Last Call for Blog Academy Philippines: Learn How To Make Money Online

Updated: March 24, 2015

One of the things that kept me busy in the past weeks was preparing the 4-week course of Blog Academy Philippines.

Me and my partner, Jon Orana, pre-launched this program early this month and has provided free blog training videos to all registrants.

We are starting the live training program after Holy Week and if you’re interested to join, then I encourage you to sign up today because we are closing the registration on Thursday, March 26.


What is Blog Academy Philippines?

This is an intensive, 4-week live webinar training where Jon and I will help you design a blog that will naturally attract readers, advertisers, and help you gain countless income opportunities.

Even if you are new to blogging, don’t worry. We will be there for you to answer each question that you have and guide you to the right direction instead of you figuring it out on your own.

This program was designed to help people that are totally new to blogging and are confused on where or how to begin; and frustrated bloggers that are not getting enough traffic and not making money from their efforts.

Testimonials from past students:

Bush Sayson of Taguig City:
I never knew that blogging can be financially rewarding. Akala ko barya barya lang. What I love about ‘Blog Academy’ is its down-to-earth approach. The way it was presented and told was in a way anybody can understand.

Eileen Usi of San Fernando, Pampanga:
I became aware of other ways to monetize blogs. The mentors are generous enough to share whatever knowledge and experiences they have on the topics. They even send bonus materials.

Bebot Tamayo of Darwin, Australia:
This helped me to start off on the right foot with my blog. I actually wrote 6 articles already. The training was well-thought of, very informative, practical, and you both are encouraging. We can sense your sincerity in your desire to help more people


Most successful blogs from past students:

Freelance Blend by Marv de Leon
Marv was a student of Blog Academy Philippines Batch 1 and his blog is now the premier resource for people who would like to go into freelancing.

His podcasts are now being heard all over the world, and he has also successfully been conducting seminars and workshops himself.

Stock Market Trading Strategy for New Filipino Investors by Josef Panerio
Josef is a graduate of Blog Academy Philippines Batch 2 and his blog is now among the leading resource to learn about the Philippine stock market.

Currently, he is among the finalists for the Top Personal Finance Blogger in the Angat Pilipinas Financial Literacy Awards 2015.

This is your last chance to duplicate their success

After this third batch, Jon and I are thinking of moving on to teaching advanced blogging strategies to further help the past graduates of Blog Academy Philippines. Thus, we won’t be offering this blogging course for beginners again anytime soon.

So sign up now and don’t miss your chance to learn how to start and make money online through blogging.



  1. Hi Fritz,

    I am one of the many subscribers to your ready to be rich blog, and I am very interested to register and learn from this Blog Academy webinar. I am currently based in the US, been living here for the past 6 years. I have been wanting to start a blog, and I am excited to have found you guys who are willing to share your vast knowledge on blogging. I am just wondering how effective the blogging strategies ( from the Academy) will be over here in the U.S ? Thanks and I hope to hear from you before March 26:)

  2. Sir Fritz, wala bang chance to extend til 31st March at least? Umabot man lang sana sa pay day 🙂

  3. @Betsy

    The blogging strategies will be effective regardless of where you are. In fact, my co-founder Jon Orana is based in Canada and we use the same strategies!


    I will bring up your concern with Jon. But for now, it answer is that there will be no extension, sorry.

  4. Sir Interesado matututo po yan!, ang problema po may po ako work, 8:00am to 6:00pm no restday nirerequest ko pa manager (badtrip diba), you’ve said 4 weeks what does it mean po? what time po ang training time if ever? from muntilupa po ako mangagaling. hoping your reply salamat po!

  5. @Nino

    The training will happen online – it will be a live webinar, every Saturday mornings. And even if you cannot attend the live session, all students will be given a copy of the video and audio recording that you can download.

  6. Thank you Fitz and Jon, Blog Academy helped me established a good foundation in my blogging career.

    See you around.

    Best Regards, Josef Panerio

  7. how much is the registration fee and if possible, can i have a copy of the tutorial video since i read this late? thank you so much

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