Philam Life Offers Term Life Insurance Through IMG

Updated: September 20, 2013

Yesterday, I went to the IMG Wealth Academy office in Makati to attend the official announcement of IMG’s newest product, the Philam Life Annual Term Life Insurance.

One of IMG’s top mentors, Mr. Noel Arandilla, together with Philam Life’s top marketing executives discussed to us the features and highlights of this special term life insurance available only through IMG

As a strong supporter of term life insurance (as opposed to whole life and VUL’s), I am really excited to be able to access this annual renewable term insurance from the country’s largest life insurance company, Philam Life.

IMG and Philam Life: Now Partners
IMG and Philam Life: Now Partners

What is Term Life Insurance?

It is the most affordable type of life insurance, which only gives pure death benefit for a fixed number of years.

For example, if you get term life insurance with a coverage of P500,000 for a term of 10 years, then your beneficiary will get P500,000 if you die within the next 10 years. If you don’t, then the “term expires” and you get nothing.

While that may seem disadvantageous, it’s actually better because term life insurance is so much cheaper than getting whole life insurance. And in the end, if you do the BTID strategy, you’ll potentially have more money in the end.

What is BTID?

BTID stands for “Buy Term, Invest the Difference” – and why is it better? Let’s say for example that you are a 30-year old male who wants P500,000 coverage.

Whole Life Insurance

  • Will pay P57,650 every year for 20 years
  • This is based on the Philam Life Save Plus product (a whole life insurance)
  • Total amount you will pay: P1,153,000
  • Guaranteed life insurance coverage until age 100
  • At age 65, you can receive a cash benefit worth P2,022,073 (assuming 4% dividend plus other bonuses and no benefits are previously claimed)

Term Life Insurance

  • Will pay P6,990 every year for 10 years
  • This is based on the Philam Life Guardian 65 product (a term life insurance)
  • Total amount you will pay: P69,900
  • Guaranteed life insurance coverage until age 65
  • At age 65, term expires and you receive nothing.
Members of IMG learning about BTID
Members of IMG learning about BTID

Why is getting term life insurance better?

If you take the difference of the annual premiums above between whole life (P57,650) and term life (P6,990), you’ll get P50,660. Now, if instead of getting whole life insurance, you bought term life insurance and invested the difference in a mutual fund, here’s what will happen:

P50,660 invested every year for just 10 years with 4% compounded annual rate of return, will have a potential value of P1,753,750 by the time you reach 65 years old.

Whole Life: P2,022,073 (cash benefit at 65) less P1,153,000 (total insurance payments) equals P869,073 (your net income)

Term Life: P1,753,750 (mutual fund investment value at 65) less P69,900 (total insurance payments) less P506,600 (total money invested) equals P1,177,250 (your net income)

Two products from the same company, with the same coverage and “same 4% growth” delivers two totally difference results. Now you see why getting term life insurance is better?

Special Note: Local equity mutual funds in the Philippines delivered an average compounded annual return of about 18% in the past 10 years. (Source) If applied above, your net income would have been P103 million at age 65!

Philam Life’s Special Term Life Insurance

If you’ll notice, I said at the start of this article that Philam Life is offering a special term life insurance exclusively for IMG. Indeed they are because the product they offered to us is term insurance with more than just death benefits.

Philam Life is giving IMG access to a term life insurance that’s:

  1. Annual term and renewable every year, until the age of 70
  2. With terminal illness benefit (TIB) and;
  3. With accidental death, dismemberment and disability benefits (ADDD)

A typical term life insurance will only “pay out” if you die; but this one will also “pay out” in the unfortunate event that you become medically diagnosed as terminally ill, or even if you get into an accident and become disabled (conditions apply).

The annual premiums are very low, around 15% cheaper than current market rates. For example:

A 30-year old male for a coverage of P1,000,000 – the premium is just P3,230 and only increases by less than P100 every year for the next 10 years or so. Now that’s affordable protection for you and your family!

Me together with Mr. Noel Arandilla and my IMG family
Me together with Mr. Noel Arandilla and my IMG family

Again, this product is being offered by Philam Life exclusively to IMG. So if you’re a breadwinner and would like to get term life insurance, then you have two options:

  1. Get term life insurance from any reputable insurance company.
  2. Sign up to be a member of the IMG Wealth Academy, and get access to this special term life insurance by Philam Life.

