I’m Giving Away Tickets to Randell Tiongson’s ICON 2014

Updated: September 24, 2014

Yes, I’m giving away tickets to Randell Tiongson’s ICON 2014, so read on to find out how.

But first, what is this event about?

Now on its second year, this conference is an opportunity for you to transform from being a spender to saver to investor. My good friend and financial planning mentor, Randell Tiongson, is the lead organizer of this event.

“Financial planning ‘Pinoy style’ is a bit tricky, but it is not rocket science. The only way for this country to really move towards a financially peaceful future is to start planning today,” says Tiongson.

And that’s exactly what you will learn to do when you attend ICON 2014.


This event is happening on May 17, 2014, Saturday from 8:30AM to 5:30PM at the SMX Convention Center, Function Room 4, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

Tickets are priced at PHP 2,800 (VIP), PHP 1,800 (Gold), PHP 1,000 (Regular) and PHP 500 (Student).

To learn more, visit: http://brandspeakasia.com/randell-tiongsons-icon/

To register online, visit: http://brandspeakasia.com/icon/

Now for the ticket giveaway…

I’m giving away two (2) Regular tickets to one (1) lucky winner who will leave a comment below and answer this question:

“What’s your biggest problem related to investing?”

Simply give your answer below on or before April 25, Friday, and make sure you leave a valid email address so I can contact you afterwards for your ticket. The winner will be chosen by raffle and announced here on April 26.

Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to Jeff Prochina for winning the tickets. You can check out the video of the raffle draw HERE.

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  1. Hi Fitz,

    This is good one.

    My biggest problem related to investment is myself. Ive read several articles books, watched videos, but having done all of those, ive never been consistent in investing. So i think the whole mindset needs to be changed.

    Thanks Fitz.

  2. My biggest problem related to investing is that i still rely in paycheck to paycheck, dont have enough savings and emergency fund for sudden expenses and still dont have enough cashflow to invest.

  3. My biggest problem in investing is how to properly allocate my money since there are a lot of bills to pay. I also dont know what would be the right investment. Eversince, I used to save my money in different banks however, I noticed there is no so much growth there. I’m considering investing in stockmarket but I think it is too risky.

  4. My biggest problem is…i had only 10,000 to invest. And i dont know much in investing

  5. FEAR was my biggest investing challenge.

    I found out that education is the best weapon against this problem. From then on, I have been looking for avenues where I can learn more about financial education.

  6. My biggest problem related to investing is fear. Because I do not know much about investing strategies I fear I might lose my money or that it will not grow.

  7. Hi Fritz,

    My biggest problem related to investing is lack of knowledge and discipline.



  8. My biggest problem when it comes to investing is the fact that me and my husband belongs to a sandwich generation. I want to know how to save and invest eventhough we were giving intregas to both side. Thanks.

  9. Even though i am saving, there is always a problem occurs i have to spend on so i cannot even have emergency fund. I am jobless (due to lot of problems) for now, what money i get and save it. Problem is, how i cannot solve this problem so i can invest?

    P.S. Do you have a Facebook account?

  10. The biggest problem me and my husband have related to investing is where or on what to invest in. There are a lot of options out there, but not too much information is given on the pros and cons of each option. We want to know more about which investment option is best suited for our situation.

  11. My biggest problem related to investing is not knowing if the investment would be enough to reach my financial goals.

    What if I did cost averaging for 40 years, then to find out that its not enough to buy my desired retirement lifestyle.

  12. My HUSBAND!

    He is 55 years old, doesnt believe in savings, medical and life insurance and has no health coverage.
    He believes that investment is a scam and it is better to buy cars than lots.

    This has been the biggest dillema in our marriage because I am a firm believer of insurance and investments.

    He is an Engineer by profession and is in the oil and gas industry. We have 3 kids, 2 in college one in middle school.

    But eventhough he is not a believer, I managed to invest some of our money, bought insurance for me and him (only 3 years ago with 103K as annual premium).

    Recently I bought a variable life insurance for my 2 daughters.
    I am planning to have one for my son maybe next year.

