Learn How To Invest in Forex & Global Markets in The Philippines

Do you want to learn how to invest and also trade the foreign exchange and other global markets?

Then I have good news because, we I’ll give you TWO OPTIONS to help you learn and earn money from forex & global markets.

But first… why bother to learn about forex and global trading and investing?

  • Because you want to know when it is a good time to convert your dollars to peso and vice versa
  • Because you want to learn how to make money online at home through online trading
  • Because you want to make money through US stocks like Apple, Google, and others
  • Because you want to diversify your portfolio and avoid country risk

There are many other reasons but the most important one is because it will help increase your financial literacy.


Open an account with a trusted and reliable forex broker. There are a lot out there. Choose any forex broker that you like.

If you’re curious which one I use, I have an account with XM. In case you want to also open an account with XM, then you can proceed with the visual guide below.

XM Account Registration: Visual Guide

Step 1: Click the banner above, or click here to go to the XM homepage.

Step 2: Click the green OPEN AN ACCOUNT button.

Step 3: Create your Main Profile. Choose create using website, not the app. Use a laptop / desktop computer if possible.

Step 4: Click Register and check your email for a verification message from XM. Press verify and it will tell you it is now verified and then you can now log in your account at their login page.

Step 5: Once you log in, it will ask you to open a demo account or a real account. Click on OPEN A REAL ACCOUNT.

Step 6: Kindly go through the first two pages of setting up your real account. On the third page, select these details for your account.THIS MUST BE STRICTLY FOLLOWED!

Select MT4

Account Type: Micro (1 lot = 1,000)

Trading Account Details: Leverage = Max (1:1000); Currency = USD;

Step 7: After creating the account, you will receive an email from XM that contains your MT4 Number and Server Number. Please do not erase this email and tag it as important because you will need these later.

Step 8: Log in to XM’s website and you will now be able to see your trading account on your dashboard. Kindly go through the verification process first and submit the necessary documents. The verification can take up to 2 days

Step 9 (optional for now): Once your account is verified, you can now fund your account. Deposit a minimum of 500 USD to your XM account. I use GCASH and Online Bank Transfer.


After account verification, you don’t need to immediately fund your account. What you need to do next is to decide how you want to learn and make money. There are two options you can choose from.

Option 1: Self-Study and Do Manual Trading

Do you want to learn forex trading but you don’t have the time to attend seminars, or there’s none available in your city? Then the solution is to self-study. We recommend enrolling at the Baby Pips School of Pipsology because it’s free online.

After finishing the course, you’ll have all the necessary information to do manual trading through XM. You can now fund your account and earn from the forex and global markets.

Option 2: Let Experts Trade For You and Earn Passive Income

Forex trading will take up a lot of your time. If you’re too busy to study charts and read economic news, then your solution is to do a passive investing strategy. For this, we’re inviting you to join Izanagi.

What is Izanagi? It’s a community of global traders from the Philippines. If you sign up as a member, you’ll have the opportunity to earn passive income while you learn forex trading from the commmunity.

Currently, there are two ways to earn passive income with Izanagi. First, through a Supervised Automated Trading Program. And second, through DD Killa Copy Trading. Each one has it’s pros and cons but we recommend doing the first strategy for beginners.

If you’re interested to learn more, click the links below:

Option 1 »»» Through a Supervised Automated Trading Program

Option 2 »»» Through DD Killa Copy Trading

NEED HELP? If you need guidance with Izanagi or DD Killa Copy Trading, you can request a scheduled video meeting with our staff so we can assist you live during the video call. CLICK HERE TO SET AN APPOINTMENT