MBLife MOST 18: Multiple Option Super Term Life Insurance

Updated: January 19, 2022

I’m an active member of IMG since 2012. If you’re not familiar with IMG, it stands for International Marketing Group. And they’re a Philippine-based global company whose mission is promote financial literacy among Filipino families.

Furthermore, IMG is also a financial distribution company. They are partnered with many institutions and runs a financial center for its members, where they can get different products and services at a huge discount.

These products include health insurance, mutual funds, life insurance, and many other financial products and lifestyle services.

IMG is among the first to offer a long-term healthcare insurance product in the country, the Kaiser Ultimate Health Builder Plan. A product that many life insurance companies would later copy.

And early this year, IMG once again launched a product like no other in the market. A life insurance product that I’m proud to tell you about today.

It’s called the MBLife MOST 18.

MBLife MOST 18 is a term life insurance product with PDF or Premium Deposit Fund. MOST stands for Multiple Option Super Term and it’s a life insurance product that covers you for 18 years, thus the name MOST 18.

It’s a product by Manila Bankers Life Insurance Corporation, and launched in partnership with IMG to provide Filipino families with an affordable, renewable term life insurance with a zero-risk savings and investment component.

What exactly is MBLife MOST 18?

It is a term insurance product with 18 years coverage.
Life insurance provides financial protection for your family. And among the many types of life insurance out there, term insurance is the most affordable.

How affordable is it? For a 30-year old, the annual premium would only be P5,710 for a P1 million coverage. Again, you only have to pay P5,710 per year (not per month, not per quarter) and you’re already insured for P1 million.

It has an optional savings and investment component.
What makes MBLife MOST 18 unique is that you can choose to pay more than your annual premium. And the excess cash that you pay will go to a PDF or Premium Deposit Fund.

The PDF is like a savings account. You can put more money there anytime you want. And you can also withdraw your money from it any time you need it.

But better than a savings account, the amount in your PDF can also earn additional cash for you because the company can invest it for you.

For example, if you paid P8,710 instead of P5,710 for a particular year. Then the excess P3,000 will go to your PDF.

The following year, because you have P3,000 in your PDF, you can choose to just pay P2,710 to pay for the annual premium of your life insurance.

But let’s say that the market was good during the year, and the P3,000 in your PDF earned and became P3,710 in value. Then you’ll only need to pay P2,000 for next year’s annual premium.

Confused? Here’s an illustration

From our earlier example, the annual premium of a 30-year old with P1 million coverage is P5,710.

For the first year, there’s an additional one-time policy fee of P500. But for the next 17 years, the annual premium will be fixed at P5,710.

As the table shows, you were contributing P12,000 every year for the first five years. This is more than your annual premium. So the excess cash is going to your PDF.

For this illustration, we assume that the PDF investment consistently earns 4% every year. This is the rate your money that’s invested inside your PDF is growing every year.

On the 6th year, you suddenly needed P20,000 for a personal expense. Since your PDF is worth P29,113 during this time. You have the option to withdraw from it, which you did.

On the 7th year, times were difficult and your budget is tight. But because the value of your PDF can cover the annual premium. You have the option to not pay that year. And that’s exactly what you did.

Then starting on the 8th year, you chose to contribute P20,000 for the next five years. This grew your PDF amount significantly.

It grew so much that you didn’t have to contribute anymore because the PDF can already cover your annual premiums until the 18th year of the policy.

Interestingly, during the 16th year, on your 45th birthday, you chose to withdraw P40,000 from your PDF to use for your birthday party. This is totally okay because your PDF is worth P71,661.

And this is how MBLife MOST 18 works.

List of Features and Benefits

1. Affordable. It’s a term life insurance. The most affordable type of life insurance.

2. Higher Fund Value. PDF allows higher growth of return.

3. Premium Flexibility. Settle your contributions on a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

4. Withdrawal Advantage. Withdraw anytime without penalty.

5. Level Coverage Risk. Your savings is always added to your coverage (death benefit).

6. Emergency Fund Advantage. You already have savings in the first year.

7. Alternative Investment Flexibility. You are free to decide where to invest the difference.

8. Early Maturity. Maturity after 5/10/15/18 years.

9. Issue Age is 5 yo to 60 yo. Insure yourself and your whole family.

10. Address Various Financial Needs. Can be used for retirement, pension, education, travel, etc.

11. Convertible to Permanent Insurance. You have an option to a permanent policy.

12. Low Chance of Lapsation. Premiums may be settled from your PDF / investment earnings.

Interested to learn more about MBLife MOST 18?

Kindly fill up and submit the form below. Then wait for one of my IMG team members to contact you within a few days. Thank you.

