It’s My Birthday, and I’d Like To Ask For A Simple Gift

Yes, it’s my birthday, and I’m currently in Iloilo celebrating it at the Dinagyang Festival.

I won’t be back in Manila anytime soon, but when I come home later this week, I’d like to “unpack” a simple gift from you — a small favor that I’d like to ask if you will.

What is it? I’d like you to answer this question…

Can you share a valuable lesson you learned from me?


I’ve been an advocate of financial education for more than eight years now, and sometimes I ask myself if what I’ve been teaching really made a difference in anyone’s life.

That’s why I’d like to know how my blog, my book, or even my posts on social media, has helped you.

This can be about anything — a lesson in personal finance or investment; or maybe a productivity hack you learned; or even a life lesson that I shared that has inspired or changed your mindset.

The more specific your story, the better.

It would be great if you can share actual numbers too, such as:

  • I learned how to manage my credit card from you and was able to pay down P100,000 worth of debts.
  • I began paying myself first after reading about it on your blog, and now I have P40,000 in my savings account.

You can also share goals that you’ve achieved, such as:

  • I attended your seminar in Ortigas last year and learned how to finally invest in the stock market.
  • I bought and read your book last summer, and it got me inspired to write and publish my own book.

Yes, I’m really curious to know what’s one lesson you’ve learned from me that helped you — so please share your story.

That’s it! Thank you, and cheers!

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  1. Hello Fitz! Thank you for all of the lessons and inspirations that you have shared to us. You’re an inspiration for me to become faithful with my investments. I just started with a Php20000 initial fund when I joined the stock market 4 years ago and today it multiplied almost 10x. I recently completed my emergency fund. Now, I’m preparing in entering another chapter of my life. Thank you for all of the lessons that you have shared. May God bless you always so you could bless more people. Thank you very much! Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday! I really learned from you Sir. Slowly I am trying to practice saving money, so I can have something in the near future. Its not that much at the moment but still I still want to make it grow. Thanks and again Happy Birthday.

  3. I learned how to invest in uitf, mutual fund and stocks because of your blog. Thank you so much and happy birthday Sir Fitz.

  4. Happy birthday Fitz! Your blog is very helpful not only to me I think but to all people. Your blog give me a direction on how i will use my earn money. Keep up the good work. I hope every Filipino will be able to read your blog. This will realy uplift everyone’s life. Two thumbs up to you Fitz!

  5. Happy birthday Sir Fitz! There are so many valuable lessons I learned from regularly visiting your blog site but I’d like to make an emphasis on how your writings changed my mindset and eventually I was also able to rub it off on my husband, and gradually transforming my family into a family of savers and investors. The limited knowledge that I have on stock investing was enhanced through reading your articles. I was able to double the amount I invested in a span of five years following your mythical five. What I once thought was not doable given the family’s meager income is possible after all, especially when I hit the 6 digit total equity just by strictly setting aside a portion of our income. Thank you for presenting your articles in easy to understand manner. You inspire us all! God bless.☺

  6. Hi Sir Fitz, I bought your book last year and here are some of the actions I’ve taken after reading it

    1. Made our initial payment for our house on Aug. 14 2015 –
    2. Opened a BPI Trading account – Nov 10, 2015
    3. BPI Save Up Account – September 2015 – For my Emergency Fund
    4. BPI UITF Account – September 2015 – Retirement Fund

    I’ve also started in diversifying my income streams :)

  7. Happy Birthday, brother Bo. You had really helped me a lot sir. I’ve learned from you to work with passion and with purpose for self and others. I’ve learned that if i use my talent, i can also bless others by way of giving them work and food to eat for their families thru wages they got from us. I’ve learned to save money and have a target savings amount at the end of each year. I got it bro bo and thank you so much to all your inspiring blogs. I’m still striving to learn how to invest in the stock market, thru the help of my son glen, who introduces you to me, and ask me to follow your blogs, little by little I’m learning how to buy blue chips companies based on your advice. I bought your books and give it as gifts to my relatives and close friends. I even copied one your post in my notes and read it from time to time to remind myself, that is “You become what you repeatedly do”. Thank you so much bo, this is my birthday gift to you. May God continue to bless you with wisdom and good health.