  13. My biggest problem related to investing.. if you have relatives or friends who always borrowed or needed the money but never return it on time.. i cant pursue my plans to invest.. i always lack of money and here my dream business is pending as of today.. even though i have save monthly on my salary..

  14. (Trying to be the lucky one :))

    Well I guess my biggest problem whent it comes to investing is, to be frank, Money itself. πŸ™‚ Don’t get me wrong, I am already living below my means, able to manage my income very well, I track my expenses day to day, and I also have emergency fund in place.

    But with all the great financial instruments available out there to reach my finanacial goals, I still find my limitation to invest to some of them. As I know that time is one of our allies to become successful in investing, it’s still really hard for me as of this moment to do this. I already done to cut cost on my expenses (particularly on unnecessary and avoidable expenses), but it’s still not enough for me to be able to invest to this different vehicles at the same time.

    Right now what I’m doing is to learning ways on how I can increase my Cash Flow so that I can find a solution with my investment problem, and hope by this seminar I will be able to gather more knowledge to do it.

    Hope I will be the lucky one!hehehe Cheers!

  15. I started the year with a set of quarterly financial goals. I started to build up my emergency savings, stocks, and a mutual fund investment. But no matter how clear my goals were, there are times when something goes out of control and I couldn’t keep up anymore due to frequent budget changes and adjustments. I am hoping this ticket may teach me how to focus and achieve my financial goals for this year.

  16. Myself. The biggest problem is myself as it is difficult to fight myself from making the wrong decision towards money like splurging and not saving, etc

  17. one of the biggest problem is – too many financial products are out in the market. the investor can get confused in deciding which one to choose.

  18. Time and small amount of money. How can I grow such a small amount of cash with the least possible time?

  19. “What’s your biggest problem related to investing?Ò€

    Lack of basic information is my biggest problem related to investing. This event will direct the steps of its attendees on how to get started. Hoping to win!

  20. My biggest investment problem is, controlling emotions. I’m new to investing and I can’t say right now that I can control my emotions when I see my paper assets go down in value. This emotions that I’m talking about is not only when my stock investments go down but also when it goes up! The tempt of selling it right away after I see my stocks going up even if it the intrinsic value was not yet achieved. I know I can learn to control my emotions when it comes to investing because I’m still a newbie and I need to learn a lot more. The important thing that I can proudly say now is that I know how to handle my finances the right way and I’m happy I take the road less travelled.


  21. My biggest problem is knowing when to get into stocks. I’m always not sure when is a good time since we don’t know when the market is already near it peak. We definitely don’t want to invest if we know that the market is already peaking but how do we know this if we are just starting out?

  22. My biggest problem in investing is actually having money to invest. So right now, while educating myself on finances, I am also trying to augment our family income to have more money for investments. It also takes money to learn – enrolling in seminars, or taking courses- but that’s part of investing, I guess. As the finance gurus say, never invest in anything you don’t understand. πŸ™‚

  23. My problem so far on investing is prioritization and diversification. With financial constraint at this time, I need to prioritize where to invest but I need to learn first where to best put my limited resources so it can grow according to my goal. Second is diversify, how to better diversify my limited financial reources to get the best out of it in time.

    Thank you MD Fitz! I hope I will get this free ticket! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  24. I don’t know so much about some mode of investments, like how mutual fund works, or stocks or bonds or t-bills. I know I can’t diversify an account when i’m not even aware of the nature of those available options. Also, I can’t make people care for their finances if i cant even explain how those alternatives work.

    I wish to be given the chance to attend it, I know how powerful financial education is, I want to know more so that maybe , I can impart what I can learn and make your messages be heard even to those who cant afford being there but is badly needing to learn about how they can manage their hard-worked money and multiply it.

    Godspeed everyone.

  25. My biggest problem related to investing?

    Well i think it’s more of the biggest excuse really. The getting the ball rolling part. As a freelance photographer and filmmaker, most if not all of the cash flow that arrives has already been earmarked for the basics like utilities and housing, then it’s the same cycle. I’m in the process of expanding the business and really getting those quality projects that will allow me to breathe easier, but it’s not materializing at this stage.


