fraudulently Applied for
    (g) Device Making or Altering Equipment

    Why, it is actually talking about faking cards! After faking a card, one uses it.


    Section 9. Prohibited Acts.
    (j)obtaining money or anything of value through the use of an access device, with intent to defraud or with intent to gain and fleeing thereafter;

    What are the indications that you got that motive?

    Section 14. Presumption and Prima Facie Evidence of Intent to Defraud:

    A cardholder who abandons or surreptitiously leaves the place of employment, business or residence stated in his application or credit card:

    a.without informing the credit card company of the place where he could actually be found
    b.if at the time of such abandonment or surreptitious leaving, the outstanding and unpaid balance is
    -past due for at least ninety (90) days and
    -is more than Ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00)

    shall be prima facie presumed to have used his credit card with intent to defraud.

    What is abandonment or surreptitious leaving? Basa.

    Abandonment is that to which a person has voluntarily relinquished possession without vesting ownership to any other person. Umalis ng walang paalam.

    leaving surrept.. what? kinda tongue twister here. basa.

    adj. – Conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods; Marked by quiet and caution and secrecy.

    Why would he do that?
    Because in the first place, he faked his cards!

    Now, go tell that to Mr. Collector.

    –sorry for the long post but i hope this helps. WALANG NAKUKULONG SA UTANG. PERIOD.

  290. 1. The bank files a complaint with the court.Pays filing
    fees,transportation expenses and meal allowances ni attorney.
    (they cant do it pag over 10 years na ang account mo)
    2. After maybe a month, the case is raffled-off to a certain
    judge to handle ( hinde po automatic yan gaya ng sinasabi ni
    3. After maybe a month, the Judge issues a summons for you
    to answer the complaint within 15 days upon receipt, in
    order to hear your side.
    (YOUR DISKARTE NOW. hayaan mo na lang ba or palaban ka?)
    (the decision is always ” You Pay” anyway )
    4. After another month, you file a “Motion for extension to file answer”
    kasi la ka pa abogado or si katulong nakalimutan ibigay sa yo ang summons.
    (‘wag lang sumobra sa deadline ha?)
    5. After another month (again!)the judge grants you another 15 days.
    6. After another month again (!), your lawyer files for another
    “Motion For Extension To File Answer” kasi ngayon lang niya nabasa
    ang complaint.
    7. After another month, the lawyer( FINALLY) answers the complaint,
    asks the court to refer the issue for mediation.
    (unless he files again another Motion for Extension for some reason)
    8. After another month,sa pre-trial, you will appear (FINALLY)before
    the Judge, even without a lawyer, for the initial stage of the
    Mediation Process
    (or you can even file ANOTHER “Motion For Postponement” – you are
    undergoing surgery, prior important appointment like US Embassy interview?)
    9. Mediation process ensues for three months?
    “I can only pay P500.00 a month”
    ” I do not want to pay their excessive interests”

    By now, this case has already drag for One(1) year!

    After one year…. sad, but mediation fails.
    The Judge handles the mediation.
    another three months, perhaps? Still no deal.

    10.Then, another Judge ay hahawakan na ang case(AT LAST).

    After another three months….oops, nakalimutan ng court!
    so the complainant will have to file a motion to set the case
    for hearing? hmmmm…….

    This is just the first phase.
    maraming combinations pa ito.

    Postponements after postponements. FINALLY (I hope this is the last)
    the Judge hands down the decision.
    ” You Pay ” ( but of course!)

    Nope. This is not the end yet.
    Complainant now has to file a ” Motion To Execute Judgment” in order
    that the Sheriff (whom complainant has to pay also)can look for your
    assets. Otherwise, the decision will remain just like that
    – a paper decision.

    The Sheriff will then get your electric fan with your name prominently
    etched on it?that’s preposterous! He has to sell to convert it to cash
    pa. What will the bank do with an electric fan? cheap naman nila.Bili
    na lang tayo ng bago – made in China – mura pa.
    Then, kung may sobra sa proceed ng auction sale, soli pa yung sukli mo!

    The sheriff’s Return(report)FINALLY (oh no, not that word again!)is filed:
    ” No assets can be found ”

    The bank wins the case. Gets nothing.
    A Pyrrhic victory, indeed.

    –original context by BANKER of Diskarte Pilipinas

  291. Matapang at bastos ang mga collectors kasi:

    1. Sa telepono or text lang naman yan;
    2. Hinde sila kilala ;
    3. Panay babae na defaulters ang kausap nila.

    Now, kung talagang matapang sila,
    try mo na papuntahin sila at sabihin sa harap mo
    yung sinasabi nila!

    Hanapan mo nga “Authority galing sa banko”
    walang maipa-kita ang mga iyan.

    choose ka lang dito alin ang gusto
    mo isampa na criminal case:

    ——–Mga Kaso Na Puede Isampa Sa Kolektor ——–

    1. Art. 128. Violation of domicile ( pilit pumasok ; ayaw umalis)
    2. Art. 280. Qualified trespass to dwelling ( pumasok kahit ayaw mo)
    3. Art. 282. Grave threats ( tinatakot ka)
    4. Art. 283. Light threats ( blackmailing and extortion)
    5. Art. 287. Light coercions ( kinuha gamit mo dahil sa “utang” daw)
    6. Art. 155. Alarms and scandals ( pinag-sisigaw ang utang mo)
    7. Art. 315. Swindling/estafa ( walang authority ng banko)
    8. Art. 318. Other deceits ( iba’t-ibang style na panloloko – Dubai?)
    9. Art. 298. Execution of deeds by means of violence or intimidation
    (pilit pinapa-pirma sa Amnesty/Mga Kasunduan)
    11.Art. 336. Acts of lasciviousness (!)
    11.Art. 353. A libel(pam-babastos sa sulat o text)
    12.Art. 358. Slander — Oral defamation
    13.Art. 363. Incriminating innocent person (ma-RA 8484 ka daw)
    14.Art. 364. Intriguing against honor (pinag-kakalat na may utang ka)

    Kulong at criminal records sa NBI

    —cross reference—-

    ——-Civil Code of the Phils. ———-

    Art. 26. Every person shall respect the dignity, personality, privacy and peace of mind of his neighbors and other persons. The following and similar acts, though they may not constitute a criminal offense, shall produce a cause of action for damages, prevention and other relief:

    (1) Prying into the privacy of another’s residence:
    (2) Meddling with or disturbing the private life or family relations of another;

    (3) Intriguing to cause another to be alienated from his friends;

    (4) Vexing or humiliating another on account of his religious beliefs, lowly station in life, place of birth, physical defect, or other personal condition.

    —–BSP Circular 702 Series of 2010——

    Wag matakot sa collector, just in case na magdemanda nga sila ng “small claims” (which i doubt they will), mas fair yun kesa makipag negotiate ka sa collector! Malapit na December, active na ang mga collector na yan!

  292. Hello, Please help…
    My brother borrowed money to a lending company with our car as a collateral amounting to 290K excluding interest, then he also had existing business loan at that time. When his business failed he also failed to pay a monthly amort. of 30K for his collateral loan and also to his other loan, to help my brother I ask my relative to lend us money to pay the remaining balance on the car and we went to the lending company and paid the balance but after paying they did not give us the OR/CR of the car, its already a month and still they hold the paper and force us to pay the other debt of my brother which is now doubled from the principal loan, Is their action legal? what should we do now? we need the papers to sell the car. My brother dont have the capability to pay the debt by this time due to bankruptcy. What action should we do to claim the OR/CR of our car which was paid already to the lending company.
    Anyone legal advise is much appreciated.

  293. Ed nabus is a fake. He’s a collector, working in a collecting agency and not a law firm. He’s trying to use the RA 8484 scare tactics used commonly by collectors. Be warned. He is trying to take over these blog by gaining trust. Do not rely SOLELY on his inputs, please research more if you have debt problems, DO NOT give him any personal information in case you personally contacted him by email.

  294. Great Blessed day sa lahat!
    @jing mas makakabuti if you seek the assistance of a lawyer.Something is wrong kung ayaw pa ibigay ang o.r./c.r. ng brother mo gayong bayad na ang loan nya.At kung may another loan sya iba naman din ata ang collateral noon.Sana di nyo binigay ung payment ng di kaliwaan ang documents.
    @richard an dami mo namang sinasabi hindi naman nakakatulong sa mga nangangailangan ng impormasyon paano ba nila maiibsan ang nabibigatan nilang kalooban sa pagkakasadlak sa problema.Sabagay iyan ang opinions mo wala akong magagawa.Pero wag mo naman sabihing bastos ako dahil sinasagot ko lang ang tanong ng iba na gustong masulosyunan ang kanilang balakid.Wag mong sabihing nagdi disguise ako dahil buo ang pangalan kong naka lagay dito samantalang ikaw name lang ang kaya mong ilantad at hindi pati ang surname mo.Paanong paniniwalaan ang sinasabi mo kung di mo mailabas ang pangalan mo.Sino sa atin ngayon ang disguising? Ang source mo pa isa ring nag pe-pretend na Banker kuno at wala namang ibang ipinapayo sa mga mambabasa kundi ang paano takasan ang responsibilidad. Yes tama ka walang nakukulong sa utang nasa konstitusyon yan eh, pero ang alamin mo dapat ung sitwasyon nila, akala nila tuloy pwede ng takasan ng ganon na lang ang pagkakautang.Please widen your advise kasi lalo silang masasadlak sa problema.Eh kung may mga issued PDC yan as collateral sa loans nila eh di nakasuhan yan ng bouncing check.
    Yes, I am in the field of collections for the past 15 years dahil meron akong collection agency.Pero never akong nasampahan ng complaints dahil inilalagay ko sa lugar ang responsibilidad ko sa lipunan natin. May mga guidelines kami na dapat sundin. Kung iresponsable akong collector hindi ako makaka renew ng aking mga lisencia sa pangongolekta tulad ng sinasabi mong bastos ako.Meron din talagang mga borrowers na nakaka experience ng pambabastos ng ibang collection agency pero I advise them to go to the right government agency kung saan sila maaaring magreklamo.Sana kung sinong Richard ka man maging responsible ka din sa mga post mo para malagay naman sa ayos ung mga pwedeng maniwala sa mga sinasabi mo dahil ang mga blogs ni Mr Fits Villafuerte nababasa at binabasa worldwide. Yon lang po at sana samahan ka ng Diyos.ANG UTANG BINABAYARAN AT HINDI TINATAKASAN PERIOD.

  295. @ED, there you go… thank you for revealing that you are a collector. Just a simple tip guys, never deal with them, deal with bank directly, ALWAYS ask for SOA and REVIEW them before negotiating. You will also learn that it sometimes it is better to deal with them in court.
    Ed, you are misleading people here that Credit card defaulters can be sued by RA 8484 which is not. I’ve explained them above. Of course, I am careful on what I’m posting, Did I said anything misleading like you did, Mr Collector?
    These people are in debt problems and dealing with you guys further buries them deeper.
    Hope some of these guys will realize here sooner what your real plans are… to collect (and not to help).
    @anybody else: Please search more, there are so many collectors out there pretending to help. I’ve also been a “victim” of them, kunwari trying to “help” pero ang pakay uutuin para magbayad, tapos pag ndi ka mauto, last tactic is harassment.
    @Ed, have you gone too much by almost taking this site and giving half truths?

  296. Hello and good day!

    I’d like to remind everyone that the comments section should be used to address issues and not to launch personal attacks to the people who are sharing their thoughts and opinions here.

    Should you read a point of view that is different from yours, I encourage you to speak up and share your own views on the issue, but please refrain from insulting or belittling other people in order to attack their claims or invalidate their arguments.

    Lastly, please be informed that starting at this point, any further “ad hominem” arguments here will be deleted to keep the discussion positive.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


    hinde po tinatakasan ng defaulters ang utang.
    ang tinatakasan nila ay yung pam-babastos ng collector.

    you can collect without harassment;
    you can collect without telling lies;
    you can collect by being friendly.

    Have a nice day everyone.

    – Banker

  298. will someone help me about my problem. im planning na mag-auto loan for the first time. then sabi ng car dealer na natrace daw ng 4 na banks na naging co-maker nako before and may kaso daw. but God knows i never was… what legal action can i make regarding this? i want to clear my name. pls help me. thanks!

  299. mouschi
    you can visit Credit Management Association of the Philippines (CMAP)at Rm. 401 Cattleya Condominium 235 Salcedo Street Legaspi Village Makati,
    try to verify there if ikaw nga ang taong naka blacklist baka kc may kapangalan ka. O baka naman may gumamit sa pangalan mo.

  300. sir ed,

    madami kasi akong cc at yung iba nasa collections department na. kaya ko namang bayaran pero gusto ko installment by november. possible po ba maapproved ako sa debt consolidation program? para one time installment payment nalang. gusto ko nga sana kumuha ng agency na sya nalang hahawak ng amnesty at humarap para magawa kong installment lahat. thank you and God bless!

  301. Mam Rea,
    You can always request for the restructuring of your card at maaari din kayong humiling ng amnesty. Sila po ang maghahanap ng agency para sa mga receivables nila kaya hindi po kayo makakakuha ng para sa cards nyo.
    Kung active pa ang card nyo maaari kayong mag proseso ng personal loan sa kahit n anong bank of your choice para bayaran ang mga cards nyo. Mas maliit kasi ang interest ng PL compare sa CC. May mga programa ang Banks ng Balance Transfer mas makakatipid kayo roon if you opt to avail.
    Thank you very much and God bless you too.

  302. Hi Sir Ed,

    Sige po, i-try ko nalang makipagusap sa mga banks for restructuring of my cards. Thank you so much sa inyo ni Sir Fitz at marami kayong natulungan dito. God bless!

  303. @ mr. ed nabus
    how about po kung nagbabayad naman monthly (small amount lang..ung makakayanan lang)like 1500-3k d pa rin ba titigil s pagpapadala ng letter ang CA?medyo huge kasi ang utang ng husband ko at gusto ng CA ay full payment..or better kung s bank nlang mismo mkipag settle?Thanks.

  304. @indebt,
    Titigil na po yan kahit minimum payment ang binabayad nyo. Pero mas makakabuti if makipag arrange kau ng payment sa bank or restructuring of your account.Below 90 days past due some banks accept balance transfer.You can ask the bank for it.If your account is more than 180days past due request for a term payment that suits ur budget.

  305. Hello, I nid immediate response pls. There’s a girl named erica from Prime alliance. Actually we agreed that i will pay 10k tom and 5 on the following month for final settlement of my CC.. but as a payer.. i required them to pls give me a certified true copy of my SOA.. plus a bank certificate signifiying the my CC is finally closed. BUt this is her reply “baket kelangan mo pa ung statement mo? eh eto nga ang ganda n ng offer namen sayo, ano gusto mo magbabayad ka bukas ng 10k or ppuntahan k na lang namen jan” then there was a guy inagaw ata ung phone “wag ka ng magbayad punyenta ka, hntayin mo kame jan”.. I believe wala nman masama sa hinihingi ko? may sinasabe pa cila n ako n nga tinutulungan… blah blah blah. currently wala talga akong pera.. pero gagwaan ko n nga ng way ung 10k n yan.. kakaholdup lang saken previous weeks ago.. i think its not appropriate.. ung the way the talked to me? whats the right thing to do.. pls.. i nid immediate reply. thank you

  306. @willing to pay, please inform the Bank regarding your experience with Prime Alliance. Sadyang may mga Collectors po talaga na iresponsable.Pero hindi po ganyan ang sinumpaan kasunduan ng mga agency at banko.Ang SOA and other records na kailangan ninyo regarding sa accounts nyo ay pwedeng ibigay ng agency pero kailangan pa nila pumunta sa sa head office ng bank. Hindi na po naka on line sa system ang information ng accounts nyo kaya medyo mag eeffort si Collector na kumuha ng copy sa Bank.
    But if you can directly visit the Bank head office you can instantly get your SOA there.Secure a copy of your agreement with them para sure ang transaction nyo. It must have the logo of the agency and the authorized signatory.

  307. @sir ed… they said paag tumawag ako directly sa bank 283k plus daw ang bbyaran ko… kaya mas maganda n aucin ko. n sa knlia? totoo b un? sir ed diba u have your collection agency? bak gusto m ikaw n maghhandle neto. is that possible? i jjust want a certificte na its totally closed. alam ko n hnd aabot ng 283k ung cc ko napakalake po nun… thank you.. i wonder sir… bakit kung 50k ung prinncipal bakit pumapayag ang ahency na pag nagbigay ng 10k instant closed na?

  308. hi po..recent lang po nakareceive po ako ng call sa prime alliance..meron po silang naoffer saking discounted amount n need ko isettle but before nun may calamity loan ako sa HDMF..sabi ko kahit as my calculation pede ko pa mapaglaanan ng fund ung account ko pero nung dumating ung check much less ung nakuha kong net amount ng naloan wala akong choice kung hindi bawiin sa prime alliance ung sinabi ko kasi pampaayos nga po ng nasirang bahay kulang n ung naloan may bagong tumawag sakin..nagagalit sya then she asked me n kung willing pa kong magsettle ng account ko sabi “opo” then she asked me what happen dun sa pera na dapat ibabayad ko…then state ko ulit ung ngyari sakin..then nagtaas n sya ng boses ayaw n raw nya marinig sakin ung kwento ko harapin ko nlng daw ung team nya n pupunta dito sa office nmin..ano po pede ko po please..willing nmn po ako magbayad kaso po may mga ndi lang po ako ineexpect na nangyari..

  309. Hi Mam Reynica,
    If someone who calls u is not quite approachable or di inuunawa ang sinasabi mo maaari po kayong makipag usap sa supervisor nila.O kaya directly visit the Bank.Bibigyan po kau ng options na kakayanin nyo.Fair sa bank at sainyo.God bless po

  310. hello po, anu po ang gagawin ko. may tumawag po kanina dito sa opis, at pilit na pinagbabayad ako sa halagang 10,000 pesos, kung hindi ko daw mabayaran ngayon, mag handa nalan daw ako, puputahan daw nila ako dito sa opis, boung legal team daw nya. anu po ang gagawin ko? nahihiya po ako at natatakot ngayon.. Hwag daw akong magtago at kahit daw tumawag pa ako ng pulis at abogado. Pahihiyain daw po nila ako. Anu po ba ang dapat kung gawin. kailangan ko po ng legal advice. kung gagawin po nila yun, pwede ko po bang kasuhan sila ng harassment? Please po paki email naman po ako sa [email protected]

  311. ask ko lang po kc this month I won’t be able to pay my CC balances kc aq lang may work, may 1 baby ako and my husband is still waiting for his VISA to canada. Ok lang po ba na wag ko muna bayaran this year and after makapunta ng husband ko sa canada tsaka ko isettle? Please advise me if what is the best way to do, 4 po ang CC ko and lahat nagamit ko na for our needs. nagbabayad naman ako ng minimun due monthly pero hindi ko na talaga kaya. Ano po ang best way para hindi ako kulitin ng bank? Last month lang nagbayad ako ng 2k to settle Metro CC pero may balance pa akong 2900 not to overlimit the card.

    Natatakot po akong kulitin nila ako sa office namin.

    Appreciate your help!


  312. @jon pls identify ur caller and do not be afraid sa mga sinasabi ng wala naman sa lugar. Alamin mo sa Bank kung sino ung tumawag sau.Ang sasagot naman sau sa Customer service ay hindi ung collection department kaya di ka nila mahaharas. Kung sakaling agency naman ang tumatawag sau mali ang sinasabi nila at di nila iyon dapat gawin,maaari mo silang ireklamo sa Bank kung saan ka may CC.
    @jane, kung talagang wala tayong pambayad pwede naman tau mag lapse kaya lang malaki talaga ang mga sur-charges ng CC compare sa personal loans kaya kung one year ka na hindi magbabayad for sure lalaki ng husto ang balance mo.Expect for series of calls from Bank dahil sigurado ako tatawagan k nila ng madalas lalo na kung due date mo na.Kung nabibigatan ka na sa minimum monthly mo na hindi naman nababawasan ang ang balanse mo pwede ka mag request ng restructuring para di lumaki ang penalty mo.then request mo na mas mahabang term para magaan sau.

  313. thanks sir ed! I will surely do that, magrereply kaya sila kung via email para maexplain kong mabuti at makarating talaga sa authorize person?

    I wil update the status of my CCs here :)

  314. Just an hour ago I got a call from a collector (prime) re: credit card. Per collector, my last payment was May 2007. I leave my company 2009 of July, she was telling of RA.8484 section 14. (the case for me in not informing my CC that I changed my company even I have outstanding. Though, it is not intentional, I told my friends to receive any billings under my name but none of it was received since the policy of the bldg is to prohibit any once the employee resigned. Of course she just wanted me to pay my outstanding. Actually, I am willing to settle it but not as much as she wanted, maybe half then rest will be in terms.

    Will this be possible? how do I arrange it in a manner that she will surely grant me.

    Pls do help me. I only have next day to decide.

    Thanks in advance.

  315. hi grace you still have a lot of days to decide.Just call or visit the card issuer or the bank where you have credit card, explain to them the way you explain it above and they will understand you.request from them a restructuring of your card para di ka na nagbabayad ng penalties .

  316. Bill of rights:

    Article III Section 20. No person shall be imprisoned for debt or non payment of a poll tax.

    Hi guys, i was once connected in an agency of the bank, and being a character of lawyer,police,dfa,ambassador and etc was been my expertise. I was also awarded and called as a Golden boy in all agency in the Philippines. Now i already resigned coz cant take it anymore. I can help you with your problem.

  317. Grace, simple tips. Dont visit the bank or the credit card issuer. trust me. If u dont have ways and means to pay it. Simply ignore it. And complaint with their unfair practices. All agency in the Philippines is required to follow the BSP Circular No. 454 for the fair and square of debts and debtors. Usually agencies dont comply with this, But in case you are been harrased. Send an email or call the BSP and file a complaint. Your done and your out of it. Your account will be labeled by agency “Possible complaint, Hold call” yari tayo dito. Agency are afraid of complaint. trust me. Dont complaint to the bank but complaint to the BSP.

  318. Dont beg to the agency. Because if they found out that you are afraid with them and they control the conversation then your dead, dont communicate with them anymore. Be precise and tell them you are only available on this hour or day and can be called at this no. If anything goes wrong and they tried to intimidate your office, harrass your family, tell them you file a complaint to the BSP.

  319. i will wait 30mins both of u to rply. I dont know if i can come back on this site again. thanks Godbless.

    This is Atty…..
    This is PO2…..
    This is a long distance call from DFA….
    This is a long distance call from Makati Prosecutors Office….
    This is Fiscal…..
    This is from the Bank….

    Case normally said:
    RA8484- Access Device Law
    Collection sum of money
    Article 318- Deceit
    Article 315- breach of contract
    BP- 22- Anti bouncing check. and more……

  320. hi this is PO1….. i am looking for credit card holder ….. please be informed that we will conduct an occular inspection located at…. under the signatory of…….. for attachment property subject for embargo and closure… for inquireies your may call atyy…… then boom. any1 experienced this? hindi sa pagmamayabang, mas magaling ako sa mga collector na yan.

  321. Hi christie or golden boy na sinasabi mo:
    Tulad ng nasabi ko na sa mga post ko sa mga nakaraan, ikaw ang halimbawa ng mga kolektor na hindi alam kung ano talaga ang responsibilidad.Pero salamat sa samahan ng mga agency at naubos ng matanggal ang mga kolektor na katulad mo. Wala ka na sa collection dahil terminated ka na at wala ng agency mapasukan dahil Agency Association.Hindi na tinatanggap ung mga hindi talaga marunong mangolekta. Sa dami ng sablay na binitiwan mong rebelasyon sa post na to may isa lang akong tutumbukin.Kung hindi mo na papupuntahin ang mga defaulters sa Agency or sa Bank, saan mo na sila papupuntahin to settle their unpaid balance? Pati comment mo napaka iresponsable.Anyway sa ngayon wala na ung mga katulad mong kolektor kaya guided na ang mga defaulters. May peace of mind na rin ang mga agency dahil wala na yong mga katulad mo.