  8. Happy birthday sir Fitz!
    ANC’s On The Money led me to your website.
    You’ve been a source of inspiration especially to someone like
    me whose idea of financially secure is having money in my savings
    account and parking my retirement money in TD accounts.
    So thanks to you coz you’re one of the reasons why I have been able to turn my life around, financially I mean.
    Better late than never.
    Again, thank you and happy birthday!

  9. Since I starded following your blogs and join some of your webinars, I’ve learned to invest, how I wish I could have started earlier, I have some investments in stock market, monthly investment plan in UITF, mutual fund , VUL and on and off forex trading. You served as my mentor in investing, thank you and Happy Birthday.

  10. I learned that there are bloggers out there who are reasonable and understanding, and conduct themselves professionally. ;-) Happy birthday, Fitz.

  11. Happy birthday sir Fitz!
    I joined your seminar here in South Korea and able to get a copy of your book Guide to Investing.
    The knowledge you shared to us was precious. I already had a collection of financial books and yet yours was i can say, best!
    the simplest explanation yet a step by step procedure.
    I am into investing now and saving for the future as well.
    I am also a follower of your blogs and your additional information helps me really a lot. As i apply those to my living i know i can be financially free in the future.

    Thank you very much and god bless you always.

  12. What I learned so much about your blogs are the ones related to savings and investments. I started investing in stocks now, although not much, but at least I already have the foundation. And this year me and my husband will apply the 70,20,10 principle to help us save more for the future and to balance all the expenses that we have. It also helped us to understand the value of having an emergency fund because of the uncertainty of life. You also help us to understand more on how to start a business and hopefully, in the future, we can apply them. Thank you for your guidance and advices. Happy birthday! May you have many more to come so that you can continue to provide guidance to many. God bless. Cheers!

  13. Happy birthday Sir Fitz, im sure many of our brothers and sisters learned from your blog and thank you because i am one of them, before i dont know anything about stocks or investment but because of your blog i have a knowledge now, i been a seafarer for more than 20 years and without savings. me and my wife have started a little investment in BDO last december 2015, its just 30K a year for five years, and we have plan to open a mutual fund for our retirement, i hope its not too late because im 48 yrs old. and we did all of this because of the information which ive learned from your blog, thank you so much and may our God bless you and guide you all the time.

  14. Happy Birthday Sir Fitz!
    May God continue to bless you and guide you in your advocacy.
    I am one of your regular reader since 2014 and also one of the many whom you change the life because of your Financial Literacy Advocacy.
    Way back a few years ago, I was a type of OFW who don’t know how to spend wisely, budget and save money, with quite big amount of debt,knows nothing about stock market and other types of investment vehicle. I don’t have even savings account in bank at that time.
    But here comes one day while I was bored and search an article about finance.
    Ready to Be Rich appeared to my browser and to cut the story short, I started to read the articles everyday during my free time until I didn’t noticed that I had already finish all of them.
    Gradually, I applied the knowledge, lessons and techniques which you wrote on your articles in my own life.2nd half of 2015, I had paid my all my debts using the debt snowball technique and after that, I slowly studied on how to invest in stock market, Mutual fund and UITF.
    As of now, I am already investing in stock market and UITF with a savings account for emergency fund which I thought its impossible goal for me to achieve before.
    Although I don’t have an Insurance yet, because I need to be there in Philippines personally, when I go for vacation, that will be one of my priority.
    And with all this knowledge and development in my financial aspect,
    I owe you Sir as my Mentor. Thank you and may God bless you more.


  15. Happy birthday Sir Fitz! I’m a loyal follower of your blog. I learned from you to have an emergency fund first before investing. I still don’t have one but my husband and I have built a small business from scratch. You taught us the importance and steps in registering our business, which we did. It’s been operating for 1 yr and 5 mos and we’re looking into expanding this year. I’ve also followed some of your tips on managing accounts which helped a big deal! We’re all able to do this because you’ve given us a different perspective on how to handle finances, in a non-materialistic way! More power and God bless!