  26. My biggest problem to investing, asides from increasing my own cash flow to use for investing, is looking for accessible and credible source of information/ knowledge about investments. Thank you.

  27. single with family responsibilities..stuck in a job where im just an average player..with my current age, being on this level is a huge liability… can’t get out of it and go abroad to get a higher paying job since i can’t afford to not have a salary even for 1 paycheck cutoff while looking for a job abroad..
    i started to invest with the 5k startup on COL but i have no idea what i’m doing…just followed my friends…i have a basic idea on how it works..but i can’t seem to add on it every month..if asked what’s the biggest problem? it’s the monthly responsibilities paired with little knowledge in investing… scary thought risking big money i might need the next month..vicious cycle
    i get by, don’t get me wrong, but i know i need to do more so i can get out of the ‘rat race’ as everyone says..

  28. Like many Filipinos, my problem with investing is insufficient knowledge and the fear of making wrong decision. I am an accountant and even though I am faced with figures and numbers in most of my waking hours because of my occupation, it doesn’t necessaily mean that I am expert when it comes to investing. Believe me, I’ve seen a lot of professionals who are really expert in our field, but for some reason couldn’t apply what they know in their own lives and struggle with their finances. As to my fear of making wrong decision, what I am having trouble is the things I should do AFTER making an initial investment. It includes questions such as “should i do cost averaging even when the market is not good”, “do i have to sell nonperforming shares or leave them be and wait til I get my capital back after incurring so much losses from these shares”, “when should I cut my losses” among others. I’ve read a lot about finances and investing but I am still not conident when it comes to decision-making about investments.

    Hope my questions don’t sound silly to you Fitz and if I’m not lucky enough to snatch one of your tickets, your response on my queries will be more than enough to snap me out of this confusion. Salamat po ng marami.:)

  29. Last year i started my journey to financial freedom, on that same year i invested in stock market through COL and that’s it. Right now i’m currently stuck completing my emergency fund and that’s my biggest problem(challenge), there are a lot reason why i wasn’t able to complete it. If i will not be able to complete my emergency fund i will not be able to move forward with my stock investment. Through reading books and blogs and attending seminars they always advised to have an emergency fund first before investing and that’s what i’m trying to follow.

  30. My biggest problem on investing would be first the money…
    Second is the knowledge on how to invest and how to sustain it.

  31. The most biggest problem I encountered in investing is investing money in the market that should actually be kept as an emergency fund or cash reserves. Said slightly different, not having a clear financial position as to how much can be invested according to your income has led to this problem. That when emergency comes, we sold our shares even at loss πŸ™

  32. My biggest problem related to investing is the lack of financial knowledge and the savings as well.. Though me and my partner started already investing to trust funds offered by banks and took us a while before we started our first investment since we are not really that knowledgeable to that matter but i hope we did a good start..
    Crossing my fingers to be the lucky one because it would really help widen my thoughts in investing and help me to continue what we’ve started.. God bless us all!. πŸ™‚

  33. How to monitor the various investments I am having right now is my biggest concern. Especially in the stock market, it needs a lot of time to read, read and read stuffs about the company you would like to invest in.

    This is why I subscribed to your blog. For me, it is also an investment πŸ™‚ What I only did is subscribe, then I receive a lot of information for a busy dad like me.

    More power!

  34. “What’s your biggest problem related to investing?Ò€

    Taking risks that are not properly calculated, or investing in opportunities that are shady because of the promise of high return in a short period of time in a business that I have not the slightest of idea.
    I learned the lesson in a very expensive way.

  35. My biggest problem in investing is generating capital. In order for me to invest more I need to generate more income.

  36. I think that my biggest problem related to investing is to overcome my fear of losing my capital. I believed that investing is all about taking calculated risks and right now as I assess myself I knew that my understanding and knowledge is still limited that’s why I search for meaningful readings and articles related to stock markets and investment. I would love any opportunity that could really educate on this matter so that in the future I’m more equipped to handle my financial growth.

  37. One of the problems i have in Investing is the company where i would trust and put my money to. Thats the reason why im studying and attending seminars which regards to investing. And ICON 2014 would be of great help.

