Level Up Your Online Store with LOCAD (Episode 84)

Updated: August 23, 2021

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LOCAD is a cloud logistics network that fulfills e-commerce orders for entrepreneurs and enterprises. Visit golocad.com to learn more.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

In this episode, we talked to the founder and CEO of LOCAD, Constantin Robertz. He shared with us some insights on e-commerce in the Philippines, how it has grown during the pandemic and where it’s headed next.

We discussed about the trends that he and his company has been seeing when it comes to selling online, and why he thinks there’s still a lot of opportunity for anyone who wants to venture into selling online.

Finally, he gives us advice on what e-commerce entrepreneurs today can do to make sure that they continue to grow and evolve in the coming years.

Quotable Quotes:

“There’s a rise in customer expectations in e-commerce. More customers are expecting to receive their products faster and at a predictable time period.” –Constantin Robertz

“E-commerce is a great opportunity. And the first step is always to just get started.” –Constantin Robertz

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  1. Creating a superior product and the marketing is only two thirds of the battle. I vehemently agree that it is very important to get that product in the customers hands in a timely and professional manner. One of my Beautiful Brides business ventures will soon depend on a great delivery system and knowing the importance, we strive for the very best that can be had to keep customers happy.

    Personally, I almost hate to shop on-line because of the horrid service I have experienced. Two recent examples are:
    1. I ordered a present for a friend well in advance of his birthday. The weeks passed and no package. The shipper said “out for delivery.” A month after my friends birthday, we inquired where was the order. We received a refund and the explanation was that the order sat on the shelf at the delivery service but none of the drivers wanted to take it to our subdivision. It was eventually sent back. That certainly made the seller look bad although this was not at all their fault. We live in a large well know subdivision directly on the MacArthur national hi-way, not hard to find.
    2. Another ” pet peeve” of mine is sellers listing the repair parts NOS (New Old Stock) I need as “in stock” and perhaps “12 pieces available.” I have learned to NEVER send cash in advance, only order COD. Why? Because a majority of the time with the old equipment I tinker with, there actually is NO stock. A few weeks after we order, the selling platform simply cancels the order for lack of stock. A lot of time wasted ordering parts that do not exist but continue to be listed as in stock.

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