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Enrollment for Business Academy PH is once again open to everyone who would like to learn how to start a business.

This is an online learning series where my co-founder, Romy Miranda, and I will mentor you on how to become an entrepreneur.

Visit our website: Business Academy PH and read about this webinar training course on entrepreneurship.

This program tackles the four most common but difficult obstacles that an individual encounters in starting a business:

  1. Am I’m ready to start a business?
  2. What’s a good business to put up today?
  3. What are the exact steps in starting a business?
  4. How do I raise capital for my business?

These four questions, and many more information, will be given to you in this 4-week online training course that promises to be like no other business course out there.

It will be easy to understand, with practical advice, that will help you become an entrepreneur in no time.


Additionally, we’ve been able to pick the minds of ten generous entrepreneurs from various fields of expertise, who shared their knowledge and tips on how to become a business success.

Learn from these entrepreneurs

  • Nap Garcia, the founder & CEO of ProTEES Project, who shared how he followed his passion and turned it into a business
  • Jojy Azurin, the founder and president of Horsepower.PH, who shared his time-tested ways to discover great business ideas
  • Jeffrey Siy, co-founder and CEO of Galleon.ph, who shared his different internet businesses and how he found success in selling online
  • Trixie Barretto Esguerra, the director for Wrap it up! Specialty Stores, who shared her time management tips for entrepreneurs
  • JD Abenaza, the founder & CEO of Zeenoh Inc., who shared numerous advice on how to become a technopreneur
  • Armando “Butz” Bartolome, the the founder and president of GMB Franchise Developers, who shared insights on business franchising in the Philippines
  • Angelica Chongco, founder of Mayumi Organics, who shared how she transitioned from being a call center agent to an entrepreneur
  • Royz Fabela, General Manager of Master Siomai Starmall Alabang, who shared the lessons he learned on getting and managing a franchise business
  • Glenn Santos, founder of Memokitchen and 199Jobs.com, who shared the lessons he learned in the Philippine tech startup scene
  • Ginger Arboleda, the founder and CEO of tech startup Taxumo, who shared how she balances mommyhood and entrepreneurship every day

Moreover, we’re excited once again for our students because they will have the chance to pitch their business idea to the Philippine Venture Capitalist Investment Group.

That’s right! After the course, and you find yourself short of business capital, then we will connect you with investors and venture capitalists, who can help you get started.

Where else can you find this great learning opportunity?



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3 Responses to “Learn How To Start a Business with Business Academy PH”

  1. Mara says:

    Hi, di you have any seminars about freelancing? I plan to accept an offer from an overseas client but I don’t know where to start. Thanks!

  2. niel says:

    Hi Fitz,

    I and my GF have been waiting for this. Unfortunately I am not available. At least my GF was able to register.

  3. Fitz says:

    No, I don’t have. But you can send me an email through my contact form and share to me your concerns and let’s see how I can be of help.

    Batches 1-4 continue to receive support and lessons from us today, so it’s still good to register, and we’ll be here to answer your questions when your schedule becomes available. Also, the resource materials and videos are just on our server and our graduates can download them any time upon request.

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