On Treadmills, Thailand, and That Thing Called Tadhana

Updated: March 19, 2022

My current personal best for a 3-kilometer run is around 30 minutes. I believe that’s below average as most friends do the same distance for less than 20 minutes.

I know I can improve my time, but I guess the motivation isn’t really there.

Because when I run on the treadmill, at that pace which I’m accustomed to, I am relaxed and can allow my mind to wander and wonder.



I was at the gym a few days back and decided that I’d run for an hour.

I went to the treadmill and slowly built my momentum until I reached that comfortable speed that I liked.

I’m telling you this because, at that time, I realized that for most people, which includes myself – life can feel like you’re running on a treadmill.

I’m not talking about the proverbial financial rat race here, it’s a little bit different from that. What I’m referring to is the struggle we all have in keeping up with the pace of modern life.

Our days are often spent accomplishing things that need to get done. We establish routines and make to-do lists to ensure that we will make the most out of our day.

But slowly and without notice, the tasks that need to get done lose their purpose; our routines become boring, and our to-do list starts to feel burdensome.

This is when life becomes like being on a treadmill – where we run just to stay in place and avoid falling off the back end.



Early in February, I looked at my calendar and saw that most of the things on it are commitments and tasks that left me disenchanted.

I had a lot of must-go-to’s and have-to-do’s that all seemed pointless and out of place.

It’s a bit scary actually – especially if I tell you that some of the items there included writing chapters for my next book, preparing for a financial seminar that I will conduct, and planning the content for this blog.

In short, imagine me losing my enthusiasm and passion for financial education and feeling the want to do something else.

At that point, I could say that I felt like I was just running on a treadmill.

I’ve experienced this state before and I knew it was a dangerous place to be in. When left unchecked and unexamined, it can lead to unreasonable decisions and regrettable mistakes.

The last time this happened to me, I almost packed everything to move and live somewhere in Mindanao, hoping to start my life anew.

And while there’s nothing wrong in doing that, the circumstances and the reasons behind the plan were wrong, I realized.

So… out of my usual mind and feeling lost, I knew I needed a change of pace and scenery, a break from my routine to allow myself to introspect.

And as destiny would have it, I learned that a couple of friends were planning to go to Thailand. It didn’t take long to convince me to join them.



I’m not much of a believer in destiny, or that thing called tadhana – what I do believe in is that when you decide on specific goals, the universe will conspire to make it happen.

I am for self-determination. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best and I quote: “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

And as I did many times before, whenever I felt like I’m just running on a treadmill, I would revisit my life goals and assess if my current path is still aligned with them.

I know that doing this exercise is the only way I can bring back the vitality of my daily routine.

The process itself is actually simple, but it requires a few hours of solitude and complete honesty.

When you’re asking yourself what do you really want to achieve in life, it’s easy to lose yourself in the expectations of others – and doing that won’t help you in the end.

One time, I asked a friend, “What is your ultimate goal for your career?”

He replied, “To be promoted as Vice President of the company.”

This was a goal he held in high esteem because it’s what others expect of him.

But when I asked, “If you will be successful in any career, what profession would you choose?”

He answered without hesitation, “I’d like to be a world-famous chef!”

When defining your ultimate goals, there is a need to be selfish – to be completely honest about what will give you pride and make you feel complete, regardless of what your family and friends expect from you.

This is the first step towards getting off the treadmill.


Once properly defined, it will now be easier to reverse your timeline and set medium and short-term goals for yourself, reassess your current actions, and calibrate your mindset towards achieving those ultimate goals.

Armed with a better perspective, my friend, for example, can now motivate himself to work hard at his current job, because it allows him to earn and save good money that he can use to enroll in a culinary school someday.

His ultimate career goal is no longer to become VP but to become a chef. And between doing overtime work to impress his boss, and going to an event to network with restaurateurs – he’ll know which one to prioritize in his calendar.

This is what I love about this process and the reason why it always works for me.