  322. Thank you for your blog. I am now at ease that this problem can be solve without me paying that big amount. from 140,000.00 po naging 496,000.00 sa PSBANK.

  323. i am very happy and peaceful, to have read your blogs. at least po, makakatulog na po ako ng mabuti. This problem is regarding my PSBANK flexi loan which aount is only 100k na default po ako ng 4 months lang po umabot na ngayon ng 496,000.00. Please help me sir/mam. I already wrote PSB of my request na bayaran ko lang po ng fixed monthly, in an amount na affordable, say 4 years, but they rejected. This November daw po ay may kaso na ako.

    Ano po ba ang address ng BSP? EMAIL AD PO? Please help me. Thank you very much and more power!

  324. Hi Sir!

    Ask ko lang po sana kung pwede ako magdemand ng Official Receipt sa lending company na hiniraman ko ng 30k loan.. every month kasi nagdedeposit ako ng cash sa bdo account nila..

    Thank you!

  325. Hi Mam Janet,
    Definitely yes.Dapat sa bawat transaction ng payment mo or kapag na confirm na nila ang deposited amount ng payment mo dapat pinapadala nila ang O.R. mo.Kaya dapat sa ngayon pa lang kunin mo na lahat ng O.R. na hindi mo pa nakukuha.

  326. hi ask ko lang po na ano ang mangyayari sa akin if ndi ko nabayaran ang utang ko sa bank it almost 20k since i left our country but after one year someone call in the office that he came from law office how come they know my recent work and who is this attorney? is he have the right to sue me? i wanted to settle my bill but i dont have enough money yet i have a lot of things to do and too much expences pls help me po

  327. Hi mga kagalang galang SIr Fritz and Ed … may katanungan lang po ako ukol sa aking agam agam … Nagloan po ako sa isang banko taong 2010 dahil sa akoy bread winner … tapos nagkakasakit pa ako sa iang buwan nakabayad naman ako … kaso makalipas ang ilang buwan delinquent na ako kasi lagi akong gipit at ang sahod ko pambayad lang ng tubig, kuryente at bahay minsan kapos pa sa pagkain … ang utang ko sa bank eh nasa 20k na lang nun … nakatanggap ako ng mga subpoena at pananakot eh hindi ko naman mabayaran that time dahil wala nga talaga akong pera at last 2011 ng january natanggal ako sa pinapasukan kong trabaho biglaan akong tinanggal … hindi rin ako makaloan sa pagibig at sss para ipambayad dahil ang employer ko eh hindi naghuhulog ng 3 taon sa SSS at pagibig so walang wala talagang mapagkukuhaan … ilang buwan din akong walang trabaho nabaon ako sa utang … ngayon nasa ibang bansa ako kinontak ako ng kapatid ko na may kaso daw ako nasa korte na daw need ko daw bayaran ang 151,000 … eh 20k lang utang ko bakit naging ganun … magbabayad ako pero hindi ganun kalaking halaga my God ano gagawin ko??? kaya ko lang bayaran eh 50k pero ang 151k eh sobra naman yun 20k lang naman loan ko …. sana po mapagpayuhan nyo ako kung anong pd kong gawin nahihirapan po ako ngayon …. salamat po …

  328. Hi Cath,
    Ang mga Law firm at Agencies ay nag eeffort sa atas ng kanilang client para matrace ang isang borrower lalo na kung ang account ay naisampa na sa court.Kung out of the country ka maaari mong iutos sa iyong nearest relative/representative to coordinate your account with the Bank or the Lawyer.if subpoena naman po ang pinadala sainyo nakalagay naman po jan kung saang court branch kayo pupunta.Maaari din po kayong humingi ng discount or amnesty on penalty waiver at makiusap ng term payment ayon sa kakayahan mong mabayaran.
    @Luna Saavedra:
    Ilan po bang Bank ang pinagkakautangan nyo? Bakit mga subpoena ang natatanggap nyo? Dapat po kasi isa lang kung sa isang Bank ka lang may atraso. Now, if the summon has been issued you can let your representative to verify it prior to date of preliminary conference para matiyak.Baka naman demand letters pa lang ang natatanggap mo marami po talaga yan as long as not responded. May series of demand letters kasing pinapadala bago maisampa sa korte.if demand letter pa lang po ang natatanggap nyo tawagan nyo po ang Bank kung saan kayo may pagkakautang at makiusap ng term payment at discounted amount to settle.Lahat naman po napaguusapan basta ang mahalaga pareho kayo ng bank malagay sa maayos.
    Salamat po

  329. Sir Ed 1 bank lang Sterling Bank … kaya siguro madaming nalulubog sa utang sa Pinas dahil sa mataas agad ang babayaran … Pwedi ko po bang bayaran lang ang principal at interest sobrang laki naman kasi ng 151k para di na ako kakain nun … 1 taon din ako walang work mahirap maghanap ng work sa pinas … sabi ng kapatid ko aattend daw sya sa hearing sa pasay city hall … ang kapatid ko daw ang ikukulong estafa daw ang case … Pwedi po ba yun na kapatid ko makukulong eh di naman sya nakautang … ano po kaya pwedi namin gawin … magpapadala nga ako bukas ng 20k at gusto ko sana eh 50k lang bayaran ko kasi sobra naman yung 151k … ano po sa palagay nyo bakit may kaso agad eh di naman ganun kalaki ang niloan ko??? tumagal lang pagbabayad dahil sa walang pusong employer ko na bigla akong tinanggal sa trabaho … salamat po sa malaking tulong nyo sa aming walang alam tungkol sa ganyan … God Bless po …

  330. Hi sir Ed … nakausap po ng kapatid ko ang fiscal daw kuno sa telepono … pinagbabayad daw ako ng 40k para iatras ang kaso at 151k eh babayaran ko ng 1 year 10k amount??? para pong namemera na lang yata yang collection na yan … ano po pd ko gawin dyan??? dahil naifile na daw nila yung kaso … para po yatang lugi ako dun mahigit 200k ang babayaran ko sa kanila samantalang 20k lang yung naiwan ko na loan …

  331. Hi sir Ed … Demand Letter daw po sabi ng kapatid ko nakausap nya daw eh Fiscal … wala kasi alam kapatid ko sa ganyan pati na rin ako … ano po kaya pd gawin dyan??? sobra naman po kasi ang hinihingi nila sa akin di naman makaya bayaran yun parang sila na lang bubuhayin ko kakalungkot naman …

  332. Hi Luna,
    If the case is already file in court doon na lang kau humingi ng arrangement, mas makakatipid kau.Conference lang po muna kayo ay di po makukulong ang representative mo.Linawin ko rin po hindi nakikipag transact ang fiscal para maningil.Iyon po ay gimik lamang ng mga iresponsableng kolektor na hindi alam gawin kung ano ba talaga ang trabaho nila.For sure di yan alam ng management ng Law Firm.Nakakalungkot naman may natitira pa palang lahi ung mga ganyang klaseng collector.
    Liliit po yang amount na yan kapag nag court settlement kayo at humingi rin po kayo ng term payment.

  333. Hello po sir Ed., salamat po g marami sa site na to. sobrang stressed ko na po talaga sir. Marami po akong utang, anyway 5 6 po to. Dati talagang good payer po ako, minsan nga po la pang 1 week na hiniram ko ang pera ay agad ko ng isasauli pagnatatangp ko po ang pera ko. Dun po nagsimulang lomobo utang ko taong 2010, ng humiram ako ng 5 6 at sobrang gipit ako at sinabihang wla ng 20percnt na ngbibigay, din nag go ako sa 30 percnt. ng humiram ako ulit, wla na dw yung 30 percent po kaya napilitan po akong mgbay ng sarilin percent, tinaasan ko po sa 50percent ang interest, very risky pero ginawan ko po sa dahilang manganagk po ako under cs operation. Nakakbayad po naman ako ng una, na lumaon di ko na po kaya….umalis po ako ng bansa nitong taon, sa kadahilanang gusto ko na pong mabayaran mga utang ko, kaso po…di ako sinwerte.. bumalik pinas at yung utang ko pong naiwan ay sobrang laki na po. Yung gumarantor po kasi sa kin ay humanap raw ng paraan para byaran ang dues ko..wala po akong mgwa dahil tama naman po sila name nila gamit dahil sila ang garntor, nung una kinauspa ko sila, telling d ko na po kayang bayran, pero willing po akong mgbayad. kakahire lang po sa akin ng gobyerno, 3 months pong wlang sahod.. sabi ko po pag nagkasaho na ako mabayarn ko sila paunti unti., pero po sir ed., ayaw po nila ako bigyan ng fix amount na babayarn ko.. so ibig sabihin yung interest po ay tumutubo at tumutubo pa rn po…ano po ba dapat kong gawin. sa arw na to po ay, pinpahanp nila ako ng 425k., na ibabalik sa financer po nila.. 2ook po yung nahiram daw na di ko po nakita ang pera, at nung august 2012 lang po nirelease., at this time po naging 425k na po..pls po tulungan niyo ako….

  334. ang pagbabayad ng utang kabutihan yan.Now kung tuturuan lang tayo ng website na ito pra gumawa ng masama well its up to you guys.My msamang balik yan.konsensya din kasi yan.Next time wag tayo mangungutang pra hindi din nila tayo iniistorbo.:)))

  335. @ mr. Fritz, meron po kasing tumawag sa akin, at nagpa connect sa HR namin.. at pinapasabi daw po sa akin na pupunta daw sila dito sa opis namin bukas. na kung maaari daw ay hwag akong gumawa ng komosyon, kung gusto ko daw ay magpatawag ako ng pulis, para sa kung anu man ang mangyari. pupunta daw po sila dito sa akin at kakausapin para e present yung mga documents na nasa kanila. tama po ba yung ginawa ng collection agent na yun? ako po ay natatakot bukas. baka po kasi kung anu ang gawin nila dito sa opis. nakakahiya po. sinabi naman po ng taga HR namin.. kung mag pre present lang kayo ng documents? bakit kailangan pa ng pulis? medyo daw po galit ang boses nung lalaki. anu po ba ang dapat kung gawin dito?

  336. Hi Jon and Luna Saavedra,

    Interesado sana ako malaman ang mga nangyari na sa problema ninyo. Makakatulong kung mag-post kayo uli ng updates tungkol sa mga issues na nakaharap nyo.

    Kay Luna ?saavedra..ano na nagyari sa Loko na collection Agency? Hindi mo nga pala nabanggit kung may na-issue ka na cheque sa pagkakautang mo sa Sterling Bank. Meron Ba? Kasi pwede ka talaga kasuhan ng Criminal case pag may tseke na involved.

    Pag wala check involved, sum of money lang ang pwede ikaso sayo at pwede ka pa mag-file ng individual bankruptcy under RA 10142

    Sana makapg-update kayo ng balita. Pati na rin yun mga nauna nag-post kung ano na nagyari sa harassment experience nila. Wala na ba at paano ginawa ninyo?

    Thanks ng marami


  337. hi good day po…may tumawag po sakin police daw po sya..currently ndi n po ako nakatira dun sa bahay ng parents ko..pumunta daw po sya sa bhay ng parents ko pero ndi n nga daw po ako dun nakatire..may warrant of arrest daw po sakin…meron po syang binigay n name ng attorney…sya daw po ung nagsampa ng kaso sakin..wala nmn po akong narereceive n any communication sa bank n pinagkakautangan ko..lahat lang po ng narereceive ko ay calls from collecting agency and may warrant n daw pong nakaserve calls n narereceive ko po..sinasabi ko nmn po sknila na indi ko po kaya magbayad ng utang ko..

  338. Hi good morning po,

    May kaibigan akong mag asawa sa probensya namin, dati po may negosyo dahil po may nag finance sa kanila.Ang nanyari po, na stop yong rattan na business at yong mga tauhan nila may utang pa syempre di sila makabayad kasi nga wala ng rattan na makukuha sa bukid. Ngayon po, na bankrupt po yong mag asawa na, makalipas ng 15 years may summons po silang natanggap galing sa na finance sa kanila.
    3.350,000 PESOS YONG UTANG NILA.


  339. lol sabi na nga sa batas di kayo makukulong yun and rights ninyo bilang mangungutang kaso lol yung nag papautang rin ay my right tulad ng foreclosure kung saan pwde ilit and pagaari mo equal sa utang mo at wala ka magagawa lalo na kung nakasulat sa contract XD

    2 reason bakit kaya wag makakaka debt

    1 una wala nakasulat sa batas natin and saktong tama halaga ng interest may sabi panga sa ibang forum na kahit 18% or hgit pa ay hindi masasabi na ilegegal as long na may contract or pag may contract pero pagverbal lang eh 12% nakasulat

    2 Basta may contract di hado kayo lalo na pag nagtago and malaki ang utang mo pwde ka na kasuhan ng estafa lol dahil deciept po yun kaya makukulong karin lol

    Lesson Learn sa lahat kung maari wag na kayo umutang or utang na lang kayo sa SSS 2%-6% lang per year lol or kung magsasaka naman kayo sa rural bank or land bank 2% rin lang interest basta may titolo kayo lol.

    Lagi may Loop hole sa batas ng Philippines kaya mag aral kayo ng batas natin lol libre lang sa net yan.

    Ignorance is a bliss, and Ignorance of the law excuses no one.

  340. hi i just want to ask if ung bill ni sen. meriam applicable ba din un sa private lending like five-six type na lending kc nkakuha ako ng centain amount po P35k last nov. 2011 pro meron ako kaunting nabayaran kc un sabi ng secretary nla na ok lng basta may payment lng den after 1 year ng demand cla sa akin na bayaran ko total umabot na sa P81k kc 8% per month ung interest den they threat me if d ko bayaran mg punta cla sa HR nmin pra mg report kya ngayon wori po ako bka matanggal ako sa work dahil dun…it is fair po ba ung way of collection nla and interest nla? need some help po…tnx

  341. gud day po, ask po ng legal advice, ito po ang scenario, sinamahan po ako ng 1 kaibigan para mangutang ng pera n patubuan, bilang xa ang nagsama s akin at xa ang kakilala xa ang naging co-maker ko, nakahiram nmn po ako ng P2000.00, nakalagay po s pinirmahan n kung di ako magbabayad xa ang responsible. bago kami umalis s bahay ng nagpautang sinabi ko s nagpautang n kung di ako makakapunta para magbayad s co-maker ko nlang ipapa abot pumayag nmn xa, Nung makahiram po ako nki share xa ng P500.00 kaya in all P1500.00 lang ang utang ko. she agreed n babayaran nya ang magiging interest ngP500.00, and this credit goes with an interest of 20% every 10 days, di po ako nkabayad pag katapos ng 10 days but before it reaches s next 10 days nagbayad ako ng P1680.00 para s utang ko n P1500.00, yung P600.00 para s 40$ n tubo para s 20 days, kahit di umabot ng 20 days buo n ang tubo basta lumampas ng 10 days, andP80.00 para s tubo ng tubo, at yung P1000.00 ay para s principal n utang so in all my balance ako n P500.00,ang bayad ko ay binigay ko s comaker ko bilang buisy ako s work but after n ibigay ko ang pera pinapirma ko ang co maker ko n s katunayan ay ibinigay ko s knya ang pera bilang partial payment ko sa utang ko. but unfortunately nalaman ko n di pala nya ibinayad, i confronted her and she admitted nmn so we agreed that she has now the responsibility to pay for it and its interest , patuloy kong binabayaran ang interest ng P500.00 kong bal. pero dahil s laki ng interst at ikli ng panahon ng pagbabayad di ito nbayaran ng co-maker ko, kaya pinatawag po nya kmi sa brgy di ako pumunta s brgy instead kinausap ko yung nagpautang s akin n at sinabi ang nangyari pero di xa pumayag n ang magbabayad e yung co-maker ko, hinulog hulugan nlang ito ng co maker ko, dahil nga s sobrang laki ng tubo di n nya nabayaran to, pero s sobrang laki ng tubo malaki n ang nababayd nmin di p din dw kmi bayad. kaya ngayon nagpatawag nnmn xa s brgy, at she treathend us n pag di nagbayad ako ipapa RTC n daw nya kmi. my rarapatan b xa mag p RTC? at tama ba n di sya sumang ayon n ang co maker ko n ang magbabayad ng utang n nka pangalan s akin. pls help po.

  342. pls, po ed nabus advice me kc png 3rdx n nagpapatawg ang brgy nmin, kaso di kmi n attend, ano n po kaya magiging kasunod nun f di p kmi umattend s 3rd x, kc di nmn po brgy captain ang talagang humaharap konsehal lang tapos bias p xa s complainant, pls help us madami po kmi nagsusuffer s panghaharass nya, dahil halos lahat po ng bayad nmin e s iisang co maker lang nmin binigay at ayaw nyang i accept ang reason n un.

  343. Hi japs,
    Pde ka naman pumunta sa Brgy para lang naman yan pagkasunduin kayo.Hindi maaaring papanig sa isang complainant ang Brgy otherwise maaari mo silang isumbong sa DILG.Nagpadala ba sayo ng imbitasyon ang BRGY?Puntahan mo na lang para magkasundo kayo.I’m sure the Lupon will give you chance to settle with d term u can afford.

  344. sir ed, maraming salamat po s advice nyo, opo pang 3rd times n nga po nagpapadala kaso po di po ako nkaka attend nahihiya po kasi ako, ngayon pong nka 3rd times n ano po kayang possible action ang next step n pwede nilang gawin, maaakyat n nga po kaya to s RTC? maraming salamat po talaga, at ano nmn po kaya ang pwede kong gawin, ayaw po kasi ng inutangan nmin n ang co maker ko ang magbayad ng amount n nabayaran ko n, kasi di nya hinulog nagastos po daw ng co maker ko, tama po b un?e s pinirmahan nmin e nkalagay n pag di ako tumupad co maker ko ang sisingilin, tapos ngayon ayaw nyang tanggapin ako talaga ang pinipilit nya. sir ed aabangan ko po ulit ang response nyo maraming salamat po.

  345. sir ed,

    my utang kase ako sa HSBC, ngayon, tinawagan ako ng isang collecting agency sa bago ko work, marami ang sinabe ng collector, dko naman naintindihan, lage nya lang sinasabe na dapat alam ko daw un, recorded daw ang aming conversation pero sinabe nya un after nya masabe lahat ng mga informatio na mukhang sya lang ang may alam, to make the story short, gusto nya na mabayaran ko ang aking utang sa friday, na nagkakahalagang 55k ata sbe nya. dahil my amnesty daw, 28k nlang daw. sila daw ang way para masettle ung aking account, kapag di daw ako nakapag bayad sa friday, idedemanda daw ako ng banko.. tapos ang dami pa nya sinabe, ang last ko nalang na nasabe sa kanya eh .. yap willing ako na mademanda, handa ako humarap sa mga tauhan ng kanilang agency sa friday sa oras na aking binigay at haharapin ang knilang reklamo sa akin at susulat ako sa HSBC kung iyon ang gusto nila.

    tama po ba ginawa ko? nasa isip ko kase parang mas gusto ko pa mkipag settle ng account sa korte kesa sa knila eh, nkiusap din kase ako sa knila na hihinge po muna ako ng legal advise, ngalit sila sa akin at binabaan ako ng telepono, inaantay ko tumawag ule kaso di na tumawag, antayin ko nalang sila sa friday.

    salamat po

  346. sir Fritz,

    thanks po pala sa blogsite mo na eto.. napakalaking tulong po eto para sa tulad namin na kokonte lang ang alam sa batas.. sana every university/colleges or khit sa highschool meron phil.consti.. :)

    thanks po ule ng mdami :)

  347. hi
    sir vinz castillo,
    unang una gusto ko po ipauna sainyo na ang unang role ng agency or law offices is counselling.aalamin nila ang tunay na nangyari kung bakit defaulted si borrower or si card holder. then amicable settlement by term or whatever may agreed by both party depending on its capacity to settle.ngayon kung sa umpisa pa lang mali na ang ginawa ng agency representative dahil nga marami talaga ang mga irresponsible agencies,ay masasabi kong tama lang ang sinabi mo sa kausap mo. kapag dumating ang patawag ng court eh di doon mo na lang sabihin sa bank representative na kaya kayo umabot sa court settlement dahil walang matinong agency ang nakipag usap sayo ng tama.magkakaroon din naman kayo ng settlement arrangement if ever nasa fiscal na ang usapin.thanks po

  348. Good Evening!

    Sir Ed and Sir Fritz nabasa ko pa halos lahat ng mga natutulungan nyo sa mga problema ng mga kababayan natin. Nagtry po talaga akong mag browse ng net para makahanap ng kasagutan sa problema ko. Mga sir tulungan nyo naman po ako kasi kailangan kung makakuha ng NBI ko kasi pinapaprocess na ako ng inaplayan kung trabaho sa ibang bansa. Di ako makarenew ng passport ko pag walang NBI. Nagloan po ako ng 50k sa isang Lending Company sa Cebu, nakalimutan ko na ang pangalan kasi mga 3 to 4 years ago na. Nagpadala po sila sa akin ng summon mg pero di ko pa nakuha agad sa post office mga 1 month sya nagstay a 3 years ago nadin kasi late na ako na inform. Nang pinuntahan ko po sa post office bumalik na po sa sender ang letter. After nyan po wala na po sila nagpadala ng kahit anong complaint against me. Di narin po ako nakapunta sa office nila kasi taga Iloilo ako tapos sa Cebu ang Office at dahil narin po sa hirap ng buhay wala akong pang gastos. Nag work po kasi ako sa Cebu dati tapos nagkasakit ako, umuwi po muna ako ng Iloilo para magpahinga unfortunately di na makaya ng katawan ko nag decide nalang po ako na magresign. Ang kasalanan ko lang po di ko sila na inform na di ko na kayang magbayad. Matagal din po kasi pagamot ko at halos lahat ng ipon namin naubos hanggang sa gumaling ako. Sa ngayon po gusto ko po sanang makawork ulit para makabayad na ako sa kanila ang inaalala ko lang po baka may case ako at di ako makakuha ng NBI. Please po advice nyo naman ako kung anong dapat kung gawin. Email nyo po ako please. Maraming salamat po.

    God bless!

  349. Hi Ms.Faye D. Have u tried processing your NBI clearance? Is there a hit list? Maaaring nagsampa na ng complaint ang Lending Company where you owe a credit.Kasi kadalasan nagre-require sila ng PDC,tama po ba? Kung sakaling merong archived case against you maaaring iyon ang maging cause ng hit list mo sa NBI.Kapag kumuha ka ng NBI Clearance di agad maibibigay sayo sa halip kakausapin ka sa loob ng kanilang tanggapan at aalamin kung ano ang cause ng hit list mo or kung ano na ang naging status ng case filed against you.Papupuntahin ka nila sa Court Branch kung saan naka sampa ang case para humingi ka ng Court Clearance.Ngayon kapag hondi ka pa cleared sa court hindi ka nila bibigyan ng Clearance.Ang pinaka mainam mong gawin pumunta ka muna sa court branch kung saan naka sampa ang case against you or visit the records section of the courts in Cebu.Kung mayroon ngang complaints sayo doon at kung may outstanding warrant ka malalaman un doon and it causes your hit list.You can let your nearest relative to verify it for you.Kung sakaling closed na ang Lending company pagbabayarin ka na lang ng court branch ng karampatang halaga para sa iyong clearance.Kung sakaling bukas pa mag uusap kayo kung paano ka makakabayad.Di ka mabibigyan ng Clearance ng Korte kung di mo ito matatapos bayaran,at kapag wala ka pang Court Clearance di ka rin makakakuha ng NBI clearance.Kapag mabayaran mo na ang court o ang Lending Company makukuha mo na lahat ng clearance.Kaya ready mo na lang pambayad mo sa kanila.Pera lng nman yang problema mo at pera din ang solusyon jan.Thanks for the trust sa blog na ito.God bless po.