    Godbless Sir!

  38. my biggest problem in investing is the attitude of procrastination. when payday comes, there are bills to pay, needs and wants. the thought of investing always comes in last thinking that i still dont need it now, where in fact it should be top priority.

  39. My biggest problem is CONSISTENCY. Even if I already have the basic knowledge about how to save and invest (by reading your blogs, reading books, attending seminars etc.), applying that knowledge every day is quite difficult. It’s easier said than done.

    I realized that it’s really hard deciding what are the things that you really NEED or you just WANT.

  40. The problem regarding my diversified investments (10+) is that its growth or passive income cannot beat my regular salary or even my monthly savings at 80% consistently…so how can I retire at 55 and receive same income without being employed?

  41. My biggest problem in investing is getting the needed financial know how and the ability to relate/practice/apply it in my daily activities. I was already reading financial books and blogs a few years back but I only got to actually practice them just last year.

  42. My biggest problem in investing is consistency in investing money on a regular basis to achieve my financial goals.

  43. Like many Filipinos, my problem with investing is insufficient knowledge and the fear of making wrong decision. I am an accountant and even though I am faced with figures and numbers in most of my waking hours because of my occupation, it doesn’t necessaily mean that I am expert when it comes to investing. Believe me, I’ve seen a lot of professionals who are really expert in our field, but for some reason couldn’t apply what they know in their own lives and struggle with their finances. As to my fear of making wrong decision, what  I am having trouble is the things I should do AFTER making an initial investment. It includes questions such as “should I do cost averaging even if the market is not good”, “should i sell nonperforming shares or just leave them be and wait til I earn back the capital after incurring losses from these shares”, “when to cut my losses” among others. I’ve read a lot re finances and investments but I’m still not confident when it comes to decision-making about investments.

    Hope I dont sound silly to you Fitz haha and if im not lucky enough to snatch one of your tickets, your response to my queries is more than enough to snap me out of this confusion. Salamat po ng marami! :) 

  44. The biggest problem I believe in investing is on how to control/manage one’s emotions. Most of us have these emotional tendencies that greatly affect our mode of investing. We’re easily affected by our fears/joys of certain situations that most of the time leads to a wrong decision. The problem can be solved by knowing our investing goals and putting our focus into it.

  45. “What’s your biggest problem related to investing?Ò€

    There are numerous factors involved when one starts to invest. Honestly, I was not financially literate when I started to invest in different instruments. That was my biggest challenge. So as a beginner, I asked myself
    a. “what are the risks involved in investing your hard earned money?”
    b. “what investment can give me higher yields?”
    c. “people who can help me decide where to invest my money?’
    d. “what are the risky investments to avoid?”
    and a lot more…..
    Errors can be extremely costly so make it sure to educate yourself first. That should be the first investment you owe to yourself. Read and learn as much as you can before investing. In other words, enhance your Investing IQ.

  46. My biggest problem when it comes to investing is conquering FEAR OF FAILURE. I have this great passion to learn more about stock investing since I am taking up Financial Management but I dont have much actual experience with the physical trading. I want to practice myself first with trading and gain more strategies about the movements of the market. I have no guts to start opening an account because Im afraid of the uncertainty that investing might bring. I can say that Im a risk averse person but i want to learn how to MANAGE risk through DIVERSIFICATION. Im 19 years old and i know that my biggest ally towards investing is TIME. I want to start early and prepare for my future. I hope you’ll choose me Mr. Villafuerte πŸ™‚

  47. Money- – a tool, neutral entity, but lacking of enough funds to start investing is my biggest problem as of now.

  48. My biggest investing problem is- fear of attending any money/financial/market seminar in Manila. I’m from Pampanga and if i win these free tickets, im gonna conquer my fear!!! Big Thanks! More power and GODBLESS! πŸ™‚

  49. My biggest investing problem is the fact that I belong to the sandwich generation. While I do live below my means and is in fact earning a higher than usual salary, I’m still left with almost nothing because of family related expenses.

