On SM Advantage, Suki Card, Laking National, and Loyalty Cards

Updated: May 25, 2017

A lot of establishments nowadays offer discount cards for loyal customers and I’ve learned to love and take advantage of these promos to save money.

Out of all the various local stores that have these membership loyalty programs, I have been able to accumulate the most points from my SM Advantage Card, Mercury Drug Suki Card, and National Bookstore Laking National Card.

The mechanics of these loyalty cards are straightforward. Simply present them whenever you buy something and you earn points based from the amount of your purchase. And then the points, you can use as virtual cash later on.

Furthermore, your membership card can likewise be used to avail discounts and exclusive privileges in various establishments.

For example, you get free gift wrapping service during special occasions in National Bookstore if you have their Laking National Card.

For SM Advantage, members can enjoy discounts and freebies from their various partner establishments. And likewise earn points from them too, such as Shell gasoline stations and Ace Hardware.

Applying for Loyalty Cards

Applying for a loyalty card is simple and easy. Just look for a customer service representative in the store and inquire on how you can become a member.

Most of them will require you to pay a minimal fee. But there are others that will only require accumulated receipts of a certain amount to prove, and you’ll get the card for free.

Personally, I suggest that you simply make an outright payment for the card so you could immediately earn points. But only do this for establishments that you visit or buy from more than twice a month — such as grocery store loyalty cards.

The reason is because, after doing some computation, the necessary amount of accumulated receipts that you’d normally need to get a free membership is almost equivalent to the cash rebate you could’ve gotten if that amount was converted to loyalty points.

Final Thoughts

Anyway, for those who go to stores other than than the three above and specially those living outside the Philippines, try to ask the establishments you frequently visit in your area if they have their own membership loyalty program.

Furthermore, here are some quick tips on how to properly use and maximize your discount card:

  • Always remember to bring them whenever you go out. Take care of it as if it’s your ATM or credit card. And keep it in your wallet if possible to prevent you from misplacing them.
  • Use it naturally. This means you don’t go out and shop for the sake of being able to use your card. Avoid impulse buying.
  • When in line at the cashier and the shopper before you doesn’t have a loyalty card, depending on the situation, you can try to politely ask if you can use your card. Most of the time, they’d be glad to give you the points for their purchase.
  • Be aware of the card’s benefits and remember the partner establishments where you can get discounts and special privileges.
  • Buy in bulk if possible. You get to save more money while accumulating points faster.

And that’s it. What’s your favorite loyalty card that you use and why?

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  1. Hi ChiQ, well it’s not really necessary to have all three. Just get the ones which you think you’ll be able to use often. πŸ™‚

  2. Wala akong cut jan Ambo, just wanted to sincerely share a way to save some money. πŸ™‚

    So when did you last use your Anito and Victoria loyalty cards? Ten years ago? Haha. πŸ˜€

  3. Yes, the Prestige Card of SM is likewise great, actually better in my opinion. Have you been inside the SM Prestige member’s lounge? I heard it’s great and cozy inside. I hope to upgrade to one once I reach the required spending level. πŸ™‚

  4. ang galing nga ng mga loyalty/rewards cards na yan eh. kaso kumakapal ang wallet ko sa dami ng cards. LOL.

    meron akong SM Advantage, Shopwise Wise Card, Mercury Drug Suki Card, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Swirl Card, PAL Mabuhay Miles. yun nga lang, talo ako ni Ambo kasi wala akong VC at Anito. LOL.

  5. I know what you mean. Sa dami ng loyalty/rewards cards, ang kapal na din ng wallet ko. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I have everything you have except the PAL Mabuhay Miles. Also, since I frequent Starbucks more, I don’t get to use my Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Swirl card that often. And aside from the Shopwise Wise Card, I also have the South Supermarket Green Card.

    Pareho tayo, wala akong VC and Anito card, ‘di tulad ni Ambo. πŸ˜€

  6. Even hotels have these sorts of cards na ha? Marco Polo Davao for example has this privilege card that give members complimentary night stay, free dining, etc.

    These types of card actually entice consumers to spend more.

  7. Yes Rhodilee, these cards can really entice consumers to spend more that’s why it’s important to remember to simply use these discount cards naturally, which means you don’t spend just for the sake of using it.