  350. Good day po. I have a ‘friend’ who asked to charge on my credit cards way back 2011 to 2012 and as a concerned colleague, I have allowed him to charge on my credit cards. He has paid on the first few charges but eventually he had financial problems, he decided to work on a different company. Because his salary will be higher, I believed he can pay his outstanding obligations and allowed him to charge a few more. But to my surprise, he did not pay his due balances. I have followed him up to pay and informed him that he will be paying the interest charges charged to my account to the extent of his balances.

    Because I am afraid that the interest will bloat his balances to the extent that it will be really difficult for him to pay, I have managed to pay some of the liabilities and informed him about it but I also have my own expenses and he is enjoying the benefits of my hard earned money. So I have informed him that if you do not pay, your balances will have interest charges as what the bank is charging my accounts.

    Now, he is telling me that he doesn’t agree with the interest charges so he won’t communicate until I seek advice from the experts. I have no capacity to pay for huge amount of judicial proceedings but this has damaged me already emotionally. I really want to pursue collecting debts from him.

    He blocked all of the communication we have – he cannot be contacted in facebook, emails and phones. So I hope that you can provide me advice on how I will be handling this one.

    We are both licensed professionals and I don’t want to damage our names.

    Your response and effort will be highly appreciated.

  351. i’d like to know if the new service charge by MMC called MULTIPLE PAYMENT FEE is legal. i think its unfair for those who wishes to pay more than 2 times a month. they have a charge kasi of 50 for the next payments in excess of 2 times per month. paraparaan lang sa charges ah…

  352. good morning . l have read some of the comments regarding cc holder who wasn’t able to pay back, all this law that was done by our government for the cc holder is only in our country, my question is what about the other Pilipino who works outside the Philippines who is also having the same problem for their cc.How our government could help them solve their problem with out being in prison? is there any deadline for unpaid cc that can be void after long years of none payments?

  353. Hi tin, as far as I know wala namang ganyang charges ang mga Banks na hawak namin. Kapag or interbank deposit or inter branch payment meron talaga charge ng 50pesos.
    @thernel-kung sa ibang bansa po ninyo availed ang credit cards or PL hindi po yan sakop ng ating mga batas ibig ko pong sabihin kung covered po kayo ng policies ng bansa kung saan ninyo availed ang CC or PL.

  354. Good day po. May loan po ko sa isang lending company… Nagissue po ko ng pdc… Ok nman po sa first four months kya lang on the 5th month hinde ko po napondohan ung tseke. Na account closed na po… Nagbyad na po directly sa company with the penalty and legal daw. I am two months delay. Pero monthly po ko nakakabyad kya lang two months delay… Pwede na po ba nila ako kasuhan dahil sa delay ako ng two months… Magamit pa rin ho ba nla ung mga pdc ko sa kanila kung account closed na to two months ago…ngayon po nagaalala ako kase last time na kausap ko ung supervisor nla eh ipapakulong daw ako…

  355. Hi Mr. Ed,

    Could they please enlighten me if meron talgang nakukulong sa ndi pagbabayad ng loan or personal loan? I have no one to turn to pra mabayaran ko ung personal loan ko..meron nang sms notification sakin sa 3months delay payment ko, they asking me to settle it immediately to avoid endorsement to Lawyer. Sabay sabay po kc tlga problema ko ngaun..sana po masagot po nila ako please…salamat!

  356. Hello Mr Ace,
    Depende rin po kc sa sitwasyon un.Meron kasing mga Personal Loans na may issued PDC at meron din namang wala.Meron ding nag avail ng loan pero puro nman bogus ung mga detalye ng Identity kadalasan sa mga nakukulong ung mga fraud ang pagkaka-avail.Based on my experience meron kami naipakulong after kasi marelease ung loan nagbayad lng ng 6 months then hindi na nagbayad pa ulit.Upon verification di talaga sya employed sa declared nyang company at at ang mga isinumite nyang properties na sinasabi nyang pag-aari nya such as ung mga sasakyan daw na ayon sa application form nya ay sa kanya.with submitted papers nman pero peke din . Pero doon sa mga legally availed nman at nadelay lng ng pagbabayad wala pa nman nakukulong based on our experience also pero naisampa nman ang mga case.Ang pinaka risk lng nila habang di pa nakakabayad may naka pending na kaso sa court.At kapag nakapag raise na sila ng pambayad doon lng nawawala ang records na may kaso ang isang borrower.

  357. Mr. Ed,

    Thank you for the prompt response. Sa personal loan ko ngaun wlang issued na PDC.

    Your site is very helpful.


  358. i just have a querry po… we have problems with my husband( he is a military) in his previous debt. 5 years ago nagkaotang xa with their neighbor na may negosyo na pautang, 8% monthly ang interest amounted to 50,000 and he deposited his ATM w/ a monthly salary of 5,000. din every month my husband kumukuha doon ng 1500 para sa pang allowance nia. when we get married last Jan 27, 2012 tinigil na nia ang pag.otang don. as he inquire the creditors she said the otang is amounted to 100,000 including the interest. last August 2013, the salary of my husband increase to 13,000 for he already paid his salary loan to PAFCI, dis Oct i decided na mag salary loan ulit para makuha q yong ATM as i ask the creditors ang loan daw is amounted to 300,000+.. we dont have that amount to pay her demand bill.. di po bah sobra na ang creditors? sa 5000 na napapasok sa ATM ng husband q in 5 yrs. ( 5000x12x5 = 300,000) na ang nakulikta nia. wat shud i do? please help me.

    thank u

  359. I’ve been reading this thread and it’s all about the rights of debtor. No one can be imprisoned because of unpaid debt, collectors harassing debtors, you can’t force to pay debtors, and even a letter sample from an attorney that can be forwarded to lenders.

    What was this all about? I am not against all these opinions but have you ever thought of “I won’t be receiving this words, collection letters, calls etc etc if I know my obligations.” In the first place, why borrow if you aren’t sure you can pay? For unexpected incident that leads you not to be able to pay your debt, that’s different.

    We can’t blame the lenders to forward debt collection to collection agencies. I have a debt dated June 2008, I was unable to pay my lender for 5 years. But I can’t blame them if sometimes, I hear some inappropriate words because I know I was wrong. We have contract agreement but I failed to pay my due on the set date.

    I am just so thankful that my lender didn’t re-compute my loan and let the principal remain still. He didn’t add any interest and let me pay my due monthly.

    I also understand that instead of thinking i am being abused, I should be thankful for my lender because it was because of him I was able to move on because he trusted me and let me borrow some amount from him.

    And for those, like me, having debt, why not think of ways to pay our debt instead of seeking pity? We only make ourselves pitiful for asking advise for some kind of debt issue and blah blah.

    As lol said, wag mangutang kung sa huli maghahanap lang tayo ng awa sa ibang tao dahil di natin kayang bayaran. Wala tayong matatanggap na demand letter, collection letter kung alam natin ang sarili natin. Thanks and share lang din because this forum makes lenders looks that bad when in fact, it was us who was trying to seek for help the time we need something (be it for emergency purposes etc etc).

    Tayong mga debtor ang problema at hindi ang mga lender, pasalamat pa nga tayo at least sa panahong nangangailangan tayo, may natakbuhan tayo. Tas afterwards, anong ginagawa natin? Tayo pa ang maraming reklamo? Instead of thank you… absurd..

  360. for Ashley_53, better talk to the lender and ask for the contract agreement between the lender and your husband for you to fully understand the content of the agreement (yun ay kung may kontrata sila). Yan na siguro ang sinasabi nilang abusive lenders and if they insist bout that debt, you can consult a lawyer kasi sobra naman na ata yan :)…

  361. Tumawag yun Axa insurance kanina, cinonvince ako na magpa insurance… Nilinaw ko na wala akong dapat na bayaran dyan at wag nila akong icharge.

    Para sure gusto kong ipacancel/null/void yun agreement. Tumawag ako sa metrobank card, sabi tawagan na lang daw yun Axa sa number na blah blah.. Tatawagan ko yun office nila sa lunes since mon-fri office nila. Ask ko lang saan pwede nagreklamo/file ng case kapag ayaw nila icancel at chinarge pa rin ako sa credit card statement ko? Please help. Thanks

  362. Nevermind, I just cancelled the card and will gonna pay the amount in full. I don’t think I have to pay for the bullsh*t insurance.

  363. Hi Mr. Ed / Mr. Fitz,
    Hi Mr. Ed / Fritz,

    Good day!

    Once again I’m humbly asking for their good advise. I have a big problem with my auto loan. I’m paying for my monthly amortization for about 9months now. My problem is the vehicle was carnapped and for now the case is already alarm nationwide. I want to have a stop payment to the bank, i’ve already direct to them the incident pero as per them it will depend on our insurance for the monthly payment matter. So after filing our nationwide alarm of the case, i direct right after to insurance, ang sabi ituloy ko lng ang monthly payment though i have the papers (police report, alarm sheet, complainant sheet, police entry, barangay entry, barangay blotter)..My car insurance is on comprehensive, and as advise by the police, if comprehensive ang insurance after 60-90days daw of the case and if no recovery sa sasakyan ko papalitan ito ng insurance since kasi comprehensive nga..pero as i’ve talked on insurance pg narecover ang sasakyan sa knila na un at sila na magbabayad ng remaining balance ko..if no recovery,still babayran p rin nila sa bank ung balance ko question is, do i really have to continue my monthly amortization now until after 90 days of the case? and di ba dapat nila ako bigyan ng bagong unit ng car if the case is no recovery after the said period of time?..

    hoping for their immediate advise po..


  364. Hi Mr. Ace,

    Same tayo ng experience. Nacarnapped din yung car ko July 2012 and ngayon palang binayaran ng insurance yung balance ko sa bank. May sukli pa ko from insurance at makukuha ko yun once mabigay ko sa kanila yung original documents galing kay bank. You have to pay po yung monthly amortization till makuha mo yung claim mo. Pero pwede ka po makiusap sa bank na ihold muna nila magfile ng case lalo wala naman silang makukuha na car since nacarnapped na nga po and tell them na on process na. Yun po ay kung papayag. Pero matagal po na proseso bago makuha yung claim. Kasi wait ka pa ng court resolution nyan at yung certificate of non-recovery from hpg. tapos aabutin din ng 2-3 months bago makacalim kay insurance.


  365. Hi Ms. Rea,

    Thanks for sharing your experience.actually I’ve sent an email to insurance today and to bank, pleasing them for the stop payment..comprehensive ba ung insurance mo? Sobrang tagal nman nabayaran ng balance mo lumampas na ng 1year to your case. Un din kasi ung point ko, if insurance will pay my remaining balance why I have to continue my monthly amortization and to think na nacarnap na nga. Sa case mo nag continue ka pa ba? and umabot sau ng 3month before you got your claim? what original documents galing kay bank? thanks..

    Hi Mr. Ed / Fitz,

    Appreciate their response on this please..kindly enlighten me on this matter..thank you.

  366. Mr. Ace,

    Yes, comprehensive din insurance ko. matagal kasi process. Magpa-file ka pa ng case, aattend ka ng 2 hearings. Tapos wait mo yung court resolution which will take 3-4 months. Kasi need yun para maprocess din ng hpg yung nationwide alarm. Tapos you have to go to LTO pa para sa makuha yung mga kailangang documents ni hpg at insurance. Tapos wait mo yun cert of non-recovery. Once you submit them kay insurance. It would take 2-3 months daw kasi iba daw case pag carnapped yung claim mo. Aug ’13 ko nasubmit lahat, tapos nabigay sakin yung offer letter around oct na. Nagpalya ako mga ilang months sa monthly amortization pero nagtry ako magbayad hangga’t kaya ko. Good thing lang dun ay di sila nakapag-file ng case sakin kasi more than 3 months din yung palya ko. Kasi siguro wala naman silang makukuha kasi carnapped yung car at wait nalang din nila maprocess yung claim. Pero if kaya mo naman magbayad monthly mas maganda para di masira yung record mo sa bank at di mapupunta sa interest yung claim mo. pag nakuha mo naman yung claim for sure, makakaya mo magdown ulit sa bagong car. Yun nga lang sobrang hassle talaga sa tagal ng proseso. Sana makuha mo ng mabilis yung claim mo. Good luck!


  367. Mr. Ace, I forgot to answer yung isang question mo. Depende nga pala kay bank kung yung whole amount ng claim mo yung hihingin nila kay insurance at sila magbabalik ng remaining. Pero like on my case yung balance lang sa bank hiningi nila kaya kay insurance ko kukunin yung remaining. You need the following from the bank kapag na-settle or nabayaran na ni insurance yung balance mo:

    1. original copy of registration cert and OR
    2. release of chattel mortgage
    3. original or duplicate copy of promissory note w/ chattel mortgage

    Anyway bibigyan ka naman nila ng list.


  368. Hi Mr ed/Mr. Fitz,

    I’m a cc holder and I have a multiple cc matagal na po akong cc holder, since 2007 pa kaya lang last July 2013 nagkaroon kami ng financial problem doon na nag umpisa na hindi ko nabayaran ang mga miminum due ko sa bawat cc ko. Nagbelow mim. po lahat hanggang sa nagkasakit na po ako sa sobrang pag iisip kung pano mabbayaran ang lahat ng utang ko sa kanila halos isang buwan po akong nagkasakit. Pagkatapos po mga month ng October na ospital naman ang mother ko pero hindi din po nakasurvive halos isang buwan pa lang po ang nanakaraan. Ang trabaho ko lang po ay sideline na lang sa kapatid ko kaya di po sapat ang kinikita namin, lumaki ng lumaki ang minimum na kailangan kong bayaran sa kanila halos araw-araw nila akong tinatawagan para mabayaran ang gusto nilang amount na kailangan daw bayaran ko kung hindi ilelegal na daw nila at babayaran ko daw ang buong utang ko. Nakakabayad naman po ako kahit papano pero maliit nga lang dahil hinahati ko lang po yong kita ko ng isang buwan sa 8 banks. Minsan po me tumawag pa na kailangan magbayad until tom. at sana daw mag sink-in yong utang ko na dapat bayaran sa kanila at hwag daw po akong maging child dish ang tanda-tanda ko na daw po at hwag daw po ako mag-ilusyon at kung pwede daw pati pambili namin ng pahkain eh ibayad ko na din sa kanila talaga pong hindi ko naalam gagawin ko nasabi ko po tuloy ipakulong na lang nila ko kasi hindi ko pa kaya magbayad ng amount na gusto nila. Hindi ko po sila mapakiusapan, kaya minsan po pag me taong naghahanap sakin iniisip ko tuloy ito na ba ang scenario hindi ko naman po tinatakbuhan ang mga utang ko kaya lang talagang hindi ko pa po kaya. Yong Metrobank cc ko po na iforward na nila sa law office, pero na-pull out din po kasi nakabayad lang ako ng partial sa amount na hinihingi nila mabait naman po yong law office pero ng mabalik sa Metrobank me tumawag na naman sa Head offc. daw po sya ng Metrobank at kailangan daw isettle ko yong kulang na amount na hinihingi nila kung hindi ifoforward nila sa higher offc. at babayaran ko ang buong utang ko sa kanila. Kung me puso cla maiisip cguro nila na yong minimum nga hindi ko mabayaran pano pa po yong buong amount. Ano po ba ang kailngan kong gawin malapit na po akong mawala sa sarili ko hindi na po ako makakain ng maayos at hindi din po makatulog ng maayos at lalo pa pong bumaba ang timbang ko at kung mamasukan po ako isang tingin pa lang po sakin sasabihin ng your’re not fit to work. Kanino po ako dapat humingi ng advice tulungan nyo naman po ako, naiisip ko po tuloy sana ako na lang ang namatay at hindi yong mother ko. Naiiyak na lang po ako dahil kahit ako po awang-awa na sa sarili ko. Gusto ko na pong matapos ang problema ko kaya sana po Please, please help me.

  369. Pagod na pagod na po ang isip ang buong katawan ko hindi ko naman po sila iniiwasan kaya lang po medyo nagkatroma na po ako pag me kakausap na bangko sa akin tuwing mag riring ang telepono namin nagdadalawang isip na po tuloy ako kung kakausapin ko pa sila. Pls. advise me po kung ano dapat ko gawin.
    Thank you po.

  370. Hi Ms. Rea,

    Thanks for the info. it really help. But still I have a question, what will be their basis ba sa amount ng magiging claim mo? tsaka di ba dapat they will be given me a new unit of car if it is no recovery? paglalakad pa lng kasi ng papers tlgang gumagastos ka na eh..very budgeted ang salary ko to all my expenses. yesterday nga tumwag na sakin ung eastwest hindi pa pla alam nung agent na my handle ng account ko sa case ng auto loan ko though ive sent an email to them already and the case was already reported to their branch. but then nakiusap ako for stop payment,and as of now wla pa sila feedback.

    Thank you


  371. Hi Mr. Ace,

    You’re welcome! The insured amount is indicated in your policy. Pag less than a year ang car since from the time na nawala, siguro same amount sa pagkakabili mo. Basta 3 years and below ang car, wala pang depreciation. Pag nagbigay sila ng offer letter at mababa yung amount, pwede mo pang i-request kung ano yung dapat. Dito yata sa pinas, di talaga sila nagpapalit ng new unit ng car ang insurance. Magastos talaga ang paglakad ng papers, daming xerox at notaryo. Plus kelangan mo pa magleave sa work para maasikaso. Tapos may hihingi pa ng lagay para mapabilis.

    About sa bank, minsan pag nireport mo na sa head office, di parin aware yung agent na may hawak ng loan unless nakausap mo sila. I hope pumayag sila sa request mo for stop payment.

  372. hi sir.

    sana po mtulungan nyo kmi. kc po my utang ang nanay ko noong 1992 amt 100k. nkpgbigay nmn po ang mga mgulang ko 25t 10t minsan 5t d ko n mbilang kung ilang beses.tinaggap nmn po nya. pnabrgy nrin po kmi yr 2001 kso hindi po kmi nkpgbigay noon dhil bankrupt n po kmi at nkuha n rin po ng bangko bhay nmin noong yr 1999. at yr 2001 nmn po ndemolish nmn kmi. during 1999 to 2013 lagi nya po kmi pinuputhan monthly minsan po weekly nkpg bibigay mo nanay ko 3t minsan kung kailan nya gusto pumunta ngbibigay po nanay ko. kya lng po itong huli hindi npo kmi mkpgbigay dhil pinapagmot po nmin ang nanay ko. dhil my cancer po sya s thyroid.

    61 years old n po tatay ko nagtatanim lang po ng gabi.nanay ko nmn po pinapagmot po namin npakamahal po ng maintenance at operasyon dhil 3 beses n po siya inoperahan at hindi n po kya mgtrabaho. since 2007 kmi n po mgkkapatid ang ngbbayd ng utang ng nanay ko. dhil wla nmn n po sila trabaho.

    ang sinasabi nya nmn po s amin interes lng dw ung binibigay namin dahil npakatagal n po dw noong utang. interes lng dw po iyon. ang meron lng po kmi ay carenderia at sari2 store n wla png 20t ang laman.squatter prin nmn kmi kya wla kmi real property.

    noong tinanong ko po nanay ko kung my cheke po siyang tumalbog n pinangbyad s utang wala nmn po.tinanong ko din po kung s ksulatan po nila ay my usapang interes wla po dw.

    dahil po itong huli hindi kmi mkpgbigay ng malaki laki. kakasuhan nya n po dw kmi. hindi ko po alam kung ano ang susunod nming hakbang. hanggang ngyon pinapagomot nmin nanay nmin kya hindi po kmi mkpgbigay.

    sana po mtulungan nyo kmi.kung ku2ha po siya ng abogado at kmi po ay wlang abogado hindi po namin alam kung paano ipagtatanggol ang sarili namin.

    salamat po. sana ay mkarating po sa inyo ito malaking tulong po ang ano mang inyong impormasyon na maibibigay.

  373. I have a loan sa tao na kumukuha ng atm a collateral 10% per month interest natanggal ako sa trabaho kayawala na laman atm nagreach po ng 16k loan q tapos ininterest pa nila wala po permit ang loan and sobra taas interest and naghaharass pa po

  374. good evening po. i have a personal loan with a bank secured by PDCs. i was able to get a payment scheme after the bank supposedly turned over my loan to what they call a “CSI”.

    the person i am dealing with represents himself as an employee of citibank. i am almost done with the loan based on the amount computed supposedly by citibank but i kept asking for my contact person to provide me with a copy of the computation.

    each time i request the person i am liaising with tells me that it was citibank who computed the total amount due and i should ask from citibank. when i call citibank they no longer entertain me as my account is with the “CSI” already.

    i pay hard earned money after i was laid off from work in 2009 and i just want to understand how they (collection agency/bank) came up with the calculations of the amount due.

    should i be consulting a lawyer for this? i feel that i was overcharged for the ‘re-structured’ loan.

    will the lawyer charge me a hefty fee? i am just beginning to recover from 4 years (2009 to present) of financial crisis and i am suppoting my entire family though i am single.

    pls advise.

    thank you very much.


  375. hi po! hngi po ako ng advice sa inyo may utang po kc ako sa lending na 10.000 na hinuhulugan kopo dati ng 200 a day pero po nung nalugi yung tindahan ko na stop po ako sa pag huhulog,bale nakahulog na po ako ng 11,860 pinadalhan po nila ako ng notice na kaylangan ko daw po bayaran ay mahigit 22,000 po naka pag hulog po ako ng pautay utay tapos po dinalhan po nila ako ng demand letter na mag hearing na daw po nagtaka po ako kc nag huhulog nmn po ako sa collctor nila tapos nakalagay pa po dun 35,000 na po ang halagang kaylangan kong bayaran,bale hndi po ako naka attend ng hearing tpos po pumunta na nmn po sila may dala silang papel na decistion na daw po ng korte na kaylangan ko daw po bayaran yung 35 000.samantalang halos bayad na po ako dun sa inutang ko.sana po masagut nyo ang tanong ang tanong ko at kung pwede po ituro nyo ko kanino po ako pwede lumapit.marami pong salamat.

  376. Hi Sir Ed, Sir Fitz,

    Need ko naman po advice nyo pinadalhan na po kc ako ng letter na galing law offc. ng citibank kailngan daw within 5 days magreply ako sa kanila and bayaran ko yong hinihingi nilang amount kung hindi dadalhin na nila sa court yong case ko. Nakakabayad naman po ako kaya lang hindi po umaaabot sa minimum kc pinagkakasya ko lang yong kinikita ko sa pagsideline ko kailangan ko po bang magreply o hintayin ko na lang po yong another letter at umapila sa court? I need your advise. At me nagtx pa po sa akin na me criminal case daw po ako na estafa at iisyuhan na daw ako ng subpoena ngayong nov. 22, 2013. Ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin? Please help me naman po.



  377. Hi Sir,

    I’m a cc owner year 2011 and right now I was being harassed through phone calls in my new employer. I told them that it is against our company rule but they told me that if I cant settle the least amount they are saying, P 10,000 within the day, they will be talking to our company president. What would I do. Please help. Thanks.

  378. Sir Ed, Sir Fitz
    nagkautang po ako s money care lending company worth 30k nuong july with pension plan po ang klagay duon.nag issue po ako ng 10 pdc worth 3450 each.nawalan po ako ng work at until now ay la p din po stable n income.nakatanggap po ako ng final demand letter s knila.mag file dw po sila ng collection case if di ako kokontak s kanila.Nasa 179,000 n dw po ang utang ko kasama interes.di ko po alam if paano ko un mababayaran.worried po ako mag punta s ofis nila dhil baka po maharass ako at mapapirma ng contract n lalo ako mapapahamak.please help me po.ayaw ko po makulong.

  379. Hi, Madam Josefina. It still more better if you could come to them or call them via phone informing of your cirrent financial state or the reasons of your delinquencies. If ever you have raised the amount of your Outstanding Balance na 30k You can request to them the penalty amnesty so that you can settle the loan.Is your Current Account used for PDC still active? Did they deposit it and bounced or DAIF? You can also request to the Bank to hold payment by maintaining a balance of not less than your PDC amount.

