From P19,600 to P111,000 in Just 7 Days, And Not From Bitcoin

Updated: February 7, 2022

Note: This article was written in December 2017, a time when Bitcoin set a record high. In December 2020, Bitcoin hit an all-time high and many are asking how to make money from Bitcoin. This is my advice for those asking.

While most people are focused on Bitcoin, there are a few who are making more money in the stock market. And today, I’m going to tell you a true story that just happened this week.

I don’t normally put money or trade Bitcoin because I know other ways of making money where I have more control, with less risk, and I’m more competent with.

Those other ways of making money, one of them is stock market trading. And that’s what today’s story is all about.

Easy money with ECP

Last December 12, a stock trader friend called me to ask if I know of any news on EasyCall Communications Philippines, Inc. (Stock code: ECP).

I said none, and then I asked why.

He said that its stock price is hovering below its long-term resistance of P5.50. And that he plans to buy once it breaks above P6.00.

He called me as part of his due diligence.

I did some digging in the news and I couldn’t find anything. So I said to him it’s a fair opportunity, and I’m thinking of joining him in the trade.

On December 13, the price of ECP opened at P6.00 and closed at P8.15.

I was able to buy 2,800 shares at P7.00 each, which costs me around P19,600.

Then on December 20, the price of ECP shot up to P60.00. Yes, sixty pesos!

I sold my 2,800 shares at P40.00 that day. And in a span of one week, my P19,600 became P111,000. (Exact amount: P19,656.84 to P111,115.20)

That’s 465.27% profit in just a span of 7 days.

Meanwhile, one Bitcoin went from $16,000 to as much as $19,700 around this period. If I had put my money on BTC, my P19,600 would only be around P24,100 instead of P111,000.

Key takeaway

Here’s what I want you to learn from this story.

There are a lot of opportunities to make money. Don’t focus on just one.

And don’t be lazy and just wait for something to trend.

Because as I always say, when people are already talking about it on Facebook, you’re probably too late for the party.

Invest on your financial education.

Learn how stocks, bonds, mutual funds, currencies, and other financial instruments work. Know the difference between them, as well as what trading and investing means. And study how to start and manage a business.

Before Bitcoin, people have been making money from the stock market and the currency market. And even before those two markets existed, people have been building wealth through businesses.

It’s fun to make money with very little effort. But the truth is, that can only be possible if you invest time in your financial education first.

My friend has been a stock market trader for almost a decade. It’s his passion and has dedicated countless hours to studying technical and fundamental analysis.

That’s why I’m sure he made a heck of a lot more money than me from that ECP trade. And I was just lucky enough to be tagged along with him for the ride.

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  1. How did the trader know when to invest in ECP? I just dont get the trend in stocks.. overwhelming sya for beginners

  2. Hi Fitz.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Can you share with us also the forums, groups, or organization we can join so we will be updated with the stocks trend? Appreciate your reply.


  3. @Kathleen, my friend does stock trading for a living… so he regularly looks at the charts of different stocks. ECP was under his radar and noticed the steady increase of the price prior to the break out.

  4. How about TBGI?i gained 33% Just for one day and about ECP..I gained just 4K,bumulosok pa baba at least Di nwala capital ko..high risk high reward

  5. @Kathleen, a trader needs to learn the Technical analysis because this will be your guide to help you maximize your profit in the stock market. The chart will say when to buy, hold and sell your stocks.

  6. greetings sir! do u trade forex? if yes, what is a reputable platform for forex trading? thank you 🙂

  7. Dan Moran is Dan Moran…risky trade but worthy. knows very well the in and out of every stocks. di palulugi yan…sa susunod timbrehan mo lang ako “lodi”

  8. Quoting the ECP price increase over BTC price increase in the same period is not so wise as we know that opportunities in price increase in stocks, cryptocurrencies or even forex varies in time. We can always see something positive in an investment vehicle depending on how we choose to point it. Like for example when BTC went up to 20K USD last December everybody is riding on it and a lot of pinoys might have invested in the wrong time because we’re a bit too late already in cryptocurrency industry and yet some pinoys are hyping it in social media which is not a good thing because last December was not a good time to buy. When the price went down to below 6K USD few weeks ago, some can see it negatively but those who wish too look positive on it can point out that year-on-year the price is still at a profit as July last year it was only at 2K USD each. But I applaud bloggers like you who prefer to be more positive in Stock market because cryptocurrency trading is not for beginners. We pinoys always want go the shorter way (our driving discipline is a give away) to get rich so we always get scammed by those promises of easy investments and with cryptocurrency being an easy way of transferring assets to one another 24/7 makes it easier for scammers to prey on their victims.

    As a country our involvement in Stock market is very small, it will be better if trading platforms focus on making it easier for newbies to invest and trade in stock market. Pinoys want the easier way and cryptocurrency trading platform is easier to invest in than doing so in Stock market or at least that’s what is being marketed over the social media. What happened with ECP doesn’t always happen all the time, if we highlight this in social media newbies will think that there’s easy money in Stock market but in reality that’s not the case. Even those who are experienced trading analysts don’t get to call the right shots all the time. Those who saw the likes of ECP, DMCI, MAC might have also chosen on some (or one) of the mining stocks. But it is safer to invest in stock market than cryptocurrency and I hope Pinoys go through the safe route rather than the “shiny” investments.

    One thing is important for newbies, there’s no sure way in making money. You or someone can get “lucky or correct (this can really happen) at one point then post it in social media with all the screenshots but remember that we only show the people the wins. We also had incorrect (even though it looks right at first) calls that we don’t show to others regardless if its stock, forex or cryptocurrency. There’s no sure way of making money, so lessen your expectations, don’t be afraid to lose, have patience and most importantly keep learning.

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