How To Have a Winner’s Mindset

Updated: August 29, 2023

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Do you know someone who always seems to get what they want?

You might say they’re lucky because everything comes easy for them, but more often than not, the reason why they achieve a lot in life is that they have the winner’s mindset.

Having a winner’s mindset is mostly about having self-confidence and the ability to make others believe in that confidence.

Unfortunately, many people mistake self-confidence for arrogance; that’s why we sometimes hold back from showing our skills and talents. We fear that others will judge us negatively and say that we’re a show-off.

But there’s a big difference between someone who exhibits genuine self-confidence and someone who’s just feeling self-important – and that is an achievement.

A person who has accomplished much will rarely be seen as pretentious, while someone who hasn’t done anything other than proclaims his supposed proficiencies will eventually be discovered as a fraud.


So what do any of these have to do with having the winner’s mindset?

A lot, actually, because if you want to be a winner, then you have to prove to others that you are one. And this requires a ruthless commitment to excellence through hard work, discipline, and consistency.

You cannot just go out to the world one day and declare to everyone that you are a winner; you have to earn it and let others realize that you are.

This now begs the question, if you want to have a winner’s mindset but you haven’t accomplished much, then how do you build that self-confidence and earn that respect from others?

The answer has already been mentioned above.

Hard Work

You have to be willing to work harder than everyone else. This alone will separate you from the pack and gain the admiration of your peers.


You have to be willing to do what’s needed to be done, even if it’s difficult. This is how you get ahead of the pack, who are all procrastinating on their dreams.


You have to be willing to go on the long haul. You do not quit even if you fail. This is how you stand tall as a winner when the rest of the pack has already fallen.

The harder you work, the more discipline you have, and the more consistent your actions are – the more things you can accomplish.

The more things you accomplish, the higher your confidence will be. The higher your confidence becomes, the easier it is to have the winner’s mindset.

When you have the winner’s mindset – working hard, being disciplined, and being consistent will become second nature to you.

And as you should realize, having the winner’s mindset feeds on itself. Start the cycle, and it will run on its own. But you have to be willing to initiate the process.

We all have things that we need to do – both big and small.

Use the small and easy tasks to build that initial confidence to get the engine started. And once the wheel has started turning, each revolution will build your strength to achieve bigger and more difficult goals.

Before you know it, people will start seeing you as a winner – as someone who seems to get everything they want. They may even say you’re lucky and things come easy to you.

When that happens… smile and share the same advice that you just learned today.

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  1. Very inspiring article Fitz. I just did the right thing of starting my Monday morning with a good read. Kudos to you.

  2. In addition to working hard, I think working smart should be there, too. The outcome of hard work is unlikely fruitful if someone works blindly.

  3. Having a winners mindset is not easy to do, especially we are raise in around of most negative people. From our family, from our job, from our friends many of them have a negative or poor mindset. But if you want to be successful you must stand yourself from those negative people.

  4. Do not stop working hard. If things do go as plan try a different approach and focus on meeting your end goal. Ask help, sometimes we think that we can surpass anything by ourselves but in reality all we need to do is to ask.

  5. Fitz, you have created another “must share” article that many will benefit from!!! Also, I must agree with heidepadilla who commented before me that working smart is part of the equation. Successful people know when to ask for help, delegate projects etc. They very well know the value of their time so they do not waste that gift on something trivial that another could easily accomplish.

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