Good Business Ideas to Explore in 2020

Published: January 29, 2020 | Business, Income Opps | No Comments

Last weekend, my live streaming session was all about good business ideas for 2020. If you missed it, then don’t worry. Below are the business opportunities that I mentioned, which I believe are worth exploring if you plan to start a business this year. PLANT-BASED DIET People become vegan for a variety of reasons. Some […]

New Projects: Usapang Pera Live Streams and The 80 Percent Podcast

Published: January 26, 2020 | Announcements | 3 Comments

People have different learning styles. And in today’s era of content creation, I recognize the need to provide alternative ways to promote financial education online. Thus, I am proud to announce the official launch of two new projects that I’ve been working on for the past several months. USAPANG PERA LIVE STREAMS Video blogging is […]

Planning for Your Second Act, How to Reinvent Your Career

Published: January 23, 2020 | Life Lessons | No Comments

Whenever I meet successful people, I often ask about their life stories because I find it as a great source of inspiration. I’m sure you’ve read or heard those kinds of stories as well, ones which are full of admirable courage in the face of obstacles. Interestingly, I’ve observed that most of these successful people […]

CNY 2020: Expectations for the Year of the Rat (Plus a $50 Cash Reward Promo)

Published: January 20, 2020 | In Focus | No Comments

The festivities of the Christmas season is over. But most Pinoys remain excited because they’re looking forward to celebrating the Lunar New Year with the Filipino-Chinese community in the country. Chinese New Year Indeed, one of the best things about being a multicultural society is that New Year celebrations doesn’t just end on January 1. […]

Know Your MVQ To Avoid Wasteful Spending

Published: January 16, 2020 | Money Saving Tips | No Comments

In the tech startup community, whenever we plan to launch a new business idea, we’d always focus on developing our MVP or the Minimum Viable Product. The MVP is the most basic version of the product, which has enough features or qualities that can satisfy the customer’s need. For example, think about the mobile phone. […]

The Best People to Copy on eToro

Published: January 8, 2020 | In Focus, Investing | No Comments

It’s now 2020! Another year has rolled past us and it was a very eventful year to say the least. If you’ve been following the global markets, this would be no surprise to you, but a quick recap of what happened in the markets in 2019 might give us a picture on what to expect […]

A 10-Year Review of My Recommended Long-Term Stock Investments

Published: January 6, 2020 | Investing | 1 Comment

When people ask me which companies should they buy in the Philippine Stock Market, my default answer is the list of companies that my primary stock broker, COL Financial, recommends. They advocate these stocks for long-term investing, with particular emphasis that one should do cost averaging on them. Namely, these companies are: Ayala Corp. (AC) […]

I’m Going to the Entrepreneurs & Freelancers Forum 2020

Published: January 5, 2020 | Announcements, News and Events | 1 Comment

A new year means new things to learn. And I’m starting off this year by attending the Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Forum 2020. This event gathers aspiring and successful business owners and freelance professionals under one roof to share knowledge, experiences, and aspirations. The goal is to hasten the growth of their businesses and their professions; […]

A Primer on Forex Trading

Published: January 3, 2020 | Income Opps | No Comments

Online forex trading has been gaining steady popularity in the country for the past several years. A good number of people I know, who used to be day traders in the stock market have found greener pastures in the currency market, and almost all of them say that they wish they learned it sooner. They […]

The Top 10 Blog Posts of the Decade (2010-2019)

Published: December 31, 2019 | Announcements | 1 Comment

This blog is now running on its 13th year. Yes, I’ve been writing here for more than a decade already, as my archives page would prove. I started this website primarily to share my stories and lessons on how I’m working to achieve financial freedom. And in 2010, it was recognized as the Best Business […]

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019

Published: December 25, 2019 | Announcements | No Comments

What are the blog posts that made a difference this year? Let’s celebrate the end of another year by counting down the top blog posts of 2019. These articles garnered the most views, most shares, and the highest engagement. It’s a list that you made, and I’d like to say thank you for being part […]

The Important Task That I Do After Christmas and Before New Year

Published: December 24, 2019 | Life Lessons, Productivity | 2 Comments

The holiday season is a time for many things. For some, it’s a time for rest. Others, a time to spend with loved ones, friends, and family. While for some, it’s a busy time to make money. For me, it’s a little bit of all those things. However, when the week after Christmas and before […]

eToro Promo: Make Every Action Count

Published: December 8, 2019 | In Focus, Income Opps, News and Events | 1 Comment

We’re officially less than 3 weeks before Christmas and I’m sure everybody reading this is excited to visit home if you’re working away from home, and maybe even doing some last minute shopping. In all the rush of the holiday season though, we shouldn’t forget about our investments and money habits. After all, nobody wants […]

MAPFRE Insurance Raises Capital and Takes the Lead in Non-Life Insurance

Published: December 5, 2019 | In Focus, News and Events | No Comments

MAPFRE INSURANCE, formerly MAPFRE INSULAR, recently announced in a media launch that it has raised capital to P900 million, having complied with the minimum net worth requirement set for 2019 by the Insurance Commission, according to the New Insurance Code of the Philippines (RA 10607). Amended in 2013, the law states that a domestic life […]