My Ilocos Vacation Tour – Vigan, Laoag, Pagudpud

Updated: March 19, 2019

Just recently, I went on a road trip vacation to Ilocos. Me and three other friends drove all the way from Manila to Vigan, Laoag, Pagudpud and back in a span of four days.

Our mission was to see the famous places in Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte while experiencing the joy of travelling on the road.

Our vacation rules were simple – see as much tourist destinations as we can, eat only in local restaurants and of course, enjoy our time together.

Armed only with internet research, hotel brochures and some street smarts, we set out to see Vigan, Laoag and Pagudpud. Our initial budget was set at P10,000 per person which was inclusive of everything from gasoline, food, accommodation and others.

Personally, I thought this was too expensive but was advised that this was a just conservative estimate. At the end of the trip, I would find out that this was indeed a very conservative budget.

Budget Travel Tip: Plan your trip. Be conservative with your budget and make sure you can cover it. Don’t ruin your vacation by running out of money.

We left Manila very early morning on Thursday. We drove a Toyota Revo AUV on a full tank which was just enough to bring us to Vigan. If you’re planning to do the same, make sure you gas up in Manila because the price of gasoline is more expensive as you drive further up north. We had a few stops along the way, not just to rest and eat but also to buy some snacks for the road.

Budget Travel Tip: Prepare snacks at home or buy them at the grocery where it’s cheaper. Bring a cooler to keep your drinks cold. Snacks are expensive in gas stations and bus stop overs.

We arrived in Vigan early evening. We didn’t have any hotel reservations so we went around to scout for the best deal available. We decided to stay in Villa Angela based upon the recommendation from a friend. It’s not the cheapest place to stay in Vigan but it’s also not the most expensive. Our main reason for choosing the place was actually the ambiance and the great customer service of the staff.

The next day, we had our tour of Vigan, courtesy of one of the Villa Angela staff, Kuya Tony. He offered to take us around while giving us bits of trivia about Vigan. We went to the Baluarte Open Zoo, Hidden Garden, Padre Burgos Museum, Bantay Church and many others. We also saw Vigan’s handloom weaving and pottery making industries.

We were lucky to have a “free” tour guide. But in any case, there’s a Tourism office in Vigan where you can get free brochures of the places you can see and visit around town. The people of Vigan are also friendly and will give you proper directions when asked. Everybody seems to know how to speak Tagalog and English so there’s no language barrier. 🙂

vigan pictures

Budget Travel Tip: Shop around for the best prices for souvenirs but more often than not, the best place to buy them is in the local public market – so buy your pasalubongs at the palengke. And of course, don’t forget to haggle.

In the afternoon, we went on our way to our next destination, which was Laoag. This was an hour and a half drive from Vigan. Our internet research showed us that Balay Da Blas is the best place to stay in Laoag but it was already fully booked. However, owner Mr. Sammy Blas was kind enough to reserve for us a room at Isabel Suites. To show our gratitude, we had dinner at his restaurant, Saramsam Cafe.

That night, we inquired on the available Laoag tour packages of the hotel. We really had no intention of availing them, our purpose was just to see the itinerary and come up with our own tour of Laoag. The hotel had free WiFi (actually, most hotels and establishments in Ilocos do). So we did internet research for directions going to Museo Ilocos Norte, Sinking Bell Tower, St. Williams Church, the Marcos Museum and Mausoleum, the La Paz Sand Dunes, Paoay Church and Paoay Lake to the Malacanang of the North.

laoag pictures

Budget Travel Tip: Don’t spend on expensive guidebooks, maps and tour guide packages. The internet is full of free information about popular tourist destinations. Blogs are specially very helpful in giving you directions and reviews of places you should visit.

By the end of the day, we were beginning to get tired of all the walking and the sight seeing and looked forward to a relaxing day in Pagudpud. We were more than half-way through our road trip vacation but have only spent less than half of our budget.

Maybe that’s why we decided to spend a little more in Pagudpud and booked a room in Apo Idon Beach Hotel. It’s a bit expensive but it’s very relaxing and beautiful there. If you’re on a tight budget, less expensive accomodations are available in the area. Just ask the locals and they’ll point you to them.

pagudpud pictures

We checked out after lunch and got ready to go back to Manila. But not after we visit four more destinations, which was the Patapat Viaduct, Bangui Windmills, Cape Bojeador Lighthouse and the Baroque Church of Sta. Maria.