Yes, I would like you to become a member of IMG – but if you don’t want to, it’s totally okay. Getting a traditional term life insurance from any reputable insurance company in the Philippines is still a smart financial decision.

So I guess that’s it! I hope you learned something today.

If you want to learn more about the IMG Wealth Academy, then visit the link below:

Attend FREE Money Seminars at the IMG-Wealth Academy


  1. Hi Sir Fitz, thank you for sharing your knowledge about Business, Investments and Personal Finance. I would like to ask for your advice regarding Whole life insurance. What if the Whole life insurance is inclusive of Hospitalization allowance of 1,000 per day? Does it have a bearing for finacing decisions?

  2. Hi Kristianne, ask for an equivalent coverage but as a term life insurance, then get an HMO (health card / medical insurance) – I’m sure that will be much cheaper than getting whole life with hospitalization allowance.

  3. Sir Fitz!,, you’re really brilliant!… Marami, maraming Salamat po.!.. Sana maging magaling din ako sa ganitong mga bagay tulad mo!!!,,, I know may bayad humingi ng advice sayo kasi nakita ko dun sa 199 jobs ba un? but still u responded,,, Salamat talaga!!!… πŸ™‚ God Bless!!!

  4. Hi, ung unang question ni kristianne din inaalala q, kc ung whole life saver plus ay may hospitalization benefit, accidental death, terminal illness, pg n confine k s ICU, at till 100 yrs old pa dq n alam ung iba so ang concern q panu pg me ngyari nagkasakit u at alang pera n available pra bayad s room at s gamot? at saka kng till 70 yrs old lng what will happen after nun diba po ba mas mahirap n pg matanda n laging me sakit? ala ng mg aaccept sau n insurance agency.

    Me alam po b kaung magandang HMO? kadalasan kc mahirap mga customer service ng mga to mahirap kontakin, reinbursement p, patagalan mgbigay.

    What do u mean po d2 ” 1.Annual term and renewable every year. taon taon k mg rerenew hindi fixed n sia for 10 yrs hulog?

    Hindi po kaya ang binabayaran talaga s whole life insurance ay ung peace of mind? ung tipong secured ung feeling. Panatag and loob mo kc in time of need eh something have ur back…
    ang hirap po talaga mg choose ng ganito:(

  5. Great information here. I knew the difference between the types of coverage but I had no idea how substantial the savings could be, especially if the difference is invested. Food for thought…

  6. Hi Sir Fitz. Just a question. How much would is the premium for 1M and 5M coverage?

    Also, may I butt in @clari. Term life insurance is the best option for those people who are investing the difference. At a certain age, kapag nagmature na ang investments nila, hindi na nila kailangan ng insurance dahil kaya na syang icover ng investments. Mas mura kasi ang term insurance (pure) as compared to endowment, whole life and bundled insurance. Ang challenge lang dito ay ang discipline ng pag-iinvest for the future. I hope this helps.

  7. @clari
    As Elvin above said, you don’t need to have life insurance your whole life. That’s why you need to start investing early, so that when you retire, you’ll have money to spend – including budget for your medical needs.

    And you’re right with some HMO’s – mahirap sila minsan i-contact. Mas madaling tumawag sa bangko at i-redeem ang UITF investments mo kung kailangan mo ng pera.

    Yes it’s renewable every year – which for me is better because you’re not committed to it for many years like a typical term life insurance – because again, when your investments start to mature, and you no longer have dependents, then you no longer need life insurance.

    Lastly, para sa akin, mas may peace of mind ako na meron akong term life insurance PLUS investments – kasi anytime I “need” money, I can just redeem my investments.

    Unlike whole life, maghihintay pa ako ng maturity para makuha ang pera ko (plus, it will not be as big compared to what I might get if I just invested the money).

    You forgot to tell me the age. But in any case, 5M coverage for a 30 year old, just multiply the annual premium by 5 (in the case of the Philam Life product above) – so that will be P16,150.

    Thanks also for commenting and sharing your thoughts on clari’s concerns.

  8. Hi Sir,

    Advice for 41 going to 42 years old. Is this special suits me? if yes, how much coverage suits me? I am IMG member through you.