  380. matagal n po n close ung account sir.ble dalawa po ksi ang penalty n babayaran ko f di ko p iclose ang account.penalty po nung lending at penalty nun bank.marami pong slamat sir Ed.more power po and god bless

  381. Hi Mam ilang PDC po ba ang DAIF? Di naman ganun kalaki ang penalty nun at di mo un babayaran sa kanila, sa Bank mo po un babayaran since closed account ka na eh di wala ka n po babayaran.You can request to waive Penalty dahil pde nman po yan at ang bayaran nyo n lng po is ung interest at ung Principal,Pde po kayo magpagawa ng Request Letter sa Lawyer.Wag po kayo matakot pumunta sa kanilang Office para makipag usap kapag hinaras kayo eh di mas mabuti sila na ang kasuhan mo.

  382. well… nde na ako magtataka sa dami ng modus operandi ng mga abusadong kolektor na yan na one of these days, they will be hanged in public with the large of sign of “ABUSADONG KOLEKTOR WAG TULARAN” remember those guerrilla days?

    ang mga taong may utang ay nde kriminal at hayop… kaya wag kayong manigaw at maningil na animo masahol pa kayo sa mga pulis kung makatawag sa telepono at maka asta.

    makakahanap rin kayo ng katapat nyo na halang ang bituka at baka katayin kayo ng buhay at ibenta ang karne nyo sa palengke para me pambayad ng sinisingil ninyo.

  383. Hi Sir,

    I had a salary loan two years ago na wala nabayaran. I was not able to pay it since I lost my job by that time. I think mga 6k. They’ve been sending me a lot of demand letters and lately a summon from the barangay. I’ve been so harassed with them lately and i’m uncertain if i will be in trouble for this. Ive been noticing the summon or complaint are coming from different names. I really dnt knw what do do. I need ur help. Thank you

  384. Good day!

    Sir nakatanggap mo kami ng summon noong Oct. 2013, nakipagusap po kami sa may hawak ng account namin na collector agencies na kung maaari hulugan ko ng 3k/mo. ang utang namin sa dahilang gipit na gipit po kami, kaya lang ho di sila pumayag, tapos now nakatanggap o kami ng letter nakalagay po ang ganito PLAINTIFF’S MOTION TO DECLARE DEFENDANTS IN DEFAULT IS GRANTED. SET THIS CASE FOR PRESENTATION OF PLAINTIFF’S EVIDENCE EX-PARTE ON MARCH 13, 2014 AT 8:30 IN THE MORNING. SO ORDERED. MAKATI CITY, NOVEMBER 29, 2013.

    Sir anu po ang dapat naming gawin at anu pong mangyayari? Sa ngayon po kc di po namin kaya ang hinihingi nila amount na 10k/mo., sabi po namin kung maaari 3k/mo. na muna po dahil gipit po tlga kami sa ngayon, sir tulungan nyo po kami anu po ang dapat naming gawin, di na po nakakatulog kakaisip panu kami makakabayad, bale 335k po ang principal amount tapos singil po nila kami ng 385k.

    Marami pong salamat!

  385. Gud day Sir. Noon po summon po ang natanggap namin noong october 2013, now o nktanggap po ulit kami ng letter naka registered mail po galing MTC nakalagay po ang ganito PLAINTIFF’S MOTION TO DECLARE DEFENDANTS IN DEFAULT IS GRANTED. SET THIS CASE FOR PRESENTATION OF PLAINTIFF’S EVIDENCE EX-PARTE ON MARCH 13, 2014 AT 8:30 IN THE MORNING. SO ORDERED. MAKATI CITY, NOVEMBER 29, 2013.

    Sir anu po ang dapat naming gawin, kahit po kasi umattend kami natatakot po kami dahil wala po talaga kaming kakayahan sa ngayomg magbayad, maaari po ba naming pakiusapan ang plainiffs na kung maaari next year na po kami magsimulang magbayad sa dahilan pong di po tlga namin kakayaning magbayad ngayon, gipit na gipit po tlga kami now, tulungan nyo po kami anu po ang gagawin namin, natatakot po kami.

    Marami pong salamat!

  386. Hi Mam Teresita, Dahil po sa hindi kayo naka attend sa tamang petsa ng Unang summon na natanggap nyo rin naman , ang complainant po ay nag file ng Application for Entry of Default, Syempre gusto nya na madesisyunan na ang kaso in favor of them kasi nga di kayo naka attend . Pero hanggat maaari gusto ng judge maka attend kayo kaya nakatanggap kayo ulit ng letter.As much as possible Judge may always render his Judgement base on facts and not on the technicality of the case. Wag po kayo matakot pumunta kailangan po marinig ang side nyo ng husgado kaya dapat po ay pumunta kayo. Sa pag punta nyo po sa naka talang schedule ipapaliwanag nyo po kung bakit di kayo nakapunta noong unang tawag sainyo gayong natanggap nyo naman ang summon.You must have a better reason why were you not able to attend.At saka matulog po kayo ng mahimbing para malinaw ang isip nyo sa pagharap ng mga suliranin. Problema lang nman po yan at lahat ng Problema may solusyon. Wag po kayo mawalan ng lakas ng loob dahil di matatapos ang pasanin nyo kung lalambot kayo. Pray to our God that He must give you enough strength to overcome your problems. Do not pray na maglaho na lang ng bigla ang mga pasanin natin dahil di po yon mangyayari. Remember that God told us “DO YOUR PART AND I WILL DO THE REST” Kaya gawin nyo na po yong dapat nyong gawin, Kapag naroon na kayo I assure you sasamahan kayo ni God.

  387. Sir Ed,

    Marami pong salamat, noong natanggap po namin ang summon tinawagan po namin ang collection office nakipag-usap po ako na kung maaari i long term na lang po ang payment para makayanan namin ang buwanang bayad kaso ho di sila pumayag at tinakot pa ako na sa court na lang daw magkita, sa takot ko ho di na ko umattend dahil isip ko po paano ko kakayanin ang amount na gusto nila gipit na gipit ho talaga kami now.

    Marami pong salamat Sir Ed, sa lakas ng loob na binigay mo sa akin, tunay nga po na di ako pababayaan ng Panginoon.

    Sana nga po makaluwag na kami ng makabayad na po ulit kami, mahirap po kasi mag-isip ng mag-isip.

  388. hi may last payment po ako last 2006 pa po balance 50k now they ask me to settle one time for a 180k pero d ko po kaya any advice…

  389. Hi Sir Arnold Ano po ba ung loan nyo? Salary Loan, Personal Loan o Credit Card? You can request for a lower One Time Payment amount. Request for an amnesty and justify why should they give you a full penalty waiver.

  390. may utang po ako sa hsbc credit card medyo matagal na ito at lumaki na. may tumawag po sa akin na taga CJM strategic management solution. May offer daw po ang bank ng lump sum settlement na 13,000. byadan ko daw po sa kahit saang branch ng hsbc para ma settle ko na utang ko. gusto ko na po sa ito bayaran para mawala na utang ko. totoo po ba kaya ito. ano po dapat ko gawin para masigurado ko na mabayaran ko na nga po utang ko? salamat po.

  391. Hi everyone& Sir Fritz!

    thank you so much sa blog na ito. . . it would lessen my stress everytime na may tumawag sa akin na mga C/A

    I just want to share my feelings this time. Ang bigat2x kasi nang kalooban ko ngayon.. . .huh! May tumawag ksi sa MAIN OFFICE namin from ANCHOR COLLECTION AGENCY daw, nagagalit na daw kung bakit di nila ako macontact sa local ko, wla daw sumasagot. Eh kasi, nasa factory ako somewhere in Davao del Norte, and since medyo busy, di ko naman namalayan na tumwag sila sa CP ko. Ang sa akin lang naman, why they’re acting galit to our receptionist, takot na takot kasi siya. At umabot pa sa mga head of office ko and it was so shameful. Kung mawawalan ako nang trabaho eh, i can’t even afford to pay them on time,at ang mangyari pati pamilya ko wla nang makakain. I have 2 accounts ksi sa CITIBANK, and i have just settled the other 1 last weds. pa. Ngayon gusto na naman nila na e settle ko yong isa. Na, cguro mga 20k lang ang utang ko, na ngayon naging 51k nadaw. Sinabi ko na po sa kanila na, kung pwede paunti unti kung bayaran, dahil di ko naman gi deny na may utang ako, eh kaso nga lang dahil sa may 3kids na pinapaaral, di talagang maiwasan na magipit. Lalo na, pamilya asthmatic kami. And kaya naging nerbyosa ako, everytime na may tumawag, dahil cguro sa maintainance ko. Kaya kung ano mang problema meron ako sa ngayon, ipagpasa Dios ko na lang.

  392. update lang po tungkol sa post ko last january 17. Totoo naman pala po ang sinabi nung collector na may settlement offer nga po hsbc. nag punta po ako dun sa hsbc sa the fort gaya ng sinabi nung collector at nagbayad po ako ng settlement amount. nakuha ko din po agad yung clearance ko from hsbc right there. ok naman po makipag usap yung taga collection agency.

  393. Sir Ed,

    Ask ko lang po pag ganito po pa natanggap mong letter PLAINTIFF’S MOTION TO DECLARE DEFENDANTS IN DEFAULT IS GRANTED. May magagawa pa po ba kami? Maaari pa po ba naming kausapin yung attorney’s collection para makipag-ayos para sa payment o sa court na mismo? Anu po ba ang susunod na mangyayari dito? PASENSYA na po, di ko kasi alam ang gagawin namin lalo tel nila na default order is granted.

    Please sir ed tulungan nyo po kami anu po ang maaari naming gawin?

    Marami pong salamat!

  394. Hi po sa lahat. Sana po may makapag advise sa akin. Takot na takot na po ako sa mga utang ko. Kasi sobrang dami na po and sobrang nahihirapan na po ako. Partly I know may kasalanan po ako pero willing ko naman po harapin lahat.
    May utang po ako sa chinatrust na 27k since last 2007 nakakapag bayad pa po ako initially pero nawalan na po ako ng work and has been hospitalized now and then. ngayong year lang po ako medyo naka luwag so I contacted the collection agency na “may hawak” daw ng case ko sa chinatrust. Umabot na po ng 170k ang babayaran ko and they want me to settle 20k payment kung hindi daw po eh pupunta sila ng cherif sa bahay namin at kukuha ng mga gamit na pwedeng maipang bayad sa utang ko. I told them as always po na gusto ko magbayad pero 2k lang kaya ko /month kaso ayaw talaga nila. Desedido na po ako this year na tapusin ang mga utang ko pero natatakot po ako sa harassment na ginagawa nila. Nag issue po ako ng cheks pero bounced na po :(
    please help me naman po.

  395. Hi Mam Tess, Ilang ulit na po ba na nagpadala ng summon bakit grant agad ang Motion nila? Naka tatlong send na po ba sayo ng sulat? Anyway pde nman po kayo sa Court Branch pumunta to answer or explain in written your reason kung bakit di kayo nakadalo sa patawag nila.Wag po kayo matakot sa korte dahil makikinig naman po sila sa sasabihin nyo.Hindi na po ang Collection Agency ang mamamagitan sainyo Pde pa rin po kayo mag usap ng complainan nyo sa Fiscals Office basta maipaliwanag nyo ng maayos ang reason nyo why you were not able to attend the very first hearing.Punta po kayo sa Court Branch kung maari ngayon na.Bring the letter you received together with the reason of your disappearance.
    @MLM Lady- kapag nasa collection agency pa po account nyo mostly wala pa po yan filing ng case sa court.I advise deposit directly to your Loan Number to any Chinatrust Bank Branch keep your payment slip always for future use. Di ka naman po idedemanda ng Bank basta magdeposit ka ng dati mong amortization.Gusto lang din naman nila na mabayaran mo ang nautang mo sa kanila.Bank also consider everything kahit bounce na ang PDC nyo kung nagbabayad kayo over the counter ng former amort amount nyo di po kau idedemanda nyan then kapag nagkaroon na kayo ng pambayad tsaka nyo na po bayaran lahat . You can request for your SOA sa humahawak ng Account nyo or kahit sa Branch pde po yan para alam nyo ang babayaran nyo kung magkano na talaga.Chinatrust also give penalty waiver sa mga lumaki na ang bayarin.Maari din po kayo tumawag sa Manager ng Chinatrust Please dial 988-9287 local 8855-

  396. @MLM Lady hindi rin po maaaring basta na lng tumawag ng sheriff ang sino man Collection agency man yan or your complainant maliban na lang po kung utos ng korte at tapos na ang pag-uusap nyo sa korte.Hindi pa nga kayo denidemanda ng Chinatrust paano magkakaroon ng papel ang Sheriff?

  397. Sir Ed,

    Isang beses palang po ako nakatanggap ng summon, yun nga ho tumawag agad kami sa attorney ng dabu and associates, sabi nila antay daw namin patawag sa hearing wala naman ho kami natanggap na patawag tapos nagulat na nga lang kami nakatanggap ko kami ng letter na DEFAULT ORDER IS GRANTED.

    Thank You talaga sir ed sa time mo sa amin, di po namin alam ang gagawin namin kaya need ko talaga ng tulong, mahirap na ho magkamali ulit.

  398. Hi
    Ma Tess,
    Ok po at least isang explanation lang gagawin mo para submit sa Fiscal.Punta na po kayo doon asap kahit walang patawag para po masagot nyo ang complain sainyo . Wala pong mangyayaring masama sainyo sa Court Branch kaya feel free to go there.Sasabihin naman po doon kung ano next na dapat nyong gawin.Thanks po ang God bless.

  399. Naku maraming salamat po Mr. Ed Nabus sa input nyo at medyo naka hinga po ako. Pagod na po ako sa mga utang ko at gusto ko ng matapos to. Isang malaking bangugot sa ating lahat, wala kang peace of mind tsaka lagi kang takot na may pumunta sa bahay mo para mag collect. Unti unti po ay nababawasan ang takot ko dahil hindi pala ako nag iisa at meron ding ibang may ganitong sitwasyon. Sana lahat po tayo ay maka wala na sa ganitong sitwasyon.
    Isa pa din nga po palang tanong na sana maka advise po kau. gusto ko mag loan ng malaking amount para ibayad ko sa iba kong utang para yung napagkakautangan ko nalang na isa ang aatupagin ko. is this a good idea po?

  400. Sir Ed,

    Nagpunta ho ako sa PAO para magtanung anu magandang gawin sa kaso ko, tel nya na mkipag negotiate daw ako sa attorney collection, yun nga po ang ginawa ko, sa tulong po ng mga advice nyo, at mga dasal nagkaron po ako ng lakas ng loob harapin ang sitwasyon ko, THANK GOD, di nya ko pinabayaan, nag-usap kami at pupunta po ako sa office ng attorney collection para pumirma ng compromise agreement.
    Tunay nga po na kahit kylan sa anumang sitwasyon magtiwala tayo sa PANGINOONG HESUS.
    Marami pong salamat!!!

  401. Hi CRYING LADY, Una sa lahat ang pasasalamat sa Diyos GLORY TO HIM! at Kay Sir Fitz for making us communicated. Next is for you, Salamat po sa paglalahad ng mga saloobin at sa paghingi ng assistance sa PAO.Kahit papano naliwanagan kayo ng tama.
    Sa pagpunta nyo po at pagpirma ng Kasunduan please read carefully the agreement at humingi po kayo ng full penalty waiver or maximize discounted amount para po di na kayo ma default. Kung hindi po kakayanin ang pipirmahang kasunduan pde po kayong wag muna pumirma paghandaan,suriin mabuti ang kasunduan at humiling ng sasapat sa kakayahan. Pero kung alam nyo nman po na kaya nyo tuparin ang agreement then go for it. Do not also forget to secure your own copy. More Blessings po sainyo, hangad ko din po ang inyong kabutihan at ang patuloy na PEACE of MIND sa Usaping ito.

  402. Sir Ed,

    Bale yung credit limit nya 335k, tpos inabot ng 381k, bale my initial payment na 10,000, tpos 1st yr. pay ako ng 4k/month, 2nd yr. 8k/month, 3rd yr. 10k/month 4th yr. 13,800/mo., bale .5% ang interest.

    Ask ko lang sir ed, ok naman po ba yang binigay nila sa akin?

    Thank you.

  403. Hi
    Ibig nyo pong sabihin nagamit nyo lahat ng Credit Limit nyo? Net Pay off po ba ung 335k? If yes ok na rin po pero hindi maximum waiver of penalty yan.Pero ok n rin po kung 5% add on.Let’s just pray that God will be with you along the way till u fully settled them.Thanks again.

  404. Sir Ed,

    Sir Ed, di pa nman po ako pumirma sa compromise agreement kaya po ako humihingi ng advice kung tama po ba yung binigay nilang amount na bayarin ko, bale nagamit po lahat ng credit limit, anu ho ba ang dapat na maximum waiver of penalty?
    Marami pong salamat sa time nyo sa akin, patuloy po akong himihingi ng advice para di na po kami magkamali, mahirap na magkamali dahil nga po my agreement na involved.
    Thank You!

  405. I have a personal loan with a bank. The term is 2 years.
    Total amount to be paid is 43,000 inclusive of interest. I have already paid one year amortization. But when I resigned from the company, payment got delinquent. As of now, my loan is 1 year past due. And my 23,000 balance ballooned to 45,000 according to the collector. The loan is not covered by post dated checks. My question is, can the bank sue me if I am not yet able to pay? Second question, does the bank assign their legal department to collect after they’ve given my account to external collection agencies? For the past 5 months kasi external collectors have been harassing me, and just a week ago, another “law office” is calling and texting me, telling me that they are the “Legal Department” of the bank. I’m not running away from my debt. It’s just that, I’m still jobless and does not have the capacity to pay yet. Please help.

  406. GOOD DAY to all! I just want to ask people here if you have an original copy of a duly notarized promissory note issued during the years 2005 to 2010 and if you are willing to sell it. I just need it as a school requirement po. Thank you so much, contact me: 0919 2644 364

  407. Hi Sir Ed and anyone who can help.

    I think mine is a little simpler than what my fellowmen are experiencing but I still need help. I am already in the USA pero umalis ako sa Pinas last year and yung Smart postpaid ko nakapangalan sa uncle ko dahil nakuwa ko yung mobilenumber nung minor pa ako. Long story short, si uncle ko ang account-holder pero ako ang user ng number, and nasa records naman ng Smart na ako ang user and ang uncle ko ang account holder. Sakin nga naka-mailing address eh, hindi sa uncle ko.

    Umalis ako sa pinas na may contract pa sa Smart, mga 1 year pa dahil sa kinuwa kong iphone. Nung umalis na ako, hindi ko na tuloy nabayaran yung monthly bills kasi andito na ako sa US. Hanggang sa last week, my uncle told me he’s been receiving several calls from “Smart” daw saying na he needs to pay my bill 60k na umabot dahil 6months ko nang hindi nabayaran. Or else daw, they will be forced to send legal notice. Sabi ng uncle kong hindi siya ang user ng number pero siya pa rin ang kinukulit.

    Ano po pwede ko gawin dito? I am willing to call them, pero before I do that kailangan ko lang po malaman sa anong stand ang meron ako with this case? Pwede ko ba silang sabihan na wag nang tawagan ang uncle ko and sakin na maki-coordinate kahit na ang nakalista sa kanilang accountholder’s name ay yung sa uncle ko?

    Also, I won’t pay it. May laban ako and currently kaemail ko yung mga tiga Smart talaga trying to fix my bill. So obviously hindi tiga Smart yung tumatawag sa uncle ko kasi hindi nga nila alam na currently inaayos ko na with Smarth eh.

    What’s the smartest thing to do? THANKS PO!

  408. Hi
    Mam Kelly,
    Kung may negosasyon na po kau directly sa Smart wala po dapat iba pa ang tatawag sainyo. Maliban sa kausap nyo na.Please inform your Uncle to verify or identify very well who is calling him. Kunin nya po ang contact number, office name and address para malaman nya kung sino talaga tumatawag sa kanya. Ok lang po kahit sino sa inyo ng Uncle mo ang makipag usap sa pagbabayad ang mahalaga po mapunta sa Account Number ninyo ang payment at mabayaran talaga ang balance nyo.Marami naman po Smart outlets na pwede pagtanungan ang Uncle nyo about your unpaid bills maaarin niyang ipagtanong doon kung sino nga ba talaga yong tumatawag sa kanya at sino rin ung nag eemail sau, Maging yong ka-email nyo po ay dapat rin ma verify kung totoo rin na sya ay taga Smart nga or authorized representative from Smart.

  409. Hi
    Promissory Note are Confidential Documents. Maaari ka siguro maka hingi sa Borrower na nagkaroon ng PN dati at ipagkatiwala sayo ang ganoong docs.

  410. Hi Mr.Ms Worried,
    Kung kayo po ay nakikipag usap naman at naipabatid sa Bank or Representative nila na kayo ay kasalukuyang wala pang pambayad hindi naman karaka-rakang idedemanda na kau.Ang kanilang main objective is to collect as much as possible thru amicable settlement. Sinusuri naman ng mga Collection Agencies kung kayo nga ay talagang Temporarily Financially Incapacitated To Pay.Pero habang tumatagal po yan patuloy sa pag dagdag ng penalties and interest ng loan nyo. Mahalagang maipaalam ninyo sa Bank kung ano ang main reason ng inyong pagkakaantala sa pagbabayad.

  411. if Senate Bill 1277″Fair Debt Collection Practices is pending what can we use for us debtors to protect our selves againts abusive debt collectors? thank you so much.

  412. May demand letter kc akong natanngap at sabi kapag d ako nakabayad ng 100 thousand after 3 days ipapakulong ako.. sa chinatrust personal loan po ito at nasa collections ang account ko..

  413. PLEASE PO PATULONG AKO.. diba po kung ang account ay nasa collection agency meaning nangongolekta cla pra sa profit nila hindi IN BEHALF OF THE BANK..tama po ba? nsa collectionna po account ko CC pro nakakarecve pa po ako ng billing statement.. panu po nangyri un? is it because its system generated po ba? gs2 k po kasi labanan collection agency na tumtawag sa kin eh..tska may mga letter sila na may offered amount to be settled pero name at sa envelop at paper pangalan ng bank po ba tlaga galing un? at lastly po kung pwede po ba talga makakuha ng statement of account ang collection agency sa bank na certified true copy? please po help..sunod sunod lang po ang unfortunate events na nangyari sabuhay nmin kaya hindi na po ako nakapag bayad. please po

  414. Hi, I need advise.

    I received a text from their representative saying she is from The Philippine Daily Tribune Publication Department with phone number 381-8637 saying that my name, old employer’s name and old address will be published as notice to the public, a paid advertisement by a law firm led by Atty. Gozon. They said they will publish starting Mar 2, 9 and 16 stating violation of Article 315. I called them thinking its real and they said its a courtesy call provided before they publish because they need to verify that my identity is real to be fair to both parties. They gave me the number of Atty. Gozon’s office and they said they are from CIMD and that they are also a government appointed office, etc. etc. I have 2 defaulted credit cards. He even had to ask me what card as he needs to look in the system and he mentioned that its eastwest bank. He asked me to pay a small amount directly to the bank so they can issue a refusal letter to take my name out of the publishing of the ad. Which is the same letter the girl form the Daily tribune said I need to ask him for. He even told me the total amount of the eastwest card account and he told me that there’s a minimal amount to settle (just the principal amount of what I owe).

    I was really going to settle as I want to be debt-free but I was just surprised about this process. I have never experience it before.

    Just curious if this has happened to anyone here and if this is really real?

    I paid 4k today as I was planning to settle a small amount anyway so I did. But after paying, they said to pay off the balance of 19k tomorrow otherwise, they will not be able to retract the ad that will be published on Sunday. I’m paranoid because payday isn’t here yet and they said they are not a collection agency but working with the BAP, etc.

    Help please, of anyone with the same experience?