Among these, I enjoyed my time most at the Bangui Windmills. It’s really an awesome sight. If you’re going there, be sure to visit the Kangkang Windmill Cafe. I know the name of the place sounds funny but the place is very cozy.

bangui-patapat-bojeador pictures

We left Manila Thursday morning and was back by Monday morning. That was four days and four nights of great sight seeing in Ilocos. Our trip cost each of us around P5,700.

I believe this is a modest expense for the whole trip given that we stayed in medium price ranged hotels and mostly ate in restaurants. Our total gasoline expense was P5,000. If you don’t have a car, hiring a van for an Ilocos tour can be an option or just take public transportation all the way.

Lastly, I believe that this trip wouldn’t have been possible if not for the time freedom in my life.

Having a business that can run on its own and earning passive income allows me to do things that I love and spend more time with both family and friends.

I guess that’s why I want to be financially free, so I can have the luxury to experience more in life.

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  1. love this place! been here in 2007. i really enjoyed my vacation, especially in pagudpud. and in vigan, the museums are indeed educational. longanisa in ilocos is the best!

    if i am going to mention all the things i love about ilocos, i won’t stop. lol.

  2. once pa lang ako nakarating sa Ilocos and it was to attend pa a funeral. but we were able to go to Baluarte and Vigan for half a day lang. I hope to back there soon! This summer for a company outing, I hope! Thanks for the pics and the budget travel tips!

  3. Wow, now this is something I look forward to experiencing with my family! For now, I’m still building our passive income streams but I’m willing to wait as I also believe in delayed gratification. It’s also nice that you decided to visit places in the Philippines like Ilocos, instead of going to international destinations, Philippines muna!I’ll do the same when I’m out of the rat race. Great post, thanks for the tips!

  4. budget friendly na talaga mag vigan these days but i see na malakas pala sa gas ang revo. we went there last december lang on a honda city and siguro we used 2.5 full tank then at ~1,300 each.

    i love ilokos!

  5. kakainggit, hehe. sana xa susunod mkasama aq, hehe…. thanks for sharing one of our best tourist spots kuya. 🙂

  6. Ang cool nung video Fitz! Fave part ko yung tumakbo ka sa shore while taking your shirt off. Parang feel na feel! 😛

    San next road trip natin? Daya nyo eh, ayaw nyo ko pagdrive. Nung madaling araw naman, wala nakong makita sa daan. Di ako makapag sight seeing! 😛

  7. Nice blog and video, Fitz!..the whole family plus my grandkids will be going there on the 20th via PAL econolight Php488/one noh? here’s another budget tip for you and the readers> subscribe to, and too so u will be the 1st to know their promos/free seat fare..

  8. Thanks everyone for the comments and sharing your thoughts. I really loved Ilocos, specially Vigan. Gusto kong bumalik kasama naman parents ko. I’m sure they’ll enjoy it there. 😀

  9. Hi,

    have read through your article and it got me excited as we are planning a same trip in May.

    Your gas expenses was 5000 pesos. Ask ko lang kung yung REVO nyo is Gas or Diesel? and kung manual o automatic?
    Also, if you can recall the total kilometers that you have travelled in your trip.

    Just wanted to check out the budget for this pag sa car ko.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  10. Hi Mike.

    The Toyota Revo is a manual transmission that runs on gasoline. We used E10 and unleaded for the trip.

    We traveled an estimated total of 1,200 kilometers. Gas price in Manila was P29 per liter and around P36 in Ilocos during that time.

    Have a great trip! 😀

  11. kuya ask ko lang kung ilang hours ang driving kc i have a 1 yera old son baka mainip sya pag punta namin im planning to go there on his 2nd bday on sept. at tlga bang 5000 pesos ang nagamit nyo grabe parang sobrang layo nmn ata baka d namin kayanin. at sir san po pinaka cheap na hotel kc medyo madami po kmi pupunta at ako po ang taya. tnx po

  12. @venice
    Manila to Vigan – 8 hours
    Vigan to Laoag – 1.5 hours
    Laoag to Pagudpud – 1.5 hours

    Yes, P5000 ang nagastos namin sa gas dahil ginamit din namin ito sa pag-tour. Lalo na sa Laoag na medyo malalayo ang mga tourist destinations sa isa’t-isa.

