If You’re Looking for a Good Business Idea, Then Look for AIDA

Updated: February 6, 2024

Do you want to start a business but can’t think of a good idea to pursue? Then you should go out and look for AIDA.

No, AIDA is not a person. She’s not a consultant that will tell you what business you should go into. AIDA is actually an acronym, which you’ll learn below.

Solve something that makes people ANNOYED

Isn’t it annoying when you’re listening to music with your earphones and it pops out when you move, especially when you’re jogging?

It’s an annoying problem that has become a million-dollar industry. Go to any sports or music store and you’ll see earbuds that are specially designed for running.

Solve something that makes people IRRITATED

Don’t you find it irritating when your phone battery is low and you can’t find a place to charge it? For someone like me who’s always outside, it’s not something I want to happen.

That’s why I always have a power bank with me, and I don’t just have one but three. I will forever be grateful to the person who thought of this idea.

Solve something that makes people DISAPPOINTED

Isn’t it disappointing when you take a photo with your camera phone to capture a special moment, and the picture turned out to be not so great — it could be grainy, or maybe a bit out of focus, or it’s too dark or washed out?

This is the primary problem, which the founders of Instagram tried to solve years ago; and look at them now, all billionaires.

Solve something that makes people ANGRY

Does it make you angry when you drop your smartphone and the screen cracks? I’ve seen a friend throw curses and punch a wall when this happened to him.

And that’s why a screen protector is one of the first things you buy when you have a new phone — this, along with phone cases, are products has now grown as big as the mobile phone market itself.

Let AIDA guide you

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers, and if you’re looking for a winning business idea, then my advice is to let AIDA guide you in your search.

The examples above are just for the mobile phone industry, and there are certainly thousands of other things out there that are annoying, irritating, disappointing, and make people angry. Find them and put people out of their misery.

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  1. Agreed. It’s a basic tenet for business: “Solve a need” and people will pay you for it. It works with providing wants too.

  2. It seems that there are two AIDA’s because there’s also Attention, Interest, Desire and Action – AIDA. Or maybe there are more than two AIDA’s, who knows. Anyway, good blog post.

  3. Sometimes, the simplest business idea is the best one. Human nature is to overcomplicate things way more than we should. Also, I have to agree with Ray in his comment mine. Providing a “want” can also be a great business. In this day and age, may of the spoiled generation can not separate a want from a need and therein lies your oppertunity. Only a few will save for that want and many will gladly pay a premium for the instant gratification of having it all NOW. A true entrepreneur will always capitalise on that.

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