    If I don’t pay tomorrow (Feb 27), will the ad come out?

    Also, just weird because there is no Philippine Daily Tribune but just Daily Tribune.
    I’m gonna try to call the newspaper’s office because the agency cited a name of the editor in chief daw.

  415. MommyT. Hindi ko po alam kung ano ang ipa-publish nila.Pero ang collection Agency po ay walang kapangyarihang ganoon at walang atas ang Bank na Gumawa ng ganun.Better yet if you personally contact or visit the Bank Remedial Department.Ask for an arrangement on staggered kung di nu kaya ang one time payment.

  416. hi Grace
    Collection Agencies represents the Banks-They can provide you your Statement of Accounts and they can not perform collection activity without the consent of the Banks.All necessary docs are being provided by Banks if borrowers like you need it.

  417. Hi Sir Ed, Thanks for the prompt reply.
    They said they will publish an article in the Philippine Daily Tribune under a name of an editor. I called the Daily Tribune this morning and they said there is no such name and that they have received several inquiries about that name and more.

    They told us that its a scam and that no newspaper is allowed to publish an article like that (notice to the public, article 315) because there is no substantial evidence and also, there is no such thing except for companies posting because employees are no longer connected.

    This atty. initially gave me a last name then after nag-iba na ang last name nya today when his “assistant” followed up, so nag taka na ako.

    Although he seems “matulungin” over the phone. He said that they are a government agency under the office of Sec. De Lima’s directive to help banks recover unpaid loans and debts under the BSP and also under CIMD (?). He even told me that he helped reduce the amount from 79k to 23k by talking to the panel (that was within 10 min after I called back yesterday).

    Now that I think about it, for a credit card debt of 23k, now only 19k since I paid na yesterday a partial amount sa bank, why would they publish my name, old company and old address in the newspaper for article 315?

    Also, diba, posing as a media entity and government agency is against the law?
    Misleading if that’s the case.

    I’m trying to contact the bank now as I’d rather arrange with them.

    I just wanted to seek advise if totoo nga ba na banks and law firms can publish those kinds of notices in the newspapers.

    Thank you!

  418. hi
    may roon po akong tanong my utang po ako na 40k sa isang lending last 2006 kaya lng hindi natuloy ang pag alis ko dahil wala pala akong visa di innisyuhan ng embassy kc kulang ako ng requirements kaya ipinagkatiwala ko ang pera sa isang empyeyado ng isang agency na nagpapaalis na isa kung kapitahay din ;at hindi mag issue ng pera ang lending hangat walang visa pero finake ng agency para daw makauha ako ng pang loan;pinagkatiwala ko ang pera na xa alanng magsauli pero hindi nya sinauli at ginastos nya ;hindi din nya ako binyaran para mabayara ko ung lending;sinisingil ako ng lending wala akong pambayad at di ko naman nagamit ang pera ao ang gagawin ko po andami kong demand letter

  419. hi lolits,
    Kayo din po ba ang tumanggap ng pera mula sa Lending Company?Medyo complicated na po kc ang sitwasyon dapat nyo po ihingi na ng Legal advise ang sitwasyon. Ipit po kayo sa sitwasyon kasi sobrang trust nyo sa kapit bahay nyo. Pls consult a Lawyer asap.

  420. hello,

    this discussion is really helpful. i would like to share my story of how i got into debt. i hope this will empower all those who are also in debt and are being harassed by the collectors.

    i was enticed to take out a loan from my credit card since i used to (and still am) receive a lot of text messages and calls from the card company and their agents saying that i was qualified for a cash loan. they would tell me that the interest was low and that i am one of the few who are qualified to get such a low interest rate. they would even tell you to use it for travel,business expansion, etc. i eventually applied for a loan and got approved. i used the money to put up a business (as they suggested) but my business did not flourish. now i really cannot afford to pay my debt and the collections company has been harassing me ever since, calling everyday and being rude to whoever picks up the phone. I honestly wanted to settle my debt and maybe have it restructured, but after talking to one of their a**hole agent who sounded like he doesn’t give a sh*t, i changed my mind. even if he did not express it outright, you can sense from the tone of his voice that he was not interested in helping you solve your problem. i sensed him thinking something like “yeah yeah… just shut up and pay up”

    to all collections agents who harass us, here is what i have to say:

    first of all, it was the bank’s agents who always hounded me (us) to get a loan even if i wasn’t asking for one.

    second, the bank should have conducted a credit check if i would really qualify for a loan. i was actually quite surprised that they approved such a big loan, even if i am not earning as much. (my income then was at 12,000-15k per month, and i got approved for a 200k loan. they even issued me a platinum card. hello??!) as much as the consumer has to be responsible in using credit, the bank should also be responsible enough in issuing credit cards. they are so aggressive in issuing cards without first verifying if the person is actually financially capable of using their credit facility.

    third, it was your agent that suggested i can use the loan for business which really appealed to me. well not all businesses prosper, and you should know this. this is the risk you should be willing to take.

    lastly, you should hire courteous collections agents who are willing to help us pay our debt by offering restructuring plans by lowering the monthly payments and extending the terms. most of us who are in debt would really like to settle our dues, if only we can afford the monthly payments without starving. i for one would not mind paying the interest as long as i can manage the monthly amortization. this is far better than having those rude dogs call and harass your clients everyday.

  421. if the collection agency tries to filed a case against you, don’t be afraid, first of all a debt is just a civil case, and not a criminal case, meaning you can still apply for an NBI clearance even if you had a case filed against you, hassle free.. second, ask those agents to send you an original copy of your statement of account (if they can) and if they did, verify it with the bank.. if these agents told you that you have a warrant of arrest, think again.. if you’re a criminal, do you think that the police needs to inform you that you have a warrant of arrest and give you enough time to settle it? of course not!..

  422. Hi po good pm!
    May kinuha po kasi akong gadget loan cared of Asialink Finance aka Great Buy. I was under the impression na fully paid na ko. Un po pala hindi ako nakapagbayad ng huling buwan amount is 1475. May tumawag po sakin na rude na girl saying na I need to pay 1475 which is not a problem. But she’s also asking for 3k additional for the penalty fee. Ask ko lang po legit po ba ung mga penalty na yan? Wala naman pong siningil sakij before nung nagbabayad ako every month. Salamat po.

  423. Hi, ask ko lang po..kasi may natangap akog call from the collection agent about CC sa BPI..ang sabi sa akin may unsettled credit card daw ako and the last payment april 2006..after 8 years saka lang ako nainform…totoo po ba yong nabasa ko na after 7 years yong credit card mo ay wala na siya..please advise..thanks

  424. Hi Mr. Ed / Fritz,

    Good day!

    I really badly need their advise. I’ve already leaved a comment before here regarding po sa CARNAPPED CASE ko. Nacarnap ung sasakyan Oct.31, 2013 and nagcontinous payment pa rin ako sa monthly amortization until Feb2014 dahil ang sabi ng insurance, ituloy pa rin namin,lalaki daw kasi magiging interest namin. Ngaun po nareceive ko na ung claim ko from insurance. Nadeposit na po sa account ko with my financing loan bank. And as per the insurance manager, paid na po kay bank ung remaining balance ko before pa man maibigay sa akin ung claim and dapat meron pa akong marereceive na rebate sa bank since kasi early paid na ung car. But after a day of I received my claim, the bank confirming on my debit card if ung deposited kong claim ay ang pay-off payment ko na ba? Sinabi ko sa bank na fully paid na ako provided of the insurance but according to them, wala silang narereceive na payment. And as of this writing, the bank sent me an email of my Statement of Account for the pay-off payment. And surprisingly, the amount is almost the whole amount of the Car included of Service Charge pa. Parang ndi naman na less ung almost 1 year na nabayaran nmin. Ung claim ko kasi is also almost the whole price of the car. And if Im going to pay the said pay-off amount na sinend ni bank, WALA PONG MABABALIK SA AMIN, khit ung isang taon na binayaran namin.

    Now I was really so confused. Ako po ba ang dapat magbabayad ng pay-off payment na yan or supposedly si Insurance direct to bank? Kasi parang mali po ung naging advise sa akin ni insurance at parang mali din ang paniningil sa akin ng bangko.

    Sir Ed / Fritz, please advise. Napakahirap po ng kaso na to, nawalan na ako masyado pang na-agrabyado sa mga pangyayari at hanggang sa huli problema pa rin..Thank you po. Godbless!

  425. Good Day!

    Just have question here! Hindi ko na nabayaran yung debt ko from Lending. I don’t know kung Lending Company siya or not kasi mismong bahay niya ako nakikipagtransact(no office at all). I decided ti stop kasi all written document lang ang ginagawa ng collector ko. They automatically withdraw the cash on my atm every 10th and 25th of the month. Then, when I ask them kung magkano na nababayaran it seems like may mali sa computation na ginawa sa Workbook ba tawag dun (Yung ginagamit ng Teacher for their lesson plan dati).

    I request for a copy pero index card lang ang pinapakita nila sakin. So that, I decided to stop paying them and requested to block my atm card.

    Just worried, kasi baka di na ako makakuha ng NBI to think na sinabi niya na Lawyer ang mga kapatid niya at pwedeng kasuhan at ipakulong ang mga nauna nuong hindi nagbayad sa kanila.

    Please enlightened me here.


  426. Hi Acee, Kung naibigay na ng Insurance ung halaga na dapat nilang bayaran sainyo base on Policy wala na pong obligasyon pa si Insurance kasi nga naibigay na sainyo. Ngayon kayo na po ang magbabayad sa Car dealer ng halaga ng Car na inutang ninyo. Ngayon dahil sa na stop na nga ang pagbabayad nyo noon dahil na-carnap ung sasakyan automatically may mga surcharges na pumatong sa balance nyo.Ngayon dahil documented naman na na-carnap ang Car nyo gumawa kayo ng sulat sa Bank requesting for penalty waiver dahil di naman kayo sadyang nagpabaya sa Car Loan nyo kaya nga lamang ay na-Carnap. With the Police reports and your request you can direct your letter to the Remedial Division ng Bank kung saan kayo nag avail ng Car Loan.
    @Josh Ordaniel- Ano ba ang name ng Lending company na nakasulat sa Loan documents mo? Kung nag issue ka ng PDC at di na naponduhan at after several demands in written at nakasuhan ka and yet di hinarap may kulong talaga un pero kung simpleng utang lang at wala ka nmang pdc kahit na sino hindi ka maipapakulong.kc civil case lang nman ung maikakaso sau.
    @chelsea-depende po sa contract na pinirmahan nyo ng mag avail kau ng loan or gadget loan.Kung naka indicate doon na may penalty ng ganun kapag late ka nagbayad legit po un.
    @rosemary meron po talagang mga pangyayaring ganun lalo n kung nagpalit k n ng address at ng company na declared sa Bank.Or nagpalit ka n rin ng mga contact numbers maaaring now lng nila na trace ang new contacts mo.

  427. Hi Mr. Ed,

    Thank you for responding. Actually po kasi ndi napa stop payment ung monthly amortization ko after ng incident. Nawala siya Oct. pero nagtuloy kami ng bayad until Feb. Ang advise kasi ni insurance mgbayad pa rin kami since kasi ung claim namin is mababalik ung binayad namin simula ng start kami ng monthly. Bago pa nga ipa-approve sa head nila, tinanong pa po ako if ok na ako sa amount ng claim. I just immediately agree with the amount, ang tagal kasi ng process nila,ngbabayad at nagbabayad pa rin kasi ako ng amortization kaka-antay ng claim ko. Sa kagustuhan kong matapos na, pra matigil na rin ako sa pagbabayad, pumayag ako sa amount. But what happened is binigay nila ung claim ko, deposited sa account ko, pero sa amount ng pay-off payment na dineclare ni eastwest, wala nang maibabalik sa akin. Kung alam ko lang sana ndi na ako ngbayad pa ng monthly simula nawala ung car. Sabi pa ni insurance meron akong rebate pa. I thought the insurance will directly give the balance to the bank at sila ang magbibigay sa akin ng sinasabi nilang claim ko of the paid amorization ko. Then sa bank, I already asked them if pwede ma-waived na ung service charge since pay-off payment na, which supposedly 4more years pa to pay. At meron pa po sila daily accrued interest, araw-araw yan nagiiba hanggat ndi pa naibibigay yung pay-off payment. Nasa contract daw yan na nagsign ako sa loan nila. Pinapasend ko po ung copy ng contract na yun with my sign na indicated ung terms nila na ganyan pero since yesterday wala pa po sila sinesend. Mr. Ed, possible po ba mgfile sila ng legal case sakin if ang babayaran ko lang is ung principal balance ko lng..ndi ko na isasama sa bayad ung hindi makatotohanang service charge nila at ung daily accrued interest. Kasi actually nasa debit card ko lang na naka account sa kanila ung money. Idebit man nila yun o hindi, yun na ang ibabayad ko sa kanila. Please advise po. Sobrang tagal na ng kaso, gusto ko nang matapos na. Napakalaking perwisyo.. Salamat po.

  428. Josh Ordaniel on March 27th, 2014 at 4:01 am
    Reply #1: Don’t have any idea kung anung name since nirefer lang din ako. Which means civil case, maapektuhan ba dun ang pagkuha ko ng mga documents e.g NBI Clearance or whatsoever?

    I’m planning to save first and pay the amount in full once nakaipon na ako. But just worried if I can still get the docs in time whenever I need it.

    Thanks for the feedback Boss Ed.

    Keep it up!

  429. Hi po sir ed, good afternoon.
    Tinawagan ko po yung chinatrust gaya po ng sabi nyo po. nakausap ko din po yung in charge ng nasabing account ko po. Pumayag naman po siya (chinatrust) na mag monthly nalang ako. pero sa utang ko pong 27k naging 7k+/month ang babayaran ko for 2 years. Pumayag po ako para lang po sa sake na matapos na utang ko. Kaso pinasa niya po ulit ako dun sa “Law Firm” daw na may handle ng account ko. Tumawag sila sakin same day I called Chinatrust head office. Pero ang nangyari po eh pinagpapabayad po ako ng 10k agad agad nung March21. Pero sabi ko po wala talaga akong pera ng mga panahon na yan. Sabi ko lang po ay gagawan ko po ng paraan. Ngayon March 28 na po. Nag text na po ulit yung “Law Firm” na nag hahandle ng account ko. Nag text po ako sa kanila a week ago na kung sana eh april na ako magbayad.
    Sir ed ano po bang maganda kong gawin. naguguluhan at naiipit parin po kasi ako sa laki ng babayaran ko. Naisip ko nga po na sa korte nalang ako mag plead :( pero nakaka takot naman po yun :(
    Please give me the best advise sir Ed. I am restless po.

    Salamat po at napakarami nyong natutulungan.
    Pagpalain kayo lalo ng panginoon!

  430. Good day po Sir Ed, I was previously working in Manila back in 2001 and was having around 6 cards na medyo maliit naman yung credit line (roughly mga 110k in total). I was regularly paying all the cards naman po till I decide to go abroad but decided to make an arrangement with my sister to pay my cards regularly through my monthly remittances and even left an authorization letter to closed the cards. I was able to go on vacation last 2004, 2005 and lastly this December 2013. All of a sudden nagulat na lang ako when somebody called-up from a certain collection agency this month that I have unpaid bills in one of my credit card. Medyo na-surprise lang ako dahil all this time alam ko is na-settle ko na lahat and was surprised on how they able to trace my office no. here abroad. To cut it short they have told me that for past 12 yrs. nag-accumulate na to almost 100k ung balance ko but since I have told them that I am totally unaware na hindi pala binabayaran yung mga bills ko they said they are willing to agree for 26k and was given a formal letter stating the amount agreed and details of my card and the due date which is upto now I am trying to figure out kung paano ko mapo-produce in couple of days.

    Ask ko lang po there is no certain time frame ba na yung bad debts ay na-written off sa bangko since I am not sure kung yung 5 cards ko is na-settle ng sister ko and is there anyway ba para malaman ko kung meron pa akong utang sa ibang card dahil sa nangyari di na kami nag-uusap ng sister ko and wala na rin yung mga old credit cards. By the way, nakapag-open apo ako ng account in the Philippines last 2013 iyon po kaya ang reason kaya na-trace yung contact details ko abroad, supposedly dapat po ba ay blacklisted na ako to open an account.

    Thanks po in advance Sir Ed.

  431. Hi Ping, about tracing up your company number it’s very easy po para sa sino man na ma-trace ang company natin lalo na kung ang detalye ng profile mo ay available.Remember that when you apply for a card you all give information of your profile to the Bank.Kahit saan tayo pumunta surely mati-trace talaga tayo lalo na sa panahon natin ngayon na ang teknolohiya ay malago na. About your 1 card na umabot na ng 12 years at 100k na ang halaga at pinababayaran sayo ng 26k maaari ka pa ring humiling ng mas mababang halaga lalo na kung noon ay wala naman itong 10k balance.Kung pagbibigyan ka sa kalahati ng 26k settle mo na then hingi ka ng certification of full payment.About writing off of an account meron talagang ganun lalo na kung ang mga findings/reports ng Collection Agency ay certified correct. Kung si Card Holder ay wala ng kakayahang bayaran talaga ang balanse nya. Tulad ng Terminal illnesses , Paralyzed, Insolvent and the likes.Pero kung umalis lng ng bahay or lumipat na ng company at di na makontak ng matagal na panahon hindi po yan magagawan ng Written Off reports.About your newly opened savings account kung ito ay ginawa mo sa isa sa mga Bank kung saan ka may Unpaid card maaaring ma-trace ka din doon at kung ang Bank na pinagbuksan mo ng account ay nag merge na sa another Bank kung saan ka meron unsettled account. Halimbawa may Unpaid credit ka sa BDO at nag open ka sa EWB maaaring matrace ka ng BDO sa EWB dahil nag-merge na sila.One possible way para malaman mo kung meron ka pang balance sa iba mong Card pde ka tumawag sa Customer service nila at itanong kung may balance pa ang Card number mo.Normally kapag closed account naman na or fully settled na hindi na nila makikita sa system ang account mo or NO RECORD FOUND. Pwede ka rin pumunta sa Bank Branch to deposit payment if it is settled already di na nila tatanggapin ang payment mo.Kapag nagkaganun na settle naman siguro ng sister mo yong Card na yon. Sana nakatulong ako.Hangad ko na muli kayong maguusap ng iyong Sister.God bless po.

  432. Sir Ed,

    Good day! gusto ko lng po sana humingi nbg advise kasi nag loan ako ng 30k last 2012 and issued checks. After 2 payments po na stop ung pag deposit ko so na close po ung checks ko. After po ng several months nagkausap po kmi nung inutangan ko n we will extend n lng for another year and mag dedeposit na lng ako sa acct nya khit ndi evey=ry month bsta ma byran ko in full. Kaso po nwala po ung cp ko na naglalaman ng contacts and information ng bank acct nya so ndi ko n po sya ma contact. Matatapos na po ung 1 year extension n bnigay nya and ndi p po ako fully paid ndi ko po alam ang gagawin ko? sa iba n din po ako nakatira kya ndi ko alam kung nag papadala b ng demand letter ung pinagkakautangan ko. Posible po kya akong makulong bgla?

  433. Good Day Sir Ed!

    Need ko lng po ng advise kasi po last 2012 nangutang po ako ng 30k at ang mode of payment po eh PDC. Ung first 2 payment ko po ay ok, ndi ko po napondohan agad ung 3rd check kaya po na close po ung checking acct ko. After several months po nag kausap kami nung nagpautang na iextend ung payment ng another 1 yr and mag dedeposit n lng ako sa acct nya. Kaso nawala po ung cp ko na naglalaman ng contact number nya at ng bank info, sa iba na rin po ako nakatira kya ndi ko alam kung nagpadala b sya ng demand letter. Malapit n po matapos ang 1 yr extension n bngay nya pero ndi p ako fully paid. Posible po ba akong basta n lng ma kulong? I mean posible po bang bigla na lang akong damputin ng mga pulis?

  434. Ms Kara Mae , Saan po kau nag loan? Sa kaibigan nyo lng po ba? Baka di nman sya nagdemandas ng BP22 pinagbigyan ka to extend another year. If ever man nagdemanda sya Civil case na lang kc wala naman sya demanda noong active pa Check account mo. Kung civil case lng di rin un magpo-pursue kung wala ka natatanggap na demand letters. Kung gusto mo makipag ayos sa kanya try to visit her/him kung may pang bayad ka na. Makakapamuhay tayo ng maayos kung wala tayong agam agam na dinadala. God bless po.

  435. Hi po sir ed,

    good afternoon.
    Tinawagan ko po yung chinatrust gaya po ng sabi nyo po. nakausap ko din po yung in charge ng nasabing account ko po. Pumayag naman po siya (chinatrust) na mag monthly nalang ako. pero sa utang ko pong 27k naging 7k+/month ang babayaran ko for 2 years. Pumayag po ako para lang po sa sake na matapos na utang ko. Kaso pinasa niya po ulit ako dun sa “Law Firm” daw na may handle ng account ko. Tumawag sila sakin same day I called Chinatrust head office. Pero ang nangyari po eh pinagpapabayad po ako ng 10k agad agad nung March21. Pero sabi ko po wala talaga akong pera ng mga panahon na yan. Sabi ko lang po ay gagawan ko po ng paraan. Ngayon March 28 na po. Nag text na po ulit yung “Law Firm” na nag hahandle ng account ko. Nag text po ako sa kanila a week ago na kung sana eh april na ako magbayad.
    Sir ed ano po bang maganda kong gawin. naguguluhan at naiipit parin po kasi ako sa laki ng babayaran ko. Naisip ko nga po na sa korte nalang ako mag plead :( pero nakaka takot naman po yun :(
    Please give me the best advise sir Ed. I am restless po.
    Salamat po at napakarami nyong natutulungan.
    Pagpalain kayo lalo ng panginoon!

  436. Ms MLM Lady,
    Meron po ba kau signed agreement ng 7k per month for 2 years?
    Kung wala naman pde ka po mag deposit ng amount na kaya mo using your loan number to any chinatrust account.Di na po kayo pde kasuhan nun kc paying kau monthly pero di nga lang ung amount na gusto nila kundi ung amount na kaya mo.Matatapos din yan kahit paunti unti.
    God bless u too.

  437. Ms MLM Lady,
    Meron po ba kau signed agreement ng 7k per month for 2 years?
    Kung wala naman pde ka po mag deposit ng amount na kaya mo using your loan number to any Chinatrust Branch.Di na po kayo pde kasuhan nun kc paying kau monthly pero di nga lang ung amount na gusto nila kundi ung amount na kaya mo.Matatapos din yan kahit paunti unti.
    God bless u too.

  438. Sir ed wala pa po kaming signed contract ng 7k monthly. I see po. Okay po sir. naku salamat po talaga sir Ed. pagpalain kau =)

  439. HI sir ed, I appreciate this blog.. As for my case, I was invited to apply for PS Bank flexi loan last year. I was able to pay it for a good two months but had shortcomings there after and failed to make payments.. They’ve been trying to call me but not able to answer there calls since i work late night. Until I got a call from the collections agency asking me to pay 20k in a weeks time. Now, i got a text from them with the same threats quoting RA 8484 and BP22 Anti bouncing checks. Then this made me suspicious since i did not issue checks. They also indicated that within 24 hours if i fail to comply they will work with our police station and NBI to serve the warrant of arrest.

    After reading all the stories here.. I felt calm and collected. I will work with my bank and seek better structuring of how my payments should be. Thanks and More Power!

  440. hello po, newbie lang ako sa blog na ito. naalarma lang ako kasi tawag ng tawag itong si Lala Francisco Tobias sa office kung saan ako nagtatrabaho. Nanghaharrass siya at pinamamalita niya sa mga katrabaho ko thru phone ang pagkakautang ko sa CitiBank. Ano po ba pwedeng gawin? dinabihan ko na siya na narepremand na ako sa office na bawal gamitin ang phone gor personal use :( paano po ba siya patatahimikin? desperate na po ako.

