It’s Wrong To Be Happy During Payday, and Here’s Why

Updated: March 14, 2019

Are you happy during payday? If I were to answer this question years ago, when I was still an employee, I would definitely say “Yes”.

In fact, during those years, “happy” would be an understatement to describe how I felt every 15th and 30th of the month – “profound joy” would be the more accurate term.

The moment I check my balance at the ATM and see that my salary has come in, a big smile would always flash across my face, followed by excitement on how I’ll be spending my money for the next few days. And it was not just me.

Throughout the office, everyone would suddenly change to a relieved and positive mood. Some would call home and tell their spouse to meet them at the grocery later.

Others would go online to pay their utility bills and credit card debts. While a few would start to plan a night out with friends for the weekend.

In the next 3 to 5 days that follow payday, people will seem to be extra happy at work. Everyone’s friendly and there’s a general feeling of content in the office.


Being happy on payday is not a good thing

Being happy during payday is a sign that you’re in financial trouble.

It means you’re having difficulties making ends meet and you’re not able to follow your budget plan (or worse, you don’t even have one).

I would even dare say that if you’re happy during payday, then it’s probably because you don’t have any savings

Because payday, for the financially smart, is just an ordinary day.

I remember my boss asking me one time, “Why does it seem that everyone’s feeling anxious today?”

“I think it’s because it will be the 30th this Sunday,” I answered. “And everyone’s wondering if Accounting will deposit our salary tomorrow, Friday.”

“Oh, I see,” he reacted. “Well, that’s not a good thing, if you ask me.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Just think about it, and I’m sure you’ll figure it out,” he simply answered with a smile. And it took me a couple of years before I figured it out.

Getting excited about payday is not a good thing either

Getting excited when payday is near could be a sign that you have an unhealthy mindset about money.

If having cash in your wallet makes you feel emotionally positive, then you probably misunderstood what financial freedom really means.

If your mood depends on how much money you have in your bank account, then you’re missing the point of living.

Money is a neutral entity, it is neither good nor bad. And more importantly, your happiness does not depend on how much you have of it.

Be thankful that payday is near, but be excited about living your life.


Financial freedom isn’t about having lots of money. In fact, it’s about removing the need for money out of the equation.

True happiness doesn’t come from being able to afford things. On the contrary, it comes from seeking and achieving the things that life affords you.

Money is merely a tool to protect your life’s design. Never use it as the ink that writes the blueprint. Why?

Just think about it, and I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

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  1. Out of all your articles, this is my favorite so far. Thank you for giving me a different perspective regarding payday.

  2. I agree with you. Payday was just an ordinary day to me way back when I am still single and earning and no responsibility but myself. But time has changed, and so is my financial obligations.. having a grade schooler child and 2 babies in a row, and the sky-rocketing expenses that they entail, make me look forward to each payday.

  3. Nakaka-relate ako sa article na ito. Very informative. Salamat Sir sa mga inspirasyon sa pamamagitan nito 🙂

  4. “Financial freedom isn’t about having lots of money. In fact, it’s about removing the need for money out of the equation.”

    very well said! thanks Fitz!

  5. I’m excited and happy during pay day because I know I’ll have additional money to put to my savings account and money towards my investment.

  6. I like this statement so much,

    “If your mood depends on how much money you have in your bank account, then you’re missing the point of living.”

    Another great article Fitz.


  7. It’s really weird that after reading this, I was gonna say something exactly what “Rose” said above. Same name, same thoughts? lol

    I am thankful every payday because I can buy for my family’s needs. Also, I am happy to add something to my savings & investment, and I am excited to be one step closer to my goals. 🙂

    Great post! ♥

  8. In my previous work, employees always agonize over late crediting of salary which is usually at 11pm of the 15th and 30th day. One of the manager, who was from India, was perplexed , and wondered why employees get demotivated and angry over it, when in their country the payday is only once in a month. now, it makes sense why those several hours of delay in salary can get agonizing. haha…

  9. To my two readers named Rose…

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but you are not happy because you received money. You are not excited for payday because it means you can feel good about having money in your wallet.

    You are not happy and excited because it’s payday.

    You are actually happy because your work has been rewarded. I bet you’ll be as happy if instead of a full salary, a portion of it is an investment certificate to a mutual fund.

    You are actually excited because you’re one step closer to realizing your dreams, that your future is one shade brighter than yesterday.

    Your happiness and excitement is not really about the money, it’s about being able to make the good choices that ensures you and your family a better life.

  10. We call every payday here in our office as “Araw nina Manuel at Maning”. Araw ni Manuel Do (sweldo) at Maning Ngil (singil). Sorry those are cebuano terms, manweldo and maningil. Well, some are happy and some are not. For me everyday is the same as long as I’m within my budget plan. Only the items in my budget plan makes me happy. One of the items there is to be able to drink a bottle or two of beer after office hours twice a week, usually every Tuesday and Thursday (thirst day). When the budget is met and a surplus money was retained for savings then that will also make me happy.

  11. This made me feel a little bit proud. Before I started saving and investing, I always get anxious on payday. On a payday, the very first thing I do in the morning is to check my online account if my salary has come in yet. Now I no longer care that much because I wouldn’t be touching my salary for the current month until the next month. OMG! This feels so good! Thank you sir Fitz! lol

  12. Since i started to learn investment, i’m always waiting for my salary because i couldn’t wait to set aside part of my salary to my stocks investment and savings… while my officemates are busy planning for a weekend getaway, i’m googling business reports and COL articles. My friends are already mocking me as investment savvy and whenever i say no to them when they ask me for a lunch, they will say “pinang invest mo na naman” , but i don’t care anymore. I’m an anime action figure collector (my hobby) so i;m looking forward for a japan tour 3-4 years from now, that is what motivated me to invest and save, the financial management knowledge and disciplined i’ve learned have been the bonus knowledge that actually made me a better person. And i could control my emotion towards money now.

  13. Fter reading the title , i was, why shouldnt i be happy, but after reading the whole post, i could you really made a good argument. Thanks for the reminder

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