"Load Mo Sarili Mo" Network Marketing Business: A Close Look

Updated: September 24, 2014

Buzz about a new network marketing business is going around lately and consequently, a handful of my readers are already asking me if this MLM business has potential or just another scam.

That’s why I took some time to study the program and do a review.

Below now is an explanation of how all these works. I’ve also included some personal thoughts and an unbiased opinion of the program.

I hope this article will help clarify some of your questions regarding this new network marketing business.

To start, the business is called, “Load Mo Sarili Mo” or simply LMSM. The company office is based in Quezon City and they are working in partnership with Smart Communications and Muenchen Inc., a Smart Key Account. Visit the official Load Mo Sarili Mo website here.

Note: This business is NOT a product of Smart Communications, that’s why you won’t see information about it on their website (from the last time I checked). They are merely the product provider – a partner.

How does the Load Mo Sarili Mo work?

Everything starts from becoming a member of the network. There are five different types of membership packages (Regular, Bronze, Silver, Gold, OFW) with it’s own free items and commission rates.

Assuming you bought the Regular package (cost: P199) – your commission rate will be 0.5% per level. This means that if one of your down lines buy a Load Fund of P250, then you will earn P1.25 (P250 x 0.005). This income will go to your personal Load Fund.

What is a Load Fund?

If you’re a Smart eLoad Retailer, this is similar to the Load Wallet. It’s like a virtual savings bank account where your money is stored or kept. It’s important to remember that the money here has no expiration.

Furthermore, the Load Fund can be converted to Smart airtime load (the regular cellphone load which expires) OR it can be converted to cash (via Smart Money, bank deposits by the LMSM company and several other methods).

So far so good?

Okay, aside from the commission earnings, you also earn from recruiting members to your network. There are different schemes for this; also depending on the type of membership you were able to sell.

For example, if you were able to recruit someone to become a Bronze member (cost: P499), then you will earn P200. Again, that income will go directly to your Load Fund.

At this point, I am assuming that you’ve understood everything so far. If not, then please read what I’ve written above again.

So you’re now a member, what’s next? Well, you basically have two tasks:

  1. Recruit members to your down line. This is a unilevel marketing system, which means all your recruits are in your front line. And you can earn commissions up until the fifth level.
  2. Remember to buy Load Fund monthly. Yes, you have a recurring monthly cost. For Regular members, you are required to put P250 monthly to your Load Fund or else you won’t get your commissions for the month.

It’s important to know that the Load Fund you will receive from recruiting new members will already count towards your monthly Load Fund quota. This means you have to either buy a Load Fund, or recruit new members – if you want to get your commissions.

So why is this called Load Mo Sarili Mo?

Because now, instead of buying eLoad from retail stores, you can now convert your personal Load Fund to Smart airtime load on your own Smart Prepaid SIM.

And that’s basically how the LMSM network marketing business works. Below is a Powerpoint Presentation of the Business Orientation Seminar. Thanks to Ka Edong for uploading this on Slideshare.


I’ve been doing the Math and it seems that this is a sustainable business model. A Smart eLoad Retailer earns around 13% from selling prepaid credits, the rest goes to Smart Communications as their gross profit.

Under LMSM, only a maximum of 9% goes to the commission of the members. Working under the 13% retailer’s profit margin of Smart – then, it’s safe to assume that the other 4% goes to the LMSM company as gross income. This amount is what will help them sustain their business.

Possible problems for the members with respect to the company:

First, the stability of the LMSM database in handling the volume of members and their commissions. There are around 40M Smart subscribers, even if only 1% of that population joins this business, can their servers handle transactions from 400,000 people?

Second, there might be problems with converting the Load Fund into cash – on a technical level (software and network problems) and administrative level (company personnel is slow in processing payments).

And third, the company could ultimately decide to close down – for whatever reason. It may not be in the near future, but still, you can never really tell.

Should you join Load Mo Sarili Mo?

I will not answer this question for you. However, I will point you to an article of mine which hopefully, will guide you to the right answer:

The Basics of Multi-level Marketing

Lastly, I’d like to call those who have signed up as members of Load Mo Sarili Mo to please share their experiences with the business below so that others can learn more about LMSM.

Also, if you see any incorrect information or data from my article, then please leave a comment so that I may correct it.

However, please be reminded that the comments section will be moderated and I will not tolerate any comments whose sole purpose is to recruit my readers to become their down line. I hope this is clear. Thank you.