    Thanks !



  9. @Elvin
    Term for P1M at 28 yo is P3,100. Multiply by 5 for P5M coverage or P15,500.

    Price increase (for P1M coverage) is less than P200 for succeeding year until you are 40yo (so plus around P1,000 every year for P5M). Price difference is less than P1,000 until 50 yo (for P5M, that’s plus around P5k each year).

    You need term life if you have dependents, coverage is relative to your family’s lifestyle. Please contact Dr. Jaime Lorenzo and ask for free assistance in determining if you need it and how much coverage you need.

  10. Hi Fitz, thanks for this post this is very timely for me because for days I’ve been contemplating to cancel my whole life insurance just to follow your BITID strategy. My whole life includes endowment payment on the 6th yr and every 2yrs after (4% yearly of contract price)and still have 6yrs to complete the 10yrs payment.
    My question is, do you recommend cancelling this insurnace of mine and just do BITID strategy even if it will cost me some losses? Is my plan more advantageous to me later on than continuing with the whole life insurance?

    Please help.

  11. hi sir fitz thank u sa good news about sa partnership ng img at philam ask ko lng mdyo na confuse lng ako regarding dun sa example mo na philam life guardian at special term insurance that they offer sa img is it the same? mas maganda kc ung offer nila kya lng baka mas mahal isa pa my kaiser na ko… thank you sana available na cia sa min sa abroad πŸ˜€

  12. May I share my two cents worth…

    All these products have very specific uses and objectives. Much of the way we use this is a matter of preference but does not mean it is the right thing to do.

    Here are some points I would like to shed light on:
    1. “You don’t need insurance when you get older” -> on the contrary, as you get older the purpose of insurance shifts from income replacement to estate planning. If you don’t have insurance to cover for the taxes of the estate then the family will have to shell out the money from their pockets (which by the way is very costly). The only time this may be true is if you become filthy rich and you can part with your wealth to pay for the estate taxes (I’d rather make another company pay for my taxes!)

    2. “Term is better and Annual Renewable Term is cheaper” -> True! ART is cheaper since the cost is based on the actual age and risk. HOWEVER! If you renew this insurance annually you are subject to the underwritting guidelines each year. For whatever reason that you are no longer insurable (eg dreaded disease) then you will not be insurable. Thus no more insurance! So you have exposed yourself to more risk!

    3. “Invest the difference” -> no one will argue (well maybe the stock guys would) that investing in mutual funds will give you bigger returns compared to “bundeled” vehicles. However if the person who owns the fund passes away then his estate is taxable. His estate includes cash, property and MUTUAL FUNDS! This is just to name a few. Cash in banks get frozen. Property cannot be sold until the taxes are settled and the titles are transferred. Even MF’s follow the same rules based on BIRs regulation.

    4. “Ang challenge lang dito ay ang discipline ng pag-iinvest” -> this is so true! The best way to get a Filipino to save is through forced savings. If you bill a Filipino to save then he may shell out the money. If you don’t remind him to set aside money then most likely he wont. This is the problem with Mutual Funds. It’s a great product and all but without the discipline it just won’t work! I know of people who invested 1M in Mutual Funds and slowly withdrew from it and finished it off in less than 6 months.

    Hope this gives us more to think about when doing our own financial planning strategies. It’s not all about returns, there are other considerations to the growth of money (like taxes and inflation).

    Have a nice day!

  13. nice post…pero i just want to clarify…ung 10 years term insurance…. ang coverage nya is up to 70? ..Kasi ang pagkakalam ko (correct me when im wrong)…kung 30 yrs old ako nag-term up to 40 yrs 41 hindi na ako cover unless if i renew my coverage?

    and i have a request sna..pki differentiate din ung VUL vs Term insurance….and totoo bang pg below 15 yrs..mas ok ang term..if 20 yrs ang gusto mung coverage ng insurance much better dw ang VUL?…

  14. Hi vhast,

    Tama po! Very confusing yan kasi madaming terms na ginagamit sa insurance. Iba ang 10 year Term at iba ang Term na 10 years to pay. So kung 10 year term insurance it means you pay a fixed amount for 10 years for fixed coverage. Kung 10 years to pay then you need to pay for 10 years and get the coverage for the prescribed period. This is why maraming galit sa agents kasi this is not always explained properly. Another point is that pag nag expire ang term wala ka nang coverage unless you renew, assuming na qualified ka pa. You may be too old na or have some risky health condition that the insurance company will now deny your application.

