Overcoming The Fear of Losing Money (Episode 20)

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Summary of Episode 20:

The story of my visit to my doctor friend. (1:00)

I’m a firm believer that you should not invest on things that you don’t understand. That’s why the first step is always to invest in yourself, to invest in knowledge. (3:45)

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People fear (and hate) losing money. But at the end of the day, considering all things, money is simply, just money. Pera lang ‘yun. And more importantly, it can be earned back. (6:53)

Let that emergency fund remind you that you have great money-saving skills. And fortunately, those are the very same skills anyone will ever need to create an investment fund. (8:20)

There’s no perfect formula for choosing the best and most profitable investments. And there will be times that you’ll make a bad decision and lose money. (10:32)

For each investment decision you make, the good ones will fine-tune your skills, while the bad ones will at best, help you expand your understanding of investments. (10:48)

When you make it a habit to invest regularly, you will eventually end up with more winners than losers. (11:00)

When it comes to investing, everyone is afraid to lose money. Ask even the most seasoned investors, and they will confess that they were once a bucket of fear and panic when they started. But they never let their fears paralyze them. (11:15)

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