  8. Hi there. Thanks for appreciating loyalt rewards program. Just wanna share that we are the solution (system) provider for the SM Advantage Card. So in any case you know any company who is interested to set-up or run their own loyalty/rewards program, please let me know via [email protected]

  9. Thanks Abby, I’ll keep you in mind if ever I come across a company that wants to put up a loyalty rewards program. πŸ˜€

  10. Hi!Just like you, I always carry with me my Laking National and Suki Card. As for the SM Advantage, I am using my husband’s card ’cause I’m the one who’s always go on shopping.Pwede naman pala yon…Thanks!!

  11. naghahanap ako ng supplier ng PVC cards para sa company ID namin… dito ako napadpad πŸ™‚ i saw some familiar faces na taga blog sphere, hehehe…

  12. Hi! Just like you I’ve learned to love the loyalty card promos most major grocery and department stores are offering (sm advantage, shopwise, laking national, south supermarket green card, suki card, etc.). Been a member of these cards for more than 5 years na ata (before pa I got married) and been thankful of the peso earnings I got from these loyalty cards. But just want to make a comment is it really true for sm advantage na for every peso purchase of any item you get 1 point = to P1? Kasi based from my experience, it’s not true parang iba yung point system nila for grocery and department store. I was actually expecting a lot of peso earnings na (esp when I was preparing for my 1st born – Igot all major furniture items from baby and co.) but was surprised to earn only P600. Anyways was still thankful pa rin to get something. Also the insurance from SM advantage is automatically deducted from your points (a big chunk of peso is being deducted). I was working at that time at Philam so I know the real amount of the accident insurance per person. Mas mura pa bumili directly from them (so I realized may kita pa SM dun). What worked for me best is the Shopwise Card. No single peso nawawala and surprisingly very easy to earn points.

  13. Hi! we live near puregold supermarket,so we get to buy our groceries from there..but their loyalty card is not available to everyone unlike SM advantage..you need to have a business to get one.Good news! SM just opened a branch one block from Puregold.

  14. @mrs cabrera: point system goes like this… getting points: P100.00 = 1 point / redeeming points: 1 point = P1.00

    Ex: total amount (purchased): P600.00 is equivalent to 6 points
    redemption: 6 points is equivalent to P6.00

    You’ll get six-peso reward for spending six hundred pesos. Good enough deal? Quite…

  15. Question for SMAC-ky : Is your example applicable to purchases made at Watson’s, Ace Hardware, SM Appliance Center ? Thanks

  16. Hi, I was wondering, pwede bang gamitin yung Laking National Card when buying on their site online?

  17. Offer ko lang yung Point system ko, transparent po ito dahil pwede i check ng customer ang points nila thru online at complete report sa backend at customer ranking, package po ito sa website, for more info and demo email nalang po ninyo ako [email protected]

  18. lately Sm advantage card doesn’t include points on some of your purchase.nakalimutan ata nilang pwede ng icheck online ang points.

  19. Sobrang walang kwenta yung Laking National Card! When my uncle renewed his after accumulating over P2,000-worth of points in almost a decade, the system said he only had -25 points, meaning parang nagkautang pa siya considering he paid 60 for the card alone!

  20. Hello, i am also a holder of SMAC, just want to clarify the point system, SMAC-ky said that for every P100 purchase you get 1 point.. But in my case, i’ve already almost 50k but i only have 79 points. What is really the formula for point system? Thank you and more power!

  21. Hi, I’ve registered my sm advantage card online (http://sm-advantage.com/) and meron din mobile apps (My SMAC) where you can monitor your points. Based on the transaction list I think the formula goes like this and it depends on which establishment you use your card:

    * Hyper/Watsons/Our Home: spend P400 = earn 1pt

    * Dept Store/Ace: spend P200 = earn 1pt

    * Shell: spend P500= earn 2pts

    I’m not yet sure kung tutuo ung redeeming though (i.e. 1pt = P1).. Di ko pa na test kc lagi na eexpire ung points ko πŸ™ Now ko lang na figure out ung formula and ung mga site and apps na pwedi mo mamonitor ung points and expiry.

  22. […] Some cinemas offer bulk ticket prices for groups while some have loyalty memberships cards which you can use to avail special discounts. In the Philippines, Ayala Cinemas have the M-Pass card while SM Supermalls sell lower ticket prices to SM Advantage members. […]

  23. I got Petron value card and I used the accumulated points to gas up when I run out of cash many times

  24. I only maintain one loyalty card and that is SM Advantage card. Thanks for sharing this blog post of yours, Sir Fitz. Keep writing and updating your posts. πŸ™‚

  25. May I ask who or what company is the Loyalty Program provider of this Laking National Card? Thank you.

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