How to Combat Your Money Avoidance Habit (Episode 108)

Updated: February 8, 2022

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Today’s episode is about money avoidance, which is the practice of ignoring our financial situations, often to our own detriment.

For some, this bad money habit is the main reason why they can’t improve their finances. And you might be suffering from it too.

I shared the signs and symptoms of this habit and shared four tips and strategies on how to combat it and change for the better.

Excerpts and Highlights:

Usual signs of a money avoidance habit include procrastination on dealing with our budget or trying to ignore our bills until the due date, and avoiding conversations about money.

Dealing with your personal finances can be uncomfortable. It presents to us a heavy mental burden, especially when we have to deal with some bad financial decisions that we made. And thus, it’s only natural to turn away from them or delay facing our financial issues.

Money avoidance is a bad habit and it will help if you can map out the habit loop around your financial stress.

The key is to really dial in and help your brain to see the bigger and better picture if you break the habit of money avoidance.

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