Let’s Talk About The Kurot Principle (Episode 10)

Updated: December 7, 2021

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Summary of Episode 10:

Announcement of the 10 winners for the Financial Fitness Forum Promo (0:50)

Note to all the winners: Please wait for the confirmation email that will be sent on or before March 15. The email will have more details and instructions on how you can claim your complimentary tickets. Thank you.

Don’t spend for a reward to yourself at the expense of your budget. (3:10)

What is the Kurot Principle? (5:05)

Remember to be practical and not reckless with how you reward yourself. (6:55)

Plan and setup your reward in advance. (8:40)

Reward yourself with something that you both need and want. (10:45)

Don’t reward yourself by buying something simply because you want to keep up with others. Just because everyone else has it, doesn’t mean you deserve to have one too. (11:40)

I believe that there’s always an affordable and practical option to reward yourself and to celebrate your hard work and accomplishments. (13:20)

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