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  1. Hi Fitz,

    Thanks for your analysis of LMSM. I’ve been waiting for this kind of blog since last week. Anyway, I just got a few points/questions:

    1. How did u come up with 9% max commission to members? Gold members have 1.5% comm’n upto level 5 so I think it should be 7.5% to members and 5.5% to LMSM right?this really makes the program sustainable unlike those old time scam networking companies.

    2. Since it’s a new program, we can always expect some technical difficulties/glitches in their system but I have seen their responsiveness to queries and complaints and at the moment I’m satisfied with their service.

    3. You said “And third, the company could ultimately decide to close down – for whatever reason. It may not be in the near future, but still, you can never really tell.” I think this applies for all companies whether networking, retail, food business,etc. But I believe that this company is registered/licenced to operate so there’s no question about it’s legitimacy.

    4. “Note: This business is NOT a product of Smart Communications, that’s why you won’t see information about it on their website (from the last time I checked). They are merely the product provider – a partner.” Yes, it may not be a direct product from SMART but the fact that SMART is fully aware of it and that they even supported the Grand Launching in Megamall makes Smart telecom answerable to questions of fraud about this business.

    P.s. I’m not connected to LMSM except that I’m just one of their members who expects a lot from their product.

    Thanks. 😀

  2. Hi Marlowe,

    1. Good observation. That was also my first computation, 7.5%.

    But according to slide number 10 of the presentation, the maximum total is 9%. Since I have nobody to ask about this, I assumed that I might have overlooked something with the business system so I went for the more conservative analysis which is to take the higher number.

    In any case, can you confirm this since you’re a member of the network already? Also, what’s more important is that in either case, both fall below the retailer profit margin of 13%.

    2. Yes, their system is relatively young, and such problems is understandable. But as a member, one should be aware if the company is doing anything to solve them.

    If their system can’t handle any more accounts, then they should have the courage to tell the members to stop recruiting. A network marketing company should be able to survive even without recruitment of new members.

    3. That’s right. All businesses can close down. And I agree that this company is legitimate for it has the support of Smart Communications – but still, it’s a normal risk when investing in a business and an important consideration if you’re thinking long-term with this.

    The lesson here is to be ready for an exit strategy.

    4. I believe that Smart Communications can vouch for the legitimacy of the business, but that’s all.

    I doubt it if Smart Communications will have itself involved if fraudulent activities start happening from the inside (due to greed from owners, members gaming the system, etc.)

    I’m not saying that this will happen. It’s just a possibility and in fact, all businesses are subject to this possibility – MLM or not.

    And again, the lesson here is to always have an exit strategy. And more importantly, not to put all your eggs in one basket – LMSM is just one business option, there are many others where you can invest too.

    Lastly, I’d like to thank you Marlowe for all the input. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

  3. Hi again Fitz,

    Just to keep you updated, here are links from Youtube about LMSM including Smart officials highly promoting this product.


    I suggest you try it also and promote it to your readers. With a capital of P500 (bronze) it can reach up to 40 times return.. nothing (or very small amount) to lose just in case… If you know anyone interested and lives in Pampanga (Angeles City) they can contact me at marlowe.lacsina {at} gmail {dot} com and I’ll be glad to present them this business.

    Thanks a lot Fitz.

  4. Wow that sounds promising. Like, almost all Filipinos use mobile phones and send millions of text messages per seconds. Loading business seems great.

  5. its almost a week since i started to register for LMSM with a small capital of 200, and for only 2 days, i was able to have the ROI. i guess this business will click because everybody has a cellphone plus the convenience of self-loading which makes it attractive to people who are somewhat annoyed of searching for e-loading stores.

  6. @Bea Lucero and Marlow:Does this LMSM is for smart regular load only??How about other smart load options like “Alltext”, “Gaantext”, other load which is not as regular load?

  7. hi joseph! LMSM products does include smart regular load, alltext, gaan text and smart upsize..for more info about this business, feel free to email me at [email protected]..

  8. hi fitz,

    Hi thanks for uploading this Load Mo Sarili Mo.

    Please let me know how to register in LMSM. I’m from Naga City and i can’t visit to their office in Manila. Are there other alternatives to register for like me staying in provincial areas? thanks

  9. hi those who are interested to join LMSM specially in Albay Area (Bicol) please feel free to txt me at 999-5212179 or email me at [email protected]. Thanks 🙂 – to correct my smart number. 🙂

  10. hi! i recently joined LMSM and a Silver member. A close friend of mine who works in Smart recruited me. This multi-level marketing system according to him was initially introduced to Smart employees. I’m currently working and at the same time have an online shop but i decided to join (although i have a Globe line) as an added sideline since almost all Filipinos are constantly using their cellphone loads. I just hope this marketing system will go a long way.