    Regarding sa cheap hotels, may mga dorm type na accommodations doon na good for large groups. Pwedeng magtanong sa tourist center sa Vigan kung saan ang location nila, pero within the city din ang mga yun.

    Ganun din sa Laoag at Pagudpud. 😀

  13. Hi Fitz,

    I’ve been to Vigan to teach bagmaking last March. I enjoyed my stay there though I didn’t have much time to see the landmarks. I’m looking forward to seeing Vigan again for my next sked this June because Mayor Eva Marie Medina had requested me to come back for additional training for the women there. They love the bags that the participants had made using the Vigan weave.

    I enjoyed the food they serve to us while we were there. We stayed at the La Playa Resort at Mindoro bearch which is owned by the city government. The place is good hideaway for those who love the beach. Many thanks to the staff of the Mayor for making my stay there memorable.

    Thanks also Mr Fitz.

    Rene R. Baltazar

  14. Hi there, Mr fitz
    Nice blog.. I’m planning for a trip alone in a place na unfamiliar sa akin and Im thnking about Ilocos since gustong gusto ko makarating ng dun wala lang akong chance and gusto kong mag travel alone safe ba kung mag stay dun sa mga lugar?
    and since wala rin akong sariling sasakyan so mag commute lang ako and pati mejo tight din ako sa budget. Marami bang murang lugar dun na pwedeng mag stay at safe?

    Thanks for the time Mr. fitz =)

    Jacqui Corpuz

  15. Hi Jacqui,

    Yes, Ilocos is very, very safe. And taking public transportation is easy. In addition, you can contact Mr. Sammy of Balay Da Blas to guide you in and around Ilocos. Just go to their website and look for his contact number.

  16. kuya,gusto ko talga makarating ng ilocos, we are planning to go there for 2 days with my boyfriend on december, but gusto sana namin magcommute papunta dun from manila kasi gusto nya rin makita sceneries papunta kung safe ba talga bumyahe. just want to ask kung may idea po kau kung mgkano rent ng car dun and estimated expenses to visit places in laoag and vigan. and if kung magcocommute lang to visit places…ok lang po ba?we have found already northview hotel to stay there for 2-3 days.
    thank you po and hoping for your reply..

  17. Hello,

    Would just like to ask where did you stay and how much?? and would you know if there are cheap house for rent there??my family’s planning to go there and will be hiring a driver kaya naman bahay po talaga prefer namin..hoping for your reply..thank you 🙂

  18. grabe 5k pang gas palang? unleaded ata kc gamit.. dapat kc diesel para one to sawa travel.. ^_^ nkapunta na ko sa mga yan,, actually province kc namen yan,. sa burgos ilocos norte kame.. ganda sa kapurpurawan! ^_^

  19. Hi! Enjoyed reading your post, can’t wait to go back there. Every Holy Week pumupunta kami dyan except the last 2 years, so I guess it’s time we go back. Can’t wait to eat the empanada in Vigan and also the bibingka from Marsha’s 😀
    Ang hindi ko pa napuntahan sa places that was mentioned is Pagudpud, hopefully this time makadating na ako hehe And medyo malaki na rin anak ko, so mas ma-a-appreciate na niya yung vacation namin.

  20. grabe naman pala habang tinitignan ko ung mga view tlagang nakakaingganyo, this weekend balak nga nmin manila to vigan , vigan to batac, batac to laoag at pagudpud, kaya! kaya sya ng 3 day para mapasyalan lahat ng site?

  21. Hi! I raad ur blog and it’s pretty interesting. My friends and I are going to Ilocos on May. Can you please give us driving directions to Ilocos, or where can I find a good map (as in detailed). We opted to bring an auto instead of commuting. We prefer to leave in the morning, para just in case maligaw kami eh maliwanag pa, hehehehe. We will be leaving Sunday and be back Friday. We plan to go to Laoag, Vigan and Pagudpod and Baguio. Ano ba dapat mauna sa itinerary, we also include Baguio, it’s either pabalik from Ilocos or bago pumunta na ilocos, what do u suggest. Thanks in advance and looking forward on your reply. God Bless! 🙂

  22. hi fitz,

    what a very informational article this is!