  50. What’s my biggest problem related to investing? My SIBLINGS!!!

    I’ve been trying to show them the way to financial freedom but it always fell on deaf ears. I myself have been saving and investing for more than 3 years now consistently after being debt free. I am on the stage where I am now working on a business plan as I am hoping to start my business in 2 years time. But the main hindrance is my siblings who always run to me for aid when they are financially troubled.

  51. My problem is that I don’t know if I’m doing it right. I know the basics and have started investing in MF and UITFs but not sure if the strategy I’m following is correct and will be able to help me meet my financial goals.

  52. I just started investing in stock market and im still learning. Aside from preparing for retirement, my goal is to inspire my family and friends to get into investing as well. My biggest problem is how to influence them to start early now that im still learning and my port still do not have substantial gain. How can i let them understand the importance of starting early and believing that with the right knowledge and never stop learning we too can future-proof our life thru investing.

  53. My biggest problem related to investing is the complexity of it. Many have said that investing is easy but seeing people fail regardless of experience and knowledge makes me doubt I’ll ever make it. I hope this problem will be addressed with the seminar πŸ™‚

  54. The biggest problem I had was ‘lack of knowledge’. I was programmed to just work and was taught of no other way to get up “there” but to work hard, until I met all these great, influential people (that includes you Sir Fitz) thru their books, blogs and seminars and showed me the fundamental steps I needed.

  55. My biggest Investing Problem???

    It’s not really about not knowing where to get information from or lack of education thereof. Biggest challenges are:
    1. There seems to be not enough money to put for investments. I know it sounds ridiculous and like an excuse but there just so many things to pay for. Bills, rent, grocery, etc. Despite the herculean task of saving, there seems to be not enough.
    2. Well, this is more of attitude. I am very afraid of risk. I guess that is enough said….

  56. Hi Fitz,


    I would like to invest but my biggest problem is how to have savings for investment while receiving a minimum wage salary which is too tight to budget for our daily needs.

    Thank you and best regards,


  57. Hi Fitz,

    I think my biggest problem when it comes to investing is the “FEAR” of losing money (because I don’t have “know-how” yet regarding business/investing) . I’m 26 y.o., and have been working for 5 years and I admit that through those years, I spend all my earnings without even thinking about SAVINGS πŸ™ . Not until this age when I realized that I’m getting older and I do need to make changes financially. I want to invest but I think I need to invest first on knowledge. I’ve been reading books and materials related to savings, business and investing, and sometimes attend talks and seminars, and I think it’s a good start πŸ™‚



  58. Hi

    For me, Patience, and lack of knowledge and know how.I want a see returns of my money and investments year after year. It is hard for me to stay Long even when the money in placed is for that purpose.

    And maybe lack of trust in the system,because of past horrible experience in investing.

    Yes , i know better. But i wish a know more and have more confidence in it.

    Thank you and may God bless you.

  59. Right now my biggest problems related to investing are:
    1. Fixing the money mistakes that i have created in the past(i.e. spending, unnecessary purchases).
    2. Breaking the bad money habits that i have developed since birth (e.g. unplanned spending, gambling, spending more than what i earn).

  60. I would like to invest on myself first and learn more about money and investing, with this I am planning to attend to seminars or training that would develop the said skill. My biggest problem in investing is training and seminars like this is rarely available in Cebu. I would like to get a free ticket yet but I would appreciate it more if this is available here for the Cebuanos.

  61. “What’s your biggest problem related to investing?Ò€

    For me the word investing refers only to stock market. Deposits in banks is only for safe keeping and not investing. Interest in bank deposits mostly do not cope up with inflation. Engaging in business is not also investing but entrepreneurial which is more risky and which requires me to oversee from day to day and require skills. Now my biggest problem when it comes to investing is my “mindset” that it is only related to stock market. Am I right?

  62. I don’t have enough ‘investment funds’ per paycheck to diversify my stocks, so to circumvent this I am currently stuck with UITFs/MFs.

  63. Hi, Sir Fitz!

    I believe the biggest problem I have encountered related to investing is indecisiveness. I always second-guess myself when it comes to investment decisions. Right now, I am searching for opportunities to broaden my knowledge on investing which could allow me to be more confident in executing financial decisions and educate my family and friends regarding what I have learned as well. My wife is as clueless as me and, between the two of us, we need to be on the same page regarding our saving and investment goals.

