How To Earn Money From Making and Sharing Videos Online

Updated: February 15, 2015

Do you have any amazing or funny home videos? Or are you an amateur video producer or an independent film maker? What if I tell you that you can earn from your videos by uploading and sharing them online? You’d be interested, right? Then read on and find out how you can get paid and earn money from your video creations.

Aside from submitting your tapes to Funniest Home Videos and hoping that you’ll win, you can be proactive and initiate income generation by creating an account in video distribution channels online. These websites share their revenues from advertisers to the video content creators. Depending on the website, producers usually get paid based from the number of views and ad clicks from the audience.

The secret to earning good money from this income opportunity is viral content. Upload videos that will make people talk. In general, the characteristics of viral videos are:

  • It amuses and entertains quickly.
  • It holds attention and provokes thought.
  • It teaches interesting and useful ideas.

Remember to render you digital videos with good resolution because internet streaming will reduce its clarity. Add some sound effects and background music to enhance the viewer’s experience. Video editting and special effects are optional and will largely depend on the type of your content.

So where do you upload your videos? Here are some great sites:

revver Revver
As content creator, this website will split its advertising revenue 50/50 with you. Likewise, you can distribute someone else’s content and earn 20% of the total revenue from that video.

metacafe Metacafe
They will pay you $5 for every thousand views of your video on their site. Unfortunately payment starts only after your video reaches 20,000 views and earns a rating of 3.00 or higher. However, Metacafe will help market your content while you retain ownership on your videos.

youtube YouTube
Monetizing is done through Google AdSense for video. It is currently available to U.S. publishers with English language sites who serve at least one million video streams a month. But don’t worry, Google plans to expand the program to more publishers of various sizes and locations in the future.

flixya Flixya and nelsok Nelsok
These two video sharing websites also offer monetizing through Google Adsense. Unlike YouTube, they accept publishers where Adsense is accepted and available. You will earn through clicks on relevant advertisements integrated into your video channel page. An Adsense ID is required when you sign up so if you don’t have an account yet, then I suggest you do that first:


To withdraw your earnings, you will need to have a Paypal account. Signing up is free and easy. So if you don’t have an account yet, do that now here:

Sign up for Paypal.

So how much can you potentially earn?

I’ve read reviews and ratings of these websites and they say that you can earn as much as $2 per click on Google Adsense powered video sharing websites.

So what are you waiting for? Get those video cameras rolling.

By the way, if you’re a photographer and you’re wondering if you can likewise earn from selling your photos online, then check out my other article entitled, Earn By Selling Photos Online. And if you want to learn more genuine income opportunities, then subscribe to Ready To Be Rich.


  1. Hi,
    There are many ways to make money from your videos, as there are a lot of video sharing sites out there, each not-so-big player trying to get new fresh content to beat up the number one (well, Youtube), and even that one is going on the route of sharing the revenues. For example, you can embed your video with Revver (which will add an ad to it), and then post it on another video sharing site that will share its revenues with you. That way, you get two times more revenues from the same video! I’ve compiled a list of programs that pay you for that on my site so you can get a better idea of what I’m talking about (btw, I’m not affiliated with any of them).
    I hope it can help.

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  5. ah yes I remember. I used to upload orig music videos in metacafe but they rejected my vids because they have a policy that even music should be of original work. though my vids are original, music should be also… that’s why I abandoned metacafe

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