    we were planning to visit vigan and pagudpud this may. you mentioned that during your visit to vigan, you only used 2 full tanks of gas using toyota revo. is that for the whole trip? we have a toyota revo glx and we’re planning to use it on our trip.

    thanks in advance 🙂

  23. hi. my friends and i are planning a travel to ilocos on a very tight budget kc from leyte pa kmi. interested in visiting the windmills, the beach and the cobblestones in vigan. wala kmi car so we have to commute lang tlga…

    pano kmi mka punta sa destination namin and how much po estimated budget. thnks

  24. It’s nice to hear your story. I thought you may want to know that there’s this site ( that gives out free itineraries for driving tourists who want to discover Ilocos. It uses a common tourism route that passes through myriad attractions in La Union, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. You can even select the itinerary that matches your available no. of days and the theme that you’re interested in. check it out at it’s run by AAP (Automobile Association Philippines), a non-profit organization for motoring public.Thanks and happy road trip!

  25. thanks, your blog is better than the Department of Tourism website 🙂

    Department of Tourism you suck!!!

  26. Hi, my name is Katsuya from Japan, I will go to Manila and Boracay and then I want to go to Vigan, what places do you recommend me to visit, I have only 3 day to go to Vigan and near, thanks very much (excuse me my english)

  27. hi.. thanks to your detailed info. and tips going to vigan,laog-pagudpud. me and my family are about to go there this last week of april.. now we can do our itinerary and hope that we can explore ilocos the way you did.. thanks and god bless

  28. hi fitz,
    me and my friends are planning to go to ilocos too. it looks we’ll have a lot of fun!! thanks for the info.

  29. Hi there, you think Kuya Tony will still be there if we ask for him? Tour packages are reasonable but they are requiring min of 4 pax and we only have 2 pax to date. We’re coming from Pangasinan and we’re planning on just hiring a van with a driver and that was we could take more people with us.

    Great info btw.


  30. I’m pretty sure that the Ilocos roadtrip was worth every peso of the Php5700 you spent. It is a charming region that has so much to offer.

    If you should come back, you must try sandboarding at the Paoay dunes. There’s nothing like it in the Philippines.

  31. hi everyone we’re planning to go there in ilocos this november since my friend is coming home in manila on oct or nov, is it ok to go there by that month? or if it is raining will we still enjoy our tour? Thanks a lot! hope someone will reply =)

  32. There are lots of affordable resorts/hotels that are only 5-10 minutes drive from vigan city and can be found in Bantay or Caoayan, Ilocos Sur which cannot be seen in the net. Also in Pagudpud, there are lots of houses there that are being rented out in daily basis specially if you want to cook your own foods..

  33. Me nag offer ba ng ride at package from manila to go to vigan laoag and pagudpod? how much kaya pag ganun

  34. im a local form ilocos norte, but im not home at the moment, its nice that you guys are actually interested to go up north, i could give you more tip, if your tallking about food place, and you want the local food, go to DAOANG’s place located at San Nicolas, just before you reach laoag city. also, chicken atiatihan at laoag, bacarra road, you cant miss it when youre at the main highway esp if your going to pagudpud. saramsam is nice too, if you want a good pansit bihin or guisado, go to lamoda panciteria, or if you are still at batac, go to malabed, now, there are few things you dont wanna miss if you are goin sight seeing, at paoay church, ask if you could climb the bell tower, it hould be open, the thrill of getting up top is really nice.
    visit,fort ilocandia, just walk around would be nice, they have amazing stuff at the back of the hotel a pool a bar, golfing range etc, or you could go to nipa beach resort, for a night live band out in the open, sunset photos? go to pangil.. stones over ther are epic looking,, esp sunset, everything else you wanna know, ask from a tricycle driver. there are more if your interested.

  35. hi..i am a single mom with 3kids.i am planning to take my kids on a road trip to ilocos this nov.just want to ask and to know for sure “will it be safe for me and my kids to be travelling along the hways to ilocos?”i will be driving a toyota revo too.are there mechanics or vulcanizing place along the hway if i need one?your blog is really very informative and i even wrote down all your tips and planning to follow it.thanks so much

  36. @juliet, yes there are, so don’t worry. but of course, it’s always best to have your vehicle checked before you go on the trip. 😀

  37. i always make sure that i got a hotel reservation at least 1 week in advance to ensure that i got a reservation “`:

  38. hi there, planning to go to ilocos this weekend,..just wanna ask, did all the hotels u stayed had a good and secured parking?


