Personal Finance for Couples (Episode 6)

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Summary of Episode 6:

The story of a couple who wanted to fix their finances. (1:30)

When it comes to relationships, money is always among the reasons why couples fight. (4:05)

Top 3 reasons why couples fight about money. (4:30)

Relationship advice from a marriage counselor — a lot of arguments in a relationship can be avoided if couples regularly sit down and have honest, open, and constructive conversations. (7:00)


Why couples need to do the household budget together. (9:20)

Three types of financial setups for couples — 1. Separate accounts, 2. Proportional earnings approach, 3. Joint or combined accounts. (9:50)

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” –John C. Maxwell (14:50)

Links to articles about love, money and relationships:

Question of the Week:
What’s the most expensive Valentine’s gift that you gave?

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