  441. Welcome po good blu and MLM Lady. Hi Wink Pls call her not to call your business phones and if you want give ur personal numbers so that they will stop calling your business numbers. You can give ur cellphone or personal email or any communication tools so that they can reach you not through your office number. It will harm your employment if they will continue calling your office.An you can not hurls them in calling your office numbers specially if you declared it with your application documents.
    Or you can send a message to PS Bank Remedial Department not to call your office coz it harms your employment.

  442. Hi po, marami akong nabasa na mga post dito sa inyo karamihan halos pareho po ng aking situation regarding credit card collectors, at isa na din po ako na na harass po, pinuntahan po ang aking mama thru our barangay captain na paabisuhan ang aking family dahil mag issue daw sila ng property ejectment po, meron oras at date na mismong that day rin nong nag contact sila, inatake sa highblood ang mama ko, at tinawagan ako, tinwagan ko din po ang nakalagay na number, ayon tinakot po ako na meron na daw desisyon ang korte at ang kaso ko daw ay yon sa Article 318. related to small claims, natakot din po ako nangutang ako para pambayad ng 10,000 para daw mahold ang pag punta nila sa amin pag pag sheriff ng mga gamit namin amounting o 160,000 plus. wala akong nagawa that time napilitan akong mangutang. ngayon kailangan ko naman yon bayaran, pero hindi pa yon tapos kasi dapat ko pa daw bayaran ang kabuuan meron daw kasi discount. Nakaka depress kasi kahit gustuhin mo magbayad ayon sa kaya mo lang di naman tanggap nila, tapos panay ang pananakot nila. Nasa hirap na sitwasyon ako ngayon dahil wala po kami maayos na sahod. marami akong ginawa na paraan para maka hanap ng maayos na work. Ano po kaya dapat ko gawin natakot din naman po ako sa ginawa nila lalo na at dinamay nila mama ko. May highblood pressure ang matanda. Salamat po.

  443. good evening mr. fitz villa fuerte. i had a unsettled account at avon company if im not mistaken that was 4 thousand above the last time i checked the notice it turns into 8 thousand pesos. i wasnt able to pay it because i tranfered i a new place. i was about to get my NBI last 24th of april 2014 then i was being hit is’t because of my unsettled account at avon and is their any chances that i may get in jail if i will not settle this one? i was about to start my work but cant procced in my training because i was being hit in my NBI and i need to return at NBI this april 29 2014. please i need assistance mr. fitz and hopefully you will reply. thanks and god bless

  444. Hi Janet, Bakit naman di nila tatanggapin ang amount na kaya mo lng? Punta ka lang sa branch nila at bayaran mo ang loan number mo or acct number mo wala naman pipigil sau kahit magkano yan. Kapag nagbabayad ka di naman yan makakasuhan kahit sa Small claims court.Kasi may payment ka nga monthly.Wala naman sila magagawa kung yan lng kaya mo.
    @ Jun , baka may kapangalan ka lng kaya may HIT ang NBI mo. You can come back to NBI and get ur Clearance your Avon account has nothing to do with it.

  445. mr. fitz thanks for replying. sana po ganon. but dati kasi naka kuha na ako nang NBI clearance that is why I had this second thought that avon already filed me a case. hopefully hindi sana. kasi I need my work and still babayaran kodin sila

  446. hello po. gusto ko lang po itanong kasi may naniningil na collecting agency sa mom ko to settle her closed credit card. aware naman po ang mom ko regarding the status of her credit card and agreed sa arrangement.she even paid the initial amount of 1,600 pesos. now yung question ko po is dapat ko po bang ibigay yung transaction number sa collecting agency? kasi hinihingi po nila para malaman daw po if na post ung payment made by my mom sa bank. and also may ipinadala po sila na forms na dapat daw pong pirmahan ng mom ko. is it necessary po ba na my mom should sign it? Please help po. ayoko pong ma scam ang mother ko. more power and GOD BLESS.

  447. hi worried_kid, yes po you can give her a copy of your Mom’s payment proof, specially kung identified nyo nman kung sino ung humihingi. Kung meron ka po Certification of full payment pls give them a copy. Hindi mo nman ibibigay ang original copy.Please do not sign any docs or contract, agreement etc kung hindi nyo nababasa ng maayos.Kung fully paid na based on agreed amount pls show them the proof.Kung available pa ung dating agreement na nakalagay ung total amount to close the account and u complied at nariyan din ung proof ng binayaran nyo , wala po kau ipag aalala. Mas mabuti kung meron po Cert of full payment. Salamat po and God bless

  448. Hello Sir,

    Nagloan po ako ng PERSONAL LOAN sa East West Bank worth 60K payable in 3 yrs of which I issued PDC – RCBC with monthly amortization na 2,700.00. Nakabayad na po ako ng 1 1/2 yrs.But for some reasons, i failed to deposit kaya naclose po yun account ko and all others PDCs are with East West Custody. Madedemanda po ba ako or makukulong kasi tumalbog yun checke? automatic po ba matransfer sa collecting agency?

  449. gud day,, sir ask ko lng po kc my utang ako sa isang coop bank ang tagal n 2007 pa ito nsa 20ok pero un half nman po ay nbayaran ko but un natira d ko n nbayaran kasi nwakan a ako ng work noon until n hindi n sila naningil ngayon po ngpunta sa bahay nmin un collector nla pnpbyaran un balance ko plus interest daw paanu po p ang pwde ko gawin ntatakot n ako kasi bank un alam ko d sila titigil until mabayarn cla nkakktaka lng kasi after ng 7 yrs ngyn lng cla naningil,, pls pa help nman po

  450. Hello Sir,
    May auto loan po kami sa PSBank, 5years po ang contract,nkbayad n po kami almost 3 yrs. nagkaproblema po kami kaya almost 5months d kami nakabayad, now willing po kami magbayad ng overdue amount plus penalties,pero ayaw po nila tanggapin. Instead Gusto po nila bayaran n namin ung full amount or surrender the unit. Please give some advise n dapat namin gawin.

    Thanks & Godbless

  451. Hi myjho, meron po talagang mga pangyayaring ganyan sa kapabayaan ng ibang collectors na humahahawak, makipag usap ka sa Bank Collector na humahawak ng account mo at itanong mo yang question why they did not made collection efforts for the past seven years?you can request for a penalty waiver for that period by writing them.You can also request for restructuring your loan para makabayad ka.
    @Ms Regina, Kung kaya nyo naman po pala bayaran ang lapses nyo including penalties you can directly deposit it to any of their branches.Kapag bayad ka na or updated na ang Car loan mo at pinag pilitan pa nila ang pag reposes ng Car mo ,ipakuha mo sa kanila pero wag nyo pipirmahan ang Voluntary Surrender Paper kasi bayad ka na or updated ka na.Kapag kinuha pa rin sila na ang kasuhan mo.
    God bless too.

  452. Hi Sir,
    continuation po eto, Ang problema ko po sir ang binibigay na overdue amount is 660k na sa pagkakaalam ko po around 400k nlang ang outstanding balance namin, ibig sabihin po pinababayaran na ung buo instead n 2 years pa namin bayaran, kung d daw po namin mabayaran surrender na daw po namin ang unit.makatarungan po ba yun. gusto kopo sana ang bayaran lang eh ung 5months n overdue plus penalties at balik uli sa dati, na ayaw naman nila pumayag
    thank you po uli sa help nyo

  453. hi mam regina bayaran nyo po ung 5 months lapses nyo sa branch then wala pong makaka kuha sa car nyo then by next month pay ur regular monthly wala pong kukuha sa car nyo, ngayon kung hihirit p ung collector n tatawag sainyo ask nyo po how much is the penalty so that u can pay for it , kapag po nabayaran nu n ung lapses nyo di po yan pde ipull out sainyo.

  454. hi po gud pm po my name is jona ask lang po sana aku nang advice abot my boyfrnd hospetal bill umabot na po kc nang 300th po at di po namen kayang bayaran po lahat now ang tanung ku pu my karapatan po ba ang hospetal na de po kame palabasen at they keep ass sa hospetal. at lalung lumalaki ang bil namen. my lymphoma cancer po kc cya pls need youre reply. salamat po

  455. Hi po. Ask ko lng kung mkakasuhan po ba ako? My inutangan po kmi 10k.. Pinag issue kmi check. Payable for 2mons
    .ung 2 checks nag good nman kso naclose ung account nmin
    dhil sa pagkakamali ng isang financier na inusyuhan din nmin at pinagkakautangam..dble Mron nlng po kmi 2 hulog na balance. Humingi kmi paluget at pinagbigyan ng isang linggo pra settle un.
    ang problema gipit na gipit po kmi ngan dhil sa sunod sunod na problema.. Sabi ng pinagkakautanan nmingpa file daw po xa case.
    ano po ba dapat nmin gawin? Ayaw nman na po mkinig ng lender na. Kakasuhan daw po kmi. Kung sakali po my ddampot n pong pulis sa Amin at aanyayahan n kmi sa korte dhil aa kaso? Please advise. Need your help po. Thanks

  456. Dear Mr. Ed,

    Hi Sir, good day. I am living now with my family as immigrant in the US. I just wanted to know your legal advices. I received a call from philippines, by accidentally picked-up on a hurry for expecting calls, that according to her, I should pay 50K from a total of less 200K for almost a decade debt. The lady said she’s from a legal office and told my bank account name and number, for me to send the payment. I requested her to send me a proof-confirmation of account statement, its details and also her complete contact details thru my email details, but she wasn’t gave anything details. She keeps calling and using with a voice mail telling me to return call her, and then after, another now is a man-guy doing the same thing. Not applicable to reply phone-calls, for out-of-the-right timing hours to my place and not sure if her’s the number for strange/unknown number that appears. I am wondering that, how do I have that particular amount and how they had reached me. Do I need have a lawyer in my behalf to face them, and I don’t want my relatives to bother and harassed by them. I am confused and worried.

    Thank you and Godbless.

  457. Hi sir ed. May question lang ako. Babayaran ko na po yung amount na binigay ng collection agency sa bank kung san yung credit card ko. After the payment the agent say na ibibigay ko po sa kanya payment details para magawa na daw po yung contravt po or certificate na nabayaran ko na yung amount ganung katagal bago ma gawa nila yun at pano kalimitan pinapadala yung parang letter na nabayaran ko na yung amount na sinabi nila. Bali ano po ang dapat nasa letter or certificate or contract na matatangap ko. Salamat po.

  458. Hi Sir!Good day Isa din ako may problema sa mga creditcard,nagbabayad po ako ng minimum itong buwan ng Marso hanggang ngayon hindi ko nababayaran dhil na gipit na gipit ao nagpadala po ng letter ang citibank ,Rcbc at endorse na daw ako sa legal collection agencies ,tumatawag na sa brgy hiyang-hiya po ako dahil nalaman ng aming brgy na may utang ako sa banko nagliit ako sa paka-tao ko dahil isang akong kagawad ng aming brgy lalo ako hindi makatulog sakakaisip ng problema ko utang sa credit card hindi ko naman tatakasan ang utang at lagi ako kunukulit sa tawag sa telepono ,Gulong-gulo na po ang aking pag-iisip gusto ko po bayaran na paunti-unti ang mga utang ko sa credit card para huwag lumubo ang interes ng utang ko Salamat po…Susie

  459. ask ko lang po kase malaki na rin po ang utang ko sa citibank credit card, kaso ilang taon na rin akong wlang work kaya lumaki na yung interest nya, gusto ko sana siyang bayaran ng paunti-unti pero ang gusto kong bayaran ay yung principal lang at hindi yung interest, pwede po ba yun? next question ko rin po hindi ba magrereflect ang utang ko kung sakaling mag-apply ako ng immigrant papuntang UK? makikita ba ng embassy yung utang ko sa credit card?… thanks po..

  460. gud day po… i would like to ask… me utang po ako na iniwan sa manila… dala tlga ng kgipitan nag abroad ako… 2 yrs contrak ako..1st timer ofw… ung utang ko sa dti ko boss bale 4 yrs na… hndi man kmi nagkkausap pero sa twing mag memesage sya e sumasgot ako na pag uwi ko pilipinas (ds year po) e bbyaran ko kc gipit pa din kmi at hndi pa nga tapos mga byaran khit 2yrs na ako… inuuna ko ung bank kc nkapas issue ako ng tsek…. pero ngaun ginagamit nya ang fb ko at dun ang popost.. nkikiusap ako sa knya thru private message na wag nya gwin mag post sa kb ko kc pinangangalagaan ko mga anak ko na nag aaral pa… pero dun po sya sa fb ko sumasagot pa din at post po tlga sa timeline ko.. binubura ko agad kso ciempre me mga nkabasa na nun… opo ksalanan ko.. nka perwisyo ako pero bbayran ko po sya ..10t peso po iyon at pti wlang interest daw un w cnasabi nya…… ang huli nya post at prang nanankot na sya na hanggat hndi daw po ako makabbyad e hndi sya titigil mag post sa fb ko……. unfair po kc pano po mga anak ko….. ciempre kahihiyan nila ito….. dhil hndi naman sila dapat madamay d2…. need advise po.. thank you.

  461. Hi Mam Kitty, madali lang po problem nyo. Just set privacy on your FB account or Block mo na lang FB ng nagpopost sa wall mo ng masama. Ngayon kung gusto mo sya kasuhan you can file complaint dahil may RA 10125 na tau.Kaya lang gastos lng yan. Set mo na lang ang privacy ng FB mo para di sya makapag post. :)

  462. Hi po good day! May personal loan po ako sa Eastwest bank. naka apply po ako ng amnesty kaso po nagka problema kami kasi palagi nalang halfdag trabaho ng mister ko so every 15th and 30th 2k lang ang sahud nya. Itatanong ko lang po kung pwede ba ulit maka apply ng amnesty? willing to pay naman po talaga kami kaso nagipit lang.

  463. good evening meron po akong loan sa isang private lending agency,, 80k lang un dati naging 100k na daw , nagkaron kasi ako ng financial prob at di nkakabayad ng tama, may isang law firm n sumulat sa akin at pinapunta ako sa office nila pumunta naman ako at nakipagusap, may pinapirmahang letter sa akin na nagsasabi n ako ay magbabayad over the counter nakabayad namn ako na kaunti ngunit ito ay nahinto ulit dahil sa lumiit ang net pay ko, i sasampa n daw ito sa korte, ang tanong ko po ay magiging sagabal po ba ito kung ako ay aalis at mag aabroad? balak ko po kasi magwork dun para mabayaran lahat ng utang ko.. makikita po kaya ito pag ako ay nag apply sa NBI at sa embassy o immigration? need advise and help… thanks

  464. Len says:
    Hi! good afternoon ask ko lng po kung ano ang maaaring mangyari sa akin kung di ko mabayaran ang loan n nakuha ko sa eastwest bank kc wla n po akong kakayahang magbayad ntatakot po ako kc sbi nila nag-agree daw ako s mga terms and conditions n nksaad s credit card n binigay nla s akin. pero di po ako s card nla nkakuha ng pera kundi s promo nla prang personal loan po ito nwla n po kc ung mga papel at di k n po matandaan. ako po ay working as a teacher my fear is kung mawawalan ba o matatangalan ako ng license pag nagkataon.
    Ty kung bibigyan nyo ng pansin ang tanung ko it would be a big help for me.

  465. Hello po sir Ed, may question po ako with regard to my unpaid balance daw from a lending company. 6k nalang po yung natitirang balance ko which I though paid of na ako kasi naipadala ko na payments sa collector nila last 2010. Anyway, may pumunta po kolektor sa amin para magkolekt ng payment. I told them na willing po ako magpay nang 6k kasi un lang naman ang balance ko kasi yung interest nang loan kinukuha nila before nila ibinibigay yung pera. However, they insist po na magbayad ako nang 18k cash or 24k in one month. Sabi ko po wala po akong ganung pera. Everytime po na tumatawag cla same po ung sinasabi ko but hindi po nila inaacept yung payment ko of 6k. Ano po ba mabuti ko gawin? HELP po.

  466. Hi! I hope matulungan nyo ko. Im so confused. I took a loan from HSBC almost 10 years ago. It’s a long story actually. I was almost a fresh graduate back then, so young and so stupid! One of my officemates knew someone from a company who offers and processes loan applications for different banks. Most of my officemates applied for a loan and got approved. My boss convinced me to “try the opportunity”. Share daw kame sa loan and ofcourse sa payment. We borrowed 100k. 30k saken and 70k saknya, but it was under my name. Since i really nedded money at the time because my aunt was really sick. I agreed and that was a stupid decision! I trusted her kasi she was my boss and the owner of the company). Since my salary is low at that time, they did some “magic” with my payslip and ITR.

    She deducted my share of payment every month from my salary.Until one day, i realized na wala ako career growth and the only reason that i was still with the company is because of my loan. So naglakas loob ako magresign. She issued me a pdc for her payment. pero we strated na maging delinquent. She always called me na wag muna deposit ang cheque kasi wala pondo, so nagstart na lumaki ang interest and i even failed to pay my share sometimes. so since di buo ang payment namen every month lalo lumalaki ang interest. Until one day, i can not pay it anymore. very delinquent nako. I moved out from the apartment na naka address when i filed my loan. I resigned from my previous job due to a personal reason. I was really broke! I started to received letters from HSBC. A friend advised me to go to the bank to request for a restructure for my loan. And so i did. But they requested me to pay PHP500 for the processing fee. but since i was very broke and i dont have 500, i told them na balik na lang ako, but di na ko bumalik since wala nga ko pera and sobra na ko nahihiya and intimidated to the lady who entertained me.

    I started to receive calls and text messages from a “law office”. Nananakot nga. And so since I was still young and stupid, nagpatakot naman ako and neglect the calls and msgs. Until one day, naglakas loob ako na tumawag sa kanila. We made an agreement on the amount that I have to pay. Kaya ko na sya bayaran with the salary I had at that time. So for few months, nababayaran ko yung loan ko. Until one day I received a message from the “law office” na I need to pay 50,000 the next day or else forfeited na lahat ng payments ko. Super natakot ako at that time. San ako kukuha ng 50k? Pero pano mga previous payments ko. I was so confused, then one of my officemate told me na wala nakukulong sa utang since wala naman ako check na inussue sa HSBC. Over the counter payment lang sya. Wag ko na daw bayaran yun since wala naman daw tlaga ako pamabayad. Maba black list nga lang daw ako, I can not file for any loan and credit cards daw. So di ko na sya binayaran. I really want to settle it naman talaga kaya lang not enough lang talaga ang salry ko for now.

    Until kanina, i applied for a NBI clearance for abroad. I’m worried kasi may hit daw sya. Pwede ba maging reason ng hit to sa NBI? I’m so worried, so hope you can help me…….

  467. Hello good evening the discussions here are very helpful. More than a year ago I applied for restructured payment of my CC debt, a law firm called me to submit the necessary papers so I can pay the exact amount monthly for 3 years the contact says that I should pay the bank directly. Sad to say I was diagnosed with cancer nevertheless I continue to pay my monthly dues but not on time. The 30th of every month is my due date but there are times that I pay after 4 to 5 days late because it’s hard to find someone to run an errand for me. I am still working and I usually pay on weekends at the mall so the posting is late. I pay the additional penalties and I know that some of the agents are lenient knowing my reasons. But late this afternoon August 8, 2014 somebody called me from the Bank, I said I already paid my dues, he told me that it was late for 4 days . I explained that there is no one to pay for me on the due date so I pay on week ends thus the late posting. Irkly he said ” eh sino naman ang may sabi sa iyo na magbayad ka ng late eh hindi naman yun ang nasa contrata mo”. The tone was rude as if HE was whom I owed the money, so I asked him his name to which he retorted, “Ikaw na ang may utang ikaw pa ang galit. This I call the default mode of bank collectors meaning making snide remarks to incite the debtor (in this case me) to react then turn the table around and say “Ikaw pa ang galit. Saludo ako kung saan nag seminar ito ng harassment 101. I woudn’t have minded what he said but what bothered me is he introduced himself as a bank employee and here are the comments he said : “baka hindi mo kilala ang kausap mo, BOSS ako dito subukan mo pumunta dito mapapahiya ka”; “Uutang utang ka hindi ka magbayad” (mind you delayed ang payment ko for 4 days with matching interest pag nagbayad ako, ang gusto lang magbayad ako sa oras eh wala ngang mautusan, hindi makaintindi); But what made me cry was the words ” Wala akong pakialam sa cancer mo magbayad ka”. Sinaboi yun sa akin na mismong may cancer. Kung gusto lahat may paraan pag ayaw lahat may dahilan”. It this possible? A bank employee himself saying this in behalf of the bank. Late ako ng payments iyon lang ang pinang gagalaiti but then to hit me with my sickness just to pay the measly amount of P1,200/mo I find so depressing thus can’t help myself but cry.

  468. hello Fitz, ask ko lang, i admit naging delinquent ako sa payment ng credit cards ko dahil at that time na me CC pa ako, stable pa yung job ko. so to make the story short naging delinquent ako, but tanong ko lang these days na me work na naman ako nakapag pay ako but not on time…now my question is kelangan bang e post nila sa TEMPO ( local Newspaper ) Notice to the public DAW! a certain Mr Dave CAstro ( +639994919947 ) was assign to do this for publication…is these posible, i mean nagbayad naman ako….anyway thanks for this website.

  469. NCRPO Warrant and Subpoena Section Advisory:>>>>>>, expect our ifficial commo to arrest you ( Bench Warrant ) at exactly 12pm tomorrow together with sheriff to issue writ of preliminary attachment to check your property. pls be informed for your voluntary surrender to avoid commotion at your place. PS/Supt. Rolando Olay (+639217220545 ) .////does it go in these way, could it be possible pag delinquent ka.

  470. hello po, ask ko lang anu po ba ang posibleng mangyari kc po may personal loan ako s china bank n may issue n pdc, mga 4 months palang po akong nakakabayad….at s ngaun hindi na 3 months n po, hangang ngaun n s d ako nakakabayad, pero una palang tumawag n ako s china para info. n naclose n ang checking account ko kaya over the counter muna ang gagawin ko kaya lang dko na pagpatuloy, so anu po ang posible nilang gawin sakin, talaga pong down ako ngaun financial krisis, willing naman po akong magbayad pag ok na ang situation ko……advise pls……tnx…………..

  471. Hello po, nais ko pong maliwanagan kung tama ba yung procedure ng hospital na kung saan dating nakonfine ang aming baby. Sa kasalukuyan, nag-expire na po yung baby namin, 1 month old po siya after 2 weeks confinement. Hinold po ng hospital yung Death Certificate ng baby namin dahil sa di pa namin nasettle lahat ng bayarin sa hospital, mga 45% na lang po yung hindi pa namin nasettle. Pinaliwanag ko naman po sa hospital na need muna namin malaman kung magkano yung macocover ng PCSO, para alam namin kung magkano yung gagawin naming paraan para masettle yung kabuuan ng aming bill. Di bale pang-apat na araw na po nakaburol sa aming bahay yung baby namin, hindi namin mailibing dahil required yung Death Certificate para makakuha ng burial permit. Tama po ba yung procedure ng hospital? Sa ngaun nag-aalala ako sa kalusugan sa kakambal ng baby namin at tatlong gulang naming anak. Sana mapayuhan niyo po kami.

  472. Hello po. Inquire ko lang po kasi meron akong car loan sa isang lending company at bigla silang nag sara. Ngayon po may isang company na nag ke-claim na sila daw ang nag take over kaso wala naman po binigay na letter or abiso yung nagsarang lending company. Ngayon gusto ko lang po malaman kung ano yung dapat ko gawin, kelangan ko bang ituloy ang payment dun sa bagong company?

    Salamat po!