  39. @Rey, yes, all the parking are secured – but the parking lot of Isabel Suites is in front of the hotel, beside the main road.

    While the hotel lobby guard has a good view of the cars, if you’re cautious, then better not leave anything valuable inside there.

    Enjoy Ilocos!

  40. Hello Kuya,

    Buti na lang nakita ko tong site na ‘to.
    Planning to go there this holiday w/ my 3 kids.
    I want to show them na marami tayo mapuntahan dito sa Pinas, lagi na lang kasi outside the country.
    Medyo malapit kami, sa Angeles City kasi kami mangagaling.
    Ako lang bale ang mag drive going North. Kayanin ko sana (^_^)
    God bless po!

  41. Thanks a lot for this blog 🙂 i appreciate more the place and excited to visit Ilocos…. I’ve never been in Ilocos so im kinda reluctant to plan my visit there especially we dont have our own car… But isn’t more exciting when uL just have the public transportation… ohhh the expenses…. will it be wise to have public transpo??? Well…. i just hope its not that expensive as i was thinking 🙂

    Nweyz, thanks a lot for this… 🙂

    God BLess!!!

  42. whoaa! wala pang 6k expenses nyo? youre good!haha! nagpplan palang kami but kinocompute kona parang makaka 18k kami.. exage ako!maybe bcoz i thought our gas will be like 7-8k. and food sa hotel (2yrold is commin w/ us, and yaya).but our trip might be launion (overnyt), vigan, laoag(planning to stay at fortilocandia) 2nyts,pagudpud.. our son will be coming w/ us.. di ba advisable? awww.. im excited pero parang natakot ako magoverspend knowing we can spend just like you!hehe! inggit! =p thanks for your blog!

  43. ako din travelling with my anak who is 17y.o.planning mga 3rd week ng march.commute kaming dalawa.almost na check ko na lahat.2 nites pagudpud maybe in hannah’s or kapuluan.1 nite in laoag and 1 nite in vigan,mga 14k 0r 15k ang computation prob is the bus will leaveat 7pm,so expected arrival namin is 3am in it safe? kasi kaming mag ina katx ako na mag tour sa amin ng 11places in pagudpud for 1,200 whole day daw.

  44. HI! we are planning our trip to laoag-vigan-pagudpud this may. We only have 3 days for the entire trip and coming in by plane. Are there car rentals readily available there? thanks 🙂

  45. Thank you for this… I have always wanted to go to Vigan and get inspired by its history and culture 🙂 Thank you so much for this article 🙂

  46. wow, it’s nice to see and read such a beautiful stories from you guys, being OFW and a traveller too, this places i want to go….being ilokano , i want to see the hidden beauty of ilocos region , hope i will plan for my vacation next year 2012 to visit ilocos with my family…. thanks Joel

  47. i need i big house 3 bedroom on may 9 to may 12!can somebody help me find or send me the details if you have one!thank you

  48. hi !
    my co teachers and i are planning to go to laoag-vigan-pagudpud and we saw these travel agencies offering to let us see these places for 3,800+ if we are a group of 5. how reliable are these travel agencies do you know? We really want to go to vigan, and see places there, but we are afraid that these agencies might be a scam! please share us your insights!

    Thank You! ^^

  49. hi. is september or october still a good time to visit those places? i am a bit worried about the weather as typhoons tend to go up north. thanks.

  50. Hi, i enjoyed reading your blog. it helps a lot ang gave me numerous ideas. thanks to the link (calvins hub), coz im actually planning to travel alone, using public transpo.

    maraming salamat..

  51. hi, i read your blog and it’s really interesting. My friends and i are planning to go to ilocos this june and i know your tips will help us a lot. Thanks and keep on blogging..

  52. Hello there,
    I’m from Malaysia and I’m going to Vigan and Laoag this September. Your blog helped me a lot and I believe will save me lots of $$$. Thanks a lot and looking forward to visit Philippines. 🙂

  53. Thanks for this whole information, we’re planning to have a trip in ilocos. and rhank God I found you blog. I wish this will be our guideline. thank you very much!

