How To Save Money on a Low Income (Episode 112)

Updated: March 23, 2022

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In this episode, I shared seven tips on how you can save money on a low income, especially it’s just barely enough for your expenses.

I talked about the importance of having a positive mindset, making a commitment to our personal finance, and shared actionable tips on how we can start building an emergency fund.

The habit of saving requires sacrifice. It can be difficult but it’s certainly possible. And hopefully, the advice I shared can help you get started.

Excerpts and Highlights:

Your financial status will not change overnight. It will take months, even years before you see significant results. Thus, it is important to make that commitment to yourself that you’re in it for the long haul.

Expect that there will be things you need to sacrifice.

Focus more on making as much progress as you can every day.

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  1. Saving for that expensive thing you want was learned by example. My Grandparents, both products of “the great depression” in the US and my Grand-Dad a WW1 veteran would save the excise tax discount on an automobile he received due to blindness and when there was enough, purchase a brand new automobile. My Grandparents reasoning was, no one to do maintenance and repair on old vehicles and my Mom, who acted as his driver would be less likely to get stuck due to a breakdown. Unfortunately, they did NOT save to invest, one stock market crash was more than enough for them to avoid investing. I am, today, very glad I learned early how to save. I am also happy that with books and other methods including financial blogs just like “Ready to be Rich”, saving for emergency situations, preparing for disasters & shortages and saving to invest and grow money has become second nature to me. We are doing what the Grandparents did, just attempting to do it a little bit better.

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