Learn How To Be A Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur in 14 Weeks

Updated: September 24, 2014

Go to Facebook and you’ll probably see someone who’s promoting a way how to make money online.

Click the link and you’ll discover it’s actually an invitation to join a network marketing company, to be an affiliate for a direct selling business, or get a work-from-home job as a virtual assistant or article writer.

There’s nothing wrong with these opportunities. I’ve actually tried all of them at one point in time and I can say that they’re all a good way to indeed, make money online.

However, I would like you to stop thinking about WHAT they’re offering, and instead focus on HOW they’re promoting these income opportunities.

Yes, they’re using social media to attract leads and generate sales.

If you’re running your own business, wouldn’t it be great to know how to promote your products online? To use blogs and social networks like Facebook and Twitter to market and sell?

If you’re a freelancer, wouldn’t it be great to get clients through the internet? To not just rely on referrals to get new projects, but be able to reach them through blogs and social media?

If you’re a blogger, wouldn’t it be great if these people PAY YOU to advertise their opportunities on your blog? Most of them spend on Facebook and Google ads, so why not have them advertise on your website as well?

If you agree, then you should join the Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program.


Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program

What is CBSME?
This is an intensive 14-week online mentorship program where you’ll learn how to build and manage online communities, be a digital influencer and advocate, create effective social media campaigns and establish a strong brand presence online.

This online learning program started back in 2010. I’ve attended the live session of this program back in 2012 at Bayleaf Hotel in Intramuros and have used the lessons I learned that day to earn more income in this blog.

When is this happening?
The first class starts on January 25, and will proceed every Saturday until April 12. This will all happen online through live webinars and consultation sessions.

The webinars will be recorded as well, so you can access them for later in case you’re not available on a particular Saturday. So as long as you have internet, then you can certainly join this program.

Who is teaching?
The subject matter expert will be Janette Toral. She’s a good friend and the founder of DigitalFilipino Club, the leading eCommerce advocacy organization in the country. I’m a member of DFC since 2009 by the way.

She’s working with Ateneo De Manila University and eLearning Edge to bring you the CBSME program.

Who should enroll?
Entrepreneurs and freelancers, including bloggers, online retailers and social media professionals. The program will also be helpful for marketing, PR and advertising practitioners, internet marketers, content providers and brand managers.

Simply, if you’d like to learn how to use the internet, particularly blogging and social media, for business branding, community development and digital marketing, then this program is for you.

What will I learn exactly?
Below is the CBSME course pie. It’s the same pie you see above. The program is composed of three modules, and you’ll learn about blogging, social media marketing and how to make money from blogs and social media as a service provider.


And because this is a certification program, you will be required to complete a live project for every module. This actually ensures that by the time you finish the program, you already have 3 projects in your portfolio.

How much is the enrollment fee?
The learning investment is P25,000 – an amount you can easily recover with just two projects, believe me. There are also special rates if you’d like to attend just a specific module, as well as installment options.

Where do I register?
You can visit http://digitalfilipino.com/bsm/ to enroll. The link also has more details about the CBSME program.

For inquiries, you can send a private message to Janette on the DigiEntrepreneur Facebook Page or tweet your questions to the DigitalFilipino Twitter account.

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  1. Fitz I would like to ask if Blogging and Social Media Entreprenuer will gonna work to an entreprenuer who never write? Im doing buy and sell gadgets online im not into writing that is why I never tried blogging I’m interested in this but I really don’t know if this gonna help me to start a new venture I’m becoming tired to do buy and sell online gadget due to more and more people actually doing what you’re doing.

  2. Hi FlipFlop. I believe yes, because part of the course is blog writing and more importantly, how to create a blogger network. A lot of businesses hire or outsource their business blog articles, and you can learn that here.

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