    VUL and term are two very different insurance types with very different uses. Remember that TERM only provides coverage (kung may cash value man sobrang liit) and VUL provides both coverage and investments. So TERM insurance is only designed to answer the question “If I die too soon!” whereas VULs can answer both “Die too soon and live too long”.

    Personally if you’re choosing between under 15years and over 20 years VUL would still be my option. Kasi if you get it for longer periods you maximize the growth of your investments and protect it from the potential damage of estate taxes if anything happens to you. TERM only increases temporarily your coverage as a sort of quick fix. But if you had properly projected your responsibility you will not need a band-aid solution. With the right planning you can select the best insurance type that will fit your budget. That would at the same time give you the right coverage and money for when you retire. That would be like hitting two birds with one stone!

    Hope that helps!

  15. I am a believer of whole life insurance where in you don’t have to renew a term. The risk of having a term insurance, especially the yearly renewable, is being rejected on the renewal and won’t be able to get the benefits. I have also made a comparison between the term and VUL products of our company and VUL came out to be the winner even in investments. The premium of term insurance increases as you age to the point that it will be much higher than the premium of VUL. i’m not sure with philam but in my company, we have VUL product with a coverage of 1M and the premium is only 10K a year.

    In term insurance, the whole premium is paid for the charges of insurance while the VUL product only a fraction of the premium is used for the charges and the rest are invested.

  16. Hello Fitz,

    Thank you again for an enlightening post. I’m an IMG member and I even have a Kaiser policy with them. I think this is the new product my upline is telling me but not sure if this is already in Cebu. That I’ll confirm first.

    This early on, I’m interested with the TIB portion. May I know how much is the coverage for your sample I’ve pasted below? I’m 27 turning 28 by November by the way. πŸ™‚

    A 30-year old male for a coverage of P1,000,000 – the premium is just P3,230 and only increases by less than P100 every year for the next 10 years or so.

  17. Hi Fitz,

    Can I become a member and just be a customer in order to have access to IMG plans like the one on your post?

  18. Hi Fitz,

    I am not a member of IMG and i do have an insurance from another insurance company. If I become a member,can i avail this term life insurance for my parents and not be required to get my own?

    Thanks much!

  19. Mr. Fitz,

    I have a permanent life insurance of 1.5M payable in 10yrs with endowment for life every 2years of 120K. I already paid 5yrs of it (Php153,200 per year), and now after reading this post makes me think of cancelling it and just switch to term life or VUL type and invest on my own. If I do this I’ll be losing around 193K based on my insurance cash value(after 5yrs). Is my plan of cancelling my permanent life worth the risk? Needs your two cents please. Thanks


  20. ok…. you can do that. If you assume that you will pass away. But what if you didn’t and you just got older?

    You cannot withdraw from your wholelife policy, you can only loan against the cash values. Which means you have to pay the interest back. Moreover for the term insurance that has no cash values.

    Your solution must meet both probabilities of life that ensure the client is protected in the eventuality of death and if he gets to old we need to make sure he has the cash to sustain his day to day existence.

  21. Hi wacky, you’re right that’s why my recommendation is:

    Buy term life insurance… just in case you die to soon.

    Invest in income generating assets… just in case you live too long.

    I advocate buying term life because it’s the cheapest among all types of insurance; but you should not end there because you should also invest (in mutual funds, stocks, etc.) so that you have money that’s growing through the years which you can later redeem for cash.

  22. It all depends on the need of the person. My only concern about term insurance especially the yearly renewable term is that how sure are you that you are still insurable after a year. Let’s say you were diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure and needs maintenance medicine. You will not be able to renew your term, you will only rely on your investments and hope that it will earn a lot to cover the needs of your family should you be gone. That can put you in a lot of stress. Even Randell Tiongson said in his book that less than 20% of term insurance are still in force when the insured dies. So more than 80% were not able to get the claims. If you want to take that risk then choose term insurance. There is also level term insurance that can last for up to 35 years, but if you will compare the price with a VUL of a whole life insurance, it will turn out to be almost the same or if not, the VUL and whole life will turn out to be less expensive because of the returns. If i only have a term insurance then i should be worried.

