How to Deal with Slow Financial Progress (Episode 34)

Updated: December 9, 2021

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Summary of Episode 34:

The story of Joel. (1:01)

The two reasons why financial progress feels slow. (2:53)

Sometimes, our financial progress feels like doing two steps forward and then taking one step back. And we tend to focus more on the setback rather than the progress we’ve already made. (4:50)

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When you feel that your financial progress is slow, the first thing you can do is to imagine how things would be like if you hadn’t been making good financial choices recently. (8:27)

When you feel that your financial progress is slow, then just look at your numbers and see that even if it’s indeed slow, you’re still far ahead than where you were months or even years ago. (9:31)

The two things you can do to accelerate your financial progress. (11:09)

Financial success needs patience above all else. And if you ever find yourself losing some of that patience, then go back to your “why”. (14:00)

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  1. Sobrang ganda ng podcast na to. Nakakarelate ako. Sigh. Pero higit sa lahat you encouraged me na magpatuloy kahit napaka slow ng progress. Thank you Sir Fitz.

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