    To mhekie, yes this is available for Filipinos in other countries who communicates with their family here in Phil. That’s why they can apply as an ‘OFW member’. It also comes with freebies like an OFW sim, Plug N’ Talk kit, free load fund in a certain amount and 3 regular sim card.

    For more info, just email me at [email protected]

  11. hi to those who want to ask about LMSM in CEBU CITY, just contact me, call/text 09104711696 or email [email protected]

    LMSM is a good business potential… TRY and lets prove it…


  12. Hi Fitz, just a question regarding this:

    “Remember to buy Load Fund monthly. Yes, you have a recurring monthly cost. For Regular members, you are required to put P250 monthly to your Load Fund or else you won’t get your commissions for the month.”

    What if I already have a huge LOADFUND, Can I just convert P250 to airtime to get my commission of that month? Or do I need to buy P250 LOADFUND every month? Take note that LOAD is diffirent from LOADFUND.

    This blog really helps…

    Thanks a lot,

  13. I believe this move of Smart partnering with Muenchen, a key account, is very brave. Smart has opened a ‘window’ to people like me who waited so long for an opp like this.
    I’m a call center trainer here in NCO Clark. Pamp.
    Text me at cp# 0939 824 5238. Let’s form a group! Thanks

  14. To Sir Fitz and Roman:

    Yes, u can just convert p250 load fund to airtime every month 🙂 no amount limit nman yung load fund. this can be ur passive savings account kung sobrang laki na. this is convertible to cash (thru cheque, smartmoney or transfer to bank acct from LMSM).

    Just want to let everyone know that it requires php 1.00 maintaining balance if used here in phil and php 20.00 if used abroad (for ofws). But maintaining balnce for the ofw can be lessened if plug n’ talk kit is used 🙂

    More questions? contact me thru 0917.827.8814 / [email protected]


  15. my question is……if i get my commission in a month….is it my monthly commission already or just once only i can get the commission…..

  16. Hi everyone!
    any assurance that my account is secured, before i join.

    thanks & regards!!!

  17. Nice article, i agree that soon it may ultimately decide to close down in their own will. May close down not because it is a scam but because of they can never handle the operation cost of it. As you said on your article 400,000 people transactions are hard to handle on their servers. And providing a good, fast and reliable server cost too much. They maybe good at first but may not on future if there are lot of subscribers that will pass thru on their servers.
    Another is they do not own the product itself, any mlm or network marketing company who do not own their product collapse. Well, as other commentator, you should have an exit strategy. Don’t be a loser, its a numbers game. You should build your network fast and cash in as early as possible. And if the boat is sinking in, your gold should already be out of that boat. Specially to those who are planning to be an “STOCKIST” . My advice for them, watch your gold carefully!

    Just strike will the iron is hot!

  18. To Jogie,

    If you don’t have a load fund, you can load your number thru online (just log in your account).

    Yes there has a load already, I’m not sure yet with the amount.

  19. To Jogie,

    If you don’t have a load fund, you can load your number thru online (just log in your account).

    Yes there has a load already, I’m not sure yet with the amount.


  20. To Jogie,

    NO you cannot load your number if you don’t have load fund. replenish your load fund first through any of these steps:

    – recruit downlines to receive direct referral bonus
    – transfer of load fund through other members
    – via Smart Money account number 5299 6710 1347 2102
    – via load fund tickets which may be available through your upline or stockist
    – via bank deposit at BDO account number 1320137987

    and YES, Silver registration has a load fund of P250 already.

    ALL interested in BICOL area, contact me. 09995950106. 🙂

  21. Hi Denise, i could help you even if you are in iloilo. pls email me at [email protected], so i cud show you some of the presentations available. I am using both online facility and sms command of LMSM. They are ok so far, and totoo madali silang mag-accomodate ng mga concerns if any. god bless.

  22. maganda ang LMSM and i beleive na mahahandle nila io kasi so far habang dumadami tayo dinadagdagan din nila ang server and employee nila..

    and may bago ang LMSM makakapag load ka parin sa sarili mo kahit na check op ka para makatxt ka sa gateway at kahit wala ka pang load fund pwede parin maloload ka parin.. mababawas ito pag nagkaload fund ka na 4 pesos lang ung ibibigay sayo ng LMSM valid for 2 days may iddial ka lang na command

    txt me for details ( siro nayn wan nayn por six six siro por payb tri) 09194660453 or e mail me [email protected]

    para sa hindi pa member kahit malayo kayo pwede po just txt me i will assisist u

  23. maganda po ang lmsm tsaka practical pa lalo pa,t halos lahat nmn tyo may cellpone dba… kaya kung gusto nyo mag register just txt/call me 09282023932 kahit taga san pa kayo… or email me @ [email protected] salamat po …….

