How To Make Time An Ally To Your Financial Success

Updated: April 23, 2024

What is time? Does it really exist in nature, or is it just an invention of man? I remember my Physics professor telling our class that time can be considered as the fourth dimension.

I sometimes think about these questions when I ruminate in my room and wait for sleep to come. But recently, I’ve come to realize that regardless of how we perceive time, we live in a society that revolves around it.

Each of us is given 24 hours every day. How we spend them can determine and subsequently affect how we will use our time in the future.

If we decide not to go to work today, then we could expect pending jobs at the office tomorrow. If we choose to watch television instead of working out our schedule, then we might not properly accomplish our tasks for the day ahead.

I consider time as a neutral entity, which means that it can be our friend or our enemy. Our personal perception determines which side it is at.

Try to evaluate your beliefs and discover how time relates to your life, specifically in your finances. Is time making your money grow, or is it slowly devaluating its worth?

If you want time to work on your side, then consider these practical tips on how to make it an ally to your financial success.

Give your activities higher financial value.

I’ve recently discovered another way to save gas. While driving around the city, I would look and take mental notes of the gasoline prices of fuel stations that I pass by.

I’m often surprised at how much the prices differ in several areas, and I always discover places where fuel is relatively cheaper. By doing this simple activity, I’ve converted my financially idle time (driving) into a money-saving activity.

Manage your activities so you can accomplish more.

I do a lot of freelance work. If I don’t keep a schedule for everything that I need to do, I might forget an important appointment, which could mean a loss of financial opportunity.

Thus, it is important that I always update and write down a ToDo list so that I could effectively manage my time. Consequently, by employing this habit, I also lessen doing low-value activities and achieve more personal goals.

Time gives value to relationships.

I was recently caught in bad traffic while on my way to the bank. I was worried that I might not make it on time, so I called the manager and asked if they could wait for me. She said that it was not a problem.

I arrived 15 minutes after business hours, but with her assistance, I was still able to do my banking.

Why did the manager agree to my request? Maybe because oftentimes, rather than silently waiting for my turn in line, I would usually approach the manager and engage her in a conversation.

I believe that spending time with people increases our value to them. Always spend time not only with your family and friends but also with clients, suppliers, and other professional contacts.

The trend is your friend.

I used to day trade in the Philippine Stock Market before I became a long-term stock investor. I converted because I realized that time becomes a better ally when I invest for the long haul.

By investing in stocks with general upward trends, I am more confident that my money will grow through time.

Likewise, I’ve discovered that almost all great accomplishments in history took time. Overnight success and instant wealth seldom happen in real life.

So if we want to achieve our financial goals, then we must be willing to be patient and make time our ally.

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  1. This is a good post. I am hoping that we bloggers especially Filipinos should write informative articles that can inspire many Filipinos to be good in business and investment.
    Don’t Worry Make Money

  2. couple time with the power of compounding and you should have the magic formula. i’ve always wanted to do seminars on investing, on teaching people the magic of savings, if i be given an opportunity that would work for my royal time, i would because i know how ignoramus most pinoys are when it comes to savings and investing. i should know, my nephews and my nieces average savings are mostly Php0.00.

    pinoys are damn bad in savings. aten lang to ha? hahaha but when i was withdrawing money at an ATM at this bank in Discovery Suites, i honestly checked the balances of those receipts na nasa basura! an sama ko noh?! hahaha! i was telling my friend that people here loves to spend and spend and spend that’s why when research companies runs the magical savings rate of most asian nations, the philippines ranks very low.

    of course we all know that the higher the savings rate of one’s country spells more investment for that country. now, it’s not guaranteed given the ridiculous corruption we have – but generally, that’s how it should work.

    i honestly believe that how to save should properly be taught to school kids. start early and hopefully we’d have some shift in people’s mentality on how they look at money.

  3. @edward
    Thanks for the comment. I agree, I get to read a lot of Pinoy blogs and sad to say, only a handful of them seriously talk about personal finance, business and investment.

    @reyna elena
    Thank you for the very insightful comment. Yes, time and compounding is the magic formula. I think it was Einstein that said, “Man’s greatest invention is compound interest.”

    Furthermore, I agree that a lot of Pinoys know nothing about savings and investing which largely contributes to our country’s less desirable economy. This is my personal advocacy which I’m trying to achieve through this blog. I honestly hope that in my own little way, I can inspire others to be financially better.

  4. Time management is always a problem to some people even me. The saying time is gold is true. Once the opportunity comes in, grab it. It’s called opportunity because it’s the best time to get involve.

  5. Yes, time is gold. I’ve known about that saying since I was a kid but it was only when I became an entrepreneur that I fully understood what it meant. Thanks for sharing, Ambo.

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