On The Holstee Manifesto, Filipino Translations, and Design Inspirations

Updated: November 25, 2018

I had nothing much on my plate this weekend and so I decided to surf online and see if there’s anything interesting that I’d discover.

True enough, a few minutes into my random internet journey, I stumbled upon The Holstee Manifesto.

Holstee what?

A manifesto, as the dictionary defines it, is a declaration of principles and intentions; and The Holstee Manifesto is exactly like that.

Below is the Holstee Manifesto poster which has been said to be the most popular and most iconic manifesto of the present time.

The Holstee Manifesto (original)

Inspiring isn’t it? I certainly believe so.

The Holstee Manifesto has already touched millions of lives around the world and has already been translated into many different languages.

Unfortunately, no one has translated it to Filipino… until now.

The Holstee Manifesto (Filipino version)

This was a true design inspiration for me and I hope you find this Filipino translation as motivational as the original.

So what do you think of the manifesto? Have you read it before or is this your first time? Which part of it struck you the most? Let’s share our stories below.

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  1. sa pagkawala sa alam na landas…

    how about:

    kapag ikaw ay naligaw…
    ang sarili’y matatagpuan.

    just sharing a thought,


  2. Hi Fitz! This is great..Tama ka, STOP OVER ANALYZING..Lalo kasi nawawala sa dapat na focus sa day to day life…

  3. For me, I suppose the first six lines (up to “stop watching tv” and the last few lines beginning from “Life is short…” sums up why I quit the corporate world early 2010. Thanks Fitz for sharing and taking time to translate it. Good job!

  4. hi. i had the english version before and was quite glad there is a pinoy version. your site is amazing. i would like to have the same site as you one day. one that truly inspires and educate our kababayans. thank you so much for sharing and may god bless you.

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