  54. im a tour guide here in the ilocos region..i hope i could be of help to any of those planning and wanting to travel the historic ilocos.this is one of the noble jobs on getting ready to be rich…

  55. mga boss magkano kelangang budget for 1 week sa ilocos (pagudpud – laoag – vigan)? yung pinaka-cheapest tour, tricycle, at homestay lang good for 2 persons… please give me information and advice thanks!

  56. Hey guys! What you’ve done and where you’ve went to is simply amazing! Thanks for sharing especially the travel tips and I am looking forward to do the same, hopefully soon.

  57. I am excited to go in Vigan. we have a retreat this coming semester break. a 3days bakasyon engrande for me.but the problem is i am 5months pregnant that time. so on the back of my mine i have
    “agam-agam” If I will go… can you give me a little bit of advise.
    kung kakayanin ko ba ang byahe ng I think 12 hours papunta dun.and walking-walking around.I’m looking forward for a response.
    Thanks nway.

  58. I really enjoyed our trip to Vigan City last October 15, 2011, if not for a very unfortunate incident which was quite disheartening. We lost P 37,000.00 in cash and about P 35,000.00 worth of jewelries during our overnight stay at Villa Angela. So, for those planning to stay at Villa Angela, please be wary. You can verify this with the Vigan City Police Station.

  59. hi im robert here in pagudpud,,meron akong van for rent here in ilocos pwedeng package or dailly rate(pagudpud,laoag & vigan)& trike here in pagudpud 600php each north & south tour,if you want also hotel accommodation pwede can call or text me at cp#09276549903. thanks

  60. May tatlo pong tourist destination sa Ilocos.
    1. Vigan – Ilocos Sur
    – andito po yung calle crisologo at Baluarte ni Chavit
    2. Laoag city – Ilocos Norte
    – andito yung Paoay Church at Malacanang of the North
    3. Pagudpud – Ilocos Norte
    – andito yung mga Saud Beach, light house tower at Windmills

  61. my friends and I are planning to have Ilocos tour this may, could you give me price quote for 3 days 2 nights

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  63. Good day!
    I’m jocelyn patiluna,from Intramuros Travel and Tours, i woul like to know if you could give us the contracted rates and the qoutes on Feb.17- 20. I need the package tour near in the city. I really need your ASAP response.


  64. we are planning with my barkada na pumunta ng ilocos,then budget short kami..kc d nmn alam magkano magagastos pag round trip by a van..then pti mga villa and food..plan sana mg 3days and 2nights dun..medyo marami kami mga 20+ persons kmi so bka hindi van maybe a bus..pwd ba magtanong mga magkano mgagastos nmn if ever…kht dun lang sa mga cheapest na place pwd mag stay?


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  69. Hi were planning to go to pagudpud early next year with my family and my cousins baka meron kang ma reccomend na cheapest na mapapag stay-in namin.

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  71. hello mr. fitz, thanks for posting! we are a group of teachers from Southern part of Leyte (around 10). Malayo pa po kami so medyo kailangan talaga marunong magstick to the budget! anyway, we are really very excited to visit & tour Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpod. we really need to know how much kaya magasto namin for transpo, food, accomodation, & the places to be visited. kasi from Leyte to Manila, malaki na pong halaga yon. the planned tour could be on the last week of april, pls help us. thank u in advance.

  72. We enjoyed a lot in spending 3 nights and four days at Ilocos sur/Norte..
    Thank you so much kuya Lee Molina 09298138352 for so very helpful and mabait..with 1200.00php you can enjoy tricking from south to north bound with all destinations.

  73. Hi Fitz,

    Thanks for your blog, so full on informations especially for first timers like us in Laoag/Vigan.
    Me, my son and daughter will be going to Laoag on March 31, and tried to contact cheap hotels to stay in Laoag, but failed to contact any of the numbers as seen in google, just don’t know why. I used to book hotels before going to places, but this time can’t do it(really wondering why) What hotel in Laoag by the way you can recommend to us? Hope I can contact them. Thank you very much!

  74. LOVELY and AMAZING…i can’t wait to go there!.:)

    thank’s for the i know we can be there in a cheaper cost..

    God Bless:)

  75. I would like to inquire 3D/2N for 4(four),Ilocos tour package this july 26-28,2012.
    And for the hotel accommodation,i would prefer a hotel that only cost P1,000-1,500
    Pls also include 1 way airfare naga-manila-ilocos,may i know the itinerary.
    Can you provide itemized cost and what credit cards maybe used to make a payment.Pls reply ASAP.Thank you!

