How To Turn P50,000 Into P1 Million in Less Than a Year

Updated: July 12, 2023

A blog reader recently sent an email asking me what she can do with P50,000 to turn it into 1 million pesos in less than a year.

I find this an interesting question. So instead of replying to her directly, I’m writing a blog post about it.

So, how do you legally turn a few thousand pesos into a million in less than a year?

Here are a few suggestions, or rather, true stories of people I know who have accomplished this seemingly impossible feat.

Jun works as a mechanical engineer, but his real passion is the stock market. He’s been trading equities for almost 8 years now and admits he earns more from it than his current job.

William is a blogger who decided to put up an online magazine. He hired writers and spent most of his time doing search and social media marketing. He now earns at least P200,000 a month from ads.


Lisa lost her job and used her savings to join a multi-level marketing company. She put all her time and energy into learning the business and creating a strong team. She became a millionaire in less than a year.

Bong is an I.T. professional by day and forex trader by night. He loves the fast-paced world of currency trading and tells me that it’s normal for him to double his account value every 2 months.

Mariel loves to cook. So she created a YouTube channel and uploaded cooking videos. In less than a year, her online recipes started generating six-digit income every month. Plus, she’s now compiling them and publishing a recipe book very soon.

Ruben is an electronics and communications engineer who develops mobile apps as a hobby. He created a simple game, which became a hit among casual gamers. In six months, he has earned more than a million pesos from in-app purchases.

Emil bought a DSLR camera last Christmas and decided to sell stock photos online. His portfolio became a favorite of digital marketers in the UK and has made him more than a million worth of sales.

Patty produces handmade papers as a hobby. A friend convinced her to join an export trade fair. During the event, she got more than a million pesos worth of purchase orders from foreign buyers.

The Lessons You Need To Learn

I can go on with the stories, and I have several more people in mind who all earned more than a million pesos in less than a year, with only a few thousand pesos at hand.

So what are the lessons here?

First, realize that opportunities are abundant out there, but you need to open your eyes and look closely to see them.

Second, your knowledge and skills are your best tools for making money. Look for and choose opportunities that will optimize them.

And lastly, understand that there’s no such thing as an overnight success.

They may have earned more than a million pesos in less than a year from very little capital, but it was only possible because they had spent many years before acquiring knowledge and practicing their skills.

Remember that your foundation determines your execution. The more you know and the more skills you have, then the more opportunities you can seize.

And thus, you can now stop asking how you can turn your P50,000 into P1 million pesos and instead ask yourself, “What do I know, and what skills do I have which I can use to become a millionaire?”

If it’s hard for you to answer this question, then maybe you should spend more time learning new things and acquiring new skills.

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  1. I agree Fritz, also to those people who are saying they are lucky, yes they are because they did a great work for the improvement of their lives and please take note that we have seen only the blockbuster, we have not seen how hard they worked for it.

  2. This is an amazing so if i have 50,000 Php as my capital what specific skill that i need just to earned Php 1 million in a year.

  3. Great read indeed..thank sir Fitz for sharing this! ;) by the way if you have any idea what are the latest dslr now with good quality of course for those interested in photography. I hope you can also share something more on this. God bless!!

  4. Hi Fitz. I am follower of your blog since 2013 and I learned a lot from you. Actually I have UITF and stocks. Can you give me Idea about Emgoldex and Goldextreme etc. coz my friends always inviting me asking for 5,000 to turn it to 25,000 once I exit.

  5. I’m glad I found this inspiring post. Great reminder to continue to enhance my skills on making some online. Thanks Fitz!

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  6. I also agree, on this blog, as a seaman and working as chief cook, finding myself that, i think i want to work from home together with my family, as of now im studying internet marketing, and i love doing it. Many are saying that the money is in the internet.

  7. Big help para ma-realize ng marami na if you want to turn 50k to 1M in a year, it is not instant but instead we have to work it out, do business… Be aware of “Get-Rich-Quick Scemes”

  8. Hi Fitz! This article and the success stories prove that there are no shortcuts success. Thank you for writing this. At the end of the day It still boils down to hardwork, doesn’t it? I am particularly amazed how William managed to earn 200,000/month with ads. Is there any way to contact him? I am a writer and I am passionate with digital marketing and I’m thinking that maybe if I can take a peek at his business model, I can replicate his success.

  9. Hi Angela, William has the same business model as and Both started as one-man blogs, which later scaled up to become an online magazine.

  10. As, a member of MLM Company, The Filipino Dream, I am inspired by how Ms. Lisa managed to accumulate that big some of money. Soon we can help more and more people by giving them opportunity to learn and earn at the same time. Regards.

  11. I am a seaman and earning good while I am on board. My problem is during my vacation time because I do not have any investment that gave me an income. My savings just go down the drain slowly until I go on board again. Capital is no problem for me. Thanks for your ideas I have learn a lot.

  12. Please recall that stock market and forex trading involve real risks and people lose money there. A lot of people lose their shirts. If you trade on margin you can get yourself in serious trouble. Investors need to learn their business well, avoid risking anything they can’t afford to lose, and aim for slow, steady growth, not swing for the fences every time they step up to the plate.

  13. Hello Fitz. This article is very inspiring. I find forex interesting. Is there any chance we could connect with Bong?

  14. Yes, no such thing as overnight success. Seize opportunities or make some. ;) Thanks for sharing, Fitz! :)

  15. Very nice article. Each of us has our own path to success. Internet is truly a great equalizer. The stories all have one thing in common and that is they are connected to the world wide web. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Fitz, bong website is not working anymore. Is there other way to contact him? Email or FB? Thanks man.

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