  23. Have you ever considered the tax implications of going for term insurance and putting everything else into investments?

    remember the biggest hit of acquiring real investments is the issue of taxes, particularly estate taxes. you can potentially lose over 20% or 1/4 of everything you have. Wouldn’t it be better to transfer everything we’ve worked hard for to the next generation rather than just give it to some corrupt guys in government.

    remember money is affected by 4 factors, the biggest of which are taxes. misjudge the tax implications of an investment and we may just lose our yield.

  24. Hi guys, I’d like you to weigh in on this, as this is currently my stand on life insurance.

    1. Get term life insurance because it’s the most affordable type that can protect your family financially in the short-term. A must for breadwinners who don’t have a good financial foundation, i.e. no savings, no investments.

    2. Now that your family is protected just in case you die to soon, it’s now time to take care of the possibility that you live too long through investing. Invest to create passive income and grow wealth for retirement.

    3. You have entered your wealth accumulation phase. Just renew your term life insurance when it expires during this phase.

    4. After the value of your assets have substantially grown (net worth of more than 2.5 million IMO), it’s time to upgrade the use of life insurance towards protection AND estate planning.

    5. At this phase, term life insurance is still the cheapest option, but VUL and whole life insurance can now be included in the consideration because:
    a. You can comfortably afford paying the higher premiums.
    b. You already have a good financial foundation, i.e. you have investments in various instruments (stocks, mutual funds, etc.) and own several high value assets (real estate, etc.)
    c. You’re leaving the wealth accumulation phase, and preparing to enter the wealth distribution phase of one’s financial life.

    6. In case you enter this “transition phase” at a time when you can’t get life insurance (term, VUL or whole) anymore because no company wants to insure you; or it has become too expensive to get at your age, then all is not lost when it comes to estate planning because there are still other tools that one can use such as putting up a family corporation, etc.

    To conclude, I believe that life insurance plays a dynamic role in one’s financial life. Its first use is for protection just in case you die too soon – to which term life insurance is the best answer.

    As you go through your wealth stages, life insurance slowly becomes a tool for estate planning, to which other types such as VUL and whole life become viable options.

  25. Pls quote me annual & quqrterly premiums for a 42-year old single for P2M face value your Philam -IMG term insurance like one for 30 yr old who will P6,990 premium per year for 10 years.Also quote me your Special Term ins. For same 42 yr & P2M, like one for 30 yr old who will pay P3230 year premium & only increase by less than P100 yearly. Ted Escobern

  26. Hi fitz,

    I’m 25 and don’t have any dependents. My mom got me a 800k life insurance when I was young. So I skipped life insurance and starting investing after I completed my emergency fund.
    I’ve been pondering about getting life insurance. My financial planner friend said that we should treat it as a risk mitigating fund. I.e. if I die, it will be used to pay for my debt obligations, such as credit card debt, or maybe taxes for my investments.
    Do you recommend that I get insurance at this time? If yes, how much would my premium be?

  27. HI Claude,

    Your financial planner friend is also an insurance agent, right?

    Here’s the thing, assuming that you are still covered by that 800k life insurance that your mom got you, then I believe there’s no need to get new life insurance anymore unless your investments are worth more than 3 million pesos.

    Why? When you die, your beneficiary will get 800k. Assuming 200k will be the funeral costs, they’ll have 600k left to pay for your estate taxes, which is normally 20% of your estate. This is enough to cover up to 3M worth of estate.

    Now, if that 800k life insurance is no longer active, then you can choose to get term life insurance with coverage equal to 20% of the value of your current investments.

    Your friend will probably offer you a VUL and say it’s a great product because it’s both an insurance and an investment.

    I’m assuming you already know how to invest directly in mutual funds, UITFs and even the stock market. So there’s really no need to get a VUL because you can just invest your money yourself.

    Kindly read and watch the videos embedded in this post for further information.

