How to Combat Your Fear of Losing Money When Investing (Episode 65)

Updated: December 11, 2021

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Episode Chapters:

  • 01:07: Money You Can Afford To Lose
  • 03:37: Propensities For Risk
  • 06:21: Know What You’re Investing On
  • 07:22: Episode Break
  • 09:43: A Thought Experiment
  • 12:11: Financial Stability
  • 13:18: The Matching Principle
  • 16:26: Overcoming Your Fears

Excerpts and Highlights:

I don’t really subscribe to the belief that you should only invest money that you can afford to lose. Instead, what I believe is that you should put your money only on investments whose risk you can accept.

Whether money is involved or not, we actually make decisions every day based on the level of risk that is acceptable to us.

If you want to overcome your fear of losing money when investing, then the first thing you need to do is to learn about and understand the investment.

Have a healthy cash flow, build your emergency fund, ensure that you have proper financial protection such as health insurance, work on having multiple streams of income – the more financially stable you are, then the higher your risk tolerance will be.

One of the first things taught in an MBA finance course is the matching principle, which states that the best way to minimize financial risk is to match the time period of an asset, for example, your portfolio, to the time period of a liability, such as your financial goal.

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  1. thank you gain Sir Fitz all the learnings that youve been giving us is invaluable . i have always considered you as one of the intelligent ones among the RFPs i have followed ,your advices are sensible and practical . you are also humorous and witty and very down to earth and so widely read . It is my pondest wish to someday meet you in person post covid that is and have a financial consultation with one that i would consider to be a primus inter pares among the financial planners, More power to your programs sir and may your tribe increase . One of your avid fan and admirer

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