How to Find a Side Hustle That’s Right For You (Episode 88)

Updated: September 21, 2021

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

In this episode, we’ll talk about the different ways you can find a side hustle that can provide extra income for you.

We’ll go through the things you need to consider, and the most common strategies that can help you determine the best side income opportunity that you can pursue.

I gave examples and tips to get you started on brainstorming profitable ventures that’s possible for you.

Excerpts and Highlights:

The secret to financial stability is having multiple sources of income.

Keep a time diary for at least a week. Write down everything that you do for one week. Be especially aware and take note of your energy levels throughout the day and on different days of the week.

Your side hustle should not not take away your focus and affect your performance in your regular work or daily responsibilities.

Do something that’s interesting for you. You’re using your free time to do this, so you might as well enjoy what you’re doing.

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