  473. @Ms Lorraine ;Yes po you can always ask or request for Penalty waiver.
    @Confusedmama: maaari din po kayo humungi ng Penalty waiver para po lumiit ang babayaran nyo.
    @superworry:You can file a complaint to your former employer for bouncing checks,Ikaw lang ang pde humabol sa kanya. Ikaw din lang ang liable sa HSBC .
    @Marites M.Lahip-Maaari po kayong pumunta sa Remedial Dept ng Bank and seek for the VP-for Collection.Raise your experience para mabawasan ang mga tiwaling Collection Agents.
    @Toying – I am not familiar with such process.Baka bago po yan at hindi ko lang alam..Pero sa pagkakaintindi ko mali yan.
    @amaya-request ka ng restructuring sa halagang kaya mo.They can file complaint kahit mag abiso ka ng hindi mo mapoponduhan ang PDC.They will give you a time naman to fund your check but only for a limited period,what if wala ka pa rin to und it.Kaya request ka n ng restructure para d ka magipit sa time.
    @Jake, I’m sorry I can’t give you any opinion to your query . Pls contact an expert to that problem.However nakikiramay po kami sa inyong baby.
    @mr mazino-Pls verify well ang nagpapakilalang nag take over sa dating Lending-Ok lang kung maipapakita nila sainyo ang detalye ng ng Car Loan nyo. That one way to verify their authenticity. Ask for your processed/signed application form,Payment History,Statement of Account and anything that you submitted to the Cloed Lending company when you applied.Kung maipakita nya sainyo yaong mga dokumentong binigay nu sa una maaaring sila nga ay sya ng bagong nagtake over sa Lending company.Ngayon kung wala kahit isang katunayan wag po muna kayo magbayad.

  474. hI sIR eD,

    my pumupunta dto sa office na messenger na tga Prime alliance and palagi sya nagwawala,, sinasabihan pa mga guard at janitor na tinatago daw ako.. ano ba pede ko gawin para matahimik yun.. nakakahiya naman ksi sa eskandalo nila.. pede ko ba sila ireklamo.

  475. Sir Ed, thanks po sa info. Humihingi nga po sila ng kopya sakin ng kontrata dun sa unang lending company para dun daw po yung basehan. Ang hawak lang po kasi nila eh yung mga PDC ko at deed of sale saka or/cr ng kotse.

  476. @Mr,mazino-ok po maybe naiturn over n nga po sa kanila ang account nu.Now ang need nyo naman i-verify ngayon is ang legality ng kasalukuyang Lending alamin mo sa DTI or SEC kung sila ay legal at documented. Or you can ask for it sa kanila bilang pagkakilanlan mo sa kompanya nila na hindi mo nman originally kausap.At bakit po hindi kayo ininform ng dating Lending na ililipat na kayo sa iba? O baka nman nagpalit lng sila ng company name. Verify nyo rin Sir ang new owner ng new company na naniningil sainyo.

  477. sir ed, bali bigla pong nag sara yung dating lending company. tumakas daw po yung may ari, pati yung office nila sarado na at pinabayaan. sabi po ng ibang nagrereklamo eh yung sinasabing nag takeover nun eh mga dating empleyado din. Hawak nila lahat ng inissue na cheke pero wala silang kopya ng mga papeles na sinubmit namin sa original company.

  478. Wag po kau magbibigay ng ano mang kopya ng docs nyo. Di sila maaring maningil sainyo.Hindi rin sila maaaring magdemanda sainyo mga employee lng sila. Wait for the Office to reopen or another office to take over the former office.

  479. hi sir ed,

    yung mga taga prime alliance ngpunta ulit dito, ok lng ba na hnd ko sila harapin ksi ako mismo gsto nla, dti sa mesgr lang bnigay , ngyon gsto nila ako na mgreceive.. natatakot ako ksi nag eeskandalo sila. pls help. thanks

  480. @chandrei – oo naman kung nagwawala sila at sapilitang pumasok sa premises nyo without your consent bakit hindi.
    @Charlene-pde mo naman sila harapin sa reception area ng office nyo. Yong kayo lang ang makakarinig at makakapag usap.If they will discuss it in public and in loud voice sila na ang kakasuhan mo.
    @toying,pde sila magpapublish ng Subpoena kung hindi nila malocate ang address mo kung lumipat ka na ng bahay or office address.

  481. Gud pm po. Sna po mtulungan nyo ako. I have 4 unbilled credit cards for 6 months gwa ng kakulangan s budget kasi ako po ang bread winner ng pamilya. Yung 1 card po ngpadala n ng letter from law office , yung 1 nman po still tinatawagan po ako pngbbyad me ng certain amount until bukas kasi kung hindi daw me makakabayad ipapasa na for legal yung acct ko. Kaso wla po talaga akong pera ngayon gsto ko man sila bayaran wala po talaga ako pera ngayon. Tapos yung natitirang 2 eh nakakaresiv po ako ng letter from their bank na ang acct ko is under a collecting agency. Hndi po kc ako nila nakokontak yung 1 bangko lng po ang nkausap ko. Ang ikinatatakot ko po eh baka po biglang my pumunta sa bahay na collector eh ayoko pong malaman ng magulang ko etong problemang pinagdadaanan ko ngayon. Ano pong gagawin ko? Mgbabayad naman po ako kapag nagkapera na ako. Sana po mtulungan nyo ako. Salamat po.

  482. Dear Sir Ed,

    Good day po.

    I just received a phone call from a legal collector.
    They are demanding that i should pay daw po yung 73k na utang na nakaunder sa nick name ko na di ko po alam.
    Then everything po is mali like address ko kulang ng number ng bahay.. nanay ko po is mali ang middle name nung maiden name at last po yung utang is accounted nick name ko na di ko naman po alam..

    anu po ba magandang gawin legal action sa law office na nag hahandle ng case na yun?

    They just starting to call my office numbers.
    Also they are not listening to my reason and pinipilit na same person which is totoo naman dahil nick name ko.. pero ang bottom line po di ako yung may utang.

    please advise po.


  483. @JAR wala po kayo dapat ipangamba, they were barking a wrong tree.Kapag tumawag ulit kausapin mo and get their details such as of name of law office and address and the person calling you. You can sue them for harassment kc wala ka nman talaga utang.Please consult a lawyer pde naman po kayo seek assistance.

  484. @Anne Belmonte, i would recommend to let your parents know about it, coz by the looks and number of it i think you need all the help that you can. 4 CC that is something else, though you did not include the outstanding balance for each, grappling with this kind of problem is hard itself alone, you would need someone – family – not to support you pay it off but to stand by you so it is not so stressful. However, ensure that you speak to the bank and if they are amenable to a re-structuring of your loans/balance/utang and if acceptable to you then ok. OR if you can pay it off one by one it is also good. It is very hard to get your credit standing back if you don’t pay up, chances you may not be able to get financial loans, CC or personal loans from any bank.

  485. @toying i also receive that kind of text NCRPO Warrant and Subpoena Section Advisory: GRACELYN ROLLE CHAVEZ, expect our official commo to arrest you (Bench Warrant) at exactly 12pm tomorrow together with sheriff to issue writ of preliminary attachment to check your property. pls be informed for your voluntary surrender to avoid commotion at yourplace. PS/Supt. Rolando Olay.—but using another number..what happen to you sir??? is it true?? please help

  486. Dear Sir. Ed,

    Greetings from the Middle East!

    OFW po ako since 2010, pagkatapos ko po magtrabaho sa Makati ng mahabang panahon. But I have decided to resigned from my work dahil sa wala naman pong promotion at sa hirap ng buhay dyan sa Maynila. My family transferred to the province hoping to start over for business. Prior to that may ongoing Salary Stretch Loan po ako sa Chinatrust which on the first 5 months I had able to paid religiously. When we are in the province life does not cooperate to what was planned. We encountered difficulty on our business and the strong typhoon hit our province that caused sa pagkawala ng aming kabuhayan. Doon na po nag umpisa na hindi po ako nakabayad ng regular sa Chinatrust. But we have not received any notice or demand letter from them, for we did a regular follow up sa old address namin kung may dumarating bang communication para sa amin. My loan was granted to pay for 3 years period. So, nag lapsed na on November 2010. Here abroad nagiipon po ako para makabayad, coz still minding my situation dahil nagamit ko naman yung pera na yun. Lately may tumawag po sa akin dito sa abroad galing ng pinas, at Law Firm daw sila ng Chinatrust…..They started to harrased me and even talked to my Manager that I have a Criminal case in the Philippines. Nag text po sila sa akin na guguluhin daw nila ang pamilya ko at sisirain ang reputasyun ko kung di ako magbayad sa kanila..I told them na i have plans to settle my obligation, pero sobrang laki po ng hinihingi nila at abrupt payment po ito… Ginulo na nila ang familya ko sa probinsya, pinakalat na may criminal case daw ako sa middle east..maliit lang po ang sahod ko but maari ko pong masettle ang obligasyon ka sa mahinahon na paraan… “NABANGGIT NIYO KASI ON YOUR PREVIOUS COMMENTS THAT YOU HAVE CONTACT NUMBERS SA COLLECTION MANAGER NG CHINATRUST, which I could ask amicable settlement to pay my obligation…if possible, only the principal amount….AYOKO NA PONG MAKIPAG USAP SA COLLECTING AGENT OR LAW FIRM, NATATAKOT PO AKO.. it creates stress and abusive scenario…baka po kung ano pa ang maisip ko dito sa abroad…. dahil ang buhay ng isang OFW ay mahirap at nagtitiis lang. SANA MATULUNGAN NIYO PO AKO…PLEASE!

  487. Hi PJ You can call china trust at 988-92-87 and ask operator to connect you to ms juliet medrano , she will assist you.Pde nyo rin po ako email Thanks

  488. Magandang araw po, naka tanggap na po ako ng summons from mtc dahil po sa di ko pa nbbyarang balances ko sa coop na umabot na sa P25 000,ang hearing ko po ay on january 21 2015,natatakot po ako na magkarecords dahil balak ko pa mag work abroad.makukulong po ba ako at d makakakuha ng passport? Bale may shares po ako sa coop na p5276,kailangan ko po ang inyong payo.nag i start na po ako ngaun mag prepare ng amount, sana po ay mapagpayuhan nyo ako.ito po email add [email protected]


    ask ko lang po sana about po sa HOME CREDIT po na commpany ung ” Pay in small installments with Home Credit”

    i’m still a college student with a remittance income and may problem ako sa NSO kaya hndi po ako makapagapply sa smart tel. and ayoko din po kasi ng globe, then while im walking in mall kinuha nila atensyo ko and sinbe na pwede daw sila magpainstallement ng gadgets then nagask po ako ng iphone 6.
    sabi nila 43,999 daw ang halaga ng iphone 6 16gb nila and pwede ko makuha installment for 20,000 down payment makkuha ko na kagad and 9 months to pay na 3,699. and napaisip ako na sobrang laki ng tubo nila at sana nagipon nalang ako ng 4months para makabili ng iphone 6 sa powermac or iswitch, kasi 37,000 cash lang sakanila, kung may credit card lang ako wala sana interest ang nakuha ko. kinuha ko po ang iphone 6 nila and biglang nagkaproblem kami kahapon lang sabi ng mother ko saktong allowance ko lang daw mapapadala niya nextmonth so hndi ako makakapagbayad sa home credit. Paano po kung hindi ko na mabayaran ung kulang ko? pwede ko po bang isoli nalang ang unit sakanila? kesa ibenta ko at ibayad sakanila parang namigay lang ako ng 20 thousand pesos. :(

    please give me an idea makukulong din po ba ako kapag di ko nabayaran?

  490. hi, this is jed. yung yaya ko may sinalihan na micro financing, CARD yung name ng financing na yun. everyweek ata kailangan nila mag bayad ng around 600 pesos. this week hindi makka bayad yung yaya ko due to some reason. updated naman xa. yung collector pumunta sa bahay namin at naniningil, hindi sila aalis hanggat di magbayad yung yaya namin. sinabihan yung yaya namin na manghiram sa kapitbahay para maka bayad lang. wala ang mrs ko at wala ako at that time. natataranta na yaya namin and binabantayan nya yung anak namin na 3 yrs old and yung 3 month na baby. for what they did is total harassment. what legal steps ang pwde namin gawin if this happens again?
    thanx so much.
    hoping for an answere.

  491. Hi po ask ko lang po..
    May cc po ako s metrobank..ang nagmit ko po dun 68k at ang pinbbyad skn ng agency 41k n lng..for 10 months po ako hnde ngbyd kaya nasa agency n..isettle ko sana kso pagkasettle ko dun kolng daw makukuha un certificate ko..tama po ba yun? Pwede po bng kaliwaan kme sa bangko..thankyou po

  492. Hi sir ed can i have your email address? Need a legal advice on my loans and credit cards. Thanks

  493. Hello po. Magtatanong lang po ako kasi yung friend ko ay nascam. Yung pera pong nagamit at nabigay nya sa scammer ay nangggaling sa cash advance sa credit card. Umabot na po ng 2 million pesos.

    Ngayon po ay araw araw na syang tinatawagan ng collectors/banks. Di na po sya makatulog. Gusto na raw po nyang magpakamatay. Inaawat lang po sya ng pamilya at mga kaibigan. Hindi naman po nya kaya pang bayaran ang 3M, kasi maski ang sweldo nya ngayon ay napupunta agad sa pambayad bills at utang. Halos wala nang natitira sa kanya. Nakakaawa po sya talaga. Sobrang nagsisisi na po sya kung baket sya naloko. Huli na po nang malaman nya na may mga naloko rin palang iba ang tao na iyon.

    Hindi na po namin sya sinisi at baka tuluyan syang magpakamatay. Ang kelangan po nya ngayon ay suporta, maski sa salita at pagmamahal lamang. Pinapalakas na lang po namin ang loob nya at sinasabihang manalangin sa Dyos.

    Ang tanong ko po ay tungkol sa Writ of Attachment. Meron po kasi syang bahay na nakapangalan sa kanya. Natatakot po sya at ang pamilya nya na baka kunin ng credit card company ang bahay nya. Yun daw po ang talagang ikakamatay nya.

    Maari po ba talagang gawin ng credit card company na kunin ang bahay nya sa bisa ng Writ of Attachment? Papano po ba ang proseso ng Writ na ito?

    Maraming maraming salamat po. At sana po ay masagot nyo po ito agad. Napakalaking tulong po ng magiging advise nyo.

  494. hi ,gusto ko lang po malaman , i have unpaid bills in avon.

    they sending me letters na pag diko daw mababayaran ung amount is kakasuhan daw ako .. its hust 2633 lang nman. since i dont have work , wala po akong pambayad. now, i have my work and processing my reuirements, mag rereflect po kaya iyon sa NBI clearance? if ever na mag process ako, natatakot ako bka harangin nlang ako ng mga personnel ng nbi if ever na may kaso ako. huhu
    help nman po..

    gusto ko nman cla bayaran , kaya po ako magtatrabaho ..

    hope you can help me

  495. Hi po sir e
    Gusto ko po sana humingi ng advise. Nakahram po ako ng pera sa kaibgan ko last n0v. 20k po tap0s p0 kada ikalawang araw po ng bbyad ako interest 4k. Sa lo0b p0 ng 1 m0nth hal0s nkapagbgay n ak0 ng 30k sa kanya. Ngkar00n lang p0 kmi prblema nung bg0 mg end ang n0v d n ak0 mkapahul0g kc p0 di na p0 ak0 bnayaran ng kaibigan ko nanghram dn sakin ng pera. Ngauun p0 sinisingl ak0 ng 70k sa kabuujng utang ko. Kas0 ung pangako p0 nung kaibigan k0 n nkahram dn sakin ng pera ay huhulugan nalang ak0 pumayag naman p0 ak0 para mkapaghul0g dn ak0 s pngkakautangan ko. Kaso p0 ang gngawa sakin ng kaibgan ko ng ppm po sya s mga kapatid ko snasabi may utang ak0 pati ung mga ta0 kausap k0 tinatawagan para mkasiguro sya ngaun p0 pnahaharap nya ako s brgy kaso sa selan p0 ng k0ndisy0n ko s pagbubuntis d ko po kayang humarap s ngaun. Sb ko po s ab0gado n kmi mkpap usap para d kami mapag usapan sa lugar namin. An0 p0 b pwd k0 gawin. Salamat p0.

  496. hello po. i have 3 unpaid cc, wala na po ako work kaya wala na po ako capacity na bayaran lahat. I am applying for a new job but since 48 years na ako, hindi na pa ako matanggap sa work. What will I do? may narecived na po akong letter from Enzi sa isang cc ko. pero wala po talaga ako ibabayad. what should i do? makakasuhan po ba ako?

  497. I have a loan in china bank.. I issued some cheques and that was 2009. I’m already here at united states from 2009 to 2015.then suddenly after 5 years some law firm call us here.. Please help me what am i gonna do…

  498. Sir need you email or contact number for legal advise. They’re harrasing me now. They’re calling now my work here in the federal fair debt collection law here is US can apply for this problem.

  499. Sir,

    Tanong ko lang po, may utang po ako sa eastwest credit cARD NA ALMOST 50k, actually 25000 lang po iyan lumaki lang dahil kulang ang naihuhulog sa minimum payment, until 3 months na po akong di nakakhulog, ngayon po grabe na ang pangungulit ng collection agency pati boss ko gusto tawagan, ang nangyari po kasi dito yung friend ko nanghiram sa akin ng pera na 25000 dahil may sakit ang tatay nya, sa awa ko sa card ko siya iniutang pero usapan namin siya magbabayad ng bill at ng tubo nito kada buwan, ang naging problema naman po d na nakabayad isang taon na hangang naging 54000 na ang utang ko sa credit card. ngayon po wala ako mapiga sa friend ko kaya ako naman ang kinukulit ng collectors agency, ang pagbabayad po ba ng below minimum ay pwede kong gawin para lang ma prove ko sa kanila na di ako natakbo sa utang ko, di ko po kasi kayang maghulog sa kanila ng almost 3000 a month, para lang po tigilan na ako ng katatawag sa akin ay huhulougan ko na lang po kahit 500 monthly yan lang po kasi kaya ko, kakasuhan pa din po ba nila ako, or kukulitin pa din kahit 500 lang binabayad ko? para lang po kasi patunayan ko sa kanila na hindi ko tinatalikuran ang obligasyon ko.

    salamat po, hope to receive an answwer para po matahimik na ako

  500. Hello po,

    May existing personal loan po ako and 2years more pa ako matatapos. However mejo gipit lang sa budget. Though needag issue ng pdc kasi kelangan nila before ko makuha ang money noon kaya nag issue ako. Tanong ko po is kung hindi ko mababayaran ang utang ko. Makukulong ba ko dahil nag issue ako sa kanila ng pdc? Or same lang sa cc ma hindi naman talaga makukulong?


  501. then what is the penalty if the debt collectors harras ,verbally abuse and used profane language when communacating with the consumer?

  502. Hello po,

    Me natanggap daw pong sulat ang kapitbahay namin regarding sa utang ko daw na halos Php 1 million sa Asia United Bank. Medyo matagal na po akong wala sa ating bansa halos 10 taon na. Ang alam ko po lahat ng aking utang ay nabayaran na ng aking dating asawa at maging ako ay nagbayad ng personal sa iba kong pinagkakautangan.

    Ang akin pong alam na naloan noon ay nasa 50K pesos lamang pero gaya po ng sabi ko pinabayaran ko po iyan sa dati kong asawa. sa loob po ng halos sampung taon ay umabot na sa halos isang milyon, talaga po bang ganyan ang Asia United Bank sa pagpapataw ng interest. yun daw pong sulat ay pinadaan sa collecting agency at halos po himatayin sa takot yun kapitbahay ko gawa ng me nakalagay na isasampa daw po sa Criminal court ang kaso sa akin kung di ako makakapagbayad ng buong halaga sa loob ng limang araw sa petsa ng sulat nila.

    Ang petsa ng kanilang sulat ay noon pa pong Pebrero pero neto lamang pong Abril natanggap ng kapitbahay ko.

    Me tenure po ba ang personal loan – ang ibig ko pong sabihin kapag po ba ang utang ay halos sampung taon na at ito ay insured sa PDIC to which ganyan naman po ang ginagawa ng lahat ng bangko sa lahat ng mga loans, ito po ba ay me epektibo pa?

    Ano po ba ang mabuting gawin.

    maraming salamat po.

  503. Hi this is a good site and discussion group, Sir Fritz. But with all due respect, you can visit this site if you want some advices and tips. I guarantee you. I was also a paranoid before due to cc debts but when i came across this site, it helped me clear my mind. :)


  505. Hi Sir Ed, gusto ko po sana humingi ng tulong sa inyo tungkol sa lumolobong utang ko. Nanghiram po ako ng 30k at ang tubo ay 12k. Nawalan po kasi ako ng trabaho ng tatlong buwan at sa Nov 15, 2015 ang tapos ng hulog pero alam ko na kaya ko mabayaran ung 42k before Nov 15. nu ibinigay nila ang balance ko sabi nila ay umabot na daw sa 60k. At tuwing magbabayad kmi sinasabi nila na tuloy pa rin ang pagpatong ng penalty since kailangan ko daw muna tapusin ung 18k na penalty. Halata po na nilulubog nila kmi ng asawa ko. Tulungan nyo po ako hindi ko na alam kung paano gagawin ko.

    Note: May pinirmahan po ako na contract.

  506. Hi Po.I had a salary loan thru ATM in 2010 (20k) and had to stop paying it because I stopped working in the previous company.Now, my 20k became 60k and the collector told me to pay at least 1k per month and if I won’t it will continue to increase and that their lending company is now starting to write letters of complaints to those debtors who failed to pay.When I saw this post, I have never been happier. By the way, will I be put to jail?I hope not.Anyways, I promised them that I will pay but maybe not every month because of financial problems.Thanks Fritz.

