Philippine Banks That Offer Online Banking

Updated: April 5, 2015

Online banking is one of the most convenient ways to manage your finances.

I pay most of my bills online and transfer funds across my personal savings, current and business accounts through my bank’s internet portal. It’s saves me time and helps me keep track of my finances.

Online banking in the Philippines is not yet as advanced and sophisticated as those in the US or other countries, but I believe it will continue to improve and offer more online services in the future.

So if you’re planning to open an account, it may be helpful if you choose a bank that offers online banking. To help you with your decision, I’ve compiled the list of banks in the Philippines that offer this service.

These websites were checked for accuracy during the time of posting. However, I suggest that you confirm with your bank before doing any online transactions to ensure that you’re on the right URL and accessing a secure portal.

Websites of Banks That Offer Online Banking


Alternatively, some of these banks also offer online banking through the internet portal of BancNet. Here are the banks listed under BancNet Online. The official website of the banks not mentioned above is also given beside the name.

BancNet Online –

  • Allied Bank
  • Asia United Bank
  • Chinabank
  • Chinatrust Commercial Bank
  • Citibank Philippines
  • CityState Savings Bank –
  • East West Bank
  • Export and Industry Bank
  • Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank)
  • Philippine Bank of Communication (PBCom) –
  • Philippine Postal Savings Bank
  • Philippine Savings Bank (PS Bank)
  • Philtrust Bank (PTC) –
  • Quezon Capital Rural Bank (QCRB)
  • RCBC Savings Bank –
  • Robinsons Savings Bank
  • Security Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Sterling Bank of Asia

Did I forget to include a bank? Do you see an error in the information? Please help me keep this list up to date and as accurate as possible by leaving a comment. Thanks.

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  1. i dunno but for BDO, you have to submit the application form to their branch before you can get enrolled to their online banking…it’s a hassle for people on the go. other banks don’t require that, which means you only have to do the enrollment online and that’s it. i think it’s better that way.

  2. Teka, pa-comment muna dun sa pic kung san si elmo gumagamit ng laptop. Ang CUTE! Haha!

    Medyo takot pa ko gumamit ng online banking. I should probably give it a try.

  3. @Edelweiza
    I think most if not all banks require you to accomplish a form in the branch before they give you online access. I think it’s for security purposes and to minimize bogus accounts. It’s just a one time thing anyway.

    But I agree, it would be better if you can just enroll online. In the U.S., you can even open a bank account online and manage your finances without ever going physically to your bank. πŸ˜€

    Hehe, cute talaga ni Elmo. πŸ˜€ Anyway, from my experience, safe naman mag-online banking. Although sometimes the records are not up to date or the website can be offline for days but other than that, I encountered no other problem like losing money or anything like that.

  4. Hi Fitz,
    I am Karl Garcia your one time colleague sa Asian Terminals,just dropping by.
    I just learned that you are into blogging, personal finance pa,wow!

  5. Personally, I like the online banking of Metrobank (which I use to pay credit card bills) and BPI (which I used to transfer funds from and to my stock trading account). πŸ™‚

  6. I like UCPB’s online banking system. I applied for the service without going to the branch. I can transfer funds to any bank account (without enrolling for the recipient’s account), I can pay my bills, I can view and download all my transactions up to last year.

    I also like BPI’s online banking. Just like UCPB’s, I can do all of the transactions mentioned above but I first have go to the branch to enroll for the service.

    Metrobank’s online banking won’t allow me to change my password online.

  7. @Karl
    Hi Karl. It’s great to see you here. How are you guys at ATI? πŸ™‚

    Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts.

  8. Hi..I want to open an online banking on philippine banks here abroad. Any information how to open offshore banking. Thanks

  9. […] Is there anything else you can add? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Moreover, you might also be interested to read my previous articles about banking, specifically on how to choose the right bank and the list of Philippine banks that offer online banking. […]

  10. It is a pleasure for me to know that Philippine banks are ready to provide customers with online banking systems. I like this idea too.

  11. im open account through BDO w/n im go vacation last april 2009 @ banco de oro bacolod city.w/n im come back to kuwait and trying enrole my account,still did not reply to my can i make sure that my deposet go in my account bcause we connet,inquire till now.what is the procedure to check my account status/balance inquiry?

  12. hi mam/sir i cant sign log in to the computer how can i sign in n the computer to know my balance account?

  13. Wich banks holds foreign transfers the shortest? online banking is pointless if they hold the money. i know that metrobank held 300thousand for 4 weeks when my father deposited money from abroad to his bank account in philippines. they even lied and told him that the money hasnt arrived yet.. money was sent from norway and it was sent instant. btw,bdo takes 4-5days. i want to get one where i can have money sent to philippines almost instantly. because i do online sales worldwide. i need one thats faster than bdo. maybe citybank, hsbc??

  14. Hello,

    thanks for the list ! I have all my accounts at BDO and got online banking.

    But ONE hassle is that on my dollar savings account, transactions are not allowed !!! Result is that, as I receive my money from overseas in dollars, I always have to go to the desk to fill my peso account, or to pay out my credit card !

    I was in Vietnam for some days, and was unable to pay my bills or get some bucks because of this…

    So much for E-banking πŸ™

    Now I will find a bank who has a real online-banking and transfer my accounts.

  15. Hi Patrick, interestingly – we have the same problem. Let me know if you find a bank which can do this although I’ve heard that BPI and HSBC can do this. Not much of a big deal on my end so I haven’t really asked about it. So any input from you can help. Thanks! πŸ˜€

  16. i hope DBO also belongs in bancnetonline, beacause all i wanted to do is to always check my balance. Thanks and more power!

  17. Hi Fitz,

    That’s it ! I migrated to HSBC ( ), as they offer a full E-banking, modern, secure, up-to-date, unlike BDO.

    The only problem (I am not concerned though) is that you have to keep a balance of 100’000 Php, or 2’500 US$ on your accounts(s).

    The setup is fast, and you can access your E-banking in minutes. The transfers are easy in whatever currencies you want to. If you have US$ and Php accounts, you then get 2 ATM cards allowing you to even withdraw in ATM from your US$ account (given in Php at the visa exchange day rate).

    Last but not least, no more long waiting lines at the desk, as the opening account conditions bar the usual jeepney drivers, tricycle drivers and others, coming by with loads of coins, and jamming the desk.

    I am now a happy bank customer !


  18. Hi there, would you still stay that Phil. online banking is not as advanced as in other countries such as the US? Seeing as you posted this around 2009, is it still this way? Just curious ^_^

  19. hi!
    I’m planning to create a website wherein the enrollment/registration will be online, but the payment will be through bank…
    how will i know if the person has already paid?
    how will i know the records of account?
    thank you..:)

  20. helo,,,pwede bang mag ask?example nasa australia yung maglalagay ng pera,pwede po ba syang maglagay sa aking account?via online?thnx

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