By honestly deciding on my ultimate personal, spiritual, social, professional, mental, and even emotional goals – I can come back to my day-to-day life with more meaning and purpose because the vision and path are clearer.

It allows me to eliminate the things that don’t help me forward, and each spare time I gain can now be used towards moving closer to any of my ultimate goals.

This was exactly what I did, and with renewed passion, I now understand (again) why I do what I do. So, no… I won’t be packing my bags anytime soon.

My second book will be out before the end of the year, I’ll be conducting more seminars and workshops in the weeks ahead, and I will continue to write about my life and the lessons I’ve learned in this blog.

Because after basking in the sun at the beaches of Phuket and drowning in metaphors of life and existentialism, I’ve been able to get off the treadmill.

Time: 1 hour. Distance: 6.20 kilometers. Calories burned: 562.

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  1. I always admire people who are determined to achieve their goals in life. I call them organized, systematic and principled. With the complexities in life and due to constant struggle for success, we oftentimes stumble and drift away with the strong current of competition and rivalry. I admire you Fritz that you are able to look back on your goals and reasses your purpose in life. Being a mother there are decisions I make contradictory to my purpose in life. It’s the total reverse of your concept of being selfish. I always die to myself, selfless and and nobody for the sake of my family and the result, honestly is not very impressive. I am not very happy of my status in life; financially, socially, professionally and even spiritually. I always feel a vacuum that has remained empty. I admire people who are happy in life coz honestly I am not!

  2. Your today’s blog give me a “choke-start” like in a motorcycle when its engine wont start.

    I’ve always want to do something and most of then from my passion but though I call it “my passion”, I can’t keep it on the right track. I always get sway on my way, focus get lost and in the end determination fades. I always make excuses when I am unable to complete one goal and instead of finding ways to solve a problem on that particular goal, I move to another objective and again if I fail I change to another.

    I thank you with your advice today. I really have to make “self-assesment” or re-asses my self over and over until I get myself to the right direction.

    Keep up the good work Fitz, you are my inspiration.

  3. Roberto Bellezo

    Dear Fritz
    I thank you for the wonderful website that I follow for the last 3 years, we become financial mature and going to financial independent through the help of JESUS CHRIST amen. Being a Christian” its time to look the marvelous insight of Mark 8:36 “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul” Our life can be described on the following situation:

    Modern society is often characterized as a “rat race.” It is a system of searching, striving, and reaching for an elusive goal that is never clearly defined and never reached. In a word, it is “unrest.” But the Scriptures speak of a very different lifestyle. Throughout God’s dealings with mankind He has desired to provide something better for him.

    Your website is blessing on the financial side of my life and I asked God for so many years that somebody taught me the situation of stock market. But financil side is only small part of my life! the bigger part is knowing my Redeemer & my God JESUS CHRIST and to have personal relationship of HIM. I refer your website to those struggling OFW like myself on how to achieve financial education…The bible said Hosea 4:6 “My people perish for lack of knowledge” — thank you for the financial educaiton. We can get all the money that that we want but life revolve on much better things that is personal relationship with GOD.
    Roberto P. Bellezo

  4. It’s nice to read some inspirational pieces like this Sir Fitz.

    I believe we all go through this phase also at one point. But we all differ on what we do when we are in this stage.

    To realign ourselves to our goals – that’s what matters.

  5. Hi Fitz, I want to ask you a question which is off the topic here. Aside from COL Financial what online broker you can recommend. A broker that’s stable, responsible & honest. I will greatly appreciate your reply.

    Thank you.

  6. I can relate much. I just came out of the treadmill too.. My routines became overwhelmingly boring and it was making me sick. I feel like Im just floating by trying to make head above water but after taking a break, I was able to regroup myself and realign my goals. Now, Im back feeling energized.

  7. I always wanted to be a bar Topnotcher, so I can relate with the gentleman in your article who wished he wanted to be a world class chef.

    However, God must have something else in mind for me for now cause for the 4th time, sadly, I did not make it in the Philippine bar.
    But I wanted to fight and redeem myself once again. Please wish and pray with me. May all our dreams come true!

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