  16. Happy birthday Sir Fitz!

    I learned a lot from you, and lessons from your blog has elevated my financial education into a level in which I started getting out of debts and started paying my self first through rightful investments.

    Before reading your blog and books. I have four different debts (salary loan, credit card, cooperative loans and company loans). And I’m only living pay check to pay check.

    Now two years after introducing me to the concept of snow ball method, setting goals (short, medium, long) and ways to save and plan financially, I’m now down to 2 debts from 4 debts. I’m really happy with this achievement. Also, now I have the so called travel fund (together with my GF), to finance our passion to travel and explore new places.

    Though I still have two debts at present, I’m looking at reducing it down to just only one this year. The extra money I got from paying my debts, I’m using it to build up my emergency fund and my retirement fund through stock market investment.

    You are really a great help sir in my journey towards financial wealth. God bless you and more power to you sir. May you inspire and touch the lives of more Pinoys through your teachings sir.

    Again, Happy birthday Sir Fitz!


  17. Learn to create a business plan for my start up business. But the mind setting you taught in starting a business has pushed me to the plan.

  18. I have learned so many lessons on investment..Thank you and happy bday my dear Cyber mentor! May God continue to bless you so can bless others too!

  19. Hi Sir Fitz! Happy Birthday Mentor! If there will be thousands or million readers out there who benefited from your blog, webinar and book, I am proud, that I am one of them. Thank you for the never-ending financial hack articles you regularly send thru my email. I never fail to read all of them! With your teachings, allow me to elaborate: First, I was able to instill discipline to myself that whenever I reached a certain goal, I should replace it so that I am still out of my comfort zone. Second, I can confidently invest in the stock market and UITFs now. I started March last year with an initial capital of 5k, then applying PCA, it’s now 47k since my goal is long-term. When the stock market is low I can’t help but to sigh a bit, good thing is, I always remember what you said, to review our goal and it helps me to get back on track! Third, I learned how to diversify. I slowly venture also into real estate investment for my retirement years—acquired a rent-to-own unit at an uptown area for rental purposes, and purchased 200sqm. for future 6-door apartment near our home. Fourth, continue to upgrade one self because the best investment is still education. I am now enrolled in graduate class acquiring a doctoral degree with side-to-side financial seminars to attend to. And lastly, I learned how to be grateful and generous at all times. Cheers and keep what you’re doing because you are helping a lot of people to be financially educated!

  20. Hi Fitz, I’m reading all your blogs starting last year. Binalikan ko pa talaga yung lahat ng post mo. I’m thankful that I came across with you blog. I learned to be more confident in investing. Dati I only save because I’m afraid of all form of investment. Now, I learn to provide an emergency fund then dive to investment opportunities. Di pa kumpleto ang emergency fund ko. I’m trying to have a 6month worth of it and it will be a long road since I’m one of those whose part of a sandwich generation. But at least I’m starting to make a change for my next generation. Another thing that I learned from this blog is having a goal for every investment. I guess most of us forgot to think about having a goal first before gumawa ng plan for investment kaya somewhere in the middle nagkakaroon tayo ng failure. That is why i think having a goal in savings and investing is very important. Thank you very much and happy birthday.

  21. “If you don’t understand interest, you pay it, if you do, you earn it!”. thanks for that sir fitz

  22. Upcoming Learning Opportunities You Must Check Out Sept 21, 2014

    This was the first time I encountered your blog and after signing up, I followed your financial advises and participated in your webinars.

    I really want to meet you personally but the problem is I’m working abroad and I can only join your webinar.

    Happy Birthday Fitz and may the good Lord continue to give you strength and motivations. I wish you the best of health. God Bless

  23. hi Fitz,

    happy Birthday.. with the help of your blog. i was able to renovate our house worth 250k all from investments and mindsets you’ve taught. now i am using those knowledge to save up for my wedding.thanks!