  24. Patok talaga ang LMSM (LOAD MO SARILI MO). Sa halagang P200.00 ay pwede nang magsimula ng negosyo ang lahat ng Smart user, kaya sa lahat ng interesado…Tex me at 09283125139 or email me at [email protected] for some information…salamat po….

  25. Hi Fitz. Just a bit of clarification of your post (cut and pasted below). I believe there’s no Load Fund monthly quota, but e-load consumption compliance. The commission payouts are not computed from Load Funds but on its conversion to e-load (either self-load or share load). When Load Fund is converted to e-load, it means that there’s a sale of product (someone sold e-load and someone bought it). It is the E-LOAD consumption of the member and of his group/network which determines commission computation, not from the Load Fund.

    When a member buys Load Fund (from LMSM or fellow members), no one in the network (upline) gets a commission from such transaction. But when such Load Fund is converted to e-load (self-load or share load), then commission can now be computed accordingly and paid out to appropriate members (upline and the member itself).

    By the way, thank you for writing the article. I hope you can write up a follow through 🙂

    “It’s important to know that the Load Fund you will receive from recruiting new members will already count towards your monthly Load Fund quota. This means you have to either buy a Load Fund, or recruit new members – if you want to get your commissions.”

  26. “It’s important to know that the Load Fund you will receive from recruiting new members will already count towards your monthly Load Fund quota. This means you have to either buy a Load Fund, or recruit new members – if you want to get your commissions.”

    Fitz, I was not yet done but accidentally hit the Return key. Anyway, I felt that I would like to clarify or shall I say respectfully express some corrections.

    A member gets his commission in that month if he complies with his E-LOAD monthly consumption requirement (dependent on his membership type), not on the amount of Load Fund he purchased or earned (referral fees). However, Load Fund is needed to self-load (load the member’s own phone) or share/pass load (other people’s phones).

    By the way, Fitz, this is my first time in your blogsite. I just stumbled upon it when I did a google search on Muenchen. I will try browse through some of your articles in time. Again, thank you for writing.

    [email protected]

    “What’s perfect ten? Email me. :)”

  27. I think this is a bad image again to network marketing… guys if you were joining a network marketing plz be guided accordingly.

    Differenciate a pyramid scam to a legal network marketing
    number 1 rule!!
    1 )there should be a product!! a tangible product.. not a virtual one, even you can use it (as a load). The reason is, if there’s a product, authority has an eye on them, such as DTI, BFAD..etc.. if not… the scammers working quietly

    2) If recruitment has stopped will you earn?? the answer should be “YES” because network marketing is a tools in exchange with commercial, advertisement to deliver the product in MLM way.

    the other question is ” Thus the commision are handed thru cheques or in real monetary amount (not virtually) so that they don’t just disappear when they attained the scammed amount. Also, there should be a TAX.. which is obviously, the business has beened eyed by the government..not a scam!!

    search on the internet about guidelines.. it is true a small amount you release is just a small amount.. but for the scammers.. your small amount add up to others small amount is a millions…

    Try our business, check the legalities, try our visible group or team, our leaders are also visible.. not hdden virtually
    txt me and see but after all it’s your decision

  28. By the way, the same networking loading ek.ek has been forgotten by time… remember Load Extereme.. it has been gone… it is true that the commision of its member are laoded to the account of the member.. but later on the scammer company has gone… so warning
    you may not know that there are circumstances that no load has been transact, you see even if you load at the loading center sometime load has been void, and the retailers account has been deducted even there is a confirmation
    If it’s true that SMART recommend this.. hello! Manny V. Pangilinan who earns millions and invest on advertising continually would think to set this business on the other way such as MLM.Even MLM is effective tools, but it does’nt fit to a electronic load, just mentioned above, 38M subscribers, does this company has a database for it.. I think Manny V. Pangilinan knows this marketing tools doesn’t fit to networking, if he reccomends it at least everybody knows and informed..

    again try our business, we have product, we have tax “even we hated it” commissions are tangible, realistic through checks and voucher. Even if recruitment has stopped you’ll still earn by product discounts for members
    to know more: txt 09206352897 (Laguna Area only) alabang las piñas muntinlupa or southern part of manila are also entertained by me… otherwise I will refer you to members near you

  29. Research, shop around, research more, and shop around some more…before choosing a company.

    And best of all, hire the best copywriter! (Sorry Fitz, I can’t help it :D. You may not allow this posting. But I got my Sunday dose of silly fun with this one.)