  507. I’ve contracted my car loan with Maybank on the 30th of January 2013. Three years ago. My concerns are with regards a visit received the past January 20, 2016 from two representatives of the bank wherein I was personally handed a Demand Letter with Notice of Endorsement to Accredited Third Party Legal / Collection Agency. Other than that the two men seemed to be interested in knowing the reasons of the unsettled payments. This was done in front of family members spending their holidays at my house (on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of January our annual festival “Dinaggyang” has been held in our city) which not only put me in the situation of disclosing, better yet restating what it shouldn’t be anything new to them: my mother and co-maker of the said car loan medical conditions fighting her stage 2 cancer for the past year. Condition we kept confidential with members of the family present that day for reasons that don’t matter my creditor. Given the public and not required interrogatory to “save the face” I wanted to specify how these unsettled bills were accumulated and not the result of a continuous and recurrent unsettlement and therefor requested to have me shown updated statement of account where I could have proved the officials and the unconcerned, not needed audience that I was able to comply with all payments however struggled during the month of August and October 2015 and eventually January 2016. That being said it is understood the equivalent of three months were accumulated, explaining my relatives how things had really happened was the least I could have done since I was left with no options than to deal with such private matter in front of them. Unfortunately the two officials not only were unaware of my credit situation and history nor were able to provide the statement requested. All I was told is to communicate with my bank for details and apologized for not being able to answer my questions since themselves clueless. Right after that date as much as possible upon consultation with my mother I sought for help from Maybank Iloilo and I was informed I owe them the amount of 43,280pesos and risking financial process whenever said amount won’t be deposited. At the time I couldn’t afford to fully settle and, I must say the lady in charge seemed of help and understanding, we agreed on settling at least one give for the amount of 16.000pesos on or before January 29.
    January 29 as stipulated I was supposed to deposit the amount of 16.000pesos which I only had 7.000pesos to cover and determined into transferring the partial amount as temporary settlement for what I had in my pockets at that moment. Eventually as my txt’s conversation could prove I was in strict communications with the bank the whole day I’ve informed them when I was about to walk in the branch nearest my place and prior to approach the teller I’ve informed the representative of the collection department of my bank of the partial amount I came up with. The lady replied to my txt by saying they couldn’t accept the 7000 and called via landline the teller at the branch I was situated and instructed him to not accept my deposit. Surprised I tried to ask the teller why and I was told that the bank refuses to accept the 7000pesos… uncertain of what would be the next step I decide to follow my bank’s representative which heartedly advised me to temporarily surrender the vehicle to avoid financial process. At the moment it seemed to me like my way to show the bank I’m sincerely committing myself into updating my outstanding balance and willing to have them keep the car as means that it is fine to be without my vehicle for a week, two perhaps, as long as I won’t be charged and demanded the remaining balance left to fully paid the loan. Not only I’ve instructed my bank where I was parked that day and reassured them I’ll be diligently waiting for them to arrive and do what is needed. As soon as they arrived the two representatives which by the way were the two who visited me at home promptly asked me whether I’m planning to get the car back or not, explaining that if positive I should sign only for the option number 1 and if intentioned in letting go completely to only sign on the option 2. Other than that was not explained to me and at the moment I actually thought I was doing something that could benefit me and show the bank my sincerity and good faith. Only when I was about to finish signing the documentation needed I was then explained that in order for me to redeem the car I was given 15 calendar days as part of my right to get the car back after the voluntary surrender. Let me clarify when it was introduced to me as an option it was always classified as “Temporary” and never called “voluntary” which would have made me less convinced since temporary implies my willingness into returning the car limited to a certain time frame which as I have chosen to avail for makes it “voluntary”. On top of the 15 calendar days for me to get the vehicle back I have to update my outstanding balance inclusive of any required fees and sustain the charge of 300pesos a day for every single day my car will be parked at their warehouse and the issuance of post dated check till the fully maturity of my debt (24 checks) . All these conditions were enlightened to me AFTER singing the papers where I was surrendering the vehicle. By the time it seemed pretty fair comparing to the hypothesis of having to face the whole remaining balance left in full (43,000P against 300,000P? Seems fair right? ). I was told one of the signed papers is my copy. I wasn’t given one and when questioned the bank I was told it will be given to me once notarized. As of today February 15 copy hasn’t been granted still. Deal was made, it was the 29th of January and 15 days after either I could comply with their requests by the February 12, 2016 or “bye bye car”, stamentent I can be confident of since, and txts conversation can confirm, the collection department made clear to me it’s either I comply or I lose the car, no options at all. My mother almost risked her life to leave the house in her conditions rushing to reach the remittance center back in Rome cause in panic thinking she might lose 3 years of payments paid over 43,000P of outstanding balance accumulated for reasons behind her controls. She didn’t pick to get sick with cancer a year ago and let’s be honest I wouldn’t have been granted any loan if it wasn’t for my mother being an OFW and me at the moment the only legal representative in the country. When the loan was stipulated I had no means to be even considered eligible for a car loan. On the 10th of February, two days prior the ultimatum I’ve contacted my bank informing I had the amount requested, that very same date I was told with nonchalance “by the way sir it’s 44 thousand not 43 anymore it varies everyday” as if it was just a detail that wouldn’t concern me. Still I informed them I had no problems with the updated amount and informed I was about to visit the branch nearest my area since going to their office would cost me in terms of transpo expenses and I wasn’t done with the requirements, I still had to come up with the checking account and pdc’s. Still I was requested to deposit the payment at their branch.What I have noticed on the receipt it was stated “ACCEPTED WITHOUT PREJUDICE TO APPLICATION OF PAYMENT AND/ OR LEGAL ACTION THAT THE BANK MAY TAKE”. Anything like that was never stated in any of the payment slips. Unfortunately even though I thought I had still two days left before the 12th the consecutive day (Feb 10) a local holiday in the island of Panay was declared leaving me with one day left which was also the last day I was given to redeem my vehicle.
    February 12, 2016 (Friday)
    Exhausting all my efforts and options I wasn’t able to open a checking account and produce the post dated checks which made me send a txt to my bank by saying I might be able to provide the pdc’s by Monday and willing to sign a contract/agreement declaring wherein I might not have the checks ready by then I’m going to give up as being done with everything and mentally exhausted which led my mother to skip meals that are vital for her strength since the only cure for her is to undergo chemo and in order to be strong enough to face something as excruciating as chemotherapy she has to eat and rest. Definitely this kind of psychological misery where within our means we were able to update our account and comply within the time given covering fees and charges is yet considered or better not considered at all nor of any value by our creditor that has nothing to lose since the car was innocently and in good faith handed to them. Apparently if I won’t comply with the postdated checks I’ll be still daily charged of 300pesos for the warehouse fee (Today I owe the warehouse the equivalent of 5400Pesos and still counting) and won’t be able to redeem the car till then if lucky or as preannounced, they will continue with the repossession of the car.
    I feel like I’ve been put in the situation where at some point instead of being helped I was yes being entertained and eventually advised by my bank unaware I was suppressing my rights and favoring what would create a situation that would end in their favor. I consider myself as “allegations” the said statements or better facts I can’t disregard and ignore. It feels I was helped in losing my car against my will, rights and favors. As of today I don’t own any outstanding balance to Maybank Iloilo nor I was given any written/printed document as personal copy. They refuse to let me deposit money unless its their branch resulting to unexplained message on the payment slip.
    Please HELP!
    Can the bank demand for pdc’s ?

  508. Hi Ms.Tin ok lng yan humarap kayo sa Brgy kung mag complaint sya.Lalabas na sya na ang nakakahiya kasi labis labis na ang naibayad mo.If ang paguusap nyo is sobrang laki nman ang tubo pde kang humingi ng assistance sa Lupon na kung maaari kausapin ang pinagkautangan mo sa itigil n ang tubo dahil labis naman na ang nabayaran mo

  509. @Nirvana Pde naman po kayo mag usap na lng sa Brgy kung sakaling hirap ka na sa pagbabayad ng puro tubo na lang .Kapag naman po nabayaran nyo na principal konteng tubo na lang ang pinababayaran ng brgy at pde no hulugan sa kaya nu amount

  510. Hello po

    Gusto ko lang po manghingi ng advise..may tumawag p sa akin sa office taga CJM Strategic Management Inc. ang sabi niya po nakasama daw po yung name ko sa binigyan ng amnesty sa utang ko sa HSBC. Ang sabi po nila sa akin na may balance daw po ako amounting to P220k, and base daw po sa amnesty program pwede ko daw po bayaran ng P78k na one time payment. Sabi ko po hindi ko kayang bayaran yun ng one time kung meron silang installment basis na monthly pwede ko pa siguro mabayaran. Pinipilit po nila na mas malaki daw po ang babayaran ko kung installment, nung humingi po ako ng breakdown kung magkano yung interest di po nila ako mabigyan. Sabi pa po nila pwede naman daw po namin pag usapan kung hanggang magkano ang kaya ko ibigay ipapa approve daw po nila yun sa HSBC? May katotohanan po ba ang sinasabi nila? Legal po ba itong gagawin nila? Paano po ako makaka sigurado na magkaka clearance ako sa bank after? Please help po. God bless.

  511. Sir ed. Hingi po ako ng payo. Ung partner ko po nanalo na sya sa kaso.. kaso bakit ganun kahit may sheriff na binigay hindi pa din sya makakilos . Ano po ba dapat gawin.. nanalo na po kame sa kaso worth 500k din po yun thanks. God bless

  512. Hi i need your help my live in partner borrowed a money from a lending company. We have a financial crisis as of now and we failed to pay the lending company for 3mos amounting 31k. Lending company txtd my family and friends about the debt i felt humiliated i tried to ask for reconsideration and im willing to pay the penalties but they didnt provide an extension the want me to pay the full 31k. They said failure of payment this june 24 will lead to a bp 22 and estafa .. there were pdc involve because they will just approved us if we have pdc.. but they know that there are no funds… they will let the check bounce if they no that your not gonna pay the debt.. i ask them not to run the check since there were no funds but they still run the check.. i felt harrassed scared and humiliated can u give me an advice

  513. hi. i would like to ask if what will happen if i signed an amnesty program for my unsettled credit card debt? can a case be filed against me? If i signed the amnesty from another agency, can the other agency use it against me? i need your reply. thanks!

  514. Hi Sir! i would liked to asked regarding my Dad’s lender..He borrowed money 3 years ago for the amount of 50k the collateral is his pension card. so every monthly they took 5k there and for my Dad got the 3k..for 3 years he paid total 180k..then there was an extra 3-6months he was paying off too. then the teller told him, u have remaining 3 months then u can get ur card witness by my 2 nieces..after that he made the payment for that 3months and finally over. the teller says, no u still owe us money for 1 year extra interest..she wants him to borrow money again so they never returned his Dad declare it was stolen in the bank..but later he received a summon, that signed by their lawyer that he needs to pay the interest of 65k..which is unebelievable far as he knows 3 years is enough to be paid off with interest..they charged another extra interest adding up for a year when he is already done paying it legal? what interest if he is in the payment plan and he never missed paying it every month for those 3 years since they have the card..please i need your answers and i will appreciate it..

  515. Hello Sir Fritz!

    Baka po masagot nyo ang tanong ko. My mom passed away May this year. While she was still in the hospital(same month), only then I found out that she has debts to settle with various credit card companies. I only found out because they kept calling her on her mobile phone, so I asked who that was and she told me. During her wake and until now they are still sending letters to ask for payment. Now, my question is, do I have to inform the bank that my mom has passed? If I do that, what will happen to my mom’s debt? I read from your other thread about claims against the estate, what could possibly happen to the only property my mom left for us?

    I hope you can enlighten me on this.

    Thank you and God bless!

  516. hello po may kilala ako tanong niya po ano raw mangyayari pag matagal na siya hindi nakabayad ng utang sa natasha? 1500+ po yung utang niya 10% po daw yung araw pag hindi parin siya nakabayad 10months na po ung utang niya 40k+ na po ung interest na sinasabi totoo po ba to or tinatakot lang nila ung tao para magbayad ? salamat po .. :)

  517. Hi po.. mgtatanong po. May loan po akong naiwan sa hk. 20k hkd po pero pinaghatian po namin ng kinilala kong nakakaatandang ate. Nakahulog po ako ng twice pero naterminate po ako.nalaman ko po pala na mas nauna syang nkauwi ng pinas sa kin kaya di na po kami nakpagusap. Mula nung nakauwi ako sa pinas wala na po akong contact sa kanya. May mga text message pong natatanggap ang anak ko galing sa law firm at last message po ay occular visit daw po saplace namin.. magbayad naman po ako pero ung kalahati lang po ng loan ko.. pilit din po nila akong pinagbabayad ng 10k n di ko namang kaya. Hanggng ngayon ay di ko pa rin sinasagot ang kanilang mga text messages. Ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin. Malaking kaluwagan para po sa kin and iyong advice. More power po.

  518. Hi po sir Ed and sir Fritz,

    Sana po masagot po ang katanungan ko. Yung mama ko po ay umutang ng 25,000 sa lending company nung may sari-sari store pa po kami kaso na closed na po ang store namin at nahihirapan na po kaming bayaran ang utang namin. pero nagbabayad rin naman po ang mama ko pero may times din na hindi nakakabayad dahil walang maihulog sa collector at nakikiusap nalang po kami ng maayos sa collector pero pinipilit po talaga kaming kaylangan next time na pagdating niya meron daw maihulog. At before po may nagpakilala pong mga police at hinahanap si mama ko at natakot naman po si mama. At ngayon naman po may pina-permahan na mga papers sa mama ko, tinanong ng mama ko kung para saan pero ang sagot lang ng collector ay “pakipermahan lang po para masabi sa office na nagtra-trabaho kami” my mom was elementary graduate pero alam naman po niyang magbasa yun lang hindi niya maintindihan yung ibang english words. Pagkabasa ng papa ko sa sulat, May mga atty.’s na pangalan sa taas at sabi kakasohan na daw ang mama ko at idadala na daw sa higher court. Syempre kahit takot ang mama ko pinakita niya pa rin na kaya niya pero nalulungkot ako para sa kanya. dahil yung nakalista doon na HINDI DAW NAGBAYAD SI MAMA at ang may mga interest na 1200 pesos pero may resibo po si mama ko na NAKABAYAD PO SIYA SA DATES NA YUN. at dapat pong 17,000 na po ang nabayaran ni mama ko sa 25,000 pero ngayon po 55,000 pesos na raw po ang babayaran niya, at iba pa daw po sa damage cost na babayaran. bat po ang unfair? sobrang laki naman po ata ng 55,000+ para sa contract na utang namin na 25,000. TAMA PO BA YUNG GINAGAWA NILA SAAMIN?. Naiiyak nalang po ako dahil dito sana po matulungan niyo po kami. salamat po


  520. Hello Sir Fritz and whoever na meron knowledge about sa CC problems. Nagkaroon ako ng credit card and dahil good payer ako, nagdatingan ang card khit hindi ako nagapply. Dumating ang time na nagkaprob sa family-kumbaga krisis dahil nagsakit ang nanay ko. I wasnt able to pay it all. My credit limit in HSBC was 24k, from 20k plus na nagamit ko naging 60k plusThen na trace ako ng HSBC-a collection agency -pero nagoffer sila ng amnesty, naawa ata sila so I payed 20k lang. Madali naman silang kausap at mabait un collector na nakausap ko.Nagbayad na ko-had to borrow from friends para lang matapos. Then eto na c RCBC, 40k ang credit limit ko, tpos naconsume ko mga 40k din, then yun unang collector or law firm na ang nangungulit, nun una sabi magpay ako ng 60k, kako hindi ko kayang bayaran un at wala talaga akong ibabayad, sbi nun collector help daw nya ko at ihahanap ng program, kaso nawala na sya at ipinasa sa iba, tpos ayun hinaharass nako.then nalipat ako ng department tpos matagal na wala gumambala sa kin (wala pa din akong pambayad dahil maliit lang sahod ko at balak ko na din magresign para makahanap work na mataas sahod at ng makaipon pambayad) then biglang me tumawag sa new Dept ko at knausap head ko at hnahanap ako. sabi daw tawagan ko un lalaking tumawag na verifier daw sa Philippine Daily Tribune at kaylangan daw makapagusap kasi me atty daw na nagfile at ipupublish daw name ko pati pangalan ng work ko sa Phil. daily Tribune. Nagbigay pa ng deadline kung gang kaylan daw ako twag. me sinabi pang Article 315 and 318. Nilalagnat na ko at di makapagconcentrate sa work. willing naman akong bayaran pero hindi ko afford sa like nilang scheme. one time payment na almost 50k, or kung abot sa 2 years or so meron 5k a month or 9k a month. san ko naman kukuhanin un ganung pera. me ganun bang amnesty. Please.. any suggestion or ideas po is a great help. salamat

  521. hi po gusto ko po humingi ng advise, i borrowed money from my friend pinapadala nya lng po sa account ko she is far from me ,pinangakoan ko po n kikita din un pera nya ng malaki pra mapautang nya lng ako, paulit ulit po ako humiram at yong iba ay ibinayad ko rin sa kanya, ngayon n di n ako kumikita wla n po ako maibigay sa kanya , wla po kming ksulatan sa mga hiniram ko, ano po ba ang kaso ko kung hindi ko sya mababayaran , pag nanghihiram po ako sa kanya tumatawag lng po ako at pinapadala nya sa account ko
    ? pwede po b sya magfile ng kaso khit wla kming kasulatan n nagpautang sya sa akin?sna po mabigyan u ako ng kasagotan kc di n po ako nkkatulog dhil 2milyon po ang utang ko sa kanya. thnx god bless po

  522. mag ask lang po ako ng help…ofw po ako dito sa UAE..may kakabayan po tau dito na nanghiram ng pera at kalaunan intensyon na nila na d magbayad at ang masakit kapag nag singgil ka sila pa ang nananakot..ano po ang magandang gawin sa ganitong case..(naka save po ang mga messages at ang response nya na may pag babanta)..salamat po

  523. Hi.. Good eve.. Ask ko Lang po Kung nagpapahiram or utang na po ba ang DTI sa mga gusto mag tayo ng business?? Thanks!

  524. Hi everyone. I also have the same case with you. Just received a demand letter from Telan Hipe Associates. Actually, I really thought na Im already cleared with ctbc’s salary loan. But to my surprise, may utang pa pala ako and it’s now 19k. Hindi ko na nga maRemember when I had that loan basta sure ako na parang less than 20k lang iyong utang ko. So I asked my college classmate who is now a lawyer. She said na it’s her first time even her friends to have this kind of case. She said kasi na parang di daw ito magFafall under BP22 kasi the checks that I gave did not really come from my account. It’s like a manager’s check, which is not covered by the BP 22. It was a relief hearing this but still, I wanted to settle this with chinatrust. Also, just want to share with you na I had 3 cancelled cards in 2011. Hindi ko binayaran despite all the demand letters and harassments of collection agents. Unfortunately, just recently, my husband and I applied for an auto loan. It was under my husband’s name pero as his spouse nakita ang cancelled cards ko, which I’m required to settle. So then, I was forced to contact directly the banks HSBC and EWB. HSBC personnel has been very kind. She offered amnesty so at a much lower price na lang binayaran ko for 2 cards. 3 days after I paid, nakuha ko agad ang certification na I’m cleared na. Unfortunately, with EWB, di masyado friendly ang nasa recoveries dept. medyo sarcastic, he even sounded like a collection agent. But anyways, I got the certification that I’m cleared na with them 3 weeks after. With this, natuloy na auto loan namin with BPI.
    My point lang here is that if I have a ‘case’ with ctbc, dapat niRequire din iyon ng BPI as part of our loan’s requirement. Pero hindi eh. Isa pa, accdg sa law, if magBounce ang check mo, a letter informing you of a dishonored check will be given to you. Pero never ako nakatanggap nito. NagAsawa at nagKaanak na lang ako’t lahat ngayon pa ito lalabas. Well, will just update you what will transpire once maContact ko na ctbc next week. Good luck to us!

  525. I’m really in a state of nervous breakdown. It is unintentional that i had stopped paying my BPI cc due to series of unfortunate events. As of this moment, the SUMMONS reflects a total of almost P850K++ and running. I don’t have money to pay their demands. Any professional advise please. Or has anyone experienced this? What did you do and what happened after.

    A brief summary of the SUMMONS and COMPLAINT below:

    “You are hereby required within 15 days after the service of this SUMMONS upon you………”
    “Moreover, pursuant to the IBP-OCA Memoradum dated 12 March 2002, you are expected NOT TO FILE a Motion to Dismiss but instead, you are requested to allege the grounds of such Motion as defenses in your Answer.”
    Bank of Philippine Island (Plaintiff)
    Me (Defendant)
    Filed by: Nelson Loyola & Associates
    Civil Case No.: XX-XXXXX-CV for Sum of Money

    Wherefore, it is respectfully prayed before that Honorable Court, that judgement be rendered against the defendant by ordering him to pay plaintiff, as follows:
    a) principal claim / amount in sum of P400K++ as of XX 2016……………..
    b) The total amount of P200K++ representing the 3.40% finance charge…..
    c) Finance charge at the rate of 3.40% per month and late payment charges equivalent to 6% per month ………………….
    d) Attorney’s fees equivalent to 25% of total claims due …….. exclusive of appearance fee for every court hearing ……
    e) the cost of suit

    Further, plaintiff prays for other just and equitable reliefs.

    Makati City”


    we called the bank and said the SUMMONS did not come from them…none on record. kausapin na lang daw namin ang collection agency. yesterday, we called Nelson Loyola (the agency) and they told us that once we conclude an agreement, balewala na daw ang SUMMONS & COMPLAINT. However, despite appealing that they bring down the balance to Principal amount without interest which is around 200K, they still sent me an email collecting for the amount of now ballooned to 900K++.

    Question, can we just keep on negotiating with the agency until a fair agreement is reached?

  526. Good afternoon sir/madam. Tatagalugin ko na po para maikwento ko ng maayos. Mga 5years ago po, yung asawa ko kumuha po ng tablet gamit yung credit card nya. Wala naman pong naging problema s umpisa, monthly naman po kami nakakabayad at on time naman. Unfortunately, naospital po yung asawa ko at na-short po kami s cash at dahil dun nagwithdraw po ako s credit card nya without knowing the consequences. Nakawithdraw po ako ng P1500. Dahil po dun biglang lumobo yung monthly bill namin. Dahil s kakagaling lang s ospital ng asawa ko at kelangan bumili ng mga gamot, bukod pa sa hindi agad sya nakabalik s work, hindi po kami nakabayad ng full monthly payment. Pag ganun po pala, tumataas ang interest hanggang s mahirap na talagang makabayad. Kaya ang nangyari po, pumasok po sya s parang program ng banko na parang ni-restruct yung monthly payment nya for 2years at biglang umabot s 28k na yung kelangang bayaran. Wala naman po syang pinirmahang kontrata. Parang mutual undestanding lang. Nung umpisa po nakakabayad naman kaya lang po hindi talaga kinakaya so nag-decide po sya na wag na lang bayaran. Alam po namin mali yun pero wala na po kaming magawa. Lumalaki lang po yung utang nya dahil s interest. Dun na po pumasok yung collecting agency na may pagbabanta na kung hindi nya babayaran ng buo yung utang ay magsasampa sila ng kaso. Lagi po silang tumatawag, minsan pa ay pumupunta sila sa bahay at sa trabaho ng asawa ko. Inaamin ko po na pinagtaguan nya yung mga nagpupunta dahil sa takot. Kung sa telepono nga po eh grabe na silang magsalita at manakot, lalo na po siguro kung hinarap sila ng asawa ko. Natatakot po yung asawa ko kasi minsan nagbabanta sila na magdedemanda at magdadala ng pulis. Kahapon lang po, may pumunta po uli s work ng asawa ko at nagbanta na ipapabaranggay yung guard at ipapasara yung kumpanya nila. Ano po kaya ang pwede nyang gawin para mahinto yung mga pananakot ng collection agency. Willing naman po magbayad yung asawa ko pero sana sa reasonable price naman po. Kasi po sa ngayon ay nasa 48k na yung sinisingil nila. Hindi naman po namin kayang bayaran yun. Lumaki na lang po yun dahil sa interest. Saka pwede po bang sa banko kami makipagtransact at hindi sa collection agency dahil nakakatakot po sila kausap at gusto nila ay i-full payment agad namin. Ano po kaya ang maaari namin gawin? Sana po ay matulungan nyo kami. Gusto po namin na matigil na ang pagbabanta ng collection agency sa work ng asawa ko, dahil pati po sila ay nadadamay. Maraming salamat po. Sana po ay matulungan nyo po kami.

  527. Hi question po.. Just helping a friend.. Nagloan po siya sa isang Lending company and PDC was the mode of payment.. Naging smooth naman po ung mga unang month ng pagbabayad niya pero nawalan po siya ng work at hindi po siya nkapagdeposit sa bank acct niya.. Because of that po na close ung account niya and he was contacted by the lending company that the check he issued bounced. He was delayed in payment for only 2 weeks or so and he already communicated with lending company that he will be paying by the end of the month, however he was threatened that he will be sued for estafa etc.

    Can he really be sued even if he will be paying for his loans and he has no intention of running awa= from it?

  528. Hi ask ko lang
    Pwede ba ireklamo ang isang lending company..
    Dahil di pa din binibigay ang savings na naipon mo sa kanila.. its almost 3 weeks.. dahil sabi nila 2 weeks lang daw makukuha na nila

  529. Wag nyo naman poh sana gamitin ung facebook acount ng asawa q pls nkikiusap poh aq simpleng tao lng poh kami qng gagamitin nyo poh sana nman wag n poh qng pwd poh paki erase nyo nlng

  530. Meron akong auto loan na nadelay na ang bayad dahil sa pandemic. Ngayon po ay pinasa na ng banko yung loan ko sa isang collection agency. Binigyan ako ng SOA para sa aking babayaran. Ngunit meron dagdag na fee mula sa collection agency. Tama po ba na sa akin isingil ang fees ng collection agency? Hindi po ba yung banko ang dapat magbayad nun?

  531. to good payer turned delinquent: i don’t know if you are still around given that your post is more than 13 years already, but I wonder if that Anonuevo credit & collection ever bothered you again after settling your debt? Or any other third-party collections agency for that matter since you settled your debt with the bank and not with Anonuevo? Thanks!

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