Managing Money Becomes Easier When Using Personal Finance Tools

Updated: March 9, 2013

When I featured Thomas Suarez last week, I told everyone that I became inspired to explore the opportunities in mobile app development.

That actually led me to ask, towards the end of the post, for some ideas on what kind of personal finance app would you like to have.

One suggested a tax calculator, while a few wanted a budget planner and an expense tracker. There was also someone who suggested a stock market simulation game.

Interestingly, these types of tools actually already exist in the market, although sadly – there is none that specifically focuses on the Philippine setting. Still, I’m optimistic that in a few years time (or maybe even just within several months), those apps will soon be available for us Filipinos.

And with that said, let me share with you today a guest post contributed by Matt. Below, he makes a case for using such personal finance tools and tells us how it can really help us with our money management.

Let’s now read what he has to say:

Managing a budget becomes easier when you use personal finance tools. When individuals manage their money with the right tools, they will find that less money is being spent each month.

Organizing bank accounts, debit and credit cards can prevent an individual from having to borrow money to pay off unpaid debt. And in the U.S., if it’s necessary to borrow money they can visit many sites to get information on how to get a personal loan.

Personal Finance Tools

Some websites offer personal finance programs for individuals to keep track of their spending during the month. These programs will warn the individual if he or she is approaching the end of his or her monthly budget.

This will help the individual to know how much he or she has left for bills, activities and other items. To take advantage of this type of program to manage money, an individual should locate the best program online to benefit his or her financial needs.

The individual will then enter his or her debts and income into the program to get started. At the end of the month, an individual will be able to evaluate how his or her money was spent, and the individual can decide how to make changes to improve his or her spending habits.

The online personal finance program will help discipline an individual’s spending and bill paying techniques.

A good financial planner is essential for keeping track of someone’s money. The planners will help keep the bills organized so that all bills are paid. Bills that are paid on time each month will improve an individual’s ability to acquire a payday loan if it is needed.

Some of the online personal finance sites will offer advice for managing and budgeting money. These features allow individuals better opportunities to gain knowledge of money management.

Most of these sites are great for personal finances and business finances. The sites are simple and easy to understand and use. Some will even allow multiple accounts, which is great if someone owns a business and needs two accounts.

By using one of the personal finance tools online, an individual can efficiently manage his or her money effectively.

Why Use Personal Finance Tools

  1. They help control spending habits.
  2. Bills will be paid on time, and this can lead to better credit ratings.
  3. An individual can begin saving money for future emergencies since he or she will be spending less.
  4. The tools will make budgeting money less stressful.

In the past, managing money and making budgets was difficult and boring. Today, that has changed with new technology. Managing finances has become easier and less stressful with the use of personal finance tools.

The new software management tools that are found online offer personalized plans to help individuals become financially secure for the future. Financial details such as income and expenses will be entered into the computer instead of using the old-fashion way of paper and pen.

Financial planning is essential for the future success of a business or an individual. When an individual has access to personal finance tools, managing money can be done easily.

To get started managing money, find the personal finance tool that will keep track of all financial investments, assets, income, debts, bank accounts, credit cards and so on. Pen and paper will work to keep track of these items, but it will be easier with an online personal finance tool that alerts someone if he or she is going over budget.

The free online sites will create a budget that can effectively manage the money and debts to help individuals control their finances, set goals and save money for future needs.

This guest post is contributed by Matt, a personal finance enthusiast from the U.S.

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  1. Have you ever heard of a budgeting tool called It is free and my wife and I use it monthly to track our finances. I think it the best thing out there right now.

  2. I was to ask what specific tool or site can the owner of this post suggest but I read Deacon;s comment and will be trying it out. I really want to fix my personal finances and I will start with I hope I’ll find it useful to me.

  3. I’ll try out too. Hope you can come up with a list of good online personal finance tools out there. I trust your experience when it comes to this things since I know what you recommend will most definitely work. Thanks!

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