    My Reasons Why You Should (NOT) Get A VUL or Whole Life Insurance

  28. Hi Fitz,

    Thank you for this insightful post. I have a whole life insurance, which I got 2 years ago when I was new to finance and investing. I am now 23, no dependents and have shelled out 33k for my life insurance. I still have 18 years more to pay. My coverage is only 500k btw, my annual premium is around 16-17k. Since i’m now investing in mutual funds and stocks(i have high risk appetite), i am thinking of cancelling my policy and get term instead. Would this be more beneficial to me? Or should i stick with whole life and then get term to augment my coverage by the time when i have dependents?

    Thanks in advance.

  29. Hi Jasmine, my advise is to ask if you can convert your current policy to a term insurance. If not, then ask if it can be converted to a VUL. If that’s not possible too, then assess your financial capabilities and see how you can afford to finish the policy. Sayang din kasi yung naibayad mo na.

  30. If I am a member of IMG and I am an OFW or a seaman and went back here for vacation, can i avail this kind of term insurance?

  31. Hi Fitz,

    Great info, thanks for posting! Was tempted to consider a “whole life” policy or a VUL, but you (and Suze Orman)convinced me otherwise; will definitely do BTID.

    Anyway,stumbled onto your site while researching for the best term plan for myself:

    Male 42, normal sugar and bp and no diseases (so far), but am a heavyset smoker, w 1 kid 11yo

    1) Would I still qualify for the Guardian 65?

    2) If not, would there be any other plans that would fit me better?

    3) If I still qualify, around how much would you think my premiums would be if I a)get the guardian 65 or b) avail of the “Special Term” Life insurance (til age 70, TIB and ADDD)?

    4) Can the premiums be paid in advance (either full payment or in bigger tranches?

    5) Are any medical or prerequisite exams required before I can get insured?

    Thanks in advance!

  32. BTID is a good option for those in the US, Canada, or other first world countries with great gov’t and healthcare benefits. In the Philippines, life insurance, disability, and critical illness protection is important at any age. If you get these through term insurance, price is increasing every 10 or so years. Another problem with BTID is that your funds or “savings” will be frozen at the time of death and released to your heirs after submitting a tax clearance from BIR (fully paid estate taxes). With VUL, everything (including the fund value) is released to the heirs after submission of requirements.

  33. @bang

    Term insurance can have disability and critical illness riders too. But a comprehensive health insurance can also cover that.

    Moreover, while it is true that term insurance premiums will increase through the years, it will never be as high as what you’ll pay for in a VUL. Also, you don’t need life insurance your whole life as a form of protection – only when you have dependents.

    Lastly, estate taxes are waived if your net worth is less than P2.5 million. Depending on your status, there are still other exemptions.

    If your net worth is more than P2.5M, then it means you’re already financially savvy (because how else did you become a millionaire, right?). So consequently, it means you can do more sophisticated ways to protect your wealth and prepare for your death – such as putting up a family corporation, and getting a memorial plan.

    VULs and such are second-tier investments – something that you should get if you are already financially stable. But if you’re just starting with your finances and your primary need is protection – a term insurance is your best option as it’s very, very affordable.

  34. Hi, I’m 57 years old and I’m getting a loan of 8 million 10 year term from a certain bank and they are asking me to buy MRI for the equivalent amount and endorse it to them. I got a quote from philamlife for 152,000 guardian 65. I don’t think it’s real term insurance. I think the premium is way too much. I’m a believe of term insurance. I have term insurance in the US. So where can I get term insurance here? Thanks

  35. Hi po.ask ko lang po kasi by 2015 makukuha ko na binayad k sa wholelife insurance ko sa philamlife do i need to get it but they said pah d mo kukunin magkaka interest but i dont know hoe much in a year may alam po b kau for this?but im already a Member of IMG

  36. sir may i know how you arrived at the final value. thanks!

    P50,660 invested every year for just 10 years with 4% compounded annual rate of return, will have a potential value of P1,753,750 by the time you reach 65 years old.

  37. Hi Cat. Use the Future Value function in Excel to get the amount of the investment after 10 years, and then compound that future value at 4% for another 25 years.

  38. Hi Fitz, Do you have any info/experience on BPI-Philam’s Invest Plus Peso or Build Plus Peso? I believe they are something like diversified funds managed by BPI with a free life insurance from Philam. I went to two different BPI branches and sadly, I didn’t get much information from them so I figured I need to do my own research. First person that came to mind who can help me was you πŸ™‚

  39. Genevieve, what specific questions do you have about BPI-Philam’s Plus Peso products? I’m not familiar with it but I can ask my friend who works for BPI’s wealth management department.