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  1. @Finn
    Yes, they made bad marketing decisions several years ago, which resulted to people saying bad reviews about the company. Particularly, people are angry for being sold products that they don’t fully understand.

    However, Manila Bankers Life Insurance Company has since changed how they market and sell their products. One thing you’ll notice is that they no longer ambush people at the mall, unlike before.

    Lastly, IMG is now a major distributor of their products, and IMG members are making sure that financial education comes first before anything else, so people fully understand the benefits of life insurance and know what the product is really about.

    It is a term life insurance. The PDF (Premium Deposit Fund) is OPTIONAL, unlike in a VUL where you are required to put money on the investment fund – that’s why VUL premiums are expensive.

    Moreover, the amount you put in the PDF can be withdrawn IN FULL (plus gains) anytime, unlike in a VUL where there’s more limitations and restrictions.

    That’s why it’s called a “Super” Term Life Insurance… you are only required to pay the insurance premium for the term insurance (which is very affordable, as illustrated in the example).

    However, if you have extra money, you can choose to put in a little more, which goes to the PDF that you can withdraw anytime; and with a guarantee that any amount you put in the PDF will never go negative.

  2. Hello. I am also wary about the negative reviews with MBL, but this is a very attractive product. Also, I believe MOST18 was availed from Philamlife before? Does Philamlife still offer this for IMG members?

    I also have a few questions:
    1. Can I vary my coverage yearly? for instance, 1M on the first year, and on the 5th year, increase to 2M and so on? Or I would have to buy another policy should I want to increase my coverage?

    2. Do I have the option to pay premium, say, for 10 years only and not until 18 years?

    3. When you say “renewable” does that mean that your eligibility will be assessed yearly? So there might be a possibility that at a certain age when they found out I’m not eligible anymore (due to an illness), I cannot continue availing insurance anymore?

    Thank you very much in advance for answering this!

  3. Hello Anna. Blessed 2019!

    IMG doesn’t offer Philamlife MOST 18 anymore.

    1) If you want to increase your coverage, you can get another policy on top of your existing one.

    2) Yes, you have the option to decide how long your payment period would be. You can even put a lump-sum one time upon application, then the PDF (investment) pays the premium for the the entire 18yrs. Some advantages of the PDF:
    – No policy charges (unlike VUL)
    – Zero negative, i.e. even if the market goes negative, guaranteed earnings will be equivalent to the interest rate given by the top 3 commercial banks

    3) You don’t need to be assessed yearly. In fact, if you’ll just get 1M coverage, usually MB Life doesn’t require medical exam

    – Jaime Lorenzo
    IMG Financial Educator
    0999 997 2396

  4. Is it also available for OFWs and how can one avail? I don’t know how insurance companies work but is this company also insured meaning what if the time comes (hope not) when your family needs to file a claim and then finds out the company is already bankrupt or also has financial crisis.

  5. Hi Fitz,

    Q1> Paano po magwwithdraw ng PDF?
    – thru ATM po ba?
    – or kailangan pumunta ng main office ng MBLife? (ilang days din yung approval pag nag withdraw?)

    Q2> Paanong convertible to Permanent Insurance Policy?
    – magkano po yung dapat bayaran para dun after 18yrs?

    Q3> Sino po yung insurer ng MB Life?

    Maraming Salamat po

  6. Arjay, kindly fill up the form so you can have a more detailed understanding of the product. And you can ask the questions directly from someone licensed by the Insurance Commission. Thanks.

  7. Hi. I just join MB life yesterday. But I read bad reviews and I am worried now. Please Enlighten me. I registered at SM sta. Rosa.

  8. Hi I just signed at MB life insurance at sm sta rosa ,but I’m worried if it’s the same with this so please advice me what to do…

  9. @JAANN
    What did the bad reviews say? Where did you read it? Manila Bankers just recently partnered with IMG, so if the bad review was written before 2018, then the companies policies have already been changed and improved for the better, and you don’t have to worry.

    I think it’s the same, but you dealt with a direct agent of MB Life. Because at IMG, we make sure that you’re educated first and fully understand the insurance policy before we sell it to you.

    I sent you more details and information through your email. But in any case, you can call the MB Life Hotline at (02) 8101051 Loc. 205 for any concerns, including how to cancel your policy in case you’re not satisfied with it.

  10. Hi Sir Fritz, thank you very much for the very comprehensive write up regarding MOST 18, what is the maximum months after 60 that an interested individual can avail?

  11. what is the average pdf interest yearly po para kng mag retire meron kng savings mataas b sa 4%

  12. Hello po kumuha na po ako ng most 18 ang tanung ko lang po paano po ba mag withdraw ng pdf tru ATM po ba yan ans it takes how many days po? Then my nxt question is paano po after 18 years then wla din laman pdf ano po mangyari sa policy?

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