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Last December 2013, I posted a story on my Facebook account:

At the Finance Department of a multinational company:

Me: “Good afternoon. Kukuha po miss ng cheke.”

Miss: “Ano pong name ng company?”

Me: “Sa akin po naka-pangalan.”

I hand her my I.D. and she starts looking through her files.

When she found my 6-digit check…


Miss: “Wow. Para san itong cheke mo?”

Me: “Bayad po para sa advertisement sa blog ko.”

While I was filling up my O.R., she says…

Miss: “Dapat pala mag-aral na rin ako kung paano mag-blog.”


I smiled, handed her my O.R. and then I said…

Me: “Opo. Basta po matiyaga kayo at mahilig mag-kwento. Pwede kayo mag-aral kung paano mag-blog.”

I then said thank you to her and went on my way.

A lot of people already know that you can make money from blogging.

But most people don’t have an idea exactly how much you can potentially earn.

The check above is just a portion of the income I receive from blogging, and there are bloggers I know who earn close to a million pesos each and every month.

And more than the income opportunities, a lot of bloggers have now become well-respected authorities in their chosen niches, and have successfully built a career beyond blogging.

Blog Academy Philippines is once again, open to new students who would like to learn how to blog and make money from it.

Enrollment is now closed and the online classes have already started. If you want to get news and updates about Blog Academy Philippines and learn when the next batch will be, then just visit this link and sign-up with our newsletter.


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6 Responses to “Learn How To Blog and Make Money From It”

  1. Goldie says:

    How can we set up our blog to earn via ads? 🙂

  2. Fitz says:

    Hi Goldie. Sign up for Blog Academy. That topic is discussed in one of the free training videos.

  3. Mac says:

    Hello Fitz, unfortunately enrolment is now closed 🙁

  4. Fitz says:

    Hi Mac. Yes, classes have already started. Just subscribe to the email newsletter to learn when we’ll have our next batch. Thanks.

  5. Earl says:

    Hello Sir Fitz! I am currently earning a little from my blog http://www.suroypilipinas.com. I just subscribed to Blog Academy newsletter and hope to learn how to earn more consistently through blogging. Thanks for sharing this info Sir!

  6. Alfred says:

    Good day Sir Fitz, thank you for sharing this article. I do have a question though, I am planning to create also a blog but what hinders me is the platform that I will be using. Should I go with the free sites like blogger or do I need my own domain in order for me to fully monetize my blog? Please enlighten.

    Thank you.

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