  76. hello jessica,,i can offer you 3000 each(4 pax) ilocos tour package 3D2N(van rental,hotel w/breakfast & entrance fees). you can contact me @09276549903 & 09468214914,for more inquiries you can also mail me @ [email protected] & you can visit my facebook page VAN FOR RENT IN ILOCOS. THANKS

  77. tnx for the reply to my email robert:) ang plano namin pumunta jan is by decemeber or early next year pa ksi nag iipon pa ng money for that!:) hintay pa kami ng promo fare papunta jan…from davao pa ksi kami..

    kip in touch:)

  78. Hi Robert,

    Me and my four friends are planning to visit vigan on the 9th of June up to the 12th.
    We will be staying in a friend’s house so we would just like to know how much it will cost if we are to avail of a tour guide.
    Hope to receive a reply from you.

  79. Perfect for refreshment vacation,i want to visit this place soon……

  80. Hi,

    I would like to request for quotation of Laoag/Vigan/Pagudpud Tours for 3 person on July 11-14.


  81. hi,
    im planning to go to laoag on sept 19, 2012. and i would like to avail on ur 3d/2n tour package tour inclusive of accom/ land tour/ airport transfer form laoag airportand entrances vigan-laoag-pagudpud. for 2 persons only. how much will it cost. please email me ur package tour. kindly send me the itinerary.

  82. My friends and i enjoyed our pagudpud tour last november 1, 2012 . thanks to Kuya Roland Villaluz our driver and tour guide we used his motorycle going around pagudpud. the tourist spot are north and south boud trip each cost 600.

    North Bound:

    1. Kabigan Waterfalls
    2. Patapat Viaduct
    3. Agua Grande
    4. Paraiso ni Anton
    5. Timmangtang Rock
    6. Bantay Abot Cave
    7. Blue Lagoon
    8. Dos Hermanos Islands


    1. Bangui Windmills
    2. Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation
    3. Café Bojeador Lighthouse

    The Northbound and Southbound cost Php 600/tour. 1200/both tour.

    Feel free to contact him. Kuya Roland Villaluz #09275590818

  83. Hi, were planning to visit ilocos could you help me find the best places to visit and stay for 3days?

  84. I’m so happy to find this blog, it’s very helpful! We’re based in the UAE and planned a visit to Vigan – Laoag – Pagudpud for 3 days with the entire family back home. It will be our first time road trip together and I hope our experience will be as exciting and fulfilling as yours. We’re just a bit worried because we will be travelling with tots but hoping that it will turn out manageable, less stress and the best vacay ever! 🙂

  85. We wish to visit as well Laoag in March next year and Batanes in the same trip. We wish to know if there are flights from Laoag to Basco or vice versa? How much is the fare and the schedule?

  86. Hi. Has anyone recently been to Ilocos via TPLEX? We are planning to go on a road trip from Manila to Vigan this December. Will it still be a 10-hour trip? Since we have kids and elderly passengers on this trip, we plan to make an overnight stop in a beach resort or hotel in La Union or somehwere half-way. Are there nice family-friendly resorts or hotels along the route? I heard that San Juan, LU has nice beach resorts but wouldnt that be too far from the Vigan route?

  87. Hi! Were planning to visit ilocos by 20th, im going with a group of friends! Any one can recommend a place to stay in? Like house or transient where we can have our own kitchen? Thank you very much hope you can help me 🙂

  88. Im excited to celebrate our wedding anniversary next week for 3d and 2n in Ilocos.We booked in a travel agency for 3 for P10,497 inclusive of accommodation,roundtrip fare from manila,driver+van+fuel,entrance fees. I think its not bad,what important to me is hindi lang kami ng daughter ko ang makakapagrelax at enjoy kundi pati hubby ko dahil hindi na siya mapapagod magdrive. During our Baguio trip kasi napagod sya pagdadrive.

  89. What if we are coming from Dagupan, Pangasinan and we don’t need a tour package. But we need a van to go to Ilocos Norte? Where can we inquire for that? Any suggestions?

  90. Wow lupit what a nice post, you know what me and my friend were chating as in only now, plan to have roadtrip and come to mi nd ilocos then as i continually browsing your blog, i saw this article, what a blessing,, thank you again Fitz, Godbless

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