Learning Begins In The Family: Three Inspirational Videos About Entrepreneurship

Updated: October 9, 2020

Entrepreneurship is not something taught in schools, but it’s something that parents can essentially teach their children.

These three videos from Thailand and based on real-life stories.

They show how family can inspire infinite possibilities of learning and proves that parents can be a powerful influence in shaping their children’s future.

Each video lasts for only less than 5 minutes. Watch them all and then share in the comments sections which one is your favorite.

Traditional Thai Dance

We Can Try


Which one was your favorite? Mine is the last one — Pineapple

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  1. my heart leaps for joy seeing how the child in the pineapple ice cream business succeeded with her own initiative needing minimal supervision or guidance from her mom. Fantastic I like it I wish I could imbibe such enthusiasm to my children.

  2. I like the pineapple story the best! I can relate to this one… I spent my childhood in the market seeing people and vendors sell their goods and have also tried to sell goods with my parents at the age of 7. Priceless experience in life that taught me a valuable lesson in selling and business.

  3. all the three videos are inspiring. the profound legacy those parents have to their children are worth to live by. a big thanks to you Sir Fitz for sharing these inspirational videos.

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