    More power to your blog. Your advocacy to promote financial literacy in the Philippines is truly inspiring.

  64. The biggest problem is lack or insufficient knowledge on how to invest and where to invest. Then second is How to start ….

  65. My biggest problem related to investing is that I can’t find what the best investment vehicle for me is.

    I’m trying to learn/analyze all possible investment that would suit my personality and it feels like ending up running around in circles for quite sometimes nowÒ€¦

  66. My biggest problem in investing I sincerely believe starts in the ingrained mindset that my old folks and way before them have handed over genetically and this is quite a “work” to disentangle from. Nevertheless, I strive to veer away from all this limiting set of thoughts and it has been a struggle. That’s why I’m convinced, changing the mindset of Filipinos with like minds, which are a multitude I may say, towards a more ‘freeing and embracing” attitude for things such as would open wide the channel to where a smooth flow of important information that attacks from within enough to create a life-change is the basic need. From henceforth, all of these ideas will find its real fulfillment.

  67. With many investment vehicles around (stocks, bonds, real estate, own business, even insurance), my biggest problem is asset allocation. I have only so much cash to roll around. I am actually working to find a way to earn passive income. The most promising at this point is buying properties with the intent to rent them out. But then again, I am reluctant to sell my stocks to fund the purchase of properties. Carl Dy might be able to teach me how to do it.

  68. My biggest problem with investing is not having enough money to begin with.

    In the past, I made the mistake that once I’ve saved enough money – from bonuses or simple frugal living – I’ll use all those up to invest – whether in an insurance or the latest business scheme.

    I continually seek investments without fully insuring myself first via emergency funds.

    Years later, I’ve learned – much thanks to blogs like this.

    Now, I am building my emergency plan – a tough feat esp. when I have debts to cope up with and a meager budget to follow. But with enough discipline I hope to be able to build it up substantially to the point that I can have enough. This time, I’ll set that aside and then begin building my investment fund.


  69. Hi Fritz,

    As of now, my biggest problem when it comes to investing is the end goal. I have no problem disciplining myself to live below my means and I already have an emergency fund in place. I really wanted to start investing but I don’t really have a clear view of what I want for the future. And besides, I know nothing about investments, so for now, I would just like to invest in myself like reading books and how-to articles on the net about investing.

  70. Hi Fitz!

    Been following your blog for more than 3 years and only just now i’m leaving a comment! Haha!

    My biggest problems related to investing: why i am investing and how much i need to invest to actually say i’m satisfied with the amount.

    It’s a work in progress. πŸ™‚

  71. “What’s your biggest problem related to investing?Ò€

    My biggest problem related to investing is how I can shed the last fear of the “unknown”. Investing is a completely different ballgame, since it is a step beyond the realm of personal finance (savings, budget, spending habits, etc) and because of this, most Filipinos are completely in the dark on how to get started.

    I know that investing is closely tied to long-term financial freedom, but the “risk” involved and the commitment it requires is a huge thing for us who are just getting started.

  72. Hi Fitz,

    My biggest problem in investing is lack of proper knowledge in investing. I think i need to invest in my self first by educating my self how to invest. So that i would not end up making great mistakes and thus losing my hard earned money.

    I think that organized source of knowledge and education about investing is the solution to my problem.


  73. My biggest problem right now is whether to sell or hold on to my stocks.

    I am a new investor who started late last year when the market was on a slump. Well now it has been on a steady climb and the temptation to be greedy is so high!

    I’m not sure whether to sell a few, sell it all, or do nothing and wait until it goes down so I can start buying stocks again.

    FITZ – will you be answering the winner’s problem too? πŸ™‚

  74. Dear Fitz,

    My biggest problem related to investing is temptation. I am usually torn between living life to the fullest while I am young (by that I mean spending money on travel, tasting good food and buying good things or such other things I can do while I am still young) or saving and investing my money and spend it later when I am already older and more stable.

