How to Cope with Losing Your Job (Episode 21)

Updated: December 8, 2021

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Summary of Episode 21:

What happens in the mind of a person when they lose their job? (2:00)

Doc Gia shares her experience when she lost her job. (4:11)

Sir Renz gives advice on what to do when you lose your job. (5:47)

The story of my father when he was fired from work years ago. (8:01)

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How to get back our confidence and sense of self-worth after a job loss. (13:11)

The five stages of grief. (14:19)

Is there a proper way to tell this bad news to your family? (16:18)

What can you do if a friend or a loved one lose their job? (18:00)

Allow yourself time to grieve, but try not to dwell. Do it at your own pace, but remember that the longer you wait to begin to make a plan, then the more difficult it may be to get back up on your feet. (26:05)

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  1. Golden advise. Anyone may be terminated from work for any reason or no reason at all. A constant reminder from our show host, Fitz, is to create several back-up incomes. Highly unlikely you will be fired from your own business venture unless you mess it up badly and have to quit, which is equivalent to being terminated. The wise person will still have several other income sources and that emergency savings. Got to love this kind of thinking.

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