  30. To LMSM, I apologized about my post, It is just that I join a same concept company before(Load Extreme), and It just dis appear. Well I’m just trying to guide any networkers to be cautious, but if they find their company they joined in is legal, at least their belief level for their own company increases, proving that they were on the right company.After proving, they can withstand what others say and have a more heart doing business

  31. wow galing naman po ng networking ninyo paano po ba mag pamember dyan interesado po ako sa load mo sarili mo

  32. Hi.
    Load Extreme still exists. Its under VMobile Technologies, Inc. now. The concept is pretty simple for both the networking and the dealership package. Main product is electronic load for mobile networks as well as pin-based online games.

    You can check out their website for the details. You may also get in touch with me at 0999-7149110.


  33. They are just counting the chicken but not the eggs. take for example every transaction sent is equivalent to 1 peso. If there are 10 gaan text for a day 10.50 (per 10 gaan text check the product guide to confirm) x 10 transactions= 105.00 plus + 10 pesos(1 peso/transaction)=115 where is your earnings? unless you charge additional 2 pesos per transaction that is the time you will gain 5%.

    what if you sold 30 eload check this.

    30 eload -the amount debited is 27 pesos+ 1 peso/transaction=28 so your earnings is 2 pesos which is 6.6% of the 30 pesos eload

    check this
    dream cable 390 – amount debited is 285+ 1 peso/transaction+ 2.50/ epin sent for reload =288.50 your earnings is 1.50 pesos which is .3% of 390

    they are just counting for chicken but not the eggs. They can earn big thru networking not thru retailing or e-loading. In fact they are encouraging networking but not e loading. Why not e loading. because when you do e loading you will find out all the tricks they do not only that but a lot more.

    In short swindle people so you get thousands or millions. Why I say swindle? WHen a company is making a confidence trick of money and not honest with its product then that is swindle and dishonesty am I right?

    Take this example.

    Vmobile is selling about 200+ prepaid product in one sim. The product alone is very good, very tempting. 200+ prepaid product in one sim. You don’t need to use 3 or more celfons for the many prepaid products but one only. Aren’t you going to grab vmoible? My husband did. In fact he bought 3 heads because earnings is big. It was good 3 heads we pay 12T but the change is kept by the consultant. After a day the earnings for the 2 heads gets inside to head number 1. That is for the networking only. for 3 heads your earnings is 1,500. Isn’t that good? It was very good. But the reason why I get 3 heads is because we want to sell e loads that is the primary reason why we want to avail vmobile not for the networking.
    Now the problem starts to come in.

    Problem#1. Reloading….

    …It took hours if not a day for your load to get into your account when you reload thru banks

    …It took a few seconds to reload your walled if thru vmobile center office but they charge for every service/transaction made.

    …It took a week to convert your earnings to load

    Problem# 2

    …. confirmation for every transaction is delayed and we all know that customers are always in a hurry.

    …. sometimes you need to send the command twice b4 it is accepted


    Every transaction send is equivalent to 1 peso

    If you are selling gaan text then u’l go into bankruptcy unless you’ll charge additional 2 pesos for each transaction. i.e. gaan10 sell it at 12-13 pesos then u’ll earn .50c to 1.50p how did i get this?

    for gaantext10 10.50 is debited from your account + 1 peso per transaction= 11.50 if you r selling this at 10 pesos do you think you’ll earn anything?

    * The consultants are not talking about this I only learn when I do the retailing.

    Another example is I sell 390 dream card load to a colleague of my husband. 390p the amount debited from my account is 285 so I gain 5 pesos. I’ll deduct 1 peso for retrieving the e-pin and 2.50 for reloading what is left is 1 peso and .50 centavos am I right? Another problem came out. After retrieving the e-pin for dreamcable I don’t know where to send it because in the product guide said it is only for globe &TM subscribers only. How about smart & TNT and Sun subscribers? To prove to my husband’s colleague that what we are selling is very good I called the vmobile office but the in-charge can’t answer me. Last resort I called the dream cable hotline just to reload the said amount. Imagine the things I did just to make this vmobile look right? and FOR WHAT? to earn 1 pesos and .50 centavos. I have to pay for a call. WTF

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