1. What if I don’t have a passport (don’t travel abroad anymore) or drivers license (don’t drive)?

  2. Dear,

    I uploaded my id and proof address many times but the status on both still shows “required”. Does it mean they have received my doc and are reviewing it or is it an issue with uploading?
    Plz assist because I have already deposited an amount


  3. Hi!

    My etoro account has already been verified. But i haven’t uploaded my IDs. Upon checking my account, the portion pertaining to proof of identity and proof of address states that “not required.” Do i still have to upload my proof of identity and proof of address?

  4. My account still says pending verification but I got a notification saying Welcome Aboard you are now part of the etoro trading community.

    So does that mean I can now start trading even if my account still shows pending verification?


  5. Hello! I also have the same case as Louie.

    I have yet to submit my Proof of Identification and Address but upon cheking my profile, I found out that I already got verified.

    I have the green check/tick, and bronze. It also shows in my profile that my POI and POA are “not required”.

    What should I do? Is my account really verified? Can I start trading? Because of this i became skeptical and decided to put my depositing on hold.

    Thank you!

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