  24. Happy Birthday Sir Fitz :) Im 22, single and and now have 70,000 in savings account and no debt at all.I am a follower of your blog, a subscriber of Ready to be Rich.
    Been investing to COL for almost 1 year having 5k as initial, now having a portfolio of 30k(longterm) with stocks & mutual funds together.I automatically managed to fund my investment 1k per payday (2k monthly) while also supporting my younger brother in college.
    I live separated from my parents because I have a graveyard shift and need to rest well. So, I’ve learned how to write down all of my expenses to budget my money: foods, rentals, allowance, etc.I also write my “bucketlist for the year”, goals in life, “to do’s” and pasted it in my wall beside my mirror to remind me everyday. :)
    I also give monthly for my parents, aside from that I also paid their insurance both.I have this travel fund (together with my BF), to finance our travel and explore new wonderful places.
    From this point of my life, I’ve learned the important of investing and budgeting my hard-earned money. And thank you because you’re one of the reason.Godbless and continue inspiring us!!!

  25. I follow your blogs for almost a year now.Happy birthday Sir Fitz. I started tracking my expenses and trying to save money. I am now 22 years old and your blogs helps me a lot especially in financial matters..Thank you and again happy birthday.

  26. Hi Fitz,

    Needless to say how much I’ve learned from you, from being a financial wizzard to a flourishing entrepreneur but what really changed my life professionally and financially is your selfless help when you referred to me the American Institute for English Proficiency owned and managed by Mr. Chris de la Cruz, where I enrolled 20hrs of rigid training in Public Speaking. I am now promoted Fitz and enjoying a better pay and hopefully will soon be able to invest in the stock market. I wish to meet you soon coz I trust you will make a good financial analyst and adviser in terms of stock investing. Thank you so much.Happy birthday and Godbless!!


  27. Hbd Sir Fitz!

    I’m an entrepreneur too since 2014 officially (official because it was the first I registered a business of my own – a laundry shop). I still have an 8-5 job and doing sidelines which is money lending and selling my skill. At that time, I thought I was doing well financially.

    I met you last September 2015 in your seminar at UP. You discussed something about cash flow and net worth. I am a civil engineer too so I did the math in my mind and in that instant, my eyes was opened. I realized that I’m doing something wrong. I am saving money but doing the wrong way (income-expense=save). I also realized that I have negative net worth.because of debt.

    I got your blog and I subscribed and I read and I learned the following:

    1. Pay myself first
    2. Be frugal and cut down expenses
    3. Eliminate debt (my debt as of today is 80,000php and target completion by July 2016)
    4. Save 2,000php a month for my personal emergency fund.
    5. Save 2,000php a month for my business emergency fund.
    6. Save 12,000php a month for my car debt.
    7. Purchased term life insurance.
    8. Opened 2 new bank accounts for items 4 and 5.
    9. Budget my daily expenses.
    10. As of now, I am currently in the process of increasing my income by experimenting on online business.
    11. I learned to make a blog on blogger. It’s more than a month old now. I have 2 audience, my wife and myself. Haha! No joke Sir Fitz, dalawa lang talaga.
    12. Opened COL account and bought shares of JFC and JGS which is colored red this month.
    13. I signed up at TRC
    14. Attended training at IMG (not yet a member)
    15. Attended webinars
    16. I learned different kinds of businesses and my top 3 are blogging, paid to click sites and vending machines. Target to acquire 1 vending machine (tissue/napkin) by next year when I’m done with my debt.
    17. The most important lesson I learned from you is the “working smarter not just harder”.
    18. My favorite article; “A Two-Year Financial Plan for Beginners”

    Sir Fitz, thank you for all this free stuffs in your blog! I feel like I’m already better just by reading your articles. What more if I managed to apply it all in my life? I think I’m going to be richer than you! Joke! Haha!

    Btw, I also celebrated my birthday 2 weeks ago.

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