How To Save Money While Sleeping

Updated: November 25, 2023

Many of us, if not all, wants to make money while sleeping – to earn passive income. And if you’ve tried finding this kind of opportunity before, then I’m sure you know how hard it is to earn a significant amount “while you sleep.”

However, I’ve discovered that it is not the same for saving money. I learned that there are many things you can do to save some extra cash while you are literally in slumber.

And thus I present to you, some easy and practical tips on how you can save money while you’re in bed.

Saving Money On Electricity

  • Sleep with all the lights turned off, and get over your fear of sleeping in the dark. And this goes for the rest of the house. If you must, perhaps for security purposes (like your front porch lights), then use LED bulbs.
  • Before going to bed, do a quick inspection around the house to see if some lights or appliances are still on, or unnecessarily plugged in an outlet.
  • Use the timer in your appliances. This means using the sleep function of your TV or stereo system if you watch television or listen to music before sleeping.
  • This also includes setting your air conditioner to turn off an hour or more before the time you plan to wake up. Consider not using the air conditioner at all if the night is cool anyway. An electric fan is also a cheaper alternative to using an AC.
  • Read more tips like this here: Quick Ways To Save On Electricity

Save Money Through Conservation

  • Check your faucets before you go to sleep. A drop of water per second will waste approximately a liter of water per hour.
  • Put your leftover dinner inside the refrigerator so they won’t spoil. Some food actually tastes better when you reheat them the next day for your breakfast or lunch.
  • Wear your sleeping clothes (i.e., pajamas) for more than one night before you wash them. Great if you can go for a week, but not longer than that because it’s no longer hygienic.

Save Money With Time and Health

  • Sleep on time if you have an early appointment. It’s really a drag to rush in the morning and you have no choice but to take a cab so you won’t be late for work.
  • Make sure that you always get enough sleep. Not only is it healthy, but it will help you stay alert and focused the next day so you can be productive and not waste time (and money) making and correcting costly mistakes.
  • Are you sacrificing your sleeping time to do your tasks? Here are Quick Ways to Have More Free Time In Your Life.


I hope that these simple and practical tips can help you save more money which you can eventually use to invest and make money while sleeping.

How about you? Do you have anything which you can add to the list? Do share them below as a comment.

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  1. Not to sound like some kind of 3am infomercial but there are actually a lot of ways to generate substantial passive income but the catch is that one actually has to work very hard at first to develop the income producing asset so that it generates a substantial cash flow. These income producing assets can be real estate, rental properties, a business, a website, etc. etc.

  2. Thanks for all the helpful posts. I always see to it that all messages from you have been read.

    More power to you and keep on sharing your knowledge and inputs.

  3. Fitz, I think it’s important to save money, but I think it’s more important to figure out ways to make MORE money, much more.

    We can save $10/month on electricity, or we can try and generate $1,000 on outside income. I choose the later!

  4. @Angel

    Glad I was able to help. 😀

    Yes, I agree. There are a lot of ways to earn substantial passive income but as you’ve said, it takes hard work and I believe – time.

    So while you’re waiting for that to build up, why not also try your hand at saving money, right? The results are immediate. 😀

    Anyway, I’d like to share a post I wrote a few months back on realizations about passive income opportunities

    Thank you. 🙂

    Why choose when you can do both, right? That’s what I do anyway. 😀

  5. Àyos to ha.. Kala ko, you’ll provide some money making tips while sleeping.. Pero honestly, I like your tips, ehhehe.. I try my best to do these, especially “Save Money With Time and Health”.. I know, these were the two of the primary reason i resigned from work, so i need to live up to that.. hehe

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