Learning About The Philippine Stock Market

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the free stock market seminar last week.

I hope all of you learned something new and valuable about the Philippine stock market.

And to follow through with our learning, I’ve decided that I will now do a series of posts about investing, particularly about the stock market.

These posts are now under the page, How To Invest In The Stock Market which can be found here or you can look “must read articles” section on the sidebar.


Furthermore, I would like to thank CitisecOnline for graciously accommodating my readers in their seminars. I’m certainly looking forward to organizing more of these events soon.

But for those who missed them or if you would like to attend again, you can just check the seminar schedule at the CitisecOnline webpage here.

They are always FREE of charge and there is no commitment on your part to open an account and invest.

Those who are interested can just call Citiseconline at telephone number 6515888. My contact there is Ms. Shan Loquinario – please look for her and tell her that I referred you so she can personally assist you in getting a slot at your convenient date.

I guess that’s it for now and I hope you can subscribe to Ready To Be Rich so you can learn more not only about stock market investing, but also other valuable topics such as business and personal finance.


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31 Responses to “Learning About The Philippine Stock Market”

  1. […] UPDATE: Please refer to the post: Learning About The Philippine Stock Market to know how you can attend a FREE stock market seminar at your convenient date and time. […]

  2. jehzlau says:

    wow.. libre lang pala mga ganitong seminar.. yaye! 😀

  3. Fitz says:

    Usually may bayad yan sa iba. But yes, libre lang yan sa Citiseconline. 😀

  4. Roberth says:

    Thanks Sir Fitz for the opportunity,.

    Dami kung nalaman at nattuhan…. Hindi nasayang yong time and effort ko all the way from Pangasinan. now we are both with the good hands of CITIseconline.

    More Power!

  5. Ronald says:

    Thanks for facilitating seminars like this for your readers sir Fitz. Hope to open my account at Citisec soon. Keep inspiring!

  6. Red says:

    galing naman libre, meron po ba silang schedule during weekend?

  7. joy says:

    Hi Fitz,

    I learned a lot from the seminar. Thank you so much for the opportunity that you shared. Now, I’m starting to build my wealth 😉

  8. Fitz says:

    Hi everyone. I’m glad you all enjoyed the seminar. Cheers to your future wealth!

  9. maya says:

    Do they have seminars here in cebu? I’m sure cebuanos also want to attend this kind of seminars specially if it’s free 😀

    thank you

  10. eileen says:

    hi, what stocks do you recommend as good buys right now? thanks

  11. Fitz says:

    Hi Eileen, that depends on your investment horizon and objectives. Your stock broker can help you with that best.

    If you do online stock market trading through Citiseconline, they do have a “Research” tab on their website where they give recommendations on what to buy and when to sell.

  12. chasty says:

    sir fitz.. thanks sa mga post mo I really learned a lot…

  13. Wheng says:


    When is the next schedule of the free seminar like this one?

  14. emy cenit says:

    hi sir i like the what you call ‘financial freedom’

    i’m interested to attend your free seminar.

    may i know your next schedule?

    thank you.

  15. Rychelle Mantatao says:

    wah! baket ngayon ko lang nakita toh? hehe! tagal ko na kasing naghahanap ng seminar regarding dito,, just signed-up for the seminar.. Thanks!=) God bless and More power! hehehe!

  16. Art Diño says:

    Pls. provide me a schedule on a free seminar on stock Investment for beginners for May, 2011. I am available every weekend, saturday to be exact. Thank you.

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  18. marlon says:


    Thank you s pag share nito. I really want to know kung papaano ito. Tagal tagal ko na pong nag hahanap ng mga seminars para sa stock market. Gusto ko po talagang matutunan. Sana po ma timingan ko yung susunod na free seminar sir. Ngayon ko lang po kasi nabasa ang post ninyo.


  19. Fitz says:

    Hi everyone. The free seminars actually happen almost every week. Those who are interested can always just call Citiseconline at telephone number 6333777.

    My contact there is Ms. Shan Loquinario – please look for her and tell her that I referred you so she can personally assist you in getting a slot at your convenient date. Thanks!

  20. Investing 101: The PSE Way | Newsbytes says:

    […] How to invest in the Philippine Stock Market? How is it really? […]

  21. Lekisha Jana says:

    Their world didn’t “fall apart” idiots….the economy was still good to go and needed a recession, plenty before had happened, and the leave it alone liquidationists were correct in their view and won out the previous few times before…PS we were not a thrid rate power before them but one of the “giants” in the world as of the early 1800s/

  22. […] with it. Some might start a business or invest in stocks and start it by reading books related to how to invest in the philippine stock market or any other stock markets in the world. Others on the other hand are thinking of paying all their […]

  23. Fitz says:

    Just an update, I’d like to say that the trunkline of Citiseconline has changed. It’s now 6515888. Thanks.

  24. jeanne says:

    Hi sir fitz, I checked the free seminars on Citiseconline and tried to pre-register but unfortunately they’re all fully booked ’til their last seminar on June 25. Will it be possible that I’ll get a seat if i try as a walk-in? Mrami po bang hindi umaattend na nag pre-register? haha. umaasa lang po. tnx 🙂

  25. Fitz says:

    Hi jeanne, please call them again and look for Ms. Shan Loquinario. Tell her that I referred you and ask if she can do something to accommodate you in one of the seminars.

    If possible, try to get her mobile number so the two of you can coordinate if ever there’s a slot that opens up.

    From experience, the seminar is always full. While they do give priority to those who pre-registered, walk-ins still get to listen in, but they will not have snacks and handouts anymore.

  26. divine cabaddu says:

    hi, fitz

    ive started na my investment with citisec some time ago though i must say i havent attended yet any of its seminars. i learned investing from books and seminars sponsored by other companies and i’d like to learn more. I’m looking for a good JOURNAL (philippine published) on investment for my dissertation research. Would you know where i can find and buy such?

  27. Lea says:

    Aside from Citisec, Philstocks also offers free stock market seminars, mejo punuan ata sa citisec, at least may alternative na broker.

    Good thing marami nang nago-offer ng free seminar, pati si First Metro ata.

  28. hopefully because of the initiative sa mga brokers na ito, lots of pinoys mag try na din mag invest sa stock market

  29. This COL financial beginners program for investing in stocks is excellent. This should be marketed to OFW’s, ordinary employees and even far flung places of the country.

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  31. I would like to open an account for investment. May I know how much is the starting amount to invest? Thanks , Blambitco

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