On Caramoan Islands and The Trip That You’re Meant To Take

Updated: May 15, 2021

I’m officially back from my beach vacation after spending almost a week in Caramoan.

While most of my friends are enjoying #Laboracay, I’m down east in Camarines Sur and island hopping in this beach paradise.


Honestly, the photo above does not capture the whole beauty of the place.

And it’s really hard to describe the experience of actually being there.


However, let me share with you how it was going there.

Because I believe it’s important for you to know what you’re up against if you decide to visit this fascinating place.


I and my friends drove all the way to Bicol, which required almost 10 hours of driving.

We left around midnight…


… and arrived in Camarines Sur around noon.

Since it was my car, I was behind the wheel most of the time.


When we arrived at Sabang Port, San Jose, we left the car in a secure parking space and took a ferry.

I took this shot just before going on board.


The ferry was an uncomfortable 2-hour ride as seating is cramped, the engine was noisy and it reeked of oil and gasoline.

I was asleep most of the time at the boat – tired from all the driving or intoxicated by the carbon monoxide from the pump, I don’t know.

What I do know is that my legs fell asleep first before I did.


Finally, we docked at Guijalo Port and then had a bumpy 15-minute tricycle ride going to the resort inn.

After checking in, we wasted no time and immediately went to Bikal port, where we took a smaller pump boat for our island hopping.


The boat ride was almost an hour, but you won’t notice the time as the beauty of the Caramoan Islands will surely capture your attention.

And after more than 14 hours of travel, all the discomfort and exhaustion we felt begin to fade away. My friends and I agreed that it was all worth it.


Financial freedom is not an easy destination.

Just like our trip to Caramoan, it’s a long and tiring journey that will test your patience and perseverance.

Many will choose not to go to Caramoan because they don’t want to go through all the trouble and discomfort of reaching this beautiful place.

But it is worth it… as it is with reaching your financial freedom.

Plan and go on your journey and experience what most people simply dream of.

Financial freedom is a trip you’re meant to take. Leave now and don’t miss the boat.

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  1. Hello, ask ko lang sir, how much po budget for this caramoan island getaway? thanks!

  2. Hi David, for four days and three nights in Caramoan, I spent around P4,500 which includes everything (food, accommodation, boat rental, tour guide, tips, etc.). This is just the expense in there and does not include the costs of going to Caramoan (and coming back to Manila).

  3. Hi Fitz,

    Very nice beach trip and photos. Can you give us link sa other HD photos para ma feel din namin. 🙂
    Top priority q rin Caramoan kaso wla ako kasama instead, will go for a hike in Mt. Maculot next week. 🙂

    More power to your blog!
    – Beau

  4. Hello!

    I was back reading through all your blogs since we have the same interests: personal finance and traveling.

    I recently went to Caramoan, 2 weeks ago. There is an easier way that not a lot of people know. I took a flight to Virac, Catanduanes which takes about 45 minutes (which is equally as amazing as Caramoan, especially Puraran Beach!), rented a private boat from the nearby Codon Port (the waves killed us though!) for 2 hours which brought us to Caramoan.

    Fantastic group of islands, I can’t wait to go back!

  5. Hi Fitz,

    Asked kolang how safe is the parking area in Sabang Post if I leave our car and how much is the charge. Also do you have any one there where we can talk and leave our car.

    We are going there in May 1, 2015..

  6. Hi Fitz..so there is no chances pala na madala mo car through Caramoan. Up to sabang port lang pala at dun na iiwan. Planing to go there this march. Any tips sir sa mas ok na hotel beach front.

  7. What hotel beach front is always available, how much it cost for 2 nights? Can u recommend safe place to park private car?

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