Passive Income Through Social Copy Trading: Invest in Global Stocks and Currencies

Updated: June 28, 2023

The two most popular financial markets are the equities market (stocks) and the forex market (currencies). In the Philippines, we have the Philippine Stock Exchange, where people invest and trade shares of companies.

Some Filipinos also invest and trade in the forex market. They do this online through various foreign brokers (app or website), where they also have access to trade and invest on cryptocurrencies, gold, and other commodities.

A lot of my readers have been asking me how to invest and trade in the US stock market. There’s also those hoping to get into cryptocurrency investing.

After conducting a successful webinar last month and due to numerous requests to do it again, I’ve decided to set up and offer this unique and one-of-a-kind webinar (online seminar) about Social Copy Trading once more.

This is for everyone who wants to trade and invest in US stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and several instruments in the global financial market.


This webinar is already finished. Go here to watch the replay.

What: An online seminar on how to invest in global financial markets
When: August 9, 2018 (Thursday) – 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Manila time)
How much: FREE

What will I learn from this webinar?

The webinar will have two parts. First, I will discuss the different financial markets. The difference between investing and trading. And give an introduction to what mirror trading and copy trading is.

The second part, will be conducted by Jeff Guo. He will be discussing about social copy trading, and how you can earn passive income by investing in global financial markets.

Who should attend this webinar?

  • Stock traders looking to buy and sell companies in the New York Stock Exchange and other markets
  • Investors who want to explore and make money from online passive income opportunities
  • Forex traders who have been losing money and hoping to learn new strategies to earn from currencies
  • People who have extra money and willing to try high-risk but high-return opportunities

Who will be teaching in this webinar?

Hi! My name is Fitz Villafuerte. I’m a Registered Financial Planner, book author, and the owner of this blog.

I am a speaker and trainer on finance and entrepreneurship, and have written articles for local magazines such as Moneysense Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Working Mom, and many others.

With me in this webinar is Jeff Guo. He is the Business Development Associate for the Philippines of eToro, a social trading and multi-asset brokerage company that has registered offices in Cyprus, Israel, and the United Kingdom.

He is a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University, and is now working to bring eToro to more Filipinos, and help them learn new opportunities to make money in global markets.

Quick Questions:

What is a webinar?
It’s an online video seminar. All you need to attend is a computer, a good internet connection and speakers. This is great because you can learn at the comfort of your own home, wherever you are.

What if I’m not available on August 9?
You can still register, because after the webinar, you will receive a link where you can watch the VIDEO REPLAY of the webinar.

Is there a deadline for the registration?
Yes, we are closing the registration one (1) hour before the start of the webinar or when we reach 200 sign-ups, whichever comes first.

When will this happen again?
This is just a special learning opportunity provided in partnership with eToro. We don’t know when it will happen again.

Don’t Miss Out On This FREE Learning Opportunity

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining this webinar. This is your chance to learn how to earn passive income by investing in global financial markets.


This free webinar was made possible by eToro. If you want the best learning experience, then sign up for a FREE Practice Account on eToro so you can be familiar with what you’ll see during the live demo.


You are encouraged to browse through the platform after you sign up. But we will also teach you how to navigate through and use it during the online seminar.


  1. Register for the online seminar
  2. Sign up for an eToro practice account: CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR FREE

And that’s it! See you on August 9!


This webinar is already finished. Go here to watch the replay.


  1. Social copying is becoming more and more popular, also outside the stock market. It’s natural, why not follow someone who is successful? I specialize in alternative investments and a lot of people have started copying my investment strategy lately.

    Most importantly: If you wan’t to copy someone, make sure you understand what you’re doing. It’s still your investment.

  2. Hi Sir Fitz,

    I have been practicing with my virtual portfolio for quite sometime now. But I am hesitant to fund my account in eToro because I am not sure if I can withdraw my funds without any issue. May I know if you have tried to withdraw successfully? Thanks.

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