My Infamous Blue Book: The Road to Financial Freedom

Updated: May 7, 2015

It’s not easy to maintain a blog, let alone one about personal finance because it’s a topic that was not taught to us in school.

As such, I rely most of the time on the lessons I learned from experience and observation, which makes me occasionally question myself if I’m sharing anything valuable to my readers.

That is why it’s always a great pleasure to meet people who follow my blog, because it’s a chance for me to personally hear feedback from them.

Last March, I met Mufti for the first time, during the Financial Fitness Forum. He has been my blog subscriber since 2011 and not only did he share how I was able to help him financially, but he also showed me his infamous blue book, where he jots down all the lessons he has learned in my blog.

Today, he’s telling us his story on how he started on the road to financial freedom.

Me, and Mufti during the Financial Fitness Forum 2015
Me, and Mufti during the Financial Fitness Forum 2015

Before June 2011, I worked as tech support in the BPO or call center industry, where I am cashing out a good Php 18,000.00 monthly salary. This was more than enough to provide for me and my wife’s daily expenses.

Like most call center people, I got my first credit card through a promotion booth in our company that usually happens on weekends, where different companies would put up a booth and offer their products.

I was curious about having a credit card and I wanted one, too. So I decided to sign up and in a week or so, my first credit card was delivered. With the card at hand, I felt invincible to the material world, and I began buying a lot of stuff.

I was first fascinated with shoes! Maybe because I was deprived of having a pair of chucks before and I vowed to buy not one, but two or three of this style, and that’s where everything started.

After I had effortlessly maxed out the limit of the first card, and because I was uneducated on the financial world, I began apply for more cards!

As long as there is a booth setup, and there is a sign-up form. I would fill it out, and in no time, I was able to have 7 credit cards in total.

Did I maxed it all out? YES I DID! That was sure maximum stupidity. I know it’s me and oh, yeah boy! It’s me, myself, and I.


When you start seeing all the bills coming every month, and realize that there is almost nothing left to spend for food, rent and other necessities – your heart will start to beat so fast and panic will come in!

There was actually some points when I just wanted to disappear! But I eventually managed to stay calm, reassess, and reevaluate myself.

“But where do I begin?” I asked.

After doing research after research, I found this blog, Ready To Be Rich, which back then, I thought was a financial guide website.

I was able to read about the Snowball Method to get out of credit card debt, and other related topics such as what would happen if I fail to pay my debts.

For the longest time I was paying the minimum payment for each card but with the new strategy I found, I started to see some ray of light and glimpse of hope.

“I will get out of this mess,” I said to myself.

Applying slowly what I have learned, I was able to eliminate and cut 3 out of the 7 credit cards over time. It’s still a work in progress.

As I continue to educate myself, I wrote down everything I learned from this website.

From delayed gratification to the envelope system, to putting a business and learning about investing, budgeting everything that I needed to learn about finance.

And that is the story of my blue book and the website that had influenced me on proper money management.


Whenever you are in debt, don’t panic and avoid taking drastic actions. I have actually read about people who have ended their lives! Don’t do that!

Calm down, prayer helps a lot for guidance, but also – TAKE ACTION.

Look for ways to get out of the mess. Be responsible to handle the situation no matter how hard you think it is. You can, and you will get out of this mess.

Redirect your energy, your focus, on the solution.

So on June 06, 2011 – that was the day I began writing in my Blue Book.

It’s my notebook that contains the timeless lessons on finance that I will forever treasure, and I am glad I finally hit the road to financial freedom!

I hope you have learned something from this.


About Mufti:

I am an undergrad computer engineer, never made it to graduation due to financial reason. If I had a choice, I would love to have a degree in Psychology, Computer Science or Business Management.

I have worked as a shop attendant, computer technician, IT instructor, technical support agent, Spanish analyst, and now my present work is in Human Resources as a bilingual HR advisor.

I also write about finance to help educate people on financial matters, and to share my personal experiences such as above.

What I have been through may not be the worst situation there is, but I am reaching out to people so that they will not have the same bad or even worst experience about debt.

I became a financial literacy advocate, learning lessons from RFP’s like Fitz Villafuerte, Christopher Cervantes and the rest. My favorite authors on finance are Robert Kyosaki, Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins.

My website is and is where I mostly write about my financial learning on forums, seminars, books and my personal experience.

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  1. I was 19 when I first started working as a callcenter agent and way back it was as easy as 123 to get one. My financial ignorance apparently saved me from a similar fate. I didn’t understand credit cards so I stuck to my debit card. I’ve seen a lot of colleagues fell in the credit card trap and agonized when their accounts went into collections. May this heartwarming story serve as warning to others. Good job on getting out of that debt trap.

  2. This writings really inspired me and thought me that financial struggles and freedom as well are real life scenario and to treat seriously. Lets get it on.

  3. This is a good article on Fitz’s page… A very good reminder about how not to maxed out on the credit cards…. Hope Fitz will continue to feature similar articles in the future… Nice one Mufti… Very good read, Fitz…

  4. First of all thanks to Sir Fitz for giving me the space on his website to share my experience. and I am very glad that people have learned about this post.
    Thanks to Richard, Dennis, Oscar and to all readers of ready to be rich…

  5. Hi mufti.u have a very powerful story.I have learn akot from u and am fighting to duplicate ure lessons, and thanx for having a big heart(sharing with others).may d good lord reward u urbandantly

  6. Hi Zena, I am glad you have learned something from my write up. Dont give up on your dreams, do one step at a time…whatever your troubles are. You will surely get away from it. Have faith my friend.

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