  40. gud am po offer lng po ba ang term life insurance sa img member?kung member npo sa img pwede din po ba kuhaan ng term life insurance ang magulang or kaibigan khit hnd cla img member?or is this offer is exclusively for img member only?

  41. Nagpa-compute ako for guardian 65.. Im a 30yr old female.. It’s 23,250 annual for 5yrs with only 1 million death benefit. Fitz, would you recommend the guardian65 or 10 lang? Mas mura ba ang labas kung 65?

  42. Hi Teen. You have to first calculate how much coverage you need. Is 1 million enough? If not, you have to ask a proposal with the right amount.

    Ask for a proposal for different term life products with the coverage you need and get the one which is most affordable in the long term.

    From experience, the Guardian65 is the better option.

    But I would recommend asking a proposal from other life insurance companies as well, so you can have the best plan available that you can afford.

  43. hi po…ask ko lang po about PHILAM LIFE MOST, yung sa EDUCATIONAL PLAN.

    pwede pong makahingi ng quotations?

  44. Sir Fitz,
    Can a 59yrs old still be covered for Kaiser ultimate and Philam Most? Gusto ko sya i-member sa IMG para makakuha nito but she’s already diabetic. Need your advise please. Thanks.

  45. Sir, I am a member of IMG in Dubai. I have been inquiring about M.O.S.T. from philam life. But sabi nila hindi p daw available yung investment part and they are telling me to invest in Soldivo or Philequity instead. Do you know when will it be available to IMG members?
    I am very interested in BTID. Thanks!

  46. Hi Fitz! I read your Sept 20 comment and i just love it! I have been an insurance agent for more than 20 years and a Financial Planner for 9 years, and.pinahanga mo ako!
    More power and God bless you!

  47. Sir Fitz, I attended an IMG seminar and I’m really interested in the IMG-Philam term life insurance but not the Kaiser plan as I already have a health plan. The IMG member I talked to said that I can’t get the term life offering without getting the Kaiser plan first, is that accurate? Thank you for your inputs.

  48. SIt Fitz..gusto ko po sana kumuha nito at iendorsed ko po sana sa Eastwestbank as my MRI (kng meron po kac dw sarili life insurance pwed i-endorse sa bank as MRI). kelngan ko po coverage 2M which is equivalent to the property insured. Accredited po ba etong product(term life insurance) na to sa mga banko particularly ng Eastwest?

  49. hi sir, i have a simple question. how to get term life insurance in philam life? thank you and GOD BLESS…

  50. Good day po . How to be a member of IMG . OFW po ako . Please keep me updated sa date ng mga seminar para pag vacation po ako ay maka attend po ako . Thank you and God Bless

  51. sir fitz, if i will become a member of IMG now, can I already avail the special philamlife term insurance?

  52. Sir Fitz, i asked from an IMG member, di daw po pwede magavail ng Philam MOST kapag di nagavail ng Kaiser? Is that true?

  53. Hi, I am jv. I have a term of 7yrs. to pay for an annual amount of 128k. Simple question, if I get tired of paying and I am on my 4th yr already..Would it be possible to get my money back? or how much perhaps will i get back? tnx in advance.

  54. Hi Fitz! As always, great article. Insightful and detailed. This one is a bit dated, but came across this just now. Is this term life product from Philam via IMG still being offered? Do yoh have an updated article for new product?

    Thanks again and God bless you Sir for the work you do.

  55. Hi Reggie. Yes, it is still being offered. It’s now called Philam MOST via IMG. I’ll try to publish an updated article about it soon. Thanks.

  56. Sir pwede po ba ako kumuha ng term life insurance sainyo kahit hindi po member ng IMG? Thank you πŸ™‚

  57. Hi sir, ask ko lng po tapos na kc yun philam quantum flex 10yrs ko. Face value 500k, nagtry ako policy loan they gave me 45k., i need cash 200k can you help me..

  58. Hello!

    After Term Insurance expires at age 70, and I have 100m investmented in MF which was started a long time ago. What will happen to my investment?

  59. Hi Sir Fitz! Ask ko lang po kung available pa tong benefit na to today sa mga IMG Members..

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