How to Do Retail Therapy Without Going Broke (Episode 41)

Updated: December 9, 2021

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Episode 41 Chapters:

  • 01:08: The Benefits of Retail Therapy
  • 05:15: Retail Therapy Tip #1
  • 06:01: Retail Therapy Tip #2
  • 06:58: Retail Therapy Tip #3
  • 08:34: Retail Therapy Tip #4
  • 10:17: Retail Therapy Tip #5
  • 10:58: Retail Therapy Tip #6
  • 13:00: No Need To Feel Guilty

Excerpts and Highlights:

Studies have shown that shopping can produce positive effects in a person’s mood. The psychological rewards of retail therapy can vary, but it is generally beneficial.

Studies have shown that retail therapy is more about the experience and less about the actual purchase.

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  1. I have never enjoyed crowds or malls. I do venture inside if the restaurant we where we want to dine at is inside or the shop where a much needed item can only be purchased at a local mall store. That said, I never heard of Shopback before but I am 100% all for anything that will save a buck (or Peso) and return some of my money. Learning something new that will save us more is always worthwhile.

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