How To Expand Your Network and Meet People That Will Help You Succeed in Life

Updated: October 29, 2018

It’s been said that to succeed in life, it’s not what you know that matters, but who you know.

I mildly disagree on that and believe that both are important.

It’s essential that you know stuff, to be skilled in your work; AND then it’s also necessary that you know the right people, a network of contacts that will help you achieve your goals.

Learning can be achieved by study, skills can be enhanced with practice; but how do you expand your network and get yourself introduced to those who can help you move forward in life?

The answer is in this short animated video by Lisa Green Chau, entitled “Networking for the networking averse”. In it, she gives us three simple tips that will help us open our world to future opportunities.

Let’s watch this short 3-minute video and learn from her.

Note: If you can’t see the video, then you can watch it on YouTube here.

In the mood for another video? Then watch the funny video presentation from Ignite entitled, How To Work a Crowd.

Do you want more networking advice? Then read, 16 Simple Tips For Business Networking Success.

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  1. […] Finally, we have 199Jobs co-founder Fitz Villafuerte featuring a great video on How To Expand Your Network and Meet People That Will Help You Succeed in Life. […]

  2. Hi Fitz, I have been enjoying the holidays partly because I have the luxury to read your articles. Indeed, I am happy to read your thoughts. I hope we can do business this 2014, as you know I am in the academic sales business, my sales work revolves around school and I am contemplating on putting up my own educational tour (which in my analysis is a seasonal thing but would yield good money and would keep me busy all throughout) as well as my dream to put up a business (not solely mine since I have a partner abroad who will be the main source of the product) that has not been started in the Philippines – the Cloud based technology for Electronics schools (I am struggling to be a master of this line since I do not have an electronics or engineering background but I have the blueprint of how this would work in selected schools in the Philippines).
    2014 is also a renaissance year for me as I need to reawaken my financial being. Need to save more and need to learn how to invest more.

    I hope you could help me somehow in my journey.

    Happy Holidays!!

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