    I mean let’s face it, you cant stay young forever. I am born a free spirit. I love hiking mountains, jumping cliffs and braving the strong waves of the sea. I want to travel in as many places as possible while I am young. I may have more money later on but lacking in youth to do those stuffs.

    I usually get envious everytime I see friends or relatives on my facebook feed, enjoying themselves in the most beautiful places on earth while I am imposing a self restreaint on myself.

    Fortunately, I still managed to stick to my investment plan during my first two years of investing but I feel like I there is an opportunity cost as I described above. The best moments in life are invaluable in terms of money πŸ™‚

  75. Enough funds to start investing is my biggest problem as of now. I’m still saving enough money for my emergency fund.

  76. EMOTIONS- I tend to use my Emergency Fund when the emotion kicks in..^_^

    Tomorrow is another day CNPF welcome to my untamed world

  77. my biggest problem in investing is lack of support from my family. i have money in the stock market for months and yet i have not told them about it. we have talked about how i will allocate my salary before and i mentioned about keeping a portion of my salary in time deposit. they opposed to this idea since most of us rely on our paycheck to finance our daily expenses.
    right now i am working as an employee and still saving a part of my income even if my parents did not know about it.

  78. Hello, Fitz!

    My biggest problem related to investing is I do not know and not familiar with all the types of investment that is available, and what is the best type that suits me.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    Blessings to you and your family,

  79. Hi, Fitz.

    My biggest problem related to investing was FEAR. I fear that I’ll lose my hard earned money instead of gaining some. Also, I am afraid to fail. I am trying to overcome my fears by studying and keeping myself informed first. Your blog helps me a lot.

    Thank you very much.

  80. Hi Fitz,

    I am having a challenge establishing my 6- month emergency fund while I follow the 10% savings 10%tithes 10% investment formula.

  81. Hi Fitz,

    My biggest problem in investing is spotting the right location for my business expansion.

  82. Good morning Sir.
    My biggest problem related to investing is that I have too many investment vehicles that they don’t help me in prioritizing which one is more profitable; therefore, I go with the more liquid ones.

  83. My biggest problem in investing is lack of knowledge. I’ve been really doing my best learning from books and the internet. I realized that ignorance can really cost us much. I got my variable insurance (insurance with investment) last year but then recently I learned from a book that it is wiser to separate my investment from life insurance. Now, it’s a tough decision whether I continue my plan or not since I already paid a year for it.

  84. My biggest problem in investing is self-discipline – that is, having the ability to consistently control what is supposedly controllable and having the humility to accept that not everything lies in our hands.

  85. “What’s your biggest problem related to investing?Ò€

    Problem? Actually, there’s no problem but the reason behind I’m not going into it yet is that I’m still reading more articles about investing and I wanted to learn more about it. And as soon as I knew that I am ready, I will enter the game.

  86. My biggest problem when it comes to investing is that our payroll bank has limitations in electronic transfers and does not allow electronic / internet transfer of funds to another bank / company. This has been the biggest hassle for me, since banking time is so limited and is tied to my working hours. When I approached our HRD for the option of automatic transfer of funds to another account, i found that it wasnt offered in our company.
    Bigger employee insurance options are also limited as it would raise questions on the amount the company is covering.So even if I want to raise my SSS premium, it will not be approved.

  87. My biggest problem in investing is controlling my emotions, I get excited to much that at times I even want invest even my emergency fund in equity =). But of course have not done that yet but I don’t know until when I can hold myself…

  88. Ok, here goes…

    My biggest problem related to investing is understanding which would be the most appropriate portfolio to use which would most likely fit my class. An average employee who supports both parents and has a pretty much huge debt to settle. I would really like to start and I have been reading few articles about it but I am torn into finishing first my line of payments but I do am very eager onto realizing my goal of investing soon.

  89. My biggest problem is the fear of taking risk. I know that there are many answers or options and sources regarding investments but every time i hear the risks in investing, i would have doubts and would eventually result to back out on investment offers.

  90. Hi Sir Fritz, aren’t you going to give away tickets